How to Start Dropshipping for Free | A Complete Guide

how to start dropshipping for free

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The internet has added many ways to generate significant profit.

One of the most popular ways entrepreneurs do that nowadays is through dropshipping. If you have thought about starting a dropshipping business, you should know it’s a great option.

Not only can dropshipping be highly profitable, but it’s also relatively easy to start. There’s very little work involved and little to no capital needed.

Did you know that you can start a dropshipping business today for free?

In this guide, I will share how to start a dropshipping business with no money.

Let’s get started.

Can You Start Dropshipping With No Money?

how to start dropshipping for free

Dropshipping is a form of e-commerce where your suppliers or wholesalers handle fulfillment for you. They send orders directly to your buyer when a customer purchases something from your store.

That way, you don’t need to keep any inventory. All you need to do as a drop shipper is to maintain your own store and provide good customer service.

Creating online stores with dropshipping is excellent because you won’t need any inventory. You don’t have to hire staff to run operations. It’s a low-risk business model.

So, yes, you can start your own online business with zero capital.

Why Start Dropshipping for Free?

To create a successful dropshipping store, you won’t need any capital. However, your dropshipping business requires time, attention, and commitment.

So, why build a free dropshipping store, then? Is it worth the effort? A few compelling benefits should convince anyone that it absolutely is. Here are a few of them.

1. Dropshipping Is a Proven Strategy.

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The dropshipping business model isn’t some fly-by-night business idea.

It’s a massive industry that’s helped entrepreneurs make thousands to millions of dollars over the years.

Experts estimate that dropshipping businesses will make $196.78 billion in 2022. That attests to the fact that this is a proven strategy with actual results.

2. Dropshipping Is Profitable.

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There’s no point in running a business that doesn’t make a profit.

Fortunately, dropshipping can be highly profitable.

With billions of people buying products online today, companies with dropshipping suppliers and high-demand products are more likely to draw in more profit than other online ventures.

In fact, a successful dropshipping business can potentially be 50% more profitable than traditional ecommerce businesses.

3. Dropshipping Is Automatable.

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An online business you can automate will allow you to control your time, giving you more freedom. You can experience that with a dropshipping model.

With dropshipping, your ecommerce store will communicate directly with your dropshipping supplier. Your supplier then handles all the fulfillment.

All you’ll have to do is promote your store and take some time to provide customer support. And once your store starts making money, you could even outsource those parts of your business.

Many dropshippers have time and freedom, allowing them to do other things they love and live fulfilling lives.

4. Dropshipping Is Relatively Easy.

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Starting your own dropshipping business won’t be a walk in the park. But it’s still much more straightforward than building a brick-and-mortar store.

You don’t need formal training or technical knowledge to start selling online. Learning how to sell products through dropshipping is pretty easy, too.

Within a few hours of work, you could have a list of dropship suppliers, a fully functional online store running on a dropshipping model, and a marketing strategy in place.

You could have one online store or multiple stores selling dozens to hundreds of products. The sky is the limit because anyone can create a dropshipping platform.

How to Create a Dropshipping Business for Free

Now, let me show you the fun part—how to be a dropshipper for free.

Here are the steps to create your free dropshipping site and start selling online in no time.

1. Use a Free Online Store Building Platform.

The first thing you’ll need to start dropshipping is a free ecommerce website.

The best way to start is to use an ecommerce platform like Shopify.

This is a paid option and comes with a monthly subscription, but it’s the tool that will allow you to start quickly and professionally.

There are many other ecommerce platforms you can use that won’t require an initial spend. You can start with those if you’re truly on a budget, but there will be a bit more work involved.

Here are some of the most useful free dropshipping site builders.


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If you already have hosting and a domain name, you can create a WordPress website and install WooCommerce on your store. This platform is free and available anywhere in the world.

With WooCommerce, you can create an online shop in moments. You must install the plugin to your WordPress account, upload your products, and start promoting your store.

If you’re planning to buy a hosting service, try out Hostgator or Bluehost. You get a free domain and a free SSL certificate with the WordPress package on this site.

Square Online

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Square Online is a free dropshipping website that will allow you to quickly build a store.

It has a drag-and-drop website builder that anyone can learn. Square also has a payment processing service to take payments online.

Square has paid plans that start at $29 monthly. But not to worry, there’s a free plan available on the platform. However, Square will take 2.9% + 30¢ once you start selling products.


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Another free dropshipping platform you could use is Ecwid by Lightspeed.

Like Square online, you can launch a site quickly without writing a line of code. It also has a great mobile app that allows business owners to manage their stores on a mobile device.


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Last but not least, you can use Mozello to build a free online store and launch quickly. The service also integrates with most social media platforms, so you can easily incorporate marketing efforts into your store.

On Mozello’s free plan, you can only add up to five products. But the advantage of using this service is that it doesn’t charge you transaction fees.

2. Research Profitable Dropshipping Products.

You’ll need to find products to sell when your free online store is ready.

Your free dropshipping store will struggle if you sell common or low-demand items. But if you find great products that few people offer, you could have a successful online business.

So, how do you find a dropshipping niche or product categories that will interest your target audience? You’ll need to do market research.

Here are some free tools to help you with that.

Google Trends

Giant search company Alphabet (formerly Google) created Google Trends to help people figure out what people are searching for online.

Google Trends uses a graph to illustrate a search query’s interest over time. A query with a relatively high-interest score (ideally between 75 to 100) will indicate that people are interested in that item or product.

For instance, you can study the query “car accessories.” You’ll see below that interest is relatively high. This should indicate that selling products in that category would be feasible.

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Amazon’s Bestsellers

Another great and free way to find a product niche to try when dropshipping is by checking out Amazon’s Bestsellers page and seeing what people are buying online.

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Make a list of products that show up in various categories and see if you can find a dropshipping supplier who can supply you with that product.

You’ll have to set aside time to dig deep and see what product categories you can enter. Think of unique products you can focus on that have a sizable market, and focus on that.

Not all products on the Amazon Bestseller list will have a dropship supplier. But many of them do.

3. Find a Reliable Dropshipping Supplier.

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Finding the best free dropshipping suppliers for your business is a crucial part of the dropshipping process.

The key is to find reliable suppliers. Your dropshipping supplier should provide excellent product quality and be proactive and professional.

Here are some of the best free dropshipping suppliers you can work with online.

Try as many suppliers as you can. Have a backup supplier if your current one can’t deliver on your dropshipping agreement. You can also opt to have multiple free dropshipping suppliers.

4. Add Your Product Listings.

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The next thing to do is add your chosen products to your free website.

To do that, you’ll need to have well-written product descriptions and photos ready to upload.

Ensure that you have high-quality images and copies to promote your products well. You should provide multiple high-resolution images that will show the best attributes of your products.

You can also show the final output of your products. If you’re selling beauty products, for instance, show photos of what they might look like when applied.

Write copy text that highlights the benefits of your products. Add keywords that people will use when searching for online products like yours. This will help search engine optimization of your site.

You’ll also want to add other information to help alleviate your buyer’s worries and concerns. These include shipping times, shipping method options, payment options, return terms, and other details.

5. Provide Good Customer Service.

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Getting people to buy from your store is only the beginning. Real growth happens when you retain those customers. The first purchase doesn’t have to be your last interface with a customer.

Studies show that an existing customer will spend 67% more on your business than a new one. Thus, you must focugs on customer satisfaction to create sustainable revenue for your business.

The good news is you can do that without investing money in customer service tools.

Adding an email address to your site or opening a Facebook page that also serves as chat support will do the trick. These two options are entirely free.

Creating an autoresponder for frequently asked questions helps you provide stellar customer support.

You can use a free tool like Manychat and Chatfuel to do that. There are also paid plans for more customizations for these tools available at affordable prices.

Promote Your Dropshipping Store for Free.

Now that you’ve learned how to start a free dropshipping business, the next question is, how can you get the word out without spending anything?

If you’re looking for marketing methods to try when you start dropshipping with no money, these ideas should work like a charm.

1. Create a Blog

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Blogs are a proven way to sell online and not spend anything. All you need is optimized and engaging content that ranks high on searches and draws readers in.

You can write blogs that educate your readers. You can then insert calls to action for people to buy your products.

One good example of this is showing readers how to come up with fantastic calligraphy art. You can then proceed to dropship calligraphy products.

2. Try Email Marketing.

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Email marketing involves two essential processes- capturing leads and nurturing them. You capture leads by offering someone something of value in exchange for their email address. You can offer free shipping, discounts, or free guides.

Once you have people’s emails, you can nurture them by sending free content, exclusive deals, and more.

You can use an email management tool on a free plan while starting and sending promotional emails to potential buyers.

Here are some email marketing services with free plans:

3. Create a YouTube Channel.

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Do you enjoy getting on YouTube to talk about the latest fashion crazes? Consider setting up a YouTube channel to promote your products.

Or maybe you’re a gadget head who likes to review tech products. Perhaps you could start a tech review website and add hints of your own products every now and then.

You don’t need much to start a YouTube channel—just a decent camera, video editing software, and enough time to create content for your audience.

Leave links to your products in the descriptions and mention them in your video, too, so people can catch the information on your dropshipping business.

4. Promote Organically on Social Media.

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Social media is also an excellent way to get the word out about your online store when you’re getting started. For starters, you’ll need to create social media accounts on your platforms of choice.

The best places to start are the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Start with two or three social media platforms, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

5. Tell Your Family and Friends.

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Word-of-mouth is still a highly effective marketing tool.

Tell people about your new venture when you start. For free marketing, you can always turn to trusted family and friends to spread the word about your business.

Sometimes, the only reason why people we know don’t help promote our business is that we don’t ask them to when we need it.

I find that many business owners experience imposter syndrome. While this is quite common, you need to overcome it.

You have a lot of power when you can shut out the noise that tells you you’re not good enough to run a business or don’t stand a chance.

Build up self-confidence and trust that the people who know and love you will gladly show support, whether it’s by buying products or getting the word out about your business.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it—how to start a dropshipping business for free. The only thing left is to start applying what I’ve taught you.

Starting a dropshipping store won’t be a walk in the park. But with suitable products, wholesale suppliers, an efficient site, and intelligent marketing tactics, you could succeed in dropshipping.

Check out my blog for more dropshipping tips and strategies.

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