Does Target Price Match? Money-saving Tips You Should Know

does target price match

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Target ranks as one of the most affordable general merchandise retailers in the US. It’s the go-to store for many who want to stock up on food, grocery essentials, and big-ticket items.

The question is: Does Target price match?

Target’s price-match policy can help you get the best price on your purchase, but some research is necessary to maximize Target’s policy.

Don’t worry because I can help you.

I wrote this article to discuss Target’s price-match policy and give you tips on using it to its full potential.

What Is Target’s Price-match Policy?

What Is Targets Price match Policy

The retail giant will match the lowest price for an item if it meets specific criteria.

The policy only applies at the time of purchase or anytime within the next 14 days.

Target price matches its competitors (both online and physical stores), like Walmart, Walgreens, Staples, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Costco, and Best Buy.

Your local Target store also price matches the Target website.

How Do You Price Match In-Store?

How Do You Price Match In Store

When shopping at Target and you want to leverage in-store price matches, the easiest way to enjoy discounts is to go to the customer service desk with your smartphone.

Show the competitor’s lower price on your phone to an employee who will verify it. You can also present a print ad of any Target’s competitor to do price matching.

Here are some things to remember.

  • Show the product page of the competitor’s official website on your smartphone.
  • Head to the customer service desk instead of going to a random Target employee to request a price match. Remember, not everyone is versed in the price match policy.
  • You can also get a price match in the checkout lane. However, this usually takes a bit more time and causes some inconvenience to the shoppers behind you.

What Are Target’s Price-Match Rules?

Here are the details of Target’s price-match policy/

  • If you find a lower price from a competitor included on their list, you can get a price match at the time of purchase or anytime within 14 days of buying it.
  • You can only request a price match against an identical product—down to the brand, size, model number, quantity, and color.
  • The requested product must be available at the time of the request.
  • A Target employee must verify the lower price by looking at the competitor’s official website or print ad.

What Products Are Excluded From Target Price Match?

Here are price-match exclusions to remember.

  • Target stores in Hawaii and Alaska are excluded from price-matching online competitors.
  • The policy excludes other Target stores like Target Express.
  • The retail giant can limit quantities or prices per identical item or shopper.
  • The price matching policy does not apply to limited-time offers, daily deals, Target coupons (only manufacturers’ coupons), and pricing or typographical errors.
  • The policy doesn’t include items in closeout, clearance, and liquidation sales.
  • The retailer excludes used and refurbished products, unspecific offers, non-branded items, open packages, and damaged goods.
  • The policy excludes online prices displayed only after users log in to their Target account.
  • Target doesn’t price-match Amazon and other third-party sellers like Costco. The discounted prices must be the competitor’s actual products.
  • The policy excludes contract mobile phone devices and their plans.
  • Out-of-stock items are excluded from the Target price match.
  • Alcoholic drinks are ineligible for online price matching. Furthermore, the policy may not apply to these items altogether, depending on the state regulations.
  • The policy doesn’t apply to Target Circle and other in-store offers. The manufacturer’s coupons only apply after completing the price match.

Does Target Offer Price Adjustments After Making a Purchase?

Yes. The price-matching policy applies up to 14 days following the purchase. Ensure you bring the original receipts or packing slips to your local Target store.

How Does Target Price Match Online?

How Does Target Price Match Online

For online price matching, call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 or visit the Target website to use the customer service chat. Once you place your order, ensure you get the price adjustments.

For in-store pickup, you can price match when you pick up your order at Target. Use your phone to show them a printed ad or an online price from a competitor’s website.

Target Will Price-match Guarantee Specific Online Stores

When searching for a price match, ensure you visit these online stores’ official websites, not their third-party sellers.

  1. Apple
  2. Walmart
  3. Costco
  4. Bestbuy
  5. Home Depot
  6. CVS
  7. Chewy
  8. Barnes and Noble
  9. Apple
  10. Macy’s
  11. Kmart
  12. Kohls
  13. Sears
  14. Sam’s Club
  15. Lowes
  16. JCPenney
  17. Petco
  18. Office Depot
  19. Petsmart
  20. Newegg
  21. Buy Buy Baby
  22. Bed Bath and Beyond
  23. Wayfair
  24. Staples
  25. Sephora
  26. Walgreens
  27. Ulta
  28. Gamestop
  29. Dicks Sporting Goods

Note: Warehouse stores such as Sam’s Club and Costco rarely carry products you can price match at Target since they generally sell items in bulk or large quantities. Furthermore, the price match policy only applies to qualified items in stock.

Does Target Price Match Items on Black Friday?

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Yes! The retail giant matches its competitors’ prices up to 14 days after your purchase during Black Friday.

Target also applies this policy to qualified purchases between mid-October to December 24. Price adjustment applies during this period if the price goes down on or before Christmas Eve.

Does Target’s Price Match Policy Apply to Groceries & Produce?

Yes, but only if the products are eligible for a price match. Currently, Target’s price match covers over 35,000 items and 29 online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Can You Request a Price Match With Coupons?

Yes. You can use coupons when price matching, but only if they are from the manufacturers. Remember, coupons only apply after you do the price match in-store.

Meanwhile, you can’t use or combine Target coupons, Target Circle gift cards (ex., specialty gift cards, prepaid gift cards, etc.), and Registry completion coupons with price match.

Does Target Price Match Amazon?

Yes. Target price matches Amazon, both online and in-store, for their customers to enjoy a lower price. However, the item must be identical—down to the brand, color, weight, size, and quantity.

The policy doesn’t apply to third-party sellers on Amazon when price-matching online competitors.

Does Target Price Match Walmart?

Yes, Target store price matches Walmart (online and brick-and-mortar stores). Again, the price adjustments only apply to available and qualified items.

You can refund the difference when you’re in the checkout lane or up to 14 days after the purchase.

What Are Price-match Hacks You Need To Know?

Did you know prices can vary between Target stores and the Target website? Online prices are often lower than what you’ll find at your local Target. Thus, always check the website when shopping in-store.

You can also enjoy a lower price when shopping from the Target website. Visit Target’s online competitors’ websites (like Amazon or Walmart) to compare prices.

Call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 for a price adjustment. A representative will ask you to place your order. Ensure that you get a refund for the difference.

Always keep your receipts, especially when purchasing a big-ticket item (e.g., furniture, appliances, and electronics). Remember, the price match policy offers a 14-day price protection.

Create an alert on your phone to remind yourself to check if the price of your big-ticket item has dropped before the 14-day price protection expires.

The Bottom Line

With some research and a bit of patience, Target’s price match policy can save you a ton of money, whether you’re stocking up on grocery items or buying big-ticket items like furniture or appliances.

If you’re a regular Target shopper, you can shop more efficiently and avoid wasting time by learning Target’s store hours.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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