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target return policy

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Even though Target is one of the best retailers, the things you buy can occasionally turn out differently than you expected.

It’s essential to know the Target return policy to ensure you can receive a full refund or exchange when your item doesn’t meet your expectations.

I wrote this guide to walk you through everything you need about Target’s return policy, from eligible items and time frames to exceptions and how to process your return.

This article will provide the information you need to make returning unwanted merchandise smooth and stress-free, whether you’re a first-time shopper or a seasoned Target customer.

Let’s begin.

What Is the Target Return Policy?

target return policy

According to Target, most unopened items returned in their original, unused condition and within the item’s specified time frame are entitled to a refund or exchange.

Target shoppers have 90 days to return most unopened items to Target if they change their minds.

If you’re a Target RedCard holder, you can extend your return period by an additional 30 days, giving you an extended return window of 120 days from your Target purchase date.

What Is the Holiday Return Policy at Target?

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The return policy for Target’s holiday sales is essentially the same as their standard return policy.

Here are the terms of Target’s holiday return policy.

  • Within 90 days, you should return unopened, brand-new items for a refund or exchange.
  • Some items purchased might have a modified return policy mentioned on the packing slip, receipt, in the Target policy, on, or in the department where you bought the item.
  • Items that you have opened, are damaged, or don’t have a receipt may not be eligible for exchange or refund.

Target Extended Holiday Return Policy for 2023

Target has a unique holiday return policy for products bought between October 6th and December 25th.

On December 26th, Target’s standard 90- or 120-day return period will begin. Beginning on December 26th, Target will also accept electronics for a 30-day return period.

Target Return Policy With a Receipt

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You have a year to reconsider your decision on a Target-owned brand item.

Use your return barcode in-store, Target’s most extended return period, to return most new, unopened products from your registry.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, Durabuilt, Sonia Kashuk, and Xhiliration are among the brands belonging to Target.

Return Policy Without a Receipt

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Target offers a few options to track your purchase if you need help finding your receipt to guarantee a complete refund.

Target requires the proof of purchase that Target sends to your email when the order ships and the evidence when they deliver it for items purchased from a Target Plus Partner.

Scan your Target account first for return barcodes and receipts, as well as your Target Wallet through the Target app, before you leave for the store.

Here’s how Target will assist you when you return something to the store without a receipt

  1. For a Target store to find the receipt, bring the product you wish to return along with the payment method you used to the Guest Services counter at a Target store. It could be a Target RedCard, debit card, credit card, or third-party credit card.
  2. If everything else fails, you can be given a refund in the form of a Target merchandise return card, deducted from the product’s current price.

Limitations on Target Returns Without a Receipt

The most you can get back from Target for anything you return without a receipt is $100 annually.

I suggest registering for a Target account or saving your receipts in a specific space to easily access your previous purchases.

Know Target’s Return Policy for Merchandise.

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Stay informed and make smart shopping decisions by understanding the Target return policy for different merchandise.

Target Return Policy for Apple Products

When returning an Apple product to Target, you have a shorter 15-day window for most Apple devices.

In comparison, other electronics have a 30-day warranty. Verify Target’s specific holiday return policy if you plan to shop during that time.

Target Return Policy for Video Games

Only the same title for the same or a different gaming platform is allowed in exchange for open video games, music, movies, and software.

The 30-day Target return window is applicable for returns of Xbox All Access.

Target Return Policy for Beauty Products

Most cosmetic items you buy in stores or online are returnable within 90 days with your receipt or up to 120 days if you used your Target RedCard, even if you have opened them.

Target Electronics Return Policy

The return or exchange period for electronics and entertainment items is 30 days.

However, you have 14 days to return or exchange any mobile phones you bought online or in-store.

You can also be subject to early termination costs or a $35 restocking charge.

If you’re still deciding about your new smartphone, don’t open it. Return it unopened, and Target won’t charge you a restocking fee.

Target Return Policy for Apparel

Target’s policy for returning clothes is similar to other standard Target categories.

Customers have 90 days after receiving an item to return or exchange it, while Target RedCard holders get up to 120 days.

If an item is damaged or you’re no longer happy with your purchase, you have up to a year to return it, depending on whether it’s a brand owned by Target.

Remember that you must have proof of purchase, such as a receipt, digital barcode, or packing slip, to qualify. If you don’t, you’ll get a merchandise return card that you may use in-store.

Know Which Items You Can’t Return to Target

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Although Target’s return policy is quite flexible for most purchases, you can’t return some products.

In addition to the previously stated goods, the following are not allowed.

  • Open or defective collectibles include sports cards, action figures, and special-edition Barbie dolls.
  • Personalized items
  • Digital downloads
  • Specialty gift cards, including those for restaurants, entertainment, and lottery cards.
  • Breast pumps that have been opened or are no longer sealed
  • You can only return opened-air beds for a similar product
  • Lawnmowers and other gasoline-powered products can only be returned to a Target store and must be empty. If there is any potentially dangerous residue inside, you must contact Target Guest Services.

Target’s Holiday Exceptions

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Here are a few additional exclusions to Target’s holiday return policy.

Here’s a summary.

  • Merchandise from Target-owned brands is returnable with a receipt for one year.
  • Most purchases bought at Target stores and on using RedCard will be eligible for a 30-day extension for returns.
  • All Apple products, excluding mobile phones, must be returned within 15 days according to the standard return policy.
  • For Apple products, except mobile phones you bought between October 6 and December 25, the 15-day return period will start on December 26.
  • Holiday products and limited-edition collections have different return conditions.

How To Process a Return at Target

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Target provides both in-store and online returns. Here are the details you should be aware of for each.

In-store Returns

Bring the item, your packing slip, your order details page, and your receipt to the Guest Service desk at a Target store for standard returns.

The Target team member can also use your primary payment method to check receipts.

You should bring the gift items to the Guest Service counter at a Target store along with a gift receipt or packing slip.

Your refund will be in the form of a Target Gift Card (with these exclusions).

  • Same-day processing is not available for in-store returns that include a gift receipt.
  • For gifts returned without a packing slip or gift receipt, Target may give you a product return card instead of a Target Gift Card, which is only suitable for in-store purchases.

Online Returns

You can ship your gift back if you bought it from and prefer not to return it to a store.

To receive a return label, locate the purchase on and follow the instructions in the Return section.

For more information, please call Guest Services at 800-591-3869.

How Much Time Will It Take To Receive My Target Refund?

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When you return an item to a Target store in person, you can choose the refund method. Target immediately refunds your return to the original payment method.

Target will grant Target gift cards for returned items from your wish list and in-store returns without the original packing slip. Or Target will reimburse the receipt as a merchandise return card, subject to approval with a valid ID.

Only in a physical Target store are merchandise return cards redeemable, and you might need to present identification when doing so.

Here’s how long it takes to receive your money back after returning an item to Target.

  • It often takes one to three days to process a refund to a third-party credit card.
  • It takes one to two days to process refunds to a Target RedCard.
  • Gift cards from Visa, Mastercard, or American Express receive refunds in seven to ten days.
  • Depending on the results of an assessment by Target’s Online Return Center, refunds for mail-in returns may take an extra five days to process.


Can You Return to Target Without a Receipt?

It depends on the store’s or business’s return policy. While some retailers might accept returns without a receipt, others might demand one for all returns.

Instead of providing a refund, the shop may occasionally grant a store credit or replace the item. Before returning an item, it is advisable to review the store’s return guidelines.

What is Target Clothing Return Policy?

Target’s clothing return policy allows most items to be returned within 90 days with receipt or account info. Without a receipt, the store may issue store credit or look up purchase using account info.

Exceptions for personalized or final-sale items may apply. Check the latest policy on Target’s website as return policies have changed due to COVID-19.

What is Target Shoe Return Policy?

The majority of shoes can be returned to Target within 90 days of purchase with a receipt or account information, according to their return policy.

If you don’t have a receipt, the store might be able to find your purchase using the information on your account, or they might give you a store credit or a merchandise return card in lieu of a refund.

Prior to returning an item, it is always advisable to check the return policy on the Target website or with a store associate because some exceptions to this rule might apply, such as for personalized or final-sale items.

What is Target Food Return Policy?

Depending on the type of goods, Target has a different return policy for food items.

Due to health and safety considerations, perishable items including fresh vegetables, dairy products, and bakery goods cannot be returned..

Non-perishable food products, however, including packaged snacks, condiments, and canned goods, might be eligible for a return or exchange if they’re broken or unopened.

It is best to check with a Target store associate or on the Target website for more information if you have questions about the return policy for a specific food item.

What is Target Furniture Return Policy?

Target’s return policy for furniture varies depending on the item and the type of purchase. Target’s policy states that furniture and big products bought in-store can be returned within 90 days of the transaction with a receipt or account information.

You have up to 90 days from the date of purchase to start a return for furniture and other big products purchased online.

It’s always best to check the return policy on the Target website or with a store associate before making a return because some exceptions might apply to custom or special-order items.

The Bottom Line

Familiarizing yourself with Target’s return policy can save you time, effort, and potential headaches.

Understanding these Target return policy tips allows you to make returns smoothly and efficiently, ensuring a positive shopping experience at Target.

You should also know how to get free shipping at Target for even more convenience.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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