What Is the Gucci Return Policy?

gucci return policy

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What is the Gucci return policy?

Gucci’s return policy states you can return in-store purchases within 14 days. Online purchases have a return window of 10 to 30 days upon receipt, depending on the specific product.

However, Gucci’s return policy has other specifics to remember.

I’ll help you navigate the brand’s return policy and its exceptions, requirements, and more.

Let’s begin.

What Is Gucci’s Return Policy?

Gucci’s return policy is stricter than most, which is understandable given the prices of their items.

Here’s a general view of all the information you need to know:

In-Store Purchases14 daysWith proof of purchase
Must be in original condition:
– Unworn
– With tags
– Undamaged box
In-store (the specific store where you bought the item)
Online Purchases
General Products30 days from delivery dateMust be in original condition:
– Unworn
– With tags
In-store (excluding outlets and department stores)
By Mail
Beauty Items10 days from delivery dateUnopenedIn-store (excluding outlets and department stores)
By Mail
Lingerie30 days from delivery dateMust be in original condition:
– Unworn
– With tags
– With underwear protection
In-store (excluding outlets and department stores)
By Mail
Jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and ready-to-wear30 days from delivery dateMust be in original condition:
– Unworn
– With tags
– With return tag
In-store (excluding outlets and department stores)
By Mail
Vault Items30 days from delivery dateReturn tag
Original packaging
Via a dedicated link
By Mail
Corporate GiftsN/AN/AExclusively to Gucci.com
Collect In-Store Item30 days from the date the item becomes available for collectionMust be in original condition:
– Unworn
– With tags
– Undamaged box
By contacting Client Services
Home Decor Items with non-standard dimensionsDepending on the purchase method (in-store or online)Depending on the purchase method (in-store or online)May have special return instructions via the Gucci Customer Care

I’ll explain these policies in more detail.

Gucci Store Return Policy for an In-Store Purchase

In-store purchases follow the general Gucci 14-day return policy, provided all items are in their original condition and with valid proof of purchase.

Gucci won’t accept returns, refunds, and exchanges in these conditions:

  • Worn

  • Used

  • Damaged

  • Original tags removed

The Gucci in-store return policy states customers can’t return eligible merchandise to whichever Gucci stores they choose.

Gucci can only process in-store returns at the original Gucci store, Gucci outlet store, or retailer where you bought the item.

Gucci Online Return Policy

Gucci’s return window for online purchases starts at the date of delivery, regardless of when you placed your order online. You can return your online purchase to a Gucci store within the allowed time frame. The staff will package and ship the items on your behalf.

You can also return online purchases by mail using the return address indicated on the package.

Gucci Return Policy for Made-To-Order (Personalized) Items

Gucci doesn’t accept returns for made-to-order and made-to-measure personalized items since these are difficult to resell.

Gucci Return Policy for Gift Items From Someone Else

Gucci offers a digital gifting experience via 4Gift, allowing the recipient to personalize the gift.

If you want to return a gift, you can do so in-store or by mail and immediately receive a refund.

Stores can’t process refunds for returned gift items via 4Gift. They can only help you ship the product to a Gucci.com warehouse, which will issue the refund.

Gucci Return Policy for Vault Items

Gucci provides a dedicated link for returning vault items, depending on when you bought them.

If you bought a vault item before February 28, 2023, you can use this link: https://returns.eshopworld.com 

image 44

If you bought a vault item after February 28, 2023, you can choose from three methods:

  • Go to the Gucci returns page.

  • Go to your MY GUCCI account and follow the standard online return instructions.

  • Contact Gucci’s Client Advisors.

image 45

Once Gucci receives the returned item, they will process and credit the refund to the original form of payment.

Important: Gucci won’t accept returns if you don’t pack the vault items in their original packaging.

Return Policy for Gucci Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are only returnable to Gucci.com and not to any Gucci store, Gucci outlets, department stores, or other retailers.

Gucci Return Policy: No Receipt

Gucci’s policy, like other luxury brand return policies, Gucci’s policy requires valid proof of purchase.

Unfortunately, you may be unable to return your Gucci purchase without a receipt. However, you can try talking to the store staff where you bought the item.

Gucci Return Policy Exceptions

To summarize, you can’t return the following items:

  • Final sale items

  • Personalized or made-to-order Gucci products

  • Lingerie products without the protection seal

  • Opened Gucci beauty products

What Is the Gucci Exchange Policy?

The same requirements apply for exchanges at Gucci: the item must be in returnable condition and within the applicable return window. 

Gucci Exchange Policy: In-Store Purchase

You can simply head to the store where you purchased the item and talk to a staff member to facilitate an exchange.

However, Gucci doesn’t accept exchanges at Gucci outlet stores.

Gucci Exchange Policy: Online Purchase

Online purchases returned by mail or in-store aren’t valid for exchanges.

If you want to exchange an online purchase, you can talk to Gucci’s Client Advisors at 1-877-482-2430.

The same return conditions apply for exchanges. However, your request is subject to the availability of the item you want to get. 

Gucci Exchange Policy for Gifts

Products purchased through 4Gift are eligible for an exchange, provided the recipient hasn’t finalized the order.

You can do either of the following:

  • Choose a different variation.

  • Choose another item of the same value.

Note: Once you have finalized your order, you can no longer exchange the item.

Gucci Exchange Policy Exceptions

Gucci.com doesn’t accept exchanges.

If you want to exchange an online purchase, you can return the item for a refund and place a new order.

Keep in mind that the following items aren’t eligible for an exchange:

  • Personalized items

  • Made-to-order items

  • Fragrance and beauty products

  • Vault items

  • Finalized gift items through the 4Gift platform

Gucci Exchange Policy Without Receipt

You may try contacting a Gucci member to see if they can accept your purchase without a receipt, but your chances are slim.

How To Return an Online Purchase From Gucci

In-person returns are straightforward: you only have to visit the original store with your Gucci items in their original condition.

To return items purchased online, you have two options:

  • Return it by mail. 

  • Return it in-store. 

Return In-StoreReturn By Mail
In-Store PurchaseGo to the store of the original purchase with a valid proof of purchase.N/A
Online PurchaseGo to the nearest Gucci store, excluding outlet stores, with your digital invoice.Initiate your return by logging into your MY GUCCI account and printing the shipping label.
You can drop off the package at any FedEx location or schedule a pick-up.

Here’s how to do either method. 

Returning Online Purchases by Mail

image 46
  1. Log into your MY GUCCI account on the Gucci website.

  2. Head to the order details of the item you want to return.

  3. Click Return this item.

  4. Carefully pack the items you want to return in their original packaging.

  5. Choose a return label.

  6. Print the prepaid shipping label and attach it to the package.

  7. Schedule a pickup or drop the package off at a FedEx location.

  8. Wait for your refund.

Returning Online Purchases In-Store

image 47
  1. Look for the nearest Gucci store near you using the store locator on the Gucci website.

  2. Print the digital invoice you received in the shipping confirmation email and bring it with you.

  3. Talk to a staff to facilitate the return request.

  4. Wait for your refund.

What Is the Gucci Refund Policy?

Gucci typically refunds the amount to the original form of payment, but there are some exceptions.

Gift Items

For gift items returned via mail or in-store, here are the general rules:

  • Gift items purchased from Gucci.com – The refund will go to the original credit card used for purchase.

  • Gifts purchased via 4Gift – Refunds will go to the gift buyer rather than the recipient.

By Mail

If you return your online purchase by mail, Gucci will process your refund when your package arrives at Gucci’s warehouse.

According to the online Gucci refund policy, receiving your refund in the original payment method takes approximately seven to 10 business days.

The The refund process will follow the loan agreement if you purchased via Affirmment. Here’s how it works:

  • Return within 30 Days
    Affirm will cancel your loan before your first payment due date.

  • Return After 30 Days
    Affirm will charge you for the first loan payment. You will receive the refund once Gucci has processed the return.

  • Return After 45 Days
    You will receive the refund once Gucci has processed the return. However, Affirm won’t refund any interest your loan accrues within this timeframe.

  • With Downpayment
    If you paid a downpayment, you will receive a refund once Gucci has processed the return.

Does Gucci Refund Shipping Charges?

No. Gucci doesn’t refund any original shipping charges incurred during purchase.

Gucci refunds the full amount of the merchandise itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Contact Gucci?

You can contact Gucci in several ways:

How Long Does Gucci Take To Ship?

It depends on the Gucci shipping method you choose upon check-out:

  • Premium Express in a Continental U.S. address – two to three business days

  • Premium Express to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico – four to five business days

  • Standard Ground shipping for fragrances – two to five business days

  • Next Business Day – next-day delivery for orders placed before 4 p.m. EST (Mondays to Fridays only)

The shipping costs are typically free, except for Next Business Day, which costs $25.

How Long is Gucci Return Policy?

The Gucci return policy with receipt is usually 14 days for in-store purchases.

For online purchases, the return window is 30 days from the delivery date. However, there are some exceptions, like beauty products.

What Is the Gucci Outlet Return Policy?

If you purchased from a Gucci outlet, you may be able to return it for an exchange within 14 days. However, refunds are not available for outlet stores.

What Is the Gucci Return Policy for Shoes?

Shoes follow the same general return policy: 14 days for in-store and 30 days for online orders.

Can You Return Gucci Online Purchases In-Store?

Yes. Gucci accepts returns for online orders at any of their stores. The staff will ship the package to a Gucci.com warehouse for you.

What Is the Gucci Return Policy After 30 Days?

You can’t return items after 30 days or after the specified return window for a particular item. However, you may be able to return a product if it’s still under warranty.

Watches, for example, have a two-year general warranty.

The same applies to the Gucci exchange policy after 30 days, and the Gucci bag return policy.

Is There a Gucci International Exchange Policy?

As Gucci is rather strict with returns and exchanges, I suggest you contact Gucci directly for international exchanges, Gucci holiday return policy, and other concerns.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide helps you return your Gucci purchases easily.

Remember, Gucci allows you to return most purchases for any reason within 14 days in-store) or 30 days (for most online items).

You should also remember the return windows of different items. You won’t likely encounter any issues if you follow their requirements.

If you bought your Gucci at Nordstrom, you might want to check the Nordstrom return policy instead.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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