What Is Target Circle and How Does It Work?

what is target circle

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Loyalty and rewards programs are effective strategies for improving customer retention and increasing sales revenue. They also make shopping fun for customers.

Target Circle is one of the best loyalty and rewards programs available to consumers.

The question is: What is Target Circle?

I have the answer.

I wrote this post to discuss Target Circle, how it works, its benefits, and more.

Let’s begin.

What Is Target Circle?

what is target circle

Target Circle is a free loyalty program that rewards members for shopping at Target.

Target Circle members earn rewards and collect earnings they can use to shop at Target and save money.

The popular retail chain launched the Target Circle Rewards Program in 2019 to replace the Target Cartwheel program.

How Does Target Circle Work?

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The Target Circle rewards program allows Target Circle members to earn 1% in Target Circle rewards each time they make a valid purchase using a non-RedCard payment.

Target shoppers can use their Target Circle earnings on their next purchase at any Target store, on the Target app, or Target website.

How Do I Join Target Circle?

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Signing up for Target Circle is free and easy. Here are three ways to become a Target Circle member.

  • Via your Target account

Creating a Target account on the store’s website automatically enrolls you in Target Circle.

Target integrated existing account owners who were previous members of Target Cartwheel into Target Circle in 2019.

  • Via the Target app

You can also sign up for Target Circle using the account tab in the Target circle app.

  • In-Store

You can sign up for Target Circle in Target stores upon checkout.

When you sign up for Target Circle, you must provide your email address and mobile number. You need your mobile number to access your account when shopping in-store.

What Are Target Circle Earnings?

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Target Circle earnings are redeemable rewards members earn by shopping at Target.

As a member of their loyalty program, you earn a 1% cashback in Target Circle earnings reward each time you make a non-RedCard payment for eligible purchases. Circle members can also earn a Target Circle bonus.

Target Circle bonuses are personalized offers members earn through qualified purchases in-store or online, depending on the details of your Target Circle offer.

What Purchases Earn Target Circle Rewards?

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You earn Target Circle rewards whenever you make eligible purchases at Target stores, on the Target website, or on the Target app.

However, you can’t earn Target Circle rewards from the following items.

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Dairy products
  • Prescription medicines
  • Target gift cards, Visa gift cards, American Express gift cards, Mastercard gift cards, and prepaid cards
  • Same-day delivery purchases
  • Purchases at Target optical, in-store clinics, and other partner businesses
  • Purchases at Target using a third-party app
  • Purchases from the Shipt app

You can view the excluded-items list on the Target Circle terms and conditions page.

Target Circle Benefits

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A Target Circle membership also includes the following perks.

  • Exclusive access to members-only deals and personalized Target Circle offers at up to 50% discount.
  • A 5% birthday discount on your shopping trip and a gift on your big day (valid for 30 days from your birthday).
  • You support local nonprofits with each shopping trip.
  • If you’re a member of Ultamate Beauty Rewards, you can also connect your Target Circle account and Ultamate Beauty Rewards account.
  • If you connect both accounts, you can earn Ultamate Rewards points and 1% in Target Circle earnings rewards for future purchases at Ulta mini shops in Target.
  • Members can use Target Circle to get deals on Apple subscriptions, like three months of free Apple Music.

How Do I Earn Target Circle Rewards?

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If you’re already a member of Target Circle, here’s how you can collect earnings on your Target purchases.


  1. Scan your Target circle barcode, which you can find your account Wallet in the Target app.
  2. Enter your registered phone number on the keypad or self-checkout screen upon checkout.

If you forget to do these things after your purchase, don’t worry. You can use the Target app or Target.com to collect your points.

Sign in to your Target account on the website or app to earn points for eligible in-store purchases. Then, scan your receipt or manually enter the numbers. You must do this within seven days to collect earnings from eligible in-store purchases.

The Target Website

All you need to do for online purchases is log in to your account to collect your Target Circle earnings.

The Target App

If you’ve successfully linked your Target Circle account to your Target app, you will automatically earn a 1% cash back on in-app purchases.

How Do I Redeem Target Circle Rewards?

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You can only use your Target Circle Earnings rewards to redeem merchandise or services at Target.

A Target Circle Earnings reward has no cash value, meaning you can’t convert it into cash.

You can redeem your Target Circle earnings reward by using it for your purchases in-store or online.

There are three ways to redeem Target Circle rewards


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  • You can either provide your registered phone number or scan your Target circle barcode in your Wallet in the Target app upon checkout.
  • Check for your Target Circle balance and tell the cashier you want to redeem your Target Circle earnings at checkout.

To redeem your Target Circle Earnings reward via self-checkout, open the Target app and scan your Target Circle barcode.

The Target Website

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To use your Target Circle Earnings for online purchases, sign in to your Target account and apply your Target Circle earnings rewards to your order during checkout.

The Target App

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Access your connected Target account and apply your Target Circle earnings to your order during checkout for in-app purchases.

How Do I Use Target Circle Offers?

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You can use Target Circle offers online, in-store, or with other coupons and Target Circle offers. You can redeem Target Circle offers on any Target Drive Up and in-store pickup purchases.

If you’re using the Target app, ask the register to scan your Target Circle barcode or scan it using the self-checkout screen.

If you’re on the website, scanning the main Wallet will combine Circle offers, store coupons, and Target payment options.

Do Target Circle Offers Have Limits?

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Yes. Unless Target specifies otherwise, you can only use a Target Circle Offer for up to four qualifying items per offer per transaction.

Furthermore, there are limits of one Wallet barcode or telephone number redemption per transaction and six Wallet barcode or telephone number redemption transactions daily.

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You can save on your Target Circle list up to six times daily for multi-use offers and for one time only for Single-use offers.

Click the plus sign on the Target app to save offers to your Wallet. To delete offers, click on the green check mark on the app.

Target Circle vs. Target RedCard

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Target RedCard is different from the Target Circle loyalty program. Target automatically enrolls you as a Circle member if you’re a Target RedCard holder.

However, purchases with a RedCard won’t earn you a 1% cash back with Target Circle. Signing up for a RedCard will give you a 5% discount on your Target purchases, access to exclusive deals, free two-day shipping, and an extra 30 days for returns and exchanges.

You can use a Target RedCard as a store charge card, a debit card, or a Target Mastercard.

Do Target Circle Rewards Expire?

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Yes. Target Circle earnings expire if you haven’t collected or redeemed any Target Circle rewards for one year.

Target Circle rewards also disappear if you return any items that have earned Target Circle earnings rewards, along with completing a Target Circle Bonus offer.

You can view your available Target Circle balance in your Wallet in the Target app.

Note: updates to your reward balance can take up to 30 minutes after completing a transaction.

The Bottom Line

I hope my article helped you understand the Target Circle rewards program and how it can benefit you when shopping at Target.

You already know Target Circle, so don’t hesitate to collect those rewards and use them to save money.

Maximize your shopping trips by learning Target’s store hours.

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