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Top-notch Shopify product pages are an essential element to a successful ecommerce website.

If you want to create a high-quality, custom Shopify product page but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

I wrote this article to teach you how to customize product pages using some of the best page builder templates.

After reading my guide, you’ll be able to set your ecommerce website and Shopify store apart from the competition with excellent custom product pages.

Let’s begin.

What Is a Shopify Product Page?

A Shopify product page is a web page designed to showcase and promote a single product.

A Shopify store uses product pages to display these product elements.

  • Product description
  • Product image (Product image gallery)
  • Pricing
  • Stock availability
  • Reviews

These elements enable customers to make an informed purchase decision and help an ecommerce website generate sales.

Shopify product pages are also helpful in upselling other related items or services.

Merchants can use the page to highlight special offers or discounts, provide additional product information and resources, or add related Shopify products that customers might find interesting.

Simply put, the goal of the product detail page is to convince shoppers that the product is worth purchasing.

Shopify provides several default templates for creating product pages so merchants can quickly get set up without needing coding skills.

The most basic template includes fields for uploading photos of the product, adding a description of the item and its features, setting a price point, and adjusting tax settings if necessary.

Additional features available on Shopify include integration with external payment providers like PayPal and Amazon Pay.

They also have social media sharing buttons so customers can quickly share their purchases with friends on Facebook or Twitter. (And improve social proof)

Beyond these default features, Shopify also offers customizations such as additional fields for collecting customer feedback or providing other product details.

Shopify also offers opportunities for more complex key features customization through various APIs and plugins.

These allow merchants to create custom Shopify product page layouts and provide unique functions like automatic delivery notifications after the customer has gone through checkout.

Customizing a Shopify Product Page

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A well-designed Shopify product landing page can help you showcase your products, increase your conversion rate, and improve the overall user experience for customers.

A great product page template should include a few crucial components.

  • An eye-catching and easy-to-navigate design
  • Informative product descriptions
  • High-resolution product images (and product videos)
  • Customer reviews
  • Related products
  • Clear, concise pricing information
  • Availability of the item in different sizes or colors

Here are some tips for customizing a Shopify product page.

Write Shopify Product Descriptions That Make a Difference.

word image 58164 3

Your product details have to be on point to significantly impact potential customers. They should be clear and concise while providing enough information, enabling visitors to make well-informed purchase decisions during their buying process.

Aim for two sentences per paragraph and keep the language simple and jargon-free. Your goal should be to excite customers about the product they’re buying.

Include High-Quality Images.

High-quality product images are essential for your online store. These images put products in perspective and give customers an idea about the size and color variations available for each product.

Use only enticing product images. Blurry or pixelated photos won’t make an excellent first impression on potential buyers.

You can include multiple angles of one item in a photo or create an interactive carousel with different views of each item. In short, try to make sure that all the details are visible.

Organize Your Page Layout.

Your ecommerce page design should be visually appealing, and it should be easy for customers to navigate through different Shopify product pages.

Keep related elements, such as price, quantity, and add-to-cart buttons. Above all, never forget that mobile users need just as much attention as desktop ones.

Ensure that your design works well across devices. If you don’t have time to custom code everything, you can use Shopify templates like Boundless and Narrative, which have built-in optimized layouts for mobile use directly in the Shopify theme code.

Creating great Shopify product pages doesn’t have to be a daunting task. All it takes is some time and attention to detail.

Ensure you include high-quality images along with well-written descriptions. Doing so goes a long way in helping customers understand why they should purchase from you over other online stores selling similar items.

Layout-wise, try not to overcrowd your page. Instead, focus on creating space between different elements so visitors can find what they need quickly and easily.

And if coding isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of great templates out there that will help get you started in no time.

How to Create a Shopify Product Page

Creating a Shopify product page can be exciting yet challenging. You can achieve your goal with proper planning and design strategies.

Here’s how to edit your custom product pages on Shopify.

How to Edit a Shopify Product Page

Here’s how to customize your Shopify product page.

Log Into Your Shopify Account.

The first step is the easiest. All you have to do is log into your existing account on the Shopify website and navigate to Products on the left side of the Shopify admin dashboard.

word image 58164 4

You will then see an overview of all existing products and an option to add new ones.

Select a Product Page To Edit.

Once in the Products section of your dashboard, select the product page you would like to edit by clicking on its title or image.

The Shopify product page or theme editing page will appear. You can edit any aspect of this particular Shopify product page, including images, descriptions, prices, collections, and more. It is from here that you will make all your changes and updates.

In addition to the features that come with Shopify’s product page templates, you can add several extra features to your online store to enhance the customer experience.

You can find these additional features in the Shopify App Store, where merchants can browse through various apps designed to offer other capabilities, such as inventory management, payment processing, and marketing automation.

Make Your Edits and Save Them.

Now that you are inside the individual Shopify product page itself, it is time for editing. Change whatever needs changing.

Click Save at the top right corner of your screen to save all the edits you made before exiting the page. You can check out how it looks by either refreshing the page or opening it up in another tab if you wish.

The Best Shopify Product Page Templates

I compiled the best Shopify page templates to give you a better visual image to inspire your store’s design.

Arts and Crafts


The Publisher Shopify product page template has an avant-garde theme and supports Quick view, a stock counter, and a mega menu.

word image 58164 5


Craft is a sophisticated Shopify product page template with various features. Its simple yet appealing design is perfect for anyone who loves elegance.

word image 58164 6


The Lorenza Shopify product page template offers a polished, editorial-inspired style ideal for boutique businesses.

word image 58164 7

Babies’ and Kids’ Products


The Sunrise Shopify product page template offers a cheerful and vibrant look. It is perfect for a retail establishment with lots of merchandise. It includes a back-to-top button, a stock counter, and a store finder.

word image 58164 8


The Boost Shopify product page template’s bright, contemporary, and striking layout creates a memorable in-store experience.

word image 58164 9


The Masonry Shopify product page template has a modern and user-driven design. It is simple but can capture potential customers to check what your shop offers.

word image 58164 10

Books, Music, and Video


The Effortless Shopify product page template is the perfect solution for quickly creating a modern website with a sleek, minimalistic design. It has all the necessary features to build a stunning and sophisticated product page.

word image 58164 11


The Paper Shopify product page template is a powerful and versatile theme that can showcase large or small catalogs for ecommerce stores.

This template’s wide range of options allows you to create custom product pages with features like slide-out cart, cross-selling, and in-menu promos.

word image 58164 12


The Impact Shopify product page template is an eye-catching design that brings your brand to life. Its strong emphasis on color and typography engages viewers, inviting them to explore and interact with your product.

This template showcases your product in a modern, stylish way that is sure to make an impact on visitors. The template has many customizable features to help you create unique custom product pages.

With its detailed and vibrant aesthetics, this template will help you effectively communicate the value of your products to your potential customer.

word image 58164 13



The Highlight Shopify product page template is an ultra-modern, stylish solution to showcase your business.

This design has various features that make it easy to create custom product pages on Shopify Shopify product pages and create a unique site that stands out from the competition.

The template is lightweight yet feature-rich, providing you with all the tools to effectively showcase your products and drive sales.

word image 58164 14


The Startup Shopify product page template is perfect for direct-to-consumer businesses with smaller catalogs. It can help your brand stand out from the competition, and its eye-catching and modern look will surely attract customers.

It’s easy to customize Shopify product pages with this template, allowing you to create a unique shopping experience.

word image 58164 15


Among product page templates, Warehouse has an excellent design perfect for showcasing and promoting an extensive catalog of products. It has all the features necessary to ensure that your customers easily navigate your product selection.

Its intuitive layout provides a seamless user experience and makes browsing your products enjoyable.

word image 58164 16



The Showcase template is one of many Shopify product page templates you can use to make an impact on potential customers. Its sleek design, bold visuals, and powerful tools make it an ideal choice for taking your product pages to the next level.

The template features a modern look that keeps users engaged and allows you to easily customize your website with just a few clicks. It provides a visually stunning backdrop while always focusing on the critical features of your product.

word image 58164 17


The Taiga product page template has an elegant yet simple design that captures the user’s attention. With its summer vibe and engaging aesthetic, this template provides a great way to showcase clothing products.

word image 58164 18


The Emerge template is one of many Shopify product page templates perfect for fashion ecommerce businesses looking to give their potential customer a fantastic online shopping experience. This powerful, user-friendly template offers a sleek, modern design that captivates any website visitor.

Its clean layout allows customers to easily find their desired products, while its responsive design ensures a seamless experience regardless of the device.

word image 58164 19


The Drop product page template is the perfect way to hype your upcoming product release.

This template can help ensure maximum engagement with your audience, just like other high-quality product page templates on Shopify.

This template has many customization options (ex., adding a product image) to help you create a unique product page.

word image 58164 20


The Avenue template is one of the various ideal product page templates for your online clothing.

Its superb design has lively colors and fonts, making it easy for customers to quickly search and find the items they need.

This template can help customers sift through various products and make their selections with minimal effort and time.

word image 58164 21


The Beyond product page template is a fantastic asset for any ethical brand that wants to create a more sustainable future.

Its modern and sophisticated design makes it easy to showcase products engagingly and professionally.

The template enables brands to customize their product pages’ look and feel, helping them stand out from the competition.

word image 58164 22


The Blockshop product page layout is a fantastic design that provides an ultra-stylish look and feels to your website. It offers powerful premium features to enhance the user experience, such as custom page layouts, advanced page building blocks, and lightning-fast speeds.

With this template, you can customize your product page and create a unique visual style for your business.

word image 58164 23


The Maker Product Page Template is perfect for fashion stores looking to create an eye-catching display of their products. The ultra-stylish, clean, and sleek design is ideal for contemporary and emerging brands.

word image 58164 24


The Banjo Product Page Template is flexible, easy to use, and provides an elegant user experience.

It provides a modern design you can tailor to meet your specific branding needs.

With its intuitive structure and tools, this template makes it quick and straightforward for users to create highly engaging product pages that are sure to capture their attention.

word image 58164 25



The Impact product page template is a colorful, typography-rich theme that helps brands create an impactful presence. It features vibrant palettes, modern font styles, and bold designs to help emphasize the critical features of your product or service.

word image 58164 26


The Empire product page template has a sophisticated, modern theme that helps highlight an extensive product catalog’s best features.

This template maximizes user engagement and conversion rates by providing a visually appealing, highly interactive, and intuitive interface.

word image 58164 27


The Reformation template is a feature-packed, high-performing Shopify product page template theme that allows you to create stunning and professional product pages with minimal effort.

word image 58164 28


The Habitat product page template is a beautifully designed, vintage-style theme that provides users with a unique, stylish shopping experience.

It features an array of elegant fonts and classic color palettes that create a timeless layout perfect for any modern website.

word image 58164 29


The Modular product page template offers deep customization and scalability. It lets you customize your product page layout with modules, allowing you to adapt it according to your needs.

The modular design also makes it easier to add new features and enhancements over time.

word image 58164 30

Food and Drinks


The Editions product page template has a modern and elegant style.

It provides users with a clean, spacious layout that encourages them to focus on featured products. The theme’s design is lightweight and minimalist, allowing the products to be the main focus.

word image 58164 31

Mr. Parker

The Mr. Parker product Page template is an exceptionally well-designed theme, with sharp product images and a wide variety of features that make it ideal for any food store.

This template allows users to showcase their products with multiple variants, such as different sizes or colors.

word image 58164 32


The Crave product page template is a stunning, vibrant theme for food and beverage-related products. The colors are bold, and the design is modern, making it the perfect platform to showcase your goods in an eye-catching way.

It has features to help you customize and optimize your product page layout. You can use drag-and-drop sections to organize content into logical blocks and adjustable backgrounds to make your page unique.

word image 58164 33


The Expanse product page template is a well-designed theme that helps customers quickly find their desired product.

This template pays attention to detail and provides an intuitive, user-friendly experience that helps customers quickly filter their selections.

word image 58164 34

Home and Decor


Expression’s product page template is perfect for any business looking for an ultra-stylish and modern design theme. It has powerful premium features that make it incredibly easy to customize.

word image 58164 35
word image 58164 36


The Icon product page template provides brands with an effective way to showcase their products.

This template will bring your product pages to life with striking visuals, plenty of image-focused content, and an intuitive design.

word image 58164 37


The Stockholm product page template is a neat and modern Shopify template perfect for creating a sophisticated online store.

With a minimalist design, this template helps ensure potential customers focus on your products instead of flashy or intrusive design elements.

word image 58164 38


The Impact product page template is ideal for brands looking to make an impact.

This template’s vibrant colors, bold typography, and eye-catching visuals allow brands to create a powerful online presence.

word image 58164 39


The North product page template helps furniture brands be more impactful.

It features a vintage color palette and timeless design, perfectly balancing classic and modern styles. This template allows users to showcase their products with vibrant colors and engaging visuals.

word image 58164 40



The Envy product page template is excellent for showcasing your essential products.

Its clean, minimalistic look will surely draw attention to whatever you are featuring.

This template also has an intuitive navigation system and powerful customization options that make it easy to set up and use.

word image 58164 41


The Creative product page template is a well-designed, elegant, and minimalist theme. It has powerful premium features for customers to enjoy.

word image 58164 42


The Dawn product page template’s minimalist design puts your product images in the spotlight. It allows your brand to create an attractive, modern product page design with plenty of white space and a clean, streamlined layout for displaying your products.

word image 58164 43


The Broadcast product page template maximizes customer engagement and incentivizes sales.

Its feature-rich interface packs a powerful punch, designed to ensure a smooth customer experience.

This product page template ensures that customers can quickly find the information they need, including product highlights, shipping details, pricing information, and more.

word image 58164 44


The Origin product page template is a stylish and modern theme for makers who want to showcase their unique pieces and stand out from the competition. It has an attractive design with all the necessary features for selling handmade items online, such as a product image gallery.

word image 58164 45

Shopify Ecommerce Store Best Practices.

Follow these best practices to create unique Shopify product pages and ensure your online store stands.

Use Rich Visuals.

The most effective Shopify product pages are those that use rich visuals, drawing customers in and making them excited about the product.

Ensure Streamlined Navigation.

Make it easy for website visitors to find the right product.

Create a Clear Checkout Process.

Your product page should allow customers to purchase products with minimal fuss.

Prioritize Mobile Optimization

Use mobile-friendly templates to ensure that any potential customer can access your store no matter where they are or what device they use.

Include Customer Reviews and Ratings.

Your template should incorporate customer reviews and ratings to give potential buyers an idea of how others respond to the product.

Ensure Fast Loading Speeds.

Factor in loading speed when creating a Shopify product page. Your customers shouldn’t wait long for your product pages to load.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide made it easier for you to understand how to create product pages for your Shopify store that drive traffic and increase your average order value.

Follow my advice, and you’ll create high-converting product pages in no time.

However, product pages aren’t the only factor you should consider when building a successful Shopify store. You should also learn how to sell on Shopify.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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