How to Return Amazon Gift Without Sender Knowing

return amazon gift without sender knowing

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Your friend gives you a gift with the best intentions; however, the gift is not to your taste and is useless to you. There is nothing wrong with returning a gift for something else.

You can return an Amazon gift without the sender knowing and get a gift card to buy what you wish. All you have to do is visit the Returns section and provide the Order number and Return reason.

It is that easy; Amazon doesn’t charge to return unwanted gifts to the company.

By the end of this article, you won’t be hanging on to items you don’t need, wondering what to do with them or hesitating to return an Amazon gift.

Ready? Let me show you how.

What Are the Key Guidelines for Returning Gifts on Amazon

  • The item must be in the same state it was when delivered.
  • You have 30 days after delivery to return the unwanted gift for a full refund in the form of Amazon gift cards. However, during holidays Amazon extends this period.
  • Free returns apply if stated on the product page. Amazon’s return policy covers most items, but shoppers buying from third-party sellers may not be so lucky. Only the original buyer—gift giver can return the item.

How to Return a Gift on Amazon

Visit the Amazon Online Returns Centre

Open Amazon Online Returns Center from your desktop or laptop browser and sign in to your Amazon account if you have one.

An Amazon account is essential because your refund will come as an Amazon Gift Card. Then, Amazon will credit the gift card linked with the Amazon account used to return the item.

Type in the Item’s Order Number

Check the packing slip for your 17-digit Order ID. The number is also included in the digital gift receipt. Contact Amazon customer care for assistance if you can’t find the order number.

A customer service agent can retrieve your order ID using the tracking number or sender’s name.

Type or paste the 17 digit order number in the box as shown in the image below.

return amazon gift without sender knowing

Choose the Items You Want to Return and the Reason

After adding the 17 digit order number, click on the gift item you want to return and the reason from the drop down menu.

Choose the Items You Want to Return and the Reason

Submit return request and await authorization if your Amazon gift came from a third-party seller.

Occasionally the seller will want to glance over your return request before agreeing to it.

Print Return Label

Select Print Return Label from the menu. Open or save a PDF containing the return label and steps for attaching it to your package.

You’ll need to print individual labels if you are returning different gifts. Pack your returns carefully so they don’t get damaged or broken during transportation which could slow down the process, have them rejected or reduce the gift return amount.

Choose a Return Method

Select your preferred return method. UPS, Hub Lockers, Kohl’s, Whole Foods, and Amazon’s 4-star store are options. If you want to use Amazon Hub Locker to return, find the nearest Amazon Hub Locker location. Your package must be less than 18 inches x 14 inches x 12 inches to fit into the locker.

Send Back the Unwanted Gift

Once Amazon processes your return request, they will send you an authorization document. Replace the previous labels with the return labels you printed out, and place the return authorization form inside the box with the gift you want to return. Ensure the gift is unused and in the same condition as received in accordance with Amazon return policy.

Afterwards, Amazon will send you a confirmation email and credit your gift card.

If I Return a Gift on Amazon Will the Buyer Know

Amazon will credit your gift card balance when you return a gift, even if it was purchased using the gift giver’s account, Amazon will credit your gift card balance. Returns operate in the same manner as they do at a physical store.

Amazon does not notify the gift recipient. So you can return a gift without the risk of the gift giver discovering you didn’t like their gift. Refunds can take up to 25 days to process.

Return Amazon Gift Without Receipt

It’s possible to return gifts still in their original condition for the full refund amount in the form of Amazon gift cards without a receipt.

You certainly don’t have the receipt if you got an Amazon package as a gift. Don’t worry! You can still return the item without the gift giver knowing. Contact customer service and explain this to them. They will ask you for details so they may obtain the information you require for the return process.

After you finish the online return process, you must return the item in person.

Returning lots of items at once is not a good idea because it can cause complications with Amazon’s return system. If you want to return more than one item, you must repeat the process for each item.

Where Can You Return an Amazon Gift

You have just finished the return process online for an Amazon unwanted gift. Next, you need to re-seal it, make a label, arrange for a pickup, or take it to a nearby shipping centre. Oh, what a pain! Amazon offers other options that are convenient and easy.



Credit Kohl’s

You can effortlessly return your Amazon gift to a Kohl’s department store near you and get a coupon in return. Shoppers can return items to 1,150 Kohl’s outlets spread across the 48 states for free without needing a box. Kohl’s prints your label, seals your box and takes care of everything else. It’s as easy as that.

The UPS Store

the UPS Store

Credit UPS Store

Like Kohl’s, Amazon has teamed up with The UPS Store to offer convenient returns. There are more than 4,800 UPS Stores in the United States where you can return a Amazon gifts without a box. While many items are included in the UPS Store’s free shipping policy, the box may be charged based on the item’s dimensions.

Depending on where you live, Amazon will provide a list of local UPS Store locations.

Whole Foods Grocery Stores

Whole foods market

Credit Whole Foods Market

Amazon owns the Whole Foods grocery store chain; however, only a few locations allow gift returns. Those locations that take returns accept unlabeled boxed or unboxed items. During the return process, Amazon’s website presents Whole Foods outlets as an option.

Most Whole Foods locations now have Amazon lockers, some have Locker+, and more are on the way.

Amazon Physical Stores and Lockers

Amazon Physical Stores and Lockers

Credit Amazon

You can drop off returns at Amazon Go or Amazon Fresh Green Grocery Stores. Choose Amazon Store Dropoff when returning an item on the Amazon website. The system offers alternative options if you can’t return to any Amazon shops.

On the other hand, Amazon lockers seem to be everywhere. Most cities have them at convenient locations, such as gas stations. Amazon customers can return eligible items at any of these drop-off points.

You’ll need to use your packaging when returning items to Amazon Fresh Pickup or an Amazon Hub Locker+.

To return an item, you must first generate a code or QR code on the website during the return process. Enter the code to open a slot and drop your return in. Kohl’s or The UPS Store are better options if you have a large item.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get a Refund With a Gift Receipt?

You can get a full refund or exchange if you have a receipt or proof of purchase. Use the 17-digit order number on the packaging slip. Even if you don’t have proof of purchase, so long as the item is in good condition and sealed, Amazon will exchange it or refund it in gift cards.

Is It Possible to Get Cash in Exchange for a Gift Receipt?

You can’t redeem a gift receipt for cash or credited back to a credit card. You get an exchange or Amazon gift cards instead.

How Secret Are Gifts From Amazon?

Only the recipient’s name and address appear on the label when you send a gift from Amazon. If you want them to know who sent the gift, attach a gift receipt.

What Are Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards are similar to cash but only for Amazon purchases. They can be sent electronically or by mail and come in various monetary values. Amazon gift cards are popular since they can buy almost anything. They never expire and are reloadable.

Bottom Line

You can comfortably return a Amazon gifts without the sender knowing. Thanks to Amazon for making it easy. When returning an item, follow the instructions on Amazon’s website. Depending on your location, you can drop off your returns at a local Amazon Locker or in the designated stores.

Don’t keep gifts you already have or won’t use. You get Amazon gift card credit from the returns to use on

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