How To Find a Target Liquidation Store and Find the Best Deals

target liquidation store

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Do you want heavily discounted items from Target? Going to a Target liquidation store to buy popular brand-name merchandise at a fraction of its retail price is a great idea.

The question is: Where are Target salvage stores?

I wrote this guide to discuss these liquidation stores, including how to find them, how to get the best deals, and when to shop.

Let’s dive in.

How To Find a Target Liquidation Store

Here’s how to find a Target liquidation store.

  1. Look for the nearest Target liquidation stores in your state.

  2. Look for clearance items on the Target website.

A Target liquidation store, more commonly called a Target salvage store, carries overstock, returned merchandise, and unsold items from different Target locations.

You can find great items discounted for up to 90% of the original retail price.

These stores buy liquidation pallets from various sources and resell the items in these pallets individually to customers like you.

These stores may also carry overstock and returned items from Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Walmart, and Lowe’s.

You probably wonder, “How do I find a Target liquidation store near me?”

Fortunately, you can find Target salvage stores in all 50 states.

Look for the Nearest Target Salvage Stores in Your State.

If you’re looking for Target liquidation stores, search for these retailers online.

  • Ollie’s

  • B2 Outlet Stores

  • Marden’s

  • Big Deal Outlet

  • Keevado

  • Bulldog Liquidators

  • Falling Prices

  • Buyer’s Market

  • Dirt Cheap

Instead of searching for just Target liquidation stores near me, include your ZIP code in your Google search (e.g., Target liquidation stores near me 90808)

You can also read bargain blogs and other sources.

Look for Target Clearance Items Online.

Alternatively, you can visit the Target website and follow these steps.

1- On the homepage, click Deals on the right side of the screen to reveal a drop-down list.

2- Click Clearance to see Target items on sale.

target clearance categories

3- Choose from the list of product categories, which include women’s clothes, men’s clothes, baby and kids’ products, shoes, home items, and toys. 

target clearance store

Whatever Target clearance item you’re looking for, consider buying it immediately when you see it dirt cheap on the Target website to prevent others from getting it.

Items You Can Find at Target Salvage Stores

The goal of local liquidation stores is to get rid of excess inventory and off-season products that are no longer in demand. Don’t expect to see the latest gadgets or hot-selling fashion accessories there.

Here are the most common Target salvage items in these stores.


Some toys and games have damaged packaging, minor defects, or missing parts. However, they are often still functional and safe to use. 

Grocery and Common Household Items 

While they are often close to expiration dates or have slightly damaged packaging, they are still safe to eat or use. However, Target does not resell returned temperature-sensitive goods like milk.


Most clothes, shoes, and accessories at Target liquidation stores have minor imperfections, such as missing buttons or small stains. However, they are still functional and wearable. 


Many salvaged electronics have small cosmetic flaws or damaged packaging but are still working fine. However, I recommend testing these products before bringing them home because they usually don’t have warranties. 

Home Items 

You can buy bedding, furniture, home decor, and kitchen appliances at a steep discount at your local salvage store. However, many of these items have minor cosmetic defects like dents and scratches.  

Seasonal Items 

Although these liquidation items are out of season or have minor cosmetic flaws, they are usually in good working condition. 

How To Shop at Target Salvage Stores and Save Up to 90% Off

Here are some tips to maximize savings when visiting your local Target thrift store.

Shop After Major Holidays.

How To Shop at Target Salvage Stores after holidays

The best time to visit your local Target clearance store is right after the holidays when the retailer offloads its seasonal decor and overstock items. You might dirt cheap find items discounted up to 90% off.

The markdown prices at a Target discount store differ by location, but here is a common pattern.

  • The first markdown pricing is usually 30% off the day after a major holiday or near the end of a season.

  • The second markdown pricing is 50% off the original price and covers the remaining clearance items.

  • The third markdown pricing is 70% to 90% off to clear out any remaining stocks.

For a good penny-pincher or a savvy bargain shopper, the third markdown is the perfect time to hit the target liquidation center because it offers the biggest discount.

Buy Discounted Furniture and Other Home Items at Target Salvage Stores.

A Target overstock warehouse is the perfect place to find discounted bedding and furniture items from the retailer’s brands, such as Threshold, Pillowfort, and Casaluna.

Sometimes, you can find home decor at a Target surplus store at a steeply discounted price of up to 80%.

As with any good thing in life, the significant discount comes with a caveat: A typical Target overstock store only allows 30 days for return, versus the standard 365-day return policy.

Look for $1 Deals.

Did you know that some Target salvage store locations have $1 bins? You can ask a local retailer carrying Target salvage items about when and how frequently they offer this special discount.

I’ve asked a Target salvage store near me about their $1 bins’ schedule, and the store said they offer it every Wednesday.

Look for Daily Deals.

Ask your Target Amazon liquidation center if they offer a loyalty program that gives you even higher discounts and daily specials.

For instance, a Target liquidation store in Chicago offers daily specials for almost all items in its inventory, excluding furniture and large appliances.

However, I recommend a quick price comparison by checking out Target’s clearance page. A Target bargain store may sometimes price items slightly higher than the retailer’s official clearance rate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Salvage at Target Mean?

Target stores need to clear out their overstock merchandise to minimize their losses. Instead of throwing the items away, Target salvages these products by selling them to bin stores, thrift stores, and liquidation centers.

These are the salvaged products that you can typically find at a Target salvage store:

  • Returned items

  • Liquidation items with slight cosmetic defects

  • Merchandise with damaged packaging

  • Discontinued items

  • Off-season products like Halloween and Christmas decors

How Much Money Can I Save at Target Salvage Stores?

With patience and luck, you can find items that cost up to 90% off their original price. On average, you can expect 50% to 70% savings when you shop at a Target resale store.

What Does Target Do With Overstock Items?

The retailer partners with local liquidation and bin stores to salvage overstock items. Sometimes, it also sends excess inventory to Goodwill stores and the Salvation Army.

What Happens to Returned Items at Target?

Target store resells returned items if they are in good, saleable condition. Otherwise, the retailer donates these store returns to Goodwill or sells them to a local Target salvage store.

On the other hand, Target recycles or disposes of broken and damaged items.

The big-box retailer does not resell returned temperature-sensitive products like milk, meat, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Does Target Resell Returned Items?

Like most retailers, Target sells returned items to third-party resellers and online auction stores in the liquidation business.

What Happened to Target in Canada?

Target closed all its stores in Canada in April 2015, just two years after entering the market. Its failure stemmed from expensive renovation needs, a tight time frame, and poor leadership.

The Bottom Line

If you’re trying to cut back on your expenses, consider visiting local retailers selling Target inventory overstock items because they offer the best deals for furniture, home decor, and small appliances.

You can save at Target by taking advantage of price-matching. However, you should learn Target’s price-matching policy first to ensure you understand the various requirements and restrictions.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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