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macy's return policy

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Are you a regular Macy’s shopper wondering, “How long is Macy’s return policy?”

Macy’s accepts most returns in stores or by mail within 30 days of purchase, although the department store chain extends the time frame for returns for up to 90 days during the holiday season.

Here are key points of the Macy’s return policy (and Macy’s refund policy) to remember.

  • You don’t have to pay any fee when you return an item in-store.

  • Free returns exclude international orders, food, gift cards, gourmet gifts, furniture, clearance items from the Last Act section, and certain home decor pieces.

  • The returned items must be in original or unused condition with original tags.

  • Macy’s stores may accept new or gently used perfumes and cosmetic products.

I’ll discuss the store’s return policy in more detail later, so keep reading.

Let’s begin.

Macy’s 30-Day Return Policy: Do You Need a Receipt?

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What is Macy’s exchange policy without receipt? The store often accepts returns and refunds if you provide the credit card or cashless payment method you use to purchase an item.

Besides cards and other payment methods, Macy’s uses the following information to verify your purchase.

  • Packing slip

  • Macy’s customer return label

  • Registry number

  • Shipping or order confirmation email

What Is Macy’s Return Policy No Receipt Paid Cash?

But what if you paid in cash and lost the receipt? Fortunately, you can still return most items if they come with original tags and packaging and are in unaltered, saleable condition. Macy’s return without tag attached only occurs on very special occasions.

It’s easier to return an item if you can specify the method of payment you use. That way, Macy’s can look up the purchase and send the full refund to your card.

What Is Macy’s Gift Return Policy?

Macy’s return policy without receipt also allows you a refund if you receive an item as a gift. However, you’ll get your reimbursement through a store credit.

The Macy’s return no receipt policy requires that you present your credit card (or the payment method you use to make a purchase) or other details to help the staff verify your information.

What is Not Included in Macy’s Return Policy?

Macy’s exchange policy and return policy do not apply to every item. Here is a list of exemptions:

Altered and personalized itemsNo return or refund
Apple productsReturn within 14 days of purchase.

Return only to Macy’s stores selling Apple products (applies to offline and online purchases).

Macy’s returns-by-mail policy applies if you purchase Apple products online.
Backstage itemsReturn items in unworn and unaltered condition with original tags and receipts.

Return only to Macy’s store with Backstage location.
Bluemercury merchandiseReturn by mail or to a Macy’s shop with a bluemercury shop.

bluemercy stand-alone stores do not accept returned items you buy from Macy’s.
Designer merchandiseAlexandre London custom orders are not eligible for returns and refunds.

Return Burberry products within 14 days of purchase to Macy’s Herald Square.

Return Louis Vuitton products, except personalized and made-to-order items, within 30 days of purchase to Macy’s Herald Square or Macy’s Roosevelt Field.

Return Gucci items within 14 days to Macy’s Herald Square.

Return Longchamp products within 30 days to Macy’s Herald Square.

Note: You must return these luxury items in perfect sellable condition, accompanied by their unopened packaging, stickers, labels, receipts, and tags.
Finish Line itemsReturn unworn items in a saleable condition within 30 days of purchase.
FoodFood, beverage, and life plants are not eligible for return or refund.
FurnitureContact Macy’s within three days of delivery to schedule a return pickup.

Macy’s does not refund delivery fees and may charge a 15% restocking fee. 

Macy’s will refund furniture protection plans. 

Contact Macy’s within three days to schedule a service appointment if you receive damaged furniture.
Items shipped and sold by sellersReturn items directly to the seller within 30 days of purchase.

Online returns are free and faster than the in-store process.

No return, no refund for plants and food items.
Jewelry (fine and bridge jewelry pieces) and watchesReturn items with price tags within 30 days of purchase.

Macy’s inspects the returned items, which can take up to 14 days.

Special orders and altered items are not eligible for return or exchange.
Last Act merchandiseNo returns, exchanges, or price adjustments
LensCrafters @Macy’sReturn eyewear within 30 days of the dispensing date.

Return eyewear purchased online to the vendor (not Macy’s) via mail.
LightningContact customer service at 800-289-6229 within 30 days of purchase to initiate the return process.

Return items in their original condition and packaging.

Don’t return to the store or furniture galleries.

Macy’s charges a 15% restocking fee and does not refund the shipping fees and surcharges.
Locker Room by Lids MerchandiseReturn items within 30 days of purchase.

Last Act merchandise is not eligible for return and exchange.
Macy’s Beauty BoxNot eligible for return or exchange
Macy’s Bridal Salon by DemetriosNot eligible for return or exchange
MaternityReturn unworn items with tags within 30 days of purchase.
MattressesYou have 14 days to contact Macy’s customer service to schedule a return or one-time re-selection.

Macy’s only accepts returned bedding with no stains and damage.

Macy’s refund More Protection plan fees if the returned item comes with the complimentary mattress pad intact.

Macy’s does not refund the delivery fee.
The store charges a $99 pickup fee and a 15% preference fee.
Pandora jewelryReturn items to any Macy’s stores that carry Pandora Jewelry. 
RugsReturn area rugs in their original condition and packing materials.

Contact Macy’s customer service within 30 days of purchase to request a return.

Macy’s does not refund delivery fees and surcharges.

Pickup fees may apply.

For online purchases, you can only return by mail or go to a Macy’s store with a Fine Rug Gallery department.
Sunglass HutReturn items in their original condition within 30 days of purchase.

Return sunglasses to the SGH shop inside Macy’s stores.
Tech accessoriesReturn items with original packaging and accessories within 14 days of purchase.

Special order merchandise and altered items are not eligible for return or exchange.
Tech watchesReturn items with original packaging and accessories within 30 days of purchase.

Special order merchandise and altered items are not eligible for return or exchange.
The Fine Rug GalleryContact customer service within 30 days of purchase if items don’t meet your expectations. 

Macy’s only accepts returns if you present a valid receipt and the item is in pristine condition. 

Pay for a delivery fee if you don’t want a replacement rug. 

Only Macy’s stores with The Fine Rug Gallery accept returns. 

Last Act rugs are not eligible for return and exchange.
Toys R UsReturn items in original condition with original tags within 30 days of purchase.

Shipping and delivery fees are non-refundable. 

Macy’s accepts most returns by mail or in-store.
What Goes Around Comes AroundReturn items within 14 days of purchase. 

Make sure you include the original tags.

Return the item to the original store of purchase.

How To Return Items for In-Store or Online Purchases

In-Store ReturnReturn by Mail
Online PurchaseBring the item and its receipt to the nearest Macy’s store.Visit the Macy’s website and create an account to initiate the return process by mail.
In-Store PurchaseBring the item and its receipt to the nearest Macy’s store.You cannot return by mail an item that you purchase in-store.

How To Return In-Store Purchases

Note that you cannot return a product you purchase from a store by initiating a return by mail. You can only return it by visiting a Macy’s store.

Follow this guide to return an in-store purchase:

  1. Bring the item and its receipt to the nearest Macy’s store.

  2. Bring your credit card if you don’t have the original receipt.

  3. If you can’t present a gift receipt because you received the item as a present, you can still get reimbursement through a store credit.

  4. Make sure the item is in original and saleable condition.

  5. Macy’s return policy without tags stipulates that it may not accept an item for return if it doesn’t come with its original tags.

How To Return Online Purchases

You can return items purchased online by visiting the nearest Macy’s store or initiating a return by mail.

For return by mail process, follow this guide:

image 3
  1. Visit the Macy’s website.

  2. Create or sign in to your account.

  3. Click the Start a Return tab.

  4. Select the order you wish to return.

  5. Enter all the necessary information.

  6. Macy’s will give you a return shipping label to attach to the original packaging.

  7. Mail the item to Macy’s.

How Does Macy’s Credit Refunds?

Macy’s returns a refund in the original form of payment you use to purchase an item.

image 2

If you paid in cash, the refund is immediate. By contrast, it takes a few days, usually one to three business days, to get your refund if you use a card, depending on your bank.

Macy’s will send you an email once you receive your refund.

What About Macy’s Exchange Policy?

If you want to exchange an item for a different size, color, or variation, this is Macy’s exchange policy that applies to online and in-store purchases:

  • You can only exchange in-store items by going to a Macy’s store.

  • Macy’s return policy online purchase allows you to exchange items you buy online at a store or return them by email.

  • Return by mail only applies to online purchases. Once you complete your return, place a new order for the item at the current selling price.

  • If you don’t have a receipt, Macy’s can use your credit card, packing slip, registry number, order or shipping confirmation email, or Macy’s return label sticker to find your information.

Can I Get a Price Adjustment?

You can only request price adjustments within ten days of purchase. However, the price adjustment does not apply to items sellers ship and sell directly to customers.

To request a price adjustment, visit the Macy’s website and click the Chat Online link or email the department store at

Macy’s only accepts price adjustment requests directly from customers, not third parties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Return an Item at Macy’s without a Receipt?

Yes. The store can verify your purchase using your credit card, packing slip, order or shipping confirmation email, return label, or registry number. 

Can I Return an Open Item at Macy’s?

In most cases, the answer is yes, as long as the item is in its original and saleable condition. 

Can You Buy Something with Macy’s Gift Cards and Return It for Cash?

No. Macy’s refunds the amount to the payment method you use to purchase an item. That’s why the credit goes to the gift card you use to make a purchase. You’ll only get a cash refund if you use cash to buy a product. 

Can You Return a Gift Card with a Receipt?

Yes. However, you can only return a Macy’s gift card if the full value remains. 

Can You Return Used Items to Macy’s?

No. According to Macy’s customer service, the department store chain generally does not accept a return of used, damaged, or altered merchandise. 

Can You Look Up a Receipt at Macy’s?

The store can look up your receipt using your account number, packing slip, order confirmation, the credit card you use to pay, etc. 

Can Macy’s Reprint Receipts?

Yes, you can get a replacement receipt at any Macy’s store if you can’t find the original receipt. However, you need to give details such as the date of purchase, method of payment, and the purchased items to locate the transaction in their system. 

Can I Return Macy’s Items After 30 Days?

For most items, the answer is no. Also, you cannot return altered and used products, personalized and custom orders, and certain beverages and food items.

However, the Macy’s return policy days are longer during the holiday season (up to 90 days).

Can I Make a Return to Any Macy’s Store?

You can return most items to any Macy’s store. However, returning designer products (e.g., Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Gucci) requires visiting Macy’s Herald Square. 

Also, if you want to return items you purchase from certain stores (e.g., Pandora), departments, or sections (e.g., Fine Rug Gallery and Last Act merchandise), you need to go to a Macy’s store that has them. 

Does Macy’s Charge To Return Items?

It depends. Macy’s offers free returns for up to 90 days from the day of purchase. However, it does not refund shipping and delivery fees and may charge a restocking fee for furniture and other items.

How Long Does Macy’s Refund Take?

If you pay with cash, expect to get your refund immediately. But if you use a card, it usually takes one to three business days to get your refund, depending on your bank. 

Can I Return Items from the Last Act Clearance Sections?

No. Last Act Macy’s return policy explicitly says you cannot return items from the clearance sections. These heavily marked-down products are also not eligible for coupons and additional discounts. 

The Bottom Line

Macy’s return policy is among the many great things about this popular department store chain. Knowing you can return and exchange most items gives you more peace of mind whenever you shop here. 

Macy’s holiday return policy also makes it popular among gift-givers who want to ensure their loved ones can return items that don’t satisfy their taste or needs. 

Consider learning Target’s return policy if you’re a regular shopper at this store. Learning Best Buy’s return policy is also a great idea.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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