Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

does walmart sell stamps

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Some consider snail mail obsolete in today’s fast communication and social media era, but it’s far from the truth.

To mail letters for domestic and international routes, you must attach the correct stamps depending on the weight, size, and destination of your postage.

However, some grocery and drug stores have stopped selling postage stamps. Thus, the question is: Where can you buy stamps?

Does Walmart sell stamps?

I have the answer. I wrote this article to discuss how to buy stamps at Walmart.

Let’s get into it.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

Does Walmart sell postage stamps? Does Walmart have stamps? Yes, to both questions.

All Walmart stores sell stamps like Forever and First Class US postage stamps. You can purchase them individually or in packs of 20-100 that cost between $0.55 and $260.99.

does walmart sell stamps

If you’re interested in buying stamps, get them during Walmart’s operating hours, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (including holidays and weekends).

Where To Get Stamps at Walmart

Does Walmart sell stamps in the store? Wondering where to buy stamps at Walmart?

Buying stamps at any Walmart store is possible at the Money Services counter. You can also buy stamps online from the Walmart online store.

This counter has the same operating hours as the store (7 am to 11 pm). Sometimes it’s open 24/7, depending on the location.

Where To Get Stamps at Walmart

Ask the customer service desk for assistance if your local Walmart store doesn’t have a Money Services counter.

Sometimes, you can buy postage stamps at Walmart’s conventional register (with a cashier) or the office supplies and packaging department.

What Stamp Designs Does Walmart Offer?

Does Walmart sell postal stamps? Yes, and the store offers hundreds of designs, including Forever stamps and rubber stamps, which are available in seasonal designs.

You can always buy basic designs, such as the US flag, all year round.

What Stamp Designs Does Walmart Offer

These are some postcard stamps you can buy from your local Walmart store.

  • US flags

  • Flowers like orchids and roses

  • Popsicles

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Frogs

  • Bunnies

  • Christmas

  • Ferns and other decorative leaves

  • American garden landscape

  • Threatened animals like tigers

  • Sesame Street characters

  • Farm scenes

  • Coral reefs

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Walmart?

Walmart charges standard US postage rates for stamps. A first-class mail stamp costs $0.58 at Walmart, the same price you’ll pay at your local post office.

The price of postcard stamps depends on the design, quality, and quantity (sheet vs. roll) you purchase.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Walmart

For instance, a 10-stamp sheet of Forever Wild Orchid stamps costs $14.49, a standard roll of 100 American Flag Forever stamps is $49.99, and a 10-strip pack of Forever Fern stamps is $260.99.

To purchase the correct number of stamps, always check the weight of your item and its destination.

How Can Walmart Sell Stamps So Cheap?

Walmart sells stamps at lower prices than other stores. Surprisingly, they’re even cheaper at Walmart than buying them from USPS.

A roll of the American Flag Forever stamp costs $60 at your local post office USPS versus $49.99 at Walmart.

Walmart always buys from suppliers in larger volumes than its competitors, allowing the company to negotiate the unit cost for each item. Thus, the retail giant can lower the prices of its merchandise.

Can I Buy Stamps at Walmart via the Online Store?

Can you buy stamps from Walmart online? Yes.

Walmart online offers a more extensive selection of stamps, including souvenir stamps, postcard stamps, seasonal stamp designs, rubber stamps, etc. You can even purchase a reel of 100 stamps.

Can I Buy Stamps at Walmart via the Online Store

Remember, not all stamps you can buy from Walmart’s online store are available at their physical stores.

How Many Stamps Can I Buy at Walmart?

The stamps sold at Walmart stores are booklets containing 20 postcard stamps. Purchasing stamps online is better if you need more (ex., rolls of 100 stamps or more).

When you order stamps online, you must pay a shipping fee.

Walmart accepts PayPal, Chase Pay, Amex Express Checkout, and major credit and debit cards.

Do Other Retailers Sell Stamps?

Aside from Walmart, other major retailers like Kroger, Walgreens, Staples, and Winn-Dixie sell postage stamps. Remember, the cost of stamps may differ from retailer to retailer, although most sell booklets and not individual stamps.

Do Other Retailers Sell Stamps

Meanwhile, some retailers like Sam’s Club only sell stamps through their online stores.

You can also buy stamps at local pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, and credit unions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Buy Stamps at Walmart Self-Checkout?

Yes. While some retailers and banks have stopped selling postage stamps, Walmart stores still offer them.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps at the Register?

Does Walmart sell stamps at checkout? Yes.

If you’re at the checkout lane and forget to buy postage stamps in your cart, ask the cashier if they have these items. They often keep extra stamps behind the register.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Stamps at Walmart?

Yes. A roll of the American Flag Forever stamps costs $49.99 at Walmart compared to $60 at USPS. You can save around $10 when you purchase stamps at Walmart.

Does Walmart Deliver Stamps?

Yes. Walmart delivers stamps.

You can have Walmart deliver your stamps by adding them to your Walmart delivery order.

Can You Get Stamps at Walgreens?

Yes. You can purchase stamps at Walgreens and other popular retail stores.

Can You Get Stamps at Walgreens

Can I Buy Specialty Stamps at My Local Post Office?

Mostly, yes. However, if you use the electronic self-service kiosk to avoid the long lines at your local post office, you may be unable to purchase specialty stamps.

Can I Purchase Stamps at USPS Website?

Yes. Visit the post office’s website to find a wide selection of stamps, from the standard US flag and seasonal designs (e.g., Halloween, Fourth of July, Christmas, etc.) to landscapes and cartoon characters (Sesame Street and Peanuts).

The USPS website even prints stamps bearing the faces of notable Americans like Eugenie Clark, Edmonia Lewis, and Pete Seeger.

Can I Purchase Stamps at USPS Website

You can find stamps by filtering them by shape, theme, color, and quantity.

Do Banks Sell Forever Stamps?

Yes. Some banks and credit unions sell Forever and other postcard stamps through ATMs or tellers. However, the drawback is that the stamp designs here are limited.

Banks that sell postage stamps include KeyBank, US Bank, and Fifth Third Bank. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo has stopped selling them recently.

Can I Print Postage Stamps at Home?

Yes. Online services like allow people to print stamps at home. Usually, it comes with a monthly fee that’s only worth the cost if you’re a business owner or a prolific writer who needs many stamps.

You could buy personalized stamps from gift sites such as Zazzle and Minted. However, USPS discontinued the program in June 2020.

What’s the Primary Benefit of Using Forever Stamps?

You can use Forever stamps even when the price of mailing a letter goes up. For instance, you can still use a roll of Forever stamps from 2012 and stick one on your mail.

What's the Primary Benefit of Using Forever Stamps

How Much Is a Book of Stamps at Walmart?

You can buy a Forever stamp book (20 stamps) for $15.60 at Walmart. However, it costs $69.92 when you purchase it in rolls (100 stamps). 

How Long Does a Forever Stamp Last?

Forever postage stamps are valid for life and do not show a monetary value.

First introduced in 2007, Forever stamps are always equivalent to the current price of a First-Class stamp.

All First-Class stamps have been sold as Forever stamps since 2011. )

How Many Stamps Do I Need for My Letter?

If your letter is 1 ounce or less, you need three Forever stamps or one Global Forever stamp. Remember, the required number of stamps depends on the weight and size of your package.

In many cases, the first 4 ounces require a minimum of $3.80 in postage, incrementally increasing as more weight adds up.

Do I Only Need One Forever Stamp for a Normal-Sized Letter?

Yes. You only need one Forever stamp to stick on a normal-sized, one-ounce letter you’re sending within the United States. But if your letter is more than an ounce, you’ll need additional postage.

Do All Banks Sell Postage Stamps?

Not every bank in the US sells postcard stamps. Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, and Bank of America have stopped selling these items.

However, you can still buy postage stamps at banks like US Bank, KeyBank, Fifth Third Bank, and other credit unions.

Why Are Stamps Necessary?

Postage stamps are like the currency of the mailing world, allowing the post office to know you have already paid for the shipping. Consequently, they allow your physical mail to reach its final destination.

You need stamps when sending invoices, greeting cards, personal letters, and other physical mail within the US and abroad.

What Happens If You Don’t Put Stamps on a Letter?

If you don’t stick a stamp on a letter, the post office will return it to you (the sender) without even attempting to deliver it to the recipient.

What Happens If You Don't Put Stamps on a Letter

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide made it easier for you to understand how much Walmart stamps cost and buying postage stamps from Walmart.

By the way, did you know that also Target sells stamps?

If you’re a regular Walmart shopper, maximize your shopping experience and savings by taking advantage of Walmart Plus.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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