What Is the Nordstrom Return Policy?

nordstrom return policy

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Did you buy something from Nordstrom recently and are considering returning it?

You must understand the Nordstrom return policy before attempting to return your item.

This popular retailer’s return policy doesn’t have time limits, strict requirements, or even general return conditions.

You don’t need a good reason to get a refund. Nordstrom will accept your return request if you’re unhappy with your purchase, provided your return request is fair and reasonable.

However, there are still specific stipulations you should know, and I wrote this guide to discuss them.

I’ll explain the exceptions and how to make a return in different ways.

Let’s begin.

What Is the Nordstrom Return Policy In-Store and Online?

You can see the retailer’s customer-centric in their return policy, which is situation-based.

Here are the things you should know.

  • Nordstrom returns don’t have a set number for its return window for in-store and online purchases.

  • The retailer doesn’t have specific product conditions, tags, or original packaging requirements. You can return worn and used items (I’ll discuss some exceptions later.).

  • There’s no limit to how many items you can return.

Nordstrom Return Policy: No Receipt

Like other retailers, Nordstrom accepts returns whether or not you still have the original receipt.

The Walmart return policy also lets you return items without a receipt, provided you meet other requirements.

However, bringing your receipt lets you process your return and refund more quickly. 

If you lost your receipt, don’t worry. The staff can track your order information using the following details:

  • The credit card you used to purchase

  • The transaction date (Provide the month if you can’t remember the exact date.) 

What if You Are Missing Your Purchase Details?

Nordstrom can still process your return if you can provide a government-issued ID with the following information:

  • Photo

  • Name

  • Address

  • Signature

They can then issue a refund via a Nordstrom Gift Card valued at the item’s current price.

Why Does Nordstrom Need Your ID?

Nordstrom’s return policy is pretty lenient, which makes it vulnerable to abuse.

To avoid potential abuse while prioritizing customer satisfaction, the retailer asks for your ID when you have no transaction record. Your ID allows employees to track and investigate refunds and returns.

The retailer is lenient with returns, but its flexible policy also allows them to deny any request they might deem unfair.

Nordstrom Return Methods

image 213

In line with its customer-first policy, Nordstrom provides multiple return methods.

  • In-Store
    Drop by any Nordstrom store, including Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom Local locations. This applies to both in-store and online returns.

    However, you must have the original receipt and the original form of payment if you want to return an item to a Nordstrom Rack store.

  • By Mail
    You can print a shipping label to return online purchases and ship packages back to Nordstrom. This method is free, so you don’t have to pay additional charges.

  • Curbside
    This return method provides extra convenience for shoppers who simply don’t have the time to head inside the store.

Note: Your refund may take longer to process, depending on the return method.  

Nordstrom Return Policy Exclusions

Nordstrom stores handle returns on a case-to-case basis, meaning it doesn’t have an exhaustive list of specific items you can or can’t return.

In general, you can return almost everything in any condition. Nordstrom will likely accept it if you aren’t abusing their lenient system.

However, some products may have additional return stipulations, which I’ve summarized in the table below.

Gift cardsNo return & exchange
Balsam Hill brandsReturns accepted in Balsam Hill only
With a time limit, whichever comes first:
– Within 30 days of purchase
– Before December 25
Casper BedCall 1.888.282.6060
Westin Heavenly BedCall Simmons at 1.877.399.9397
Fine JewelrySpecial instructions in the shipment
Returned to a Nordstrom location with a Fine Jewelry section (excluding Rack and Local)
Special-Occasion DressesOriginal condition:
– With packaging
– Tags still intact
– Unused and unworn
Designer ItemsOriginal condition:
– With packaging
– Tags still intact
– Unused and unworn
Nordstrom Rack ItemsNon-returnable to Nordstrom stores via curbside

Nordstrom’s Policy for International Returns

You may contact Nordstrom within 30 days of receipt if you have any issues with your orders.

Note: Nordstrom offers international transactions through Borderfree.

image 214

Your purchases, refunds, and returns should go through Borderfree.

Here are some important points to remember:

  • Free returns don’t apply.

  • You can’t request for an exchange.

  • Nordstrom deducts the shipping and handling fees from your refund.

  • Original shipping fees are non-refundable.

Can You Return International Purchases to Nordstrom?

Yes. Nordstrom may accept the return, and Borderfree will provide the refund. However, you will not receive a refund for the duties, taxes, or tariffs.

How Do You Get a Refund for Duties, Taxes, or Tariffs?

You must mail the items directly to Borderfree with a Return Merchandise Authorization form.

You can request this form from Nordstrom’s customer service and fill it out before returning the items.

Once Borderfree receives the form and the merchandise, they will process the refund to your account.

Nordstrom Exchange Policy

You have two ways to request an exchange:

  1. Online

  2. Nordstrom Customer Service – 1-888-282-6060 

Note: Nordstrom’s Rack stores don’t offer exchanges at the moment.

How To Return Items at Nordstrom: 3 Ways

In-Store ReturnVia Mail
Online PurchaseVisit any Nordstrom location with any of these requirements:

– Receipt or any proof of purchase
– The credit card you used for payment
– Order number
– Other order details
– A valid ID

Alternatively, you can drop off your returns at select curbside locations.
Initiate your return by visiting the Nordstrom website.

– If you have an account, log into your account and find the order you want to return.
– If you checked out as a guest, input your order number and ZIP code.

Once you’ve filledout the form, you can print the shipping label or save the QR code.
You can then drop it off at any USPS or FedEx location.
In-Store PurchaseVisit any Nordstrom location with any of these requirements:

– Receipt or any proof of purchase
– The credit card you used for payment
– Order number
– Other order details
– A valid ID

Alternatively, you can drop off your returns at select curbside locations.

Nordstrom In-Store Return

Follow these simple steps for a smooth process:

1- Gather the required documents.

Although Nordstrom doesn’t need the receipt to facilitate your request, bringing it if you still have it is preferable. This allows the staff to check your purchase in their system and quickly refund you.

Here’s a list of other information you can bring to help the return process.

  1. The credit card you used for payment

  2. Order number

  3. Other order details

  4. A valid ID

2- Look for the nearest store on the Nordstrom website. You can also look for eligible merchandise for Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom Local locations.

image 211

3- Head to the customer service counter and inform a staff you’d like to return a purchase.

4- Wait for your refund in three to five business days.

Nordstrom Curbside Returns

This option is more convenient, especially for online transactions. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Visit the Purchases page and look for the order you want to return.

  3. Click Details and select Start a Return.

  4. Fill out the online form. 

  5. Prepare the items.

  6. Drive to the Nordstrom store.

  7. Leave the items in the designated area.

  8. Wait for your refund.

Nordstrom Return by Mail

Note: Nordstrom doesn’t provide an enclosed return label in online orders.

However, you can still enjoy Nordstrom’s free returns by printing the Nordstrom return sticker.

1- Log into your Nordstrom account.

2- Visit the Purchases page and look for the order you want to return.

image 215

3- Click Details and select Start a Return.

4- Fill up the online form and follow the prompts.

5- Print the return shipping label and attach it to the package.
Save the QR code. You can show this to an eligible USPS or FedEx location so they can print the shipping label for you.

6- Drop off your item at a USPS or FedEx location.

What if You Checked Out as a Guest?

image 212
  1. Go to the Start a Return page.

  2. Input your order number and ZIP code.

  3. Click the Start a Return button.

  4. Fill up the online form and follow the prompts.

  5. Print the shipping label and attach it to the package.
    Save the QR code. You can show this to an eligible USPS or FedEx location so they can print the shipping label for you.

  6. Drop off your item at a USPS or FedEx location.

What Is the Nordstrom Refund Policy?

Nordstrom’s refund policy is pretty straightforward, but here are the key details:

Payment and Return MethodRefund Method
With Sales ReceiptOriginal Form of Payment
With Purchase HistoryOriginal Form of Payment
No Record of SaleNordstrom Gift Card (at the item’s current price)
Returned by Mail
Credit cardCredit card
Gift CardElectronic Gift Card
Nordstrom NotesNew Nordstrom Note
A combination of credit card
Gift card or Nordstrom Notes
Credit card (for the amount charged to the credit card)
Electronic Nordstrom Gift Card (for the amount charged to the Gift Card or Nordstrom Notes)
With Gift ReceiptOriginal Form of Payment
Nordstrom Gift Card
PayPalPayPal account
A combination of PayPal
Nordstrom Gift Card or Nordstrom Note
PayPal account, in separate amounts
In-store returnNordstrom Gift Card

How Long Does Nordstrom Take To Refund?

It depends on the return and refund methods. Here’s a quick look at the refund timeline:

  • In-Store
    Nordstrom will process the refund to the original form of payment within three to five business days.

  • By Mail
    Nordstrom online returns take around 10 to 14 business days. After that, Nordstrom processes the refund, which can take three to five days.

  • Curbside
    You can expect your refund within five to seven business days after you drop off your item.

Does Nordstrom Refund Shipping Charges?

No. Nordstrom doesn’t refund shipping charges. You will only receive a full refund for the returned item.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Is the Nordstrom Return Policy, and How Many Days Is the Limit?

The Nordstrom warranty doesn’t put a time limit on returns as a part of its pledge to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Can I Return To Nordstrom After 2 Years?

Yes, provided you aren’t abusing the lenient policy. Nordstrom tracks your returns, meaning they’ll know if you habitually return your purchases.

Can You Return Nordstrom Items to Nordstrom Rack?

Yes. You can make Nordstrom returns to Nordstrom Rack and Local locations, with some exceptions.

  • The Nordstrom jewelry return policy states that you can’t return items purchased at Nordstrom or the website to a Nordstrom Rack.

  • The Nordstrom designer return policy doesn’t let you return Nordstrom and website purchases to Nordstrom Rack.

What Is the Nordstrom Gift with Purchase Return Policy?

If you want to return a gift, the amount will be refunded to the original payment method or as a Nordstrom gift card.

Does Nordstrom Offer a Cash Refund?

Nordstrom will only refund via cash if you paid with cash at the time of purchase.

Can You Make a Nordstrom Return Without a Receipt or Sticker?

What Is the Nordstrom Makeup Return Policy?

image 216

You can return used and opened makeup at any time if it’s not in a condition that abuses the policy.

What Is the Nordstrom Shoes Return Policy?

The Nordstrom shoe return policy allows you to return opened and worn shoes. However, designer items must be original, with an intact tag, unused and unworn, and undamaged packaging.

Does Nordstrom Rack Accept Opened and Used Items?

No. Nordstrom Rack is a bit stricter with its return policy, requiring all items to be in their original packaging, unworn, and unaltered.

Here are some examples:

  • Nordstrom Sunglasses Return Policy at Nordstrom Rack: must include the box and eyewear case (undamaged)

  • Nordstrom Ugg Return Policy at Nordstrom Rack: must include the shoe box (undamaged)

Is There a Nordstrom Perfume Return Policy?

There’s no specific Nordstrom cologne return policy. The standard policy applies unless it’s a designer item. In this case, you must return it in its original condition with the original packaging.

How Do I Get a Copy of a Receipt From Nordstrom?

You can try going to a Nordstrom location and provide the following details:

  • Your payment method

  • Purchase date

The staff may be able to track your purchase history in their system.

The Bottom Line

Nordstrom’s return policy is unique among other popular retailers.

Its flexibility ensures you’re always satisfied with your Nordstrom purchases. However, you must follow any additional conditions for a smooth return process.

If you want to try Nordstrom’s competitors, consider shopping at Macy’s. However, you should also learn the Macy’s return policy before purchasing anything to avoid wasting time and money.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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