What Does Tendered to Delivery Service Provider Mean?

tendered to delivery service provider

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Have you ever ordered something and received a tracking update saying, “Tendered to delivery service provider?”

If you don’t know what this update means, you’ve come to the right place.

Tendered to a delivery service provider means the original shipping partner handed your parcel to a professional delivery partner for service. The delivery service provider’s sole duty is safely and efficiently transporting your parcel to its destination.

The question is: What next?

I wrote this article to explain what happens when a parcel is tendered to a delivery service provider. I’ll also answer some common questions about this step in the delivery process.

Let’s begin.

What Does Tendered to Delivery Service Provider Mean?

tendered to delivery service provider

When a delivery service marks your parcel as tendered for delivery, the company hands it over to a last-mile delivery service for the final leg of transit.

Companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS collaborate with subcontractors to use their extensive residential delivery fleets if the company needs additional resources to complete delivery.

Examples of subcontractors include the United States Postal Service (USPS) and other postal services or shipping companies. They prepare the parcel for delivery and deliver it to the customer.

While shipping options may display the tendered to delivery service status differently, the underlying meaning is the same.

How long does tendered for delivery take? It usually depends on the delivery service company.

Note: USPS has the largest fleet of delivery vehicles in the US. They can independently deliver packages to nearly any location without a subcontractor.

What Does Tendered to Authorized Agent for Final Delivery Mean (Tendered Meaning: FedEx Parcel)?

When the tendered to authorized agent for final delivery message appears for FedEx parcels, it means FedEx handed your order to a subcontractor (usually USPS) for the last leg of the delivery.

This process typically happens with packages sent through FedEx SmartPost, a service done in partnership with USPS.

When you see this notification, expect delivery of your items within two to five days from the update.

DHL: Tendered To Delivery Service Provider

How long does it take for DHL to tender to delivery service provider? What does tendered to USPS mean: DHL?

Tendered to USPS: DHL partners with USPS to handle the final part of their deliveries when DHL lacks resources and infrastructure.

When you receive this notification, DHL has handed the parcel to the subcontractor, who’ll cover the remaining distance and deliver the parcel to you.

Customers generally receive packages within the standard delivery norms of two to three days for the domestic level after DHL tenders them to the delivery service provider.

For international packages, it may take longer for customers to receive their orders after receiving this notification.

UPS: What Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean?

When UPS tenders a parcel to a delivery service provider, it often partners with subcontractors like USPS because USPS specializes in residential deliveries. This partnership helps ensure prompt delivery to the customer.

This notification means UPS has already handed the package to the last-mile carrier. After receiving the package, the courier service will deliver it to your doorstep within two to five days.

USPS: What Does Tendered To By USPS Mean?

With its extensive fleet and resources, USPS generally handles packages to the final delivery for customers.

If you receive a notification stating that USPS has tendered your parcel, you can expect to receive it within three to seven business days.

Packages can sometimes remain in this status longer than seven business days. In this situation, reporting the missing item to the local post office or contacting the last-mile partner responsible for the delivery service is ideal.

What To Do Next After Seeing the Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Status

What To Do Next After Seeing the Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Status

Here are some steps you can take after seeing the tendered to postal service status.

Be Patient.

Give the delivery, postal service, or provider time to process and handle your parcel. The delivery timeframe varies depending on the carrier and destination.

Track Your Package.

Use the DHL tendered to USPS tracking number for DHL packages or check the app to see your tracking number to monitor the progress of your package. Check other tracking sites, the carrier’s website, or a parcel tracking service for real-time updates.

Contact the Carrier.

Contact the original shipping carrier for concerns or questions about the delivery. They’ll be able to provide specific information and assist you with any issues.

Set Delivery Expectations.

Learn the estimated delivery timeframe for your package. Depending on the shipping partner and method, reaching its destination can take a few days or longer.

Confirm Delivery.

The delivery service provider should update the status accordingly after delivering the package. Keep an eye on tracking information and updates to ensure successful delivery.

What Does Tendered Mean in Shipping, and How Does This Message Affect Me?

Here’s how the tendered to delivery service status affects you.

It Shows Progress in the Delivery Process.

It indicates that a delivery service took your package and is transporting it to you.

It Impacts the Delivery Timeline.

The tendered to delivery service status implies your parcel is moving closer to its final destination.

Tendered for delivery meaning: The service is actively working on delivering your parcel within the expected timeframe.

It Provides Tracking Updates.

Once the delivery service receives the package, you can expect to receive additional tracking information and updates.

These updates will inform you about your parcel’s location and estimated delivery date.

Which Carriers Use the Tracking Update: Tendered To Delivery Service Provider?

Which Carriers Use the Tracking Update: Tendered To Delivery Service Provider?

Carriers like FedEx, DHL, and UPS use the Tendered to Delivery Service Provider tracking update. FedEx and USPS are typically the subcontractors that help with the last part of the delivery.

Why Do Carriers Tender the Packages to Delivery Service Providers?

Here are some reasons carriers tender packages to delivery service providers:

Expertise and Resources

Delivery service providers specialize in the last-mile delivery process, meaning carriers entrust them with this task and leverage their expertise and resources.

Efficiency and Timeliness

By partnering with delivery services, carriers ensure quick and efficient delivery of packages to their final delivery address.

Geographic Coverage

Delivery service providers, like USPS, have extensive coverage and can reach locations that may be challenging for carriers.


Working with delivery service providers reduces costs for carriers, especially for residential deliveries, as they can use the providers’ resources.

What To Do if the Tracking Update Has Been “Tendered to Delivery” for Weeks

Here are some things you can do if your package has been in tendered for delivery status for weeks (up to three weeks or longer).

Contact the Carrier.

Contact the local post office or the carrier responsible for the delivery of your parcel because they can investigate and provide updates. Provide them with the tracking number and ask about the status and location of your parcel.

Verify the Delivery Address.

Double-check the address you provided during the ordering process to ensure it’s correct and complete. An incomplete or incorrect address can cause delivery delays.

Request a Package Trace or Investigation.

If the carrier can’t provide satisfactory updates, ask them to conduct a package trace or investigation to locate your parcel.

Contact the Sender.

Inform the sender about the situation and ask if they can assist in resolving the issue or expediting the delivery.

Consider Filing a Complaint. 

File a complaint with the carrier’s customer service or escalate the issue to a higher authority within the company. Doing so may prompt a more urgent response and investigation.

Steps in the Package Delivery Process

Steps in the Package Delivery Process

The delivery process typically involves these steps.

Package Pickup

The carrier or shipping company picks up the parcel from the sender’s location or a designated drop-off point.

Transportation to Sorting Facility

They transport the package to a sorting facility or hub undergoing initial processing. This includes sorting and grouping parcels according to their destinations.

Sorting and Routing

Companies sort and route the parcels based on their destination and assign them to the appropriate transportation method (e.g., truck, plane, or train) for delivery to the next facility closer to the destination.

Companies use route planners to have smooth management of transportation methods for deliveries.

Transportation to Destination Facility

Companies transport the package to a destination facility near the final delivery location.

Arrival at Destination Facility

The parcel arrives at the destination facility, undergoing further sorting and processing specific to the local area.

Last-Mile Delivery

The carrier assigns a local delivery driver to transport the parcel to the recipient’s doorstep or specified delivery address. This is the final leg of the delivery process.

Delivery Confirmation

The carrier updates the delivery status to Delivered after successfully delivering the package. The carrier may ask for the recipient’s signature or take a photo as proof of delivery.

Throughout this process, the carrier provides tracking updates to the sender and recipient, informing them about the package’s progress and estimated delivery date.

Note: The specific steps and processes may vary depending on the carrier, shipping method, and geographic location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why Is My Package Stuck on the Tendered to Delivery Service Provider Status?

There are many reasons why your order might still be stuck on the tendered to delivery service provider status.

The package could be experiencing processing delays. After being tendered for delivery to the carrier, the parcel goes through various sorting and routing processes.

If there’s a high volume of packages or logistical challenges, it causes delays in moving the package to the next delivery stage.

Another possibility could be transportation issues. Inclement weather, mechanical problems, or disruptions in the transportation network can cause delays in moving the parcel from one facility to another.

Furthermore, parcels containing restricted items or requiring additional security checks often need additional handling or special clearance. Thus, it may take longer for the package to move through the delivery process.

There could also be logistical challenges in delivering the parcel to its final destination, especially when delivering to a remote location.

Does DHL Have Its Own Delivery Service?

Yes. DHL operates its own delivery service. They have their own fleet of vehicles and delivery personnel to handle the transportation and delivery of packages.

DHL offers shipping and logistics services to customers worldwide, delivering parcels directly to residential and commercial addresses.

They work with local carriers or a third shipping infrastructure partner in certain regions to ensure efficient last-mile delivery.

This collaboration allows DHL to use the expertise and resources of local carriers for final delivery to remote areas.

What Does Tendered to FedEx Ground Mean?

This shipment was tendered to FedEx Ground: This update means that the delivery service provider FedEx took the parcel for processing and delivery.

After receiving the package, FedEx Ground sorts and routes it to the right facility near the destination. The facility organizes the parcels according to where they need to go.

Once the parcel is ready, FedEx Ground gives it to a local delivery driver, who will mail it to the recipient’s doorstep or address.

Does DHL Do Deferred Delivery to USPS?

Yes. DHL sometimes defers packages to USPS when they need help with final delivery because USPS has a massive network for delivering packages to homes.

USPS will take over and deliver the packages to the customers.

Why Does DHL Ecommerce Take a Long Time?

Why Does DHL Ecommerce Take a Long Time?

DHL ecommerce can take a long time for a few reasons.

DHL Ecommerce operates on an economy shipping model, prioritizing cost-effectiveness over speed. This strategy can result in longer transit times than expedited shipping services.

DHL Ecommerce often handles most packages, especially during peak seasons. They’ll spend more time processing and sorting as they work through large shipments.

The final delivery of packages usually involves collaboration with the local postal service or other subcontractors. This process can introduce additional processing and handoff time, resulting in a delay.

Customs clearance procedures, international shipping regulations, and unforeseen logistical challenges can also impact the delivery timeframe.

Are USPS and DHL the Same?

No. DHL and USPS aren’t the same. They’re separate organizations that provide shipping and postal services.

How Can I Get My Package Delivered Quickly?

Here are a few things you can do to get your order delivered quickly.

Choose An expedited Shipping Method.

Select a shipping method offering faster delivery times, like express shipping.

Protect And Secure Your Item.

Package your orders carefully to prevent any damage during transit.

Provide Accurate Information.

Include the recipient’s full name, address, and phone number to ensure correct delivery and effective communication.

Select A Reputable Shipping Company.

Choose a reliable and trusted shipping company that delivers on time and provides excellent customer service.

What Does This Mean: This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Express?

What Does This Mean: This Shipment Was Tendered to FedEx Express?

When FedEx Express has received this shipment message appears, it means FedEx Express is responsible for delivering the package and will handle and deliver it to the intended destination.

After FedEx Express receives the package, the service will process and transport it through its network to ensure timely delivery.

Why Was My Package Tendered to UPS on a Date That Is Different Than Originally Provided by the Shipper

There could be various reasons why your parcel is tendered to UPS on a date that differs from the shipper’s.

Unexpected events or adjustments in shipping plans can change the original shipping date. In this situation, the shipper will inform UPS about the updated date.

There could also be delays because of bad weather, many parcels being shipped, or logistical challenges. UPS would adjust its delivery schedule accordingly.

What Does Shipment Tendered to UPS Mail Innovations Mean?

When you see the message UPS Mail Innovations has received this shipment, it means that UPS Mail Innovations is delivering the package.

UPS Mail Innovations is a service from UPS that combines the efficiency of delivery service provider UPS transportation with the extensive network of USPS.

What Does “Your Package Is Currently At The UPS Access Point™ And Is Scheduled To Be Tendered To UPS” Mean?

Your order is currently located at the UPS Access Point™ and is scheduled to be handed to UPS for further processing and delivery.

The UPS Access Point™ is a convenient location to drop off or pick up your packages. The local post office, the nearest post office, or a dedicated UPS location.

Once your package is ready for its next step, it will be tendered to UPS, transferring it into their care for the final delivery stages.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide made it easier for you to understand the tendered to delivery service provider status update.

Understanding the meaning of tendered to delivery service provider helps you track your package and know when it’s in the hands of the delivery service provider FedEx or partner.

If you want to learn other steps in the shipping process, consider learning what “in transit” means.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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