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amz tracker review
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Amazon is a competitive marketplace filled with sellers, vendors, and merchants who all want to be on top. I am sure you are one of them, right?

In 2021 alone, the e-commerce giant generated an estimated $80 billion in sales just from its third-party sellers. (Source: Statista

With this amount of competition, you need to bring out your A-game if you want to thrive in this marketplace. 

Not everyone is “techie” enough to work the backend of their Amazon stores.

Researching keywords, listing optimization, product validation, inventory management, and sales tracking are all important aspects of an e-commerce business. 

They can help you drive up your traffic, grow your organic rankings, attract loyal customers, and increase your sales. 

To save time, some sellers simply outsource these tasks to third-party providers. However, hiring outside help can cost a lot of money, especially if you’re considering it as a long-term solution for your business needs. 

But what if there is a tool that can help you grow your sales rankings, increase your organic traffic, raise your bestseller rankings, and improve your keyword rankings? 

What if there is a tool that can help you beat the “A9 Algorithm” and make your organic rankings stick for a long time?

In this AMZ Tracker Review, we’ll talk about the AMZ Tracker and what this keyword tool can do for your business. As one of the most popular Amazon seller tools in the market today, does having this tool in your arsenal give you an advantage?

We’ll also answer the most common questions about this keyword search tool and how it can help you boost your AMZN business to the top. 

Let’s see if this software can truly improve your profit margins!

What I Like +What I Don’t Like –
✅ Awesome Product Promotion tool that is connected with the Vipon Marketplace❌ Needs a credit card before you can try the 7-day trial
✅ Hijack Alerts can protect your store from “black hat” sellers and handle malicious competitors❌ Tools like keyword data mining and product tracker is a bit outdated
✅ Negative Review Alerts❌ Help videos and articles are outdated
What is AMZ tracker

What is AMZ Tracker?

AMZ Tracker is a software tool that aims to provide both offense and defense for Amazon Sellers. 

Offense – this means finding ways to increase your profits by breaking through the Amazon A9 algorithm and pushing your organic rankings. 

Defense – this means making your rankings stick and keeping your keywords on top while also protecting your store from negative reviews.

With its array of different features, AMZ Tracker tries to make a name for itself as one of the best Amazon tools out there. Here are some of the AMZ Tracker features and services that are listed on their website:

  • Offensive Strategy
  • Product Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking and Research
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • On-Page Analyzer
  • Super URLs
  • Hijack Alerts System
  • Email Notification
  • Reconnaissance Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis & Sales Tracking
  • Product Promotions
  • Defensive Strategy
  • Alerts for Negative Reviews
  • Reviewer Hunter
  • Partnership with Vipon for Product Promotion

What AMZ Tracker offers is an all-in-one solution to many Amazon business problems. Solving these problems can lead to better sales data, increased profit margins, and higher sales velocity. 

What makes it even more attractive is that you can get a hold of all of these tools and services inside one easy-to-use and accessible platform. 

  • For new sellers – If you are a new seller, getting access to an array of rank tracking tools can help get your business on the right track. 
  • For existing sellers – If you are one of the experienced Amazon sellers, access to an automation tool can be the difference-maker that your business desperately needs.

With AMZ Tracker, you are not only getting a keyword rank tracking tool. You are also getting software that will help improve your organic product rankings and optimize your Amazon listings. 

By helping you find super high converting keywords and keywords with high search volume, you can make your business appear in the top search results and transform traffic into sales. It even provides you with competitor sales tracking capabilities. That’s like a bonus report you can use to spy on your competition!

But is this tool the right one for you? Or are there other tools that can beat it to the punch?

amz tracker software tool

Who is AMZ Tracker best for?

So who benefits most from using the AMZ Tracker tool? 

In my opinion, AMZ Tracker is best for Amazon FBA sellers who are looking to increase their sales through optimized product listings. 

If you are someone who creates your listings for your private label products or branded items, this AMZ tool is a must. 

Sellers who create their listings will have an easier time editing them. And AMZ Tracker allows you to improve your keyword rankings by discovering new keywords for your listings.

AMZ Tracker and its partnership with Vipon is also one of the best ways to boost your sales velocity. 

As an Amazon seller, one of the most important parts of your business is the product launch. During the product launch, there is a “honeymoon period” wherein AMZN gives priority to newly-launched listings.

By partnering with Vipon, one of the largest AMZN deal sites in the world, Amazon merchants can boost the momentum and velocity of their sales. 

This one-of-a-kind product promotion feature is not available in other AMZN software suites. 

By offering discount coupons to generate sales, you can push your seller ranking higher.

And what is the result of generating consistent sales? You can make your product rankings stick longer at the top of AMZN’s search results. 

In a way, AMZ Tracker is not just a product rankings tool. And it is not simply a keyword tracker or a keyword ranking tool. 

It is also a one-of-a-kind product promotion tool. 

Thus, AMZ Tracker is best for those who want to promote their products to millions of audiences outside AMZN. 

With over 2 million registered shoppers in the Vipon marketplace, Amazon sellers get access to an audience that can give them consistent sales.

Complete AMZ Tracker Review

AMZ Tracker is one of the oldest software solutions for Amazon sellers. It initially started as a service that provided incentivized reviews, sales strategy tips, competitor analysis, and keyword research.

In fact, AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout were compared with each other because of their similarities. They were often used by sellers who want to increase their profit margin and improve their first page rankings.

As time went by, changes have been made and enhanced features have been added to its product offerings. 

Today, AMZ Tracker even offers external product promotion by partnering up with third-party marketplaces such as Vipon.

Since AMZ Tracker is cloud-based, it allows sellers to access their accounts as long as there is a stable internet connection.

I remember having to check my AMZ Tracker account while in the middle of a Caribbean trip back in 2021. I was able to work on my business and product promotion even while traveling. 

Being able to access my Amazon account anytime is one of the reasons why I love using cloud-based tools such as this AMZ tool. It helps Amazon merchants become more flexible.

track your rankings

All-in-all, using AMZ Tracker has made my business competitive. It allowed me not only to monitor my Amazon account but check out competitors’ products as well.

AMZ Tracker Features & Benefits

To help you decide if this is the right product for you, I’ll write my complete AMZ Tracker Review below. We’ll talk about its pricing plans, customer service staff, recon strategy, god mode, Amazon market reports, and other important features.

We’ll also talk about other AMZ Tracker alternative software that you can use if you deem this product insufficient for your business needs.

So let’s jump straight right to it.

Offensive Strategy

The A9 algorithm is considered the bloodline of any Amazon business. The ability to get a higher ranking organically for many keywords – especially those with high search volume – could be the difference between failure and success.

To thrive in Amazon’s A9 algorithm, you need to have a proper keyword tracking tool. You need a software that will tell you where your products are ranking for their targeted keywords. 

Knowing this information will allow you to make necessary changes to boost your best-ranked products even higher.

A higher ranking can be achieved through promotions, conversion rate improvement, listing optimization, and competitors’ products analysis. 

The combination of the different tools to achieve this feat is the Offensive Strategy that AMZ Tracker is offering.

Product Tracking

Tracking the ranking of your products for specific keywords is one of the core services that AMZ Tracker offers. And this can be done through the combination of AMZ’s Trackers product and keyword tracking tool.

To start tracking your products, all you need to do is click the Rankings tab on the left side of the dashboard. Then, enter the URL or ASIN of a product that you want to monitor. 

product tracking

Once you are done adding the URLs or ASINs of your products, click Add Products. Wait for the tool to add your product to the monitoring area. 

Once finished, you can now add the Keywords that you want to monitor. After this, AMZ Tracker can now monitor the keyword rankings for the products that you have added.

AMZ Tracker monitors the keyword rankings

In my opinion, this makes rank monitoring so much easier. It also allows you to monitor all of your product rankings in one easy-to-access place. 

You can even add the products of your competitors here if you want to monitor their keyword optimization strategies. By looking at your competitor’s sales, you can see if the keywords that they are using are working well or not.

Keyword Tracking

Like what I mentioned in the previous section, the product and keyword tracker of this software suite works in conjunction with each other.

To track new keywords for the products that you want to monitor, just click on your list of added products. Next, click the button that prompts you to add new keywords.

As soon as you click this button, a prompt will open up asking you to add the keywords that you want to track. All you have to do is type or paste them manually. If you have a CSV or a list copied from your database, that would be better.

AMZ Tracker monitor the products

Once you have added the products, the Keyword Rank Tracking tool will start to do its job. It will show you the current keyword trend and rankings for your product.

With this tool, you can even monitor the products of your competitors. This will help you monitor competitors sales and see if their keywords are trending up or down. I love using this as a spy tool.


Keyword Research

Finding new keywords to optimize for is a bland and boring task that isn’t enjoyed by everyone. As a matter of fact, doing KW research is on my list of “Top 10 Amazon Tasks I Hate Doing”

However, I also know the importance of doing proper KW research. The right keywords can bring massive traffic to your product listings. Missing out on these keywords can have a huge effect on your success.

The AMZ Tracker Keywords Research tool can help you find the best keywords for your product niche. It uses the terms and phrases that come directly from Amazon’s search engine suggestions. Because of it, this tool gives accurate and data-driven results.


To use this tool, you have to first add one seed KW to your Rank Tracking dashboard. Once added, you can start generating other relevant KW suggestions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Improving your conversion rates is essential if you want to increase your profits. Getting traffic isn’t enough. You need to optimize your product listings to convert this traffic into sales.

AMZ Tracker can help increase your conversion rates by providing you with a checklist of things you can improve on. This includes:

  • Proper title length
  • Using bullet points to describe features
  • Using 1000 x 1000 pixel high-resolution images
  • Having high product ratings
  • Having an ample number of positive reviews
  • Using Amazon FBA for Fulfillment
AMZ Tracker  increase conversion rates

By following these guidelines and implementing them on your listings, you can convert more visitors into actual paying customers.

On-Page Analyzer

Optimizing your product listing gives you an in-depth analysis of what you must do on your product listings. 

To improve your organic rankings, you should follow the suggestions given by the AMZ Tracker On-page. 

AMZ Tracker  On-Page Analyzer

To use this tool, all you need to do is add the URL or ASIN of a product that you want to analyze. If you want to rank high for specific keywords, you can also add the keywords you want in the tool.

The AMZ tool will return a list of the recommendations that you must follow to improve your on-page SEO. It will also give you suggestions on where to place specific keywords that you are trying to rank for.

In my opinion, this Amazon ranking tracker is a great tool for improving not only your listing’s content. It is also great for your search engine optimization score as well.

Super URLs

If you want to “emulate” a user typing in a specific keyword on Amazon to search for your product, using Super URLs is how you do it.

Sounds complicated? It is not. Let me explain.

If I want to rank for the keyword “Tibetan singing bowl”, the best way would be to have actual users go to Amazon and type “Tibetan singing bowl” and click on my listing.

By doing that, it sends a message to Amazon that users are relating my product with the keyword “Tibetan singing bowl”. The effect of this interaction is that Amazon ranks my product higher for the keyword “Tibetan Singing Bowl”

However, not all users will type that specific keyword to find my product, right? How would they even know what keyword to type for? This is where Super URLs come in.

By creating Super URLs, you are giving your audience a “ready-made” link that is optimized for the keyword you are trying to rank for. So if I am trying to rank for “Tibetan Singing Bowl”, the Super URL that I create will contain this info.

AMZ Tracker intel suite can help create these Super URLs

When I share this link to my audience (through a giveaway, for example) and they click the link, Amazon will register the traffic as if it’s coming from someone who searched for “Tibetan Singing Bowl”. 

Amazon will now have a reason to increase my rank for the specific keyword “Tibetan Singing Bowl”.

The AMZ Tracker’s intel suite can help you create these Super URLs. All you have to do is add the specific keywords that you want to rank for in the Super URL tool. Then, add the “slug” that you want to use in your URL to hide the traffic.

AMZ Tracker creates these Super URLs

Once you are done creating the Super URL, you can share it with your followers and lists. 

For example, you can do a 70% Off discount on your page and let people click your ready-made Super URL. When they buy a product using your Super URL link, Amazon will slowly increase your rank for the specific keyword targeted.

Yes, Super URLs can be confusing at first. But it is just a way to help your products rank high for specific keywords. Hopefully it didn’t sound too complicated!

Defensive Strategy

Protecting your business from competitors who try to “hijack” or “review bomb” your listings is not enjoyable. It takes away the fun of selling. 

And it can also be catastrophic for your business.

AMZ Tracker has an array of tools and services that can help build your defensive strategy. From Negative Review Alerts to Hijacking Notifications, you can protect your business easier and sleep better at night.

Let us discuss some of the AMZ Tracker’s Defensive Strategy tools in the following sections.

Hijack Alerts System

Amazon hijacking happens when a third-party seller “hijacks” your listing. This hijacking is done by taking control of your listing and offering a “counterfeit” of your product. 

Of course, these counterfeits will be sold at a lower price and quality. And if a customer unknowingly bought this product and left a bad review, your listing will be the one to suffer for it.

Shoppers who got “hijacked” often respond with negative feedback and poor seller reviews. 

So, what can you do?

This is where the Hijack Notification Alerts become handy.

With this tool, you’ll get an alert when someone tries to hijack your listing. As soon as it pops out, you can reclaim your listing before they start doing damage to your business. 

You can stop hijackers from selling counterfeit items and gathering important market data about your products with this nifty tool. 

Email Notification

When you are running a full-fledged e-commerce business, it is quite easy to forget about a lot of things. Keeping on track with your keyword rankings can be a time-consuming task. But there is a way to get this problem sorted out.

With the AMZ Tracker Email Reports Notification feature, you don’t have to worry about losing track of your keyword placements. All you have to do is set up a frequent email report schedule by using this tool.

AMZ Tracker Email Notification

You can schedule the frequency of the emails as daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also adjust when you want to receive your first email to get the ball rolling.

AMZ Tracker Email  Report

With the Email Reports feature, you can track your current keyword rankings for each product that you added to your account. 

This is a great tool for people who want to stay constantly updated when it comes to tracking their keywords.

Reconnaissance Strategy

Getting ahead of the current trends and keeping track of your competition’s strategies is essential for any business owner. AMZ Tracker makes spying on your competition so much easier with its Reconnaissance features.

The AMZ Tracker’s Reconnaissance strategy revolves around assessing new opportunities that your competitors haven’t tapped yet. 

It also involves reverse-engineering your competition’s working strategies and using them to propel your business to the top.

Competitor Analysis & Sales Tracking

It’s not enough to simply keep your head down and do your own thing. There is a very reliable source of information out there that many sellers often overlook. 

And that source of information is your competition.

Through AMZ’s competitor sales tracking features, you can easily see what is working for the other stores competing in your niche. You can spy on the products that are selling well for them and implement them in your stores.

With the help of the Amazon sales tracker feature, you don’t have to randomly guess anymore. You’ll have access to data-driven information that is accurate and reliable.

Product Promotions

Like I have said earlier, one of the best things about AMZ Tracker is its ability to boost the velocity of your sales. This is done through its partnership with the online marketplace known as Vipon.

With over 2 million shoppers registered on its website, Vipon is considered one of the biggest Amazon deal sites in the world. 

AMZ Tracker Product Promotions

You can promote your product on this platform to get the constant sales needed to rank high and dominate your niche. 

The Vipon platform is perfect for promoting newly-launched products that are still in the “honeymoon period” with Amazon. By running discounts and promotions, you can get your products in front of millions of shoppers around the world.

Alerts for Negative Reviews

I remember when I was on a Christmas holiday a few years ago. Even in the middle of a vacation, I made it a point to have an alert for the negative reviews for my store.

By doing so, I was able to rectify any problem and avoid escalating complaints to further heights. I was also able to handle malicious competitors who are trying to leave negative reviews on my store.

All of this was made possible by the AMZ Tracker’s Negative Review Alerts. This is a nifty tool that allows me to constantly have peace of mind.

AMZ Tracker Pricing

When it comes to the AMZ Tracker Pricing, there are 4 Tiers that you can choose from. Depending on how big your store is and how heavy of a user you are, you can select from the plan that best fits your needs.

Here are the available plans for AMZ Tracker

Basic Plan

  • Can track 110 keywords
  • Can add 50 products
  • Unlimited E-mail Reports
  • On-page Analyzer
  • Amazon Super URLs
  • No Vipon Promotional Products
  • No Vipon Voucher Sends
  • Can track 50 Products for negative review alerts
  • 1 Concurrent User
  • Price: $50 (Monthly) or $42 (Annual)

Professional Plan

  • Can track 500 keywords
  • Can add 100 products
  • Unlimited E-mail Reports
  • On-page Analyzer
  • Amazon Super URLs
  • 3 Vipon Promotional Products per Marketplace
  • Unlimited Vipon Voucher Sends
  • Can track 100 Products for negative review alerts
  • 1 Concurrent User
  • Price: $100 (Monthly) or $83 (Annual)

God Mode Plan

  • Can track 1500 keywords
  • Can add 200 products
  • Unlimited E-mail Reports
  • On-page Analyzer
  • Amazon Super URLs
  • 12 Vipon Promotional Products per Marketplace
  • Unlimited Vipon Voucher Sends
  • Can track 200 Products for negative review alerts
  • 2 Concurrent Users
  • Price: $200 (Monthly) or $167 (Annual)

Legend Plan

  • Can track 3000 keywords
  • Can add 400 products
  • Unlimited E-mail Reports
  • On-page Analyzer
  • Amazon Super URLs
  • 50 Vipon Promotional Products per Marketplace
  • Unlimited Vipon Voucher Sends
  • Can track 400 Products for negative review alerts
  • 3 Concurrent Users
  • Price: $400 (Monthly) or $333 (Annual)
 AMZ Tracker  Pricing Plan

AMZ Tracker User Interface

The user interface of this software suite is pretty straightforward to use.

All of the options and tools can be accessed on the left side of the dashboard. The main space on the right side of the screen is where all the data and information about a tool are displayed.

AMZ Tracker User Interface

The thing I like about the AMZ Tracker user interface is its clean look. You can quickly find what you are looking for because all the tools are neatly arranged on the left side of your screen.

Some tools are too clunky with the links and buttons occupying spaces all around the screen. AMZ Tracker does a good job of cleaning the user interface to promote better use of space.

Resources & Guide

Any legitimate third-party Amazon software suite must have its public FAQ section. 

This is to encourage customers to research answers that they might have before making a purchase. It is also to help current subscribers troubleshoot potential problems.

 AMZ Tracker FAQs

This is one of the AMZ Tracker Pros that I found very helpful. They did a good job in maintaining their FAQ Section. Most of the common questions that interested sellers may have can be answered with their FAQ.

AMZ Tracker  Help Center

Those who have product-specific questions that cannot be answered by the FAQ can search for the answers in their Help Center.

Both the FAQ Section and the Help Center offer free resources and guides that can be publicly accessed by anyone. This is a plus in my book.

Customer Support

There are two ways to reach the customer support of AMZ Trackers. 

First, you can simply click the Contact Us link located at the lower part of the website’s footer. A pop-up will appear containing a form that you can fill out to voice your concerns. 

It usually takes around 24 hours to get a reply when using this form to contact support.

AMZ Tracker Contact Us

The second way to contact their customer support is to click the Customer Chat Bubble that is located on the lower right part of the screen.

Vipon the largest amazon deal site

In my experience, this is the fastest way to contact their Customer Support. However, there is only a specific time window during office hours when their CS Chat support is active.

AMZ Tracker Alternative

In my opinion, these are some of the best Amazon software alternatives that you can try if you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your business:


Helium10 is a giant when it comes to AMZN software suits. It has been around for a long time and can be used not only for AMZN but for Walmart as well.

Considered a long-standing industry leader, Helium 10 has tools for PPC automation, sales analytics, product research, listing optimization, keyword research, rank tracking, and other Amazon-based web services.

Helium10 AMZ Tracker Alternative

Jungle Scout

If you are on the hunt for winning products and you want to find profitable keywords, Jungle Scout is another awesome alternative to consider. 

Aside from keyword research and product validation, Jungle Scout also offers an array of tools for PPC automation, historical keyword tracking, and product launching. 

But the best thing about Jungle Scout is that it can help you with product sourcing and connect you with suppliers from abroad such as Alibaba and Aliexpress

This, in my opinion, is the greatest strength of this product. Jungle Scout is perfect for those doing Amazon FBA.

Jungle Scout
AMZ Tracker Alternative

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most asked questions about AMZ Tracker and its services:

Which Marketplaces Are Supported?

  • USA
  • UK
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Spain
AMZ Supported country

Is AMZ Tracker Worth It?

The answer all boils down to what you need.

If you are a business owner, automating essential tasks such as PPC campaigns, keyword deep mining and research, product validation and research, and listing optimization is important. 

Thus, you’ll want to get a tool such as AMZ Tracker at some point. 

However, it is the Product Promotion feature of this tool that wins it for me. The ability to promote your products on a deal website such as VIPON is a big boost. 

With Vipon, you can push your product in front of millions of people. This is a unique feature that cannot be found in other software suites.

Is AMZ Tracker needed for my business?

If you want to push your products in front of millions of people and increase the velocity of your sales, I highly recommend this software suite.

Other Amazon software solutions can offer services such as product research, sales tracking, KW research, and more. 

However, promoting your product in a giant marketplace filled with customers that are ready to buy is something that only AMZ Tracker can accomplish.

How Long Does AMZ Tracker Keep The History Data?

The historical ranking data is kept for up to one year. Meanwhile, sales tracking data is only kept for 30 days.

How to Stop AMZ Tracker Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, just do the following steps:

  1. Log in to your AMZ Tracker account
  2. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, click on “Account Settings”
  3. Look for the tab “Update Credit Card”
  4. Click to cancel your subscription
How to Stop AMZ Tracker Subscription

How Many Products Can I Have on My Account?

The number of products in your account depends on the plan that you subscribed for.

  • Basic Plan – 50 products
  • Professional Plan – 100 products
  • God-Mode Plan – 200 products
  • Legend Plan – 400 products

Bottom Line

conclude this AMZ Tracker review, the AMZ Tracker is an amazing tool for Amazon sellers who want to automate their business. I also recommend it to sellers who want to promote their products on a third-party marketplace outside Amazon

Since all of the services are offered in one easy-to-access platform, subscribing to a bunch of different tools isn’t a necessity anymore.

However, what separates AMZ Tracker from all the other tools I have tried is its product promotion capabilities. 

By partnering with Vipon, you can push your products in front of millions of people who are ready to make a purchase. This will give you the velocity that you need to improve your organic ranking and beat your competition.

For this reason, I highly recommend trying the 7-day free trial of AMZ Tracker

The trial period will allow you to try all of the features of the software before making a purchase. From here, you can make an informed decision before committing to a long-term subscription plan.

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