Does Target Sell Stamps? Your Guide To Finding Stamps at Target

does target sell stamps

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Does Target sell postal stamps?

Yes. Most Target locations offer national, international, and other stamps, but you can’t buy them online.

You might have an urgent need, and Target is the most convenient location for you.

The good news is you’re in the right place. I’ve also explored this option while looking for postage supplies at the nearest Target store near me.

Let’s find out: Does Target sell stamps?

This guide will explore if Target sells stamps, what types they offer, and how you can get them. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to buy stamps at Target hassle-free.

Let’s dive in.

Does Target Sell Stamps?

does target sell stamps

Yes, various Target stores offer stamps.

Target stocks different kinds of stamps, whether it’s for sending mail within the country or to other countries.

1 – Does Target Sell Individual Stamps?

Most Target stores don’t sell individual stamps; they usually come in a book, coil, or roll.

Individual stamps are single postage stamps you can buy separately instead of in a set or book. It’s a great option if you only need a few stamps or have specific postage requirements.

However, select Target locations offer individual stamps, and some sell individual Forever stamps.

2 – Does Target Sell Books of Stamps?

Target stores sell stamps in sheets, rolls, coils, and books.

A book comes with 15 to 20 stamps, which costs around $11. The current first-class postage rate is $0.55, so you can save $1 if you buy a book instead of individual stamps.

What Types of Stamps Can You Find At Target?

Target has two primary stamp classes: First-Class & Forever stamps.

1 – Does Target Sell First-Class Stamps?

Yes. Some stores offer traditional first-class stamps to send regular-sized, one-ounce letters and packages in the United States.

However, most locations only have Forever stamps.

2 – Does Target Sell Forever Stamps?

Yes, Target sells Forever stamps. They usually sell them in books of 20 stamps for around $1.

Forever stamps are special because you can use them for mailing letters no matter how much the postage rates change in the future. They’re have the same value no matter how much prices increase.

How Do You Buy Stamps at Target?

To buy stamps, head to your local Target store and ask any staff where to buy stamps. Target usually sells stamps on the cash register, but larger Target locations sometimes have their stock on the customer service desk.

Remember, not all branches sell stamps. Find out if your local Target sells tickets by calling a customer service representative or using the Store Locator on their website.

Can You Buy Stamps At Target Online?

Can You Buy Stamps At Target Online?

Does Target have stamps on its website?

You can’t buy stamps online at Target. However, you can use the website’s Target store locator to check which stores sell postage stamps.

Contact your local Target and ask if they sell the type you need.

How Do You Know What Kind Of Stamps You Need?

How Do You Know What Kind Of Stamps You Need?

Follow these steps to determine what type of Target postage stamps you need.

1 – Weigh Your Mail.

Use a scale to determine the weight of your letter or package.

2 – Consider The Destination.

Decide if you’re sending your mail within the country or internationally because you may need different stamps for different locations.

3 – Check Postal Rates.

Visit the postal service website to check the current rates.

4 – Assess How Many Packages or Letters You Need To Ship.

Determine how many stamps you need. Make sure to consider how many packages you must ship in the future.

5 – Choose The Right Stamps.

Select the stamps that match your needs based on weight, destination, and postal rates. For example, you might need first-class stamps for domestic mail. You need international stamps to send something overseas.

If you need help, go to Target’s customer service desk. Tell the staff your mailing requirements, and they’ll help you choose the right stamps.

Why Buy Stamps At Target?

Why Buy Stamps At Target?

Now you know the answer to “Does Target sell postage stamps?”

Next, why should you buy stamps at Target? Here are some reasons it’s better than going to the local post office.

1 – Convenience

Target is a popular retail store with convenient locations all over the country. You can buy postage stamps, get other packing supplies, and do your grocery shopping in one trip.

You can also buy postal stamps as long as the store is open. Target’s working hours are usually between 8 AM and 10 PM.

2 – Variety

The stamps sold in Target come in different varieties. Whether you prefer Forever stamps to mail First-Class letters or you need Holiday postage stamps, you can find something at Target.

Does Target sell stamps in other designs?

Yes, some stores may carry specific designs or editions. If you’re a stamp collector, you can check various stores for the available designs.

3 – Fair Pricing

Target stamps follow the same price set by the postal service. You won’t save any money by purchasing stamps at Target, but you can use some money-saving tips for general stamp usage.

How Can You Save Money Buying Stamps?

How Can You Save Money Buying Stamps?

Target doesn’t offer special discounts for stamps. However, you can use the following tips to save money when buying stamps at Target or the post office.

1 – Bulk Purchases

Target sells bulk stamps in books or rolls. Although they also sell single stamps, buying in large quantities can help you save a few dollars.

You can also save some money on gas by making a single trip instead of going back and forth.

2 – Forever Stamps

Forever stamps cost more than regular postage stamps, but they retain their value even if the prices increase in the future.

Many people stock up on Forever stamp purchases to save money in the long run. Even if the postage stamp price increase, you can still use the Forever stamp without buying filler stamps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Buy Postage Stamps At Target?

Yes. You can buy postage stamps at Target and usually find them in the stationery or office supplies section.

Does Target Sell Holiday Stamps?

Holiday stamps are special postage stamps used during holidays and festive seasons. They feature images and symbols of holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, Diwali, and more.

Holiday stamps are a great way to add a touch of holiday cheer to your greeting cards and mailings.

Do You Earn Circle Rewards Points for Buying Stamps?

Do You Earn Circle Rewards Points for Buying Stamps?

No, you don’t earn Circle Reward points when buying stamps at Target.

Circle Rewards Points, Target’s free loyalty program, is available on most purchases. However, Target stores don’t offer reward points for stamps because they don’t earn profits from sales.

Are Target Stamps Always Available?

No, Target might occasionally run out of stamps. This is usually due to high demand, like during the holiday season.

Targets in rural areas may also struggle to keep stock of stamps. Residents may prefer going to a local store than to a post office, which is usually farther away.

If you plan to purchase stamps at Target, call the customer service desk to ensure they sell stamps in stock.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Besides Target?

Walmart also sells stamps. You can also buy stamps in these locations.

  • Drugstores like CVS and Walgreens

  • Grocery stores like Kroger and Safeway

  • Office supply stores like Office Depot and Staples

  • Online retailers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and

Can You Buy Stamps At The Pharmacy?

Yes. Stamps are available at most pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens. However, these stores might carry limited varieties. They usually offer the same price as the post office.

Are Individual Shipping Boxes Available In Target?

Yes, you can buy an individual shopping box in various sizes at Target. You can often find them in the shipping supplies section of most stores.

Does Target Sell Postage Supplies?

Aside from stamps, Target also sells other shipping supplies. Most locations sell shipping boxes and envelopes in various sizes. You can also buy labels, tape, pens, and other packing supplies.

Do Counterfeit Stamps Exist?

Yes, counterfeit stamps exist. These are unauthorized reproductions or imitations of genuine postage stamps.

To fight against counterfeiting, postal services use special features in real stamps, like watermarks, holograms, and unique inks.

Get your stamps from trusted sources to reduce the risk of getting counterfeit stamps. If you find one, report it to the postal authorities.

The Bottom Line

Whether you need stamps for regular mailings, holiday greetings, or special occasions, Target provides a convenient option for buying stamps.

You don’t have to make a separate trip or a long drive to the post office. Target offers a variety of stamps, including first-class, forever, and holiday stamps.

Can you recommend other places for buying stamps? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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