Ulta Return Policy: Does the Store Allow Returns?

ulta return policy

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Ulta is a highly popular beauty retail brand with millions of followers and highly-satisfied customers. The store’s success comes from its affordable, high-quality products and return policy.

The question is: What is the Ulta return policy?

I have the answer.

I wrote this in-depth guide to discuss everything about Ulta’s return policy.

Let’s begin.

What Is the Ulta Return Policy?

Ulta‘s return policy provides a full refund on products if unsatisfied.

You can return products within 60 days of buying them from the Ulta online store, Ulta Beauty app, or a physical location.

However, there are also limitations and requirements.

What happens to the Ulta return policy after 60 days? You can still return Ulta products even when you go past that period, but you no longer get a refund. You get in-store credit instead.

As per the Ulta return policy, after 90 days, you will receive your refunds through Ulta credit.

Under the Ulta holiday return policy, the store doesn’t extend return periods during holiday seasons. You have 60 days to return a product for a full refund.

What About the Ulta Exchange Policy?

You can exchange your purchase for the same item or another one that costs more or less than your original purchase.

You’ll need to cover the difference in price and sales tax if the new item is at a higher price point. Ulta will refund the difference in in-store credit or cash if the item you’re exchanging is at a lower price point.

Ulta Return Policy: No Receipt (What if I Don’t Have a Receipt?)

What is Ulta’s return policy without a receipt or proof of purchase? According to the Ulta Beauty return policy, no receipt means you might not get a return or exchange.

The company will have a record of your receipt if you’re a member of the Ultamate Rewards program. You’ll have a record of your purchases in your Ultamate Rewards account.

image 45

Ulta will access this database and confirm the purchase to accept your return even if you don’t have a receipt.

If Ulta can’t find an Ultamate Rewards member ID in the system, the company will give you the item’s lowest selling price in the last 90 days as merchandise credit that you can use for a future purchase.

You must also provide a valid photo ID if you can’t find your purchase record.

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If you ordered from the Ulta website, you can use your order’s packing slip. If you don’t have it, Ulta may not honor your return.

Does Ulta Accept Returns Without the Original Packaging or Tags?

What’s the Ulta return policy without packaging?

Ulta will accept returns without the original packaging materials because they normally don’t resell the product after return.

Under the Ulta shampoo return policy (or Ulta fragrance return policy), you can return the product and get a refund.

However, the company has a strict policy on damaged or expired products.

When requesting a refund, you must return all the original product components, including all shades and inclusions. If your purchase came with a free gift upon purchase, you will also need to return the free product.

This policy prevents customers from keeping the components and inclusions they want and still get their money back.

Can You Return Used Products to Ulta?

Can you return lipstick to Ulta after using it? Can I return foundation to Ulta after I open the box?

Yes. Ulta accepts returns on used makeup or other used products.

As per the Ulta return policy, opened items purchased from the store or website can be returned.

To ensure complete client satisfaction, any Ulta Beauty store will accept a return within the 60-day window and provide a full refund or honor an exchange.

If you miss the 60-day window, you can still return the product for in-store credit.

What if I Shopped at an Ulta in Target or Other Resellers?

Ulta doesn’t accept returns from Ulta products bought from Target and other resellers. You will have to refer to Target’s return policy to see if the store will allow you to return the item and give you a refund.

What Items Can’t You Return to Ulta?

There are some exceptions to Ulta’s return policy that you should know about. Some of them include the following:

  • Ulta items are bought from other retailers, dealers, and resellers, including Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, among many others

  • Single-use coupons used on an original purchase

  • Gift receipt or cards (cannot be returned for cash)

How To Return Items to Ulta

In-store Return Mail Return
Online Purchase1- Go to the nearest Ulta store.

2- Ask any of the store associates to help you with your return.

3- Get your refund in the original form of payment you made when buying the product.

Cost: None
1- Call Ulta through their customer service hotline.

2- Ulta will send you a return mailing label.

3- Send your products back to the Ulta Return Center.

4- Pay for the shipping cost.

5- Track the progress of your return.

6- Wait for the refund through your original form of payment.

Cost: Ground-only shipping
In-store Purchase1- Go to any Ulta store near you.

2- Ask any of the store associates to help you with your return.

3- Get your refund via your original payment method when buying the product.

Cost: None
Not allowed

Here’s how to return products you purchased at Ulta in-store or online.

In-Store Return (for Both Online and In-Store Purchases)

If you bought Ulta products from a local store or want to avoid return shipping costs, you can process a return at any Ulta store to get a full refund.

As per the Ulta return policy, online and in-store purchases qualify for in-store returns.

Here’s how to return products to any Ulta beauty store.

  1. Head to your nearest Ulta store. You’ll need your order confirmation e-mail and the physical card you used to pay to complete an in-store return or exchange.

  2. Ask the store associates to help you with your return. They will direct you accordingly.

  3. After returning the item and verifying eligibility for return, you will get your refund in the original payment you made when buying the product.

  4. You’ll get your refund through in-store credit for products without a receipt or past the 60-day return window.

Return by Mail (Only for Online Purchases)

Aside from visiting a physical store to make a return, you can also return products by mail if you purchased the product online.

Here are the steps to return a product by mail.

1- Call Ulta through their customer service hotline at 1 (866) 983-8582.

2- Ulta will send you a return mailing label when returning products.

3- Have your Ulta products with the same shipping carton and original components.

4- Go to any delivery provider that has ground-only shipping and send your products back to Ulta.

  • ULTA.com Returns Center
    1135 Arbor Drive
    Romeoville, IL 60446

5- Pay for the shipping cost.

Note: Ulta doesn’t provide free shipping or refund shipping charges for returned merchandise. If you don’t want to pay for shipping, you can return your purchase to a physical Ulta Beauty store.

6- Track the progress of your return through the order status page on your Ulta account.

image 46

7- Once Ulta receives the product or products and confirms eligibility, they will send your refund back to you through your original payment method.

The Ulta Refund Policy: How Does Ulta Credit Refunds?

Ulta will credit the refund using your original form of payment. If you paid with your credit card, they will return the money through that card. The refund takes around seven to ten days to reflect on your bank or credit card statement.

Ulta will deduct any reward points you earn from a returned product. You’ll get your reward points back if you buy any products with them.

If you purchased multiple items in a transaction and returned only one or some of the items, you’ll get the proportionate amount of those purchases back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Ulta’s Policy on Returned Checks?

As per state law, returned checks will have a service fee added to any return unpaid by the bank. There is a 10-day waiting period on returns for returned checks.

Can You Return Opened Makeup to Ulta? What About About Other Products?

Used makeup is part of their allowed returnable products. Can you return perfume to Ulta after using it? You can if it’s within the 60-day window.

Does Ulta Track Your Returns?

Yes. Ulta keeps a record of your returns to locate purchases already returned.

This record also lets them track people who might abuse the return policy. When Ulta has reason to believe that someone is manipulating the system, they can deny that person’s return requests.

What’s the Difference Between Sephora and Ulta?

Sephora is another well-known beauty that sells premium beauty products (often $100 or higher). Ulta focuses on affordable beauty and skincare products.

The Bottom Line

Ulta is a popular provider of beauty products. Stores have amazing products and stellar beauty services.

If you’re unsatisfied, Ulta’s return policy allows you to get refunds on items you return within 60 days (terms and conditions apply).

This return policy aims to provide complete customer satisfaction and communicates confidence in their products.

You can also shop at Macy’s if you’re looking for beauty products and cosmetics. It would also help to understand Macy’s return policy.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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