Google Trends Dropshipping: How To Increase Your Sales

google trends dropshipping

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Starting a dropshipping business is easy; making it profitable isn’t.

I have what you need if you’re looking for a tool to help you succeed in dropshipping.

Welcome to Google Trends dropshipping.

I wrote this guide to give you tips to create a successful dropshipping business.

I’ll also teach you the following:

  • How to use Google Trends to find products to sell

  • How to analyze popularity trends to find great products to sell

  • How you can maximize seasonal trends

  • Ways you can use Google Trends for your content marketing campaigns

Let’s begin.

What Is Google Trends, and How Does It Work?

Google Trends is a free tool that helps you study search trends based on how many people use a certain search term during a certain time.

image 196

This tool by Google helps determine search interest, search volume, and popularity over time. You can also find other related keywords through Google Trends.

Some entrepreneurs and marketers also use it in search engine optimization and to compare two or more keywords.

Google Trends provides keyword-driven data like:

  • Search volume index

  • Geographical information

  • Growth spikes in searches due to news or seasons

  • Related queries and topics

How does Google Trends work? Google processes up to 8.5 billion searches daily.

Google Trends takes that Google search data and divides the number of searches for a term by the total number of searches.

The result is an up-to-date proportion of a search term’s popularity relative to other terms. The Google Trends tool presents this data in a graph that rises and falls based on its popularity over time.

You can also use Google Trends as a keyword research tool or compare several terms’ popularity. Others will use the related queries section to determine other related keywords.

Google Trends Dropshipping: 10 Tips for Success

If you want to use Google Trends to study search queries and find the best dropshipping products, follow these tips.

1- Understand Your Target Audience.

The key to good keyword research with Google Trends or any keyword research tool is understanding your audience as much as possible.

What are they looking for online? What search terms might they use? What kinds of products will they want?

Create customer avatars and describe their values, goals, and what they would want in an online shopping experience.

2- Find Profitable Dropshipping Niches.

One key to finding profitable products is determining dropshipping niches with high interest and demand. Develop a list of possible dropshipping niches you can serve.

If you want to sell Vegan makeup, consider the following search terms people might use:

  • Vegan beauty products

  • Vegan lipstick

  • Vegan lip tint

  • Vegan foundation

  • Vegan brushes

  • Vegan concealer

Tracking search interest for these niche-based queries is more likely to have high demand, especially when you have higher search volumes.

3- Research High-Volume, Low-Competition Keywords.

High search volume is one of the best indicators of product popularity. However, not all high-volume keywords are profitable because many other brands are likely already using those ideas.

You need to analyze the competition of these terms. Combining high-volume and low-competition keywords is key to finding dropship products that will sell well.

Check if a product has significant search volume and low competition. You may need to use other advanced keyword research tools.

I recommend Ahrefs because it shows keyword difficulty. This metric measures how many others compete for a keyword phrase or term.

image 198

4- Avoid Temporarily Popular Keywords.

Some keywords shoot up over time and drop massively after a trend ends. One example would be using the search term “Halloween” and selling Halloween costumes.

You’ll probably have a week or two of popularity, only for search demand to drop once October 31st comes and goes.

These keywords are unsustainable for a dropshipping business because you’ll have high sales during Halloween and lose search volume and product demand afterward.

5- Sell What People Want.

You want to sell products you love, but you should also see if others want those products. Google Trends is a convenient way to check whether people want a product.

You should also validate purchase intent. For example, a search trend in the keyword “Is vaping bad for your health” might not necessarily mean a demand for vape products. Maybe people just want to understand how vaping works.

A better search term to validate demand would be “popular vaping flavors” or “cheap vape sticks.”

Remember that not all high search volume keywords equate to trending products.

You should also check regional trends if you’re selling products to a certain geographical market. For example, the global search might be high for vape products but low in countries you’re targeting if it’s banned in that area.

6- Launch Location-Specific Deals and Discounts.

If you see a product trending in different regions, you can create location-specific deals and discounts for people in that area.

Use targeted ads on Facebook or TikTok to market a deal to someone in an area with trending searches.

You can also create a discount code in your ecommerce store that targets certain regions, like 10OFFGERMANY or BUYONEGETONEBERLIN.

7- Look for Trending Topics.

Google Trends shows real-time search trends for trending or rising topics. These are different from top-searched ones.

You could use Google Trends to identify trends even before they explode. Trending keywords are a gold mine if you catch them early.

However, not all trending topics will be sustainable. Some will be short-lived and only last a few hours or days.

8- Track Seasonal Trends.

You don’t have to avoid all seasonal trends. Some are worth the trouble. If you target seasons like Summer or Christmas, you could make much money selling products that fit those seasons.

You can offer summer-themed products on your online store, like swimwear or sunscreen.

If you offer seasonal products, strengthen your dropshipping store by offering other products for different seasons. For example, you can sell planners in January after you close up Christmas-themed gifts and clothing.

9- Create Relevant Marketing Campaigns To Promote Your Products.

You can create relevant marketing campaigns based on Google Trends data to ramp up your promotions.

Create a blog post tutorial series or a social media campaign to showcase the benefits of your dropshipping product.

Use Google Trends to check the search interest of informational search queries. If you’re selling water bottles, you could check the search traffic volume and popularity of these terms:

  • Water bottles that stay cold

  • Benefits of using water bottles

  • Popular water bottle brands

  • Health benefits of water bottles

10- Conduct Social Media Outreach.

Google Trends can enhance your social media engagement and outreach.

For example, when you search for videos on YouTube related to your dropshipping niche, the top results will reflect current trends.

Examine these videos and look for recurring keywords. Input these keywords into Google Trends to monitor their popularity fluctuations.

If you notice an uptick in their popularity, incorporate these keywords into your YouTube or social media content. Use them in captions and hashtags and build content topic clusters around these trending keywords.

You can also check Google Trends to see when interest peaks for certain keywords or topics and time social media advertising campaigns to coincide with these peaks.

How To Interpret Google Trends Data

You’ll need to understand the data to learn how to use Google Trends for dropshipping.

Here are important data points you should study on Google Trends when searching for products, comparing data, or validating a dropshipping product’s demand:

Interest Over Time

This data shows the relative popularity based on a keyword’s search volume. The keyword search volume refers to the number of people who use a specific search phrase when searching online for information.

Google Trends presents interest over time on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 showing the peak popularity of a search term or keyword.

The shape of the graph will generally show people’s search behaviors across time.

Here are common graph types.

  • A one-off spike shows a short-lived trend.

image 197
  • A fluctuating graph indicates that interest changes from time to time.

image 201
  • A rising graph shows consistent interest that increases over time.

image 203
  • A seasonal trend graph indicates an increase over a given season and a dry spell in other parts of the year.

image 202

Interest by Region

image 200

This section displays the popularity of a search term by geographic region and shows you which places they’re most popular. It provides a visual and numeric representation of where the search term is most popular.

Interest by region is a useful metric for dropshippers who want to understand where there’s a higher concentration of interest in a particular topic or product.

It can help you make region-specific decisions or strategies when marketing your products.

Related Topics and Queries

image 199

This section presents trending topics with some relation to the original search term. This helps expand your research and helps you see what other products you could offer in your dropshipping store.

For instance, if you search for a particular brand of smartphone, a related topic might be other models of that brand or a new gadget or technology they’ve introduced.

This data can help you generate keywords for other relevant product categories you could offer in your store.

Google Trends Alternatives

You can use other tools to fine-tune keyword research and study more insights from Google Search results. Here’s a look at the top alternatives’ pros, cons, and features.

Google Trends vs. Niche Scraper

image 205

Niche Scraper provides dropshippers with insights on profitable dropshipping products, allows spying on competitor Shopify stores, and offers keyword analysis.

While Google Trends makes reports based on Google queries, Niche Scraper focuses on ecommerce, enabling users to identify lucrative products and analyze competition directly.


  • There’s a strong focus on studying keywords for e-commerce and dropshipping businesses.

  • Users to get insights into competitors’ top products.

  • There’s an integrated tool for creating promotional videos.


  • It might not be as versatile for users outside of the e-commerce realm.

  • Unlike Google Trends, which is free, Niche Scraper has a subscription cost.

Google Trends vs. Trend Hunter

image 204

Trend Hunter is a product research tool that will give you detailed reports, custom research, and professional workshops.

Trend Hunter dives deep into industry-specific trends, which makes it ideal for businesses seeking to capitalize on the latest market movements.


  • The tool provides detailed reports tailored to different sectors.

  • Professional workshops help businesses implement and capitalize on emerging trends.

  • There’s a wide range of industries, from fashion to technology.


  • Access to detailed reports and some features may come with a hefty price tag.

  • Trend Hunter focuses more on industry trends, which might not always align with the general public interest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do People Use Google Trends?

One of Google Trend’s biggest advantages is that it’s free. It’s a good alternative for keyword and product research if you want to start a dropshipping store for free.

Aside from looking for dropshipping products, people also use Google Trends to optimize an SEO strategy, study demographic insights, or understand general consumer behavior around certain search queries.

How Do I Find Dropshipping Trends?

You can use Google Trends or the two alternatives mentioned above. You can also use more specialized tools for specific use cases. You can use Amazon product research tools if you are dropshipping on Amazon.

If you’re looking for other strategies for dropshipping, Google News and Google Shopping could also be great places to check.

Google dropshipping products and see what other people are selling or what the news says about those products. These can be strong indicators of their demand and popularity.

How Do You Use Google Trends to See What People Are Buying?

If you’re unsure where to start, click on the Trending Now tab at the top of the Google Trends website.

image 206

You can look for rising trends and browse daily trending searches based on the search terms people use most.

How Effective Is Google Trends?

Google Trends tracks the biggest search engine in the world, so you’ve got a big sample size if you want to see what your potential customers are looking for. The data is also accurate.

Admittedly, not all search keywords will indicate a willingness to buy. You’ll need to study the keyword search intent yourself.

Using Google Trends won’t always guarantee that you’ll have a profitable dropshipping store. You’ll need in-depth keyword research, marketing strategies, and customer service on top of finding good Google trends dropshipping products.

The Bottom Line

That’s everything you need to know about Google Trends and how to use it to find dropshipping products online shoppers will buy.

Dropshipping is a promising business model, but it takes strong product research skills to set your dropshipping store for success.

Google Trends is an excellent tool to help you create a successful dropshipping business. You can find winning products and make money online as a dropshipping store owner.

Consider taking some of the best dropshipping courses to sharpen your product research skills, marketing tactics, and other crucial dropshipping acumen.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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