How To Get Free Shipping at Target in 2023

how to get free shipping at target

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Target is known for its wide selection of products and affordable pricing. For this reason, it’s the go-to retail store for people who want to save money while stocking up on food and grocery items.

Target offers its customers perks and benefits like coupons, same-day delivery, free Target gift cards, and free shipping.

I wrote this article to teach you how to get free shipping at Target.

Let’s begin!

How To Get Free Shipping at Target: Things You Can Do

Here are the various ways to score free shipping at Target.

how to get free shipping at target

Spend $35 or More.

One of the simplest ways to enjoy Target free shipping is to spend at least $35 on your purchase.

Target has a massive selection of food, grocery items, and general merchandise. As a result, it’s not that hard to meet the free shipping minimum of $35 per transaction.

Note: Target typically excludes large and bulky items from their free shipping target promo.

Use In-Store Pickup or Drive-Up Service.

If you live near a local Target store or it’s located on the way to work, you can click on the drive-up or in-store pickup service to avoid paying any shipping fee.

With the in-store pickup service, you can usually collect your order from your local Target store on the same day.

Use In-Store Pickup or Drive-Up Service.

Opting for the drive-up service means you need to drive to the store, park in a designated spot, and wait for a staff member to bring your order. However, not all items are eligible for this service.

Check for Free Shipping During the Holidays.

Target usually offers free shipping during the holidays and special sales. In the past, it even offered free shipping with no minimum requirement.

Visit the Target website and coupon sites to search for promo codes, coupons, discounts, and other perks.

Sign Up for Shipt.

If you want to enjoy rapid deliveries and other perks on your Target order, you can sign up for Shipt. Remember, this service isn’t free because it has a $99 annual fee.

 want to enjoy rapid deliveries and other perks on your Target order, you can sign up for Shipt.

As a Shipt member, you’ll get free same-day delivery service.

If you want to test the water before committing to this annual subscription service, you can sign up for its free four-week trial.

Apply for the Target RedCard.

This no-annual-fee store card offers numerous rewards to loyal customers, including a 5% discount on most products, additional 30-day returns and exchanges, and free two-day shipping on eligible orders.

Apply for the Target RedCard.

Having a Target RedCard only means you’re eligible for free two-day shipping on selected items, but not free same-day shipping.

To enjoy same-day shipping, you need to pay extra.

Use a Target Promo Code.

You can use promo codes to enjoy free shipping.

The question is: How and where can you find target coupons?

Use Target Promo Code

One of the easiest ways to get a Target coupon is to visit the Target app. Look for special promos, manufacturer coupons, and Target Circle offers.

The big-box retailer regularly offers various coupon codes.

Free shipping coupon codes are usually available during big sales events, like year-end sales and Black Friday. Ensure you regularly check your Target account to avoid missing out on perks.

How To Get Free Shipping: A Summary

Target provides free shipping under certain conditions. For instance, you don’t have to pay shipping fees for online orders worth $35 or more. The same rule applies if you shop using your Target RedCard.

Another way to save on shipping costs is to pick up your order in-store when you shop online or park at the Drive Up area where an employee will bring your items and load them into your vehicle.

You can also use promo codes for free shipping.

How To Use Target Coupon Codes for Free Shipping

Once you have Target promo codes, you can simply follow these steps to enjoy their perks.

1 – Shop online. Visit the Target site or use the Target app on your mobile device (phone or tablet) to start shopping.

For a quick and convenient shopping experience, browse through the various product categories and click Add Items to your cart.

2 – Proceed to checkout. Once you have selected your products, head to the Checkout screen.

If you’re using the Target app, simply click Add Promo Code in the Discount section. However, you need to enter the promo code in a box below the Order Summary if you’re on the Target website.

3 – Enter the Target coupon code. Copypaste or type the code into the appropriate box. Next, click the Apply or Redeem button.

When you enter a valid Target coupon code, you’ll receive a confirmation telling you that free shipping for your order is applied.

4 – Check and pay. Once Target accepts your free shipping coupon code, go to the payment page and enter your details to finalize your purchase.

By the way, if you’re a student, you might also be interested in the Target student discount.

Target Delivery Options

This is a list of Target’s delivery options and their corresponding shipping costs.

Same-Day Delivery

Same-Day Delivery

Target’s same-day delivery costs $9.99. But if you sign up for Shipt, which requires an annual membership of $99, you’ll enjoy Target free shipping.

Two-Day Delivery

Two-Day Delivery

You need to pay $5.99 if you spend less than $35. However, Target waives this shipping cost if your items cost over $35.

In-Store Pick-Up

 In-Store Pick-Up

This same-day service comes with free shipping.

Drive-Up Service

 Drive-Up Service

This same-day service also comes with free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most common questions related to Target free shipping promo.

Do Target RedCard Members Enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping?

Yes. If you’re a RedCard holder, you automatically enjoy free two-day shipping on most products at Target.

Note: This offer applies to all 50 states.

How Much Is Target’s Same-Day Delivery?

Target’s same-day delivery costs $9.99, but it’s free f you’re a Shipt member. Remember, Shipt membership comes with an annual fee of $99.

How Much Is Target’s Two-Day Delivery?

If you spend less than $35 at Target, you need to pay the $5.99 two-day delivery fee.

Are Target Returns by Mail Free?

Yes. The retail giant offers free returns by mail on its items. Thus, you don’t have to worry about paying for shipping costs if you’re not satisfied with their products and want to return them.

You must return items within 90 days of purchase, but if you paid using your Target RedCard, you get an additional 30 days to return them.

To ensure you get free shipping for your return, sign in to your Target account and head to your order details page. Next, print a prepaid return shipping label that you can use to mail the product in question back to the store.

Is Target Free Delivery?

It depends. Customers who are Shipt members enjoy free same-day shipping, while RedCard holders can take advantage of free two-day shipping.

Shoppers who spend over $35 don’t have to pay for two-day shipping.

Which Products Are Eligible for Free Shipping at Target?

Free two-day shipping is available on the vast majority of items (totaling thousands of products), as long as you spend at least $35.

You’ll notice that eligible products have a label that says, “free standard shipping with $35 orders.”

How Fast Is Free Shipping at Target?

If you order before the cutoff time (usually noon), your order should arrive within two days.

Always review the product detail page before checking out to know the most accurate estimated delivery date. After all, the order cutoff may vary from store to store and item to item.

How Can I Check My Target Order’s Status?

To check the status of your Target order, log into your Target account (using the app or website). If you’re on, click Orders and choose the order in question to view its status.

If using the Target app, click your name icon and select Purchases to view your order status.

When Can I Pick Up My Target Orders?

Your drive-up and pickup orders are often ready within two hours of placing your order using the Target app or

However, there are some exceptions. For example, products with a “Ship to Store” label may take four to seven days to arrive at the store.

You’ll receive an email notification when your Target pickup order is ready. Make sure that you read the details, especially when, where, and how to pick up your items.

Do I Have to Tip Target Delivery?

The retailer does not accept tips for free two-day shipping orders from But if you feel extra generous, you can tip your shopper when you order same-day home delivery via Shipt.

Here are the three ways to tip your Shipt shopper.

  1. Using the Target app
  2. With cash when you receive your order
  3. Via the Target website

How Do I Search for Free Shipping Promo Codes

You can find promo codes on and Target app. Another option is to visit reputable coupon sites such as Coupon Chief,,, Groupon, RetailMeNot, Dealcatcher, and Slickdeals.

When you visit these coupon sites, it’s ideal to sign up for their newsletters to get updates on when promo codes are available.

Additionally, you should keep an eye out for Target weekly ad, which regularly offers promo codes.

What’s the Difference Between In-Store Pickup and Drive-Up?

Choosing any of these two options means you won’t pay for any shipping fee because it’s you who will pick up your order. However, there is a slight difference between the two services.

With the in-store pickup, you have to head to the guest service to pick up your order. By contrast, the drive-up service means you don’t have to get out of your car because an employee will bring out your order and load it into your vehicle.

What Are the Benefits of Being a RedCard Holder?

Aside from the free shipping on eligible items, being a RedCard holder means enjoying other perks.

  • Additional 30 days for returns and exchanges (Fyi, Target follows the standard 90-day return policy. By contrast, RedCard holders have up to 120 days to return an item.)
  • RedCard exclusives, such as special items, coupons, Target gift cards, and offers
  • Five percent discount on eligible purchases in-store and at

Does Target Have Free Shipping to Your Local Store?

Yes. If your items are not available at your local Target store, you can have them delivered by clicking the Ship to Store option.

Products with a “Ship to Store” label take a little longer to arrive than standard pickup orders (four to seven days versus two hours).

The Bottom Line

Don’t hesitate to use the information in my guide to avail free shipping on your Target purchases. I hope I’ve helped you save some money on your shopping trips.

To save even more money, you should learn about Target’s price-match policy.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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