Listen Up! Discover the Best Audiobook App for Your Lifestyle

Audible is a complete audiobook library with some of the best listening features.
Listen to popular audiobooks for free with Spotify, one of the biggest audio platforms.
If you’re looking for quality titles curated well for you, Kobo is an excellent option.
This app gives you pre-selected suggestions.
If you like reading comic books, Google Play Books has one of the best collections.
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What are the 5 Best Audiobook Apps?

What is the best audiobook app for you?

Checking out my top five picks for audiobook apps for iOS and Android devices.

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Omar's Take

When you want to purchase audiobooks, Audible is the best option on the market. It has many features that enhance your listening experience and many great titles.

Audible also lets you return audiobooks you don’t want.

Best For:
Bookworms who want variety
Starts at $7.95 monthly.
Annual Billing:
Starts at $149.50 yearly
Three-month free trial.

Audible is the largest and most recognizable audiobook subscription service today. Being part of Amazon’s more extensive network of companies, Audible members enjoy unique benefits and advantages.

With a standard Audible membership, you can choose one premium audiobook from their entire catalog every month. You can also pay a little bit more to access audiobooks.

You also enjoy unlimited audiobook borrowing with the Audible Plus catalog that features Audible Originals and Audible Studios productions.

Audible is the largest and most recognizable audiobook


Here are Audible’s best features.

Downloadable Audiobooks

With the Audible app, you can download audiobooks and listen to them even offline. You see all your downloaded audiobooks in one easy-to-find library and play them when running or on a road trip with family or friends.

You can download your audiobooks on multiple devices and pick up where you left off via the Whisper Sync feature. Supported devices include Apple mobile devices, Android gadgets, Kindle devices, desktop PC, and many more.

Easy-to-use Listening Controls

On the Audible app and web player, you have an intuitive audio player that allows you to go through audiobooks relatively quickly.

The player lets you choose and listen to specific parts of any audiobook. You can adjust your reading speed with the playback speed adjuster on the Audible app.

Audible Original Titles

Audible has a set of fantastic original titles with many authors, thought leaders, and influencers, including Dennis E. Taylor, Grant Cardone, Michelle Obama, and Adam Grant.


Audible’s Audible Premium Plus plan only lets you download one audiobook monthly on its lower plan, which should be fine if you like taking your sweet time on book materials.

You’ll have to pay for more credits if you want more audiobooks.


audible pricing plan

Here are Audible’s pricing plans.

  • Audible Plus – $7.95 monthly
  • Audible Premium Plus – $14.95 monthly

You can also pay for more credits with higher iterations of these base plans. Here are the options with more credits.

  • Audible Premium Plus with 2 Credits – $22.95 monthly
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual with 12 Credits – $149.50 annually
  • Audible Premium Plus Annual with 24 Credits – $229.50 annually
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Omar's Take

If you’re looking for free audiobooks to listen to audiobooks completely free, then Spotify should be your top option.

One of the biggest audio streaming platforms for podcasts and music has expanded into the audiobook space.

Best For:
Free audiobooks
Annual Billing:
Free Plan

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services. When you do a quick search, you should be able to find and listen to many audiobook titles.

This app has self-help audiobooks and audiobooks from other genres, like biographies, popular fiction, and science fiction.

Spotify lets you stream audiobooks for free if you don’t mind occasional ads.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services


Here are Spotify’s features.

Easy-to-use streaming app

Using Spotify is easy. You can access their mobile app and enjoy various features, including an intuitive player, other audiobook recommendations, and a personal library for future reference.

If you go for their paid plan, you can also download audiobooks and other audio content for offline listening.

Free access

Spotify’s freemium model provides you with much audiobook content without having to part with your hard-earned money.

However, Spotify does insert ads between tracks. You can get rid of them by subscribing to a paid plan.

Free content

You get access to other free content, including music and podcasts.

Spotify is one of the most popular libraries for audio content. You will never run out of good listens when working out, smashing your to-do list, or chilling at home.


You get many ads on Spotify’s free plan, which can sometimes be disruptive. You’re also not able to download audiobooks for offline listening if you don’t have a paid plan.

Spotify doesn’t have an annual plan, so you can only do the monthly subscription fee.

Spotify isn’t an audiobook player, meaning its player’s functions will not be as extensive as other audiobook apps created for audiobook listening.


spotify pricing plan

Here are Spotify’s pricing plans.

  • Individual – $9.99 monthly (1 account)
  • Duo – $12.99 monthly (2 accounts)
  • Family – $15.99 monthly (6 accounts)
  • Student – $4.99 monthly (1 account for an eligible student)
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Omar's Take

Kobo is a superb choice if you’re looking for quality over quantity.

I like how Kobo curates its list of titles, as it emphasizes the award-winning ones the most.

Best For:
Listening to award-winning books
Starts at $9.99 monthly
Annual Billing:
30-day free trial

One of the other top audiobook apps to check out is Kobo Books. It’s a marketplace by Rakuten that provides both ebooks and audiobooks to listeners.

You can get a book in audiobook format or an ebook if you want. There’s also the option to buy audiobooks one by one or subscribe to a fixed plan.

If you want some great titles, then Kobo is one of the best audiobook apps in the market. It also makes great suggestions based on your reading history.

Kobo has a selection of e-readers that can be great for listening to audiobooks


Here are Kobo’s features.

Per-listen Payment

If you don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription, you can choose Kobo instead and pay for audiobooks per download and listen to them. That way, you don’t pay for a service fixed every month.


Kobo has a selection of e-readers that can be great for listening to audiobooks and reading ebooks.

Some of their amazing readers include the Kobo Nia, Clara 2E, Libra 2, Sage, and Elipsa. These readers don’t have a backlight that harms the eyes, making the device great for reading without hurting your eyes for long periods.

Kobo’s players also have many listening tools and features, including a timeline scrubber bar, time skip buttons, chapter navigation, and playback speed configuration.

Kobo Super Points Loyalty Program

Kobo is one of the few audiobook apps with a loyalty program. You get rewarded with points when listening to audiobooks or reading ebooks in the Kobo app.

You can then use those points to access more ebooks and audiobooks.


You can save money by paying for Kobo’s fixed monthly subscriptions. However, their selection of audiobooks isn’t quite as extensive as their ebook repository.

Kobo has over 1.3 million titles in ebook format in its library but only about 100,000 audiobooks. So as an audiobook app, it’s pretty limited in terms of options.

Regarding their e-reader, Kobo’s devices don’t do anything besides give you access to your ebooks and audiobooks.

You’ll have to bring your e-reader and your mobile device when traveling. Some readers might find that e-readers can be too bulky for light traveling.


kobo pricing plan

Here are Kobo’s fixed pricing plans.

  • Kobo Plus Read – $9.99 monthly
  • Kobo Plus Listen – $9.99 monthly
  • Kobo Plus Read and Listen – $12.99 monthly
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Omar's Take

Audiobooks is another well-known audiobook app that people use to listen to free audiobooks and some great selections of VIP titles for a relatively affordable monthly fee.

What I love most about is its Audiobook Clubs, which have excellent curations and will help you save time when choosing audiobooks.

Best For:
Audiobook clubs
Starts at $14.95 monthly
Annual Billing:
30-day free trial

Audiobooks is one of the best audiobook player options. It’s also one of the best audiobook apps for people who want pre-selected title suggestions.

It’s also among the handful of audiobook apps that offer several free audiobooks without needing a subscription. When you sign up for Audiobooks, you get access to over 10,000 free titles.

Audiobooks is one of the best audiobook player options


Here are Audiobook’s features.

Audiobook Clubs

The Audiobook Clubs make it easy for audiobook listeners to select titles.

There are eight categories of audiobook clubs.

  • “Best of” audiobook club
  • Romance
  • Mystery & Thriller
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Health & Wellness
  • Business & Economics
  • Kids
  • Religion & Spirituality


Great Selection of Bestsellers

While Audiobooks has a smaller collection than options like Audible, it has a high-quality collection of bestsellers and traditionally-published books.

No Membership Necessary

With Audiobooks, you can access thousands of DRM-free audiobooks and some VIP titles without a membership or subscription.


With Audiobooks, you can’t return or exchange titles, which most options on this list will allow.

If you join your Audiobook Club, it will use up your monthly credit. There will still be a limit on how many audiobooks you get monthly.


audiobooks pricing plan

Audiobooks has one pricing plan, which costs $14.95 monthly. With this app, you get two audiobooks instead of one every month.

out of 10

Omar's Take

If you own an Android device or love comics, I highly recommend Google Play books. It’s also excellent for controlling expenses since this app has no subscription service. Instead, you pay for every audiobook you download.


Best For:
Comic books and Android listening
Annual Billing:
Free titles

Did you know that Google also has a Play Books store? It provides you with a wide selection of ebooks and audiobooks. They also have textbooks, comics, and more.

There’s no shortage of options with Google Play, making it one of the best audiobook apps for people who want variety. The digital media service lets you choose from over a million ebooks.

google play books


Here are Google Play Books’ features.

DRM-Free Audiobooks

There are many DRM-free audiobooks in Google Play’s library, giving you access to many free ebooks and audiobooks.

Google Play App and Chrome Extension

You can listen to audiobooks or read ebooks through the easy-to-use app or Google Chrome extension. Other apps don’t have an extension, which sets Google Play Books apart.

The audiobook experience on their player is also quite intuitive.


Google Play Books app isn’t compatible with iOS devices. You can use the Google Chrome extension, but then you’ll only be able to listen to audiobooks on a Macbook.


Google charges you per audiobook instead of a monthly cost. They don’t have a monthly plan if you want that option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks?

Here are several compelling reasons you should listen to audiobooks.

  • Convenience

You can listen to audiobooks anytime and anywhere, especially if you have an audiobook player on your iOS and Android devices. Audiobooks make it easy to fit reading into a busy schedule.

  • Improved comprehension

Listening to a professional narrator of an audiobook’s content can help improve comprehension and retention of the material, especially for people who are auditory learners by nature.

  • Multitasking

Audiobooks let listeners engage in other activities, like running, cooking, or driving, while enjoying a good book.

  • Accessibility

For individuals with visual impairment, dyslexia, or other reading difficulties, audiobooks provide accessibility.

  • Stress relief

Listening to audiobooks can provide a relaxing and enjoyable escape from everyday stress. It’s also a great way to rest the eyes.

Can I Listen to Audiobooks without an Audiobook App?

You don’t need an app to listen to audiobooks. You can also do so through a web browser.

Having the best apps on your devices can help improve the listening experience by giving you more control.

Getting the best audiobook service with cross-platform syncing will allow you to listen to audiobooks on various devices. You’ll be able to jump from one device to another and continue listening to an audiobook.

What is the Best Audiobook App for Mobile Devices?

The best audiobook app depends on your mobile device. For me, the best audiobook app for iPhone is Audible or Spotify. You can also use Apple Books for free on your iPhone if you want ebooks.

The best audiobook app for Android might be Google Play Books for more access to titles.

Your audiobook app of choice should depend on your preferences and what titles you want to listen to currently. Even the best audiobook apps don’t have every single book in the world.

It’s best to determine what audiobooks you want to listen to before landing on the audiobook player you will use.

The Bottom Line

I hope my list made it easier for you to choose the best audiobook app for your device.
To ensure you make the right choice, take advantage of free trials (if the audiobook app has one) before committing to a membership or subscription.

The good thing about audiobooks is that you can also earn a profit from them. For instance, did you know that you could make money on Audible?

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