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Starting a new Etsy store is relatively straightforward. Thinking of a unique and memorable name for your small business on Etsy is another matter entirely.

There are currently 4.36 million active sellers on Etsy, so coming up with a unique and punchy Etsy shop name can be challenging.

Don’t worry if you can’t come up with ideas for good Etsy shop names—you’re not alone. Countless other Etsy sellers have encountered or will encounter the same problem.

etsy shop name

Fortunately, I can help you.

My guide will get your creative juices flowing and teach you how to develop unique Etsy store name ideas.

I’ll also talk about:

  • The importance of having a great Etsy shop name
  • How to name your Etsy shop
  • A few examples of fantastic Etsy store names

Why a Good Etsy Shop Name Is Important

Your business name helps create a good first impression with potential customers— and first impressions last. As a new Etsy seller, you want a name that makes it easier for your strong brand to develop positive relationships with potential buyers.

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Your shop name on Etsy should be easy to pronounce to better connect with potential customers. If your Etsy shop name is hard to say, people won’t remember it easily.

Name recall in business is essential because better name recall leads to more customers. You shouldn’t take it lightly when you name your Etsy store.

How to Name Your Etsy Shop

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Here are a few tips for how to come up with an Etsy store name.

  • Follow the guidelines for Etsy shop name creation.
  • Come up with a memorable business name.
  • Create a name that is easy to pronounce and spell
  • Consider SEO rules.
  • Ensure your store name and logo are visually appealing in advertisements.
  • Familiarize yourself with trademark laws.
  • Remember that a global audience will see your shop name.
  • Make your Etsy shop name original.

Follow Etsy Rules

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According to Etsy shop naming rules, your store name should have the following:

  • A maximum of 20 characters
  • No spacing
  • No punctuation marks

An Etsy shop name like BraveNewWorldTravelCrafts has no spaces and punctuation marks but contains 25 characters. Hence, Etsy won’t allow this name.

A much better alternative to this name would be NewWorldTravelCrafts since it is within Etsy guidelines. But I personally think that the best business names for your own online store are the ones made up of two words instead of long names that won’t be easy to remember.

Make Your Etsy Business Name Memorable

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Your shop name should be unforgettable.

If you’re just starting your business on Etsy, you should have a memorable shop name to ensure your potential customers find it easy to spread the word about your business.

Keep your Etsy shop name short and sweet so your buyers can easily remember and spread the good news about it.

JustForks is an excellent example of a memorable shop name.

Create a Name That Is Easy To Pronounce and Spell

Etsy store names that are hard to pronounce are also hard to remember. The less likely people remember your shop’s name, the lesser the chance they can get back to your store to buy something.

Meanwhile, hard-to-spell Etsy shop names will make it harder for potential customers to find your store on Etsy shop search or Google.

A hard-to-say or hard-to-sell shop name can result in subpar sales and revenue because people just forget your store.

Factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In Creating a Shop Name

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Ideally, your potential customers should immediately see your store after typing it into the Google search bar or other search engines.

The higher your store’s rank in search results, the more easily potential customers will find it—this is the crux of SEO.

SEO is about keywords.

Which words do most users type on Google or Bing to find products and other stuff? You want your store to have these keywords to improve its ranking in search results.

However, you should also avoid stuffing your shop name with too many keywords.

There are many ways to boost your store’s SEO.

Here are some tips to increase your ranking on the online marketplace.

  1. Make sure your shop name contains the type of products you sell. The more relevant your shop name is to your product offerings, the higher your ranking.
  2. Provide shipping fee discounts occasionally. Not offering deals will push your store down the search ranking list.
  3. Keep customers happy to maximize positive reviews and minimize negative ones.
  4. Write your product descriptions in different languages to reach more customers.
  5. Keep your store interesting by adding visually-appealing content in your store. The more time potential customers spend in your store, the higher your ranking.

Your Shop Name and Logo Should Look Good in Ads

You can find your shop icon beside your shop name on your store’s profile page.

Here’s an image you can use as a reference.

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Online advertising doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg.

Your shop name and logo should look appealing in online ads, whether it’s on social media, email, or Google. An attractive shop name and logo can help you maximize your advertising expenditure.

Your logo’s visual look and appeal depend on your target market. Do your research to ensure your logo attracts your target audience—the people you want to convert into buyers.

Do Not Use A Trademarked Shop Name

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Trademark laws protect many online and physical store names.

These laws ensure no other business can use the 7-Eleven name and logo.

Ensure you’re not breaking trademark laws by checking the United States Patent and Trademark Office website if you sell in the US. You can check the website of your local or national trademark authority if you sell outside the US.

Etsy does not approve any shop name already trademarked in the U.S. or other countries, so it’s necessary to cross-check trademarked name databases.

An Original Shop Name is a Good Name

Having the same name as a rival store is not just illegal. It will also make you just another face in the competitive ecommerce crowd.

Create an original name to stand out from your competitors.

The first thing you should do is search for Etsy shops that might have names similar to the one you want to use. You can also check availability for shop names on the Etsy website, social media, and Google or Bing.

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If you can’t find a store with the exact name you want, add “Etsy” to your search term to ensure your shop name is truly unique.

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Be Aware That Your Store Is on a Global Stage

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Your shop name could mean the difference between success and failure. It depends on how people from different countries interpret your business name on Etsy. Your shop name should be a name that anyone would understand, no matter where they are in the world.

Determine your store’s target market and primary language. If you’re selling primarily to US customers, don’t make your shop friendly only to English speakers.

Spanish is the second most popular language in America, so ensure your name is friendly and not offensive to Spanish speakers.

Here are some of the most widely-spoken languages in the world:

  • Mandarin
  • Hindi
  • French
  • Arabic

Check if your store name has equivalent words in these languages to ensure the translation isn’t offensive.

Some Bright Etsy Name Ideas

Here are examples of one-of-a-kind names of current Etsy stores you can use to find inspiration for your desired business name.


word image 50883 13


word image 50883 14


word image 50883 15

You can also use an Etsy shop name generator to help you create a unique, future proof and catchy Etsy store name. Here are examples of Etsy shop name generators you can use.

  1. Namelix
  2. NameSnack
  3. Business Name Generator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Change Your Shop Name?

Yes, you can. Etsy allows each seller to change their store’s name up to five times after going public. Just remember that changing the established name of your store might affect your SEO score.

Is It Advisable to Trademark My Etsy Store Name?

Registering your Etsy shop’s name to put it under the protection of trademark laws makes your business more legitimate and prevents unethical sellers from using your store name and logo.

However, trademark laws depend on the country where you registered your Etsy store. I highly recommend consulting a legal expert specializing in trademark and intellectual property laws so you can weigh the pros and cons of trademarking your store name.

There are many accessible online legal consultancy services. A great example is Rocket Lawyer, an online legal service that offers a seven-day free trial.

The Bottom Line

Thinking of a name for your online store on Etsy can be challenging initially.

Knowing why a marketable and easy-to-say name for your Etsy store is vital. Learning how to develop Etsy shop name ideas is equally crucial. Hopefully, my article has given you a clearer picture of these two concepts.

Don’t be afraid to start your journey to Etsy success today.

Visit my blog for more Etsy selling tips.

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