12 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly

sell gift cards online instantly

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Unused gift cards can be a problem for some, but did you know that there’s a way to sell gift cards online instantly?

There are tons of gift card buyers online that you can tap into if you want to sell unwanted gift cards or if you want to start selling as a side hustle.

If you’re asking, “Where can I sell gift cards (instant payment) near me?” I have the answer.

In this article, I’ve listed the best websites where you can sell them for cash instantly without leaving your home.

Let’s take a look.

12 Websites To Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly

Selling gift cards online is much easier than before. Here are my top suggestions.

1- CardSell

Home page of the Cardsell website.

CardSell is a simple website with a clean and straightforward UI. It prides itself on getting the job done without much fuss, as you can see from the home page.

All you need to do is register and enter your card details, and you get to have your own gift card exchange kiosk without leaving your home.

Fees and Charges

Listing and buying cards on this platform don’t cost anything.

However, gift cards typically only sell for 50% to 70% of their original value.

How It Works

cardsell play store page
  1. Download the app (available on the App Store and Play Store).

  2. Register for an account.

  3. Enter your gift card details, including the gift card number.

  4. CardSell will verify your unwanted gift cards with hundreds of retailers. You don’t have to do anything.

  5. Once they confirm your card value, they will pay you within 48 hours.

Cash Out Methods

CardSell pays out through your PayPal account.

Should You Try It?

Clean and simplistic UINot much information on the site
Simple card-selling processPayout is small compared to the standard
Has a mobile app

2- CardCash

CardCash home page.

One of the most popular websites that lets you get cash instantly online is CardCash. This site is a feature-rich platform that lets you sell cards from over 1300 retailers nationwide.

They also have other features like multiple cash-out methods, a $5 referral program, and trading gift cards for vendors you actually want.

Fees and Charges

If you want to get the most value out of your unwanted gift card, this platform is a good option because their offers go as high as 92% of the card value if you’re really lucky.

However, most would fall between 80% to 85%.

Buying and selling gift cards online through this platform doesn’t cost anything.

How It Works

cardcash page
  1. The moment you open the CardCash home page, you can already see the field to input your card information and value.

  2. Simply input the required information, then click the How Much Can I Get button.

  3. The site will then redirect you to a new window where you will receive an offer for your gift card.

  4. Click the green Get Cash button.

  5. Choose the payment option.

  6. Enter all the required information.

Cash Out Methods

You can get your payout through the mail, ACH payment, and PayPal Express.

Should You Try It?

High valuationLonger check-out process
Multiple cash-out optionsNo instant cash transfer, minimum of 1 business day
Accepts a wide variety of cardsDoesn’t accept shipping physical gift cards
Implements referral bonus
Gift card trading feature

3- ClipKard

ClipKard home page.

Another option if you want to sell your gift card is ClipKard, a card-selling platform that accepts e-gift cards from many different providers, such as an Amazon gift card, Body Works gift card, and more.

You have the option to ship your physical gift cards for cash, which might not be available on other sites.

Fees and Charges

You can buy and sell unused cards on this site for free. However, you need to pay for the shipping transaction of your physical gift cards.

How It Works

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  1. Go to the ClipKard website and register for an account.

  2. Press the Sell Gift Cards button.

  3. Enter the brand gift card, balance, and quantity.

  4. Get a quote of your total dollar payout and the equivalent rewards points.

  5. See the payment information and shipping information.

  6. Check all the disclaimer buttons, which include the expiration date.

  7. Submit your order.

Cash Out Methods

Your payout is available through a mailed check and PayPal account.

Should You Try It?

Rewards loyalty with pointsYou need to log in before you can see the quotes
Has a trade-in optionLimited partner merchants
Option to ship physical gift cards

4- Prepaid2Cash

Prepaid2Cash home screen.

The distinguishing factor of the Prepaid2Cash website is that it accepts gift cards and prepaid cards alike.

Similar to gift cards, prepaid cards may also have a locked dollar value. The app helps you quickly turn it into cash.

Fees and Charges

They don’t charge anything for gift card redemption, but you can only get up to 92% of the gift card value. However, you won’t get an exact amount until you get an offer.

For prepaid cash redemptions, you have two options, with each having separate fees:

  • Instant – 15% processing fee and an additional $1.50 for delivery

  • Next-Day transactions – 7.5% processing fee and a $1.50 delivery fee

How It Works

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  1. Download the Prepaid2Card app on Apple Store or Play Store.

  2. Make an account.

  3. From the home screen of the app, tap New Transaction.

  4. Select the card type (prepaid card or gift card).

  5. Enter all the necessary details.

  6. Get an offer and redeem your cash.

Cash Out Methods

You can cash out to your bank account, which you can connect to the app using a service called Plaid.

Should You Try It?

Accepts prepaid cardsMobile app only
High card valuationProcess is not user friendly
High-level securityPrepaid card rates are expensive

5- Gift Card Outlets

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Gift Card Outlets distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition with their Offer Price feature.

One of their taglines is “Don’t let others tell you what your card is worth!”

This selling platform allows you to sell your gift cards at your own price and reject offers that don’t align with what you want. Ultimately, it’s the buyers and sellers who get to decide the value of the card.

They accept all the popular merchants on their site and accept Amazon cards or Body Works gift cards. They also frequently host special offers for buyers who want a better deal.

Fees and Charges

This platform doesn’t have any selling fees, and you can get the full amount of your proposed price for your gift card.

How It Works

giftcardoutlet page
  1. Go to the GCO home page and click the Sell Gift Cards button.

  2. Enter all the required information, including your price.

  3. Click submit and wait for a bidder.

  4. Approve or reject offers.

  5. Get your payout.

Cash Out Methods

This site lets you cash out through your bank account.

Should You Try It?

Lets you set your priceNo card trading option
Allows physical card shippingProcess is not user-friendly
Bank account payout only

6- Card Swap

Card Swap home page.

Card Swap is another online platform place that acts as a gift card store, allowing users to sell and buy gift cards.

If you want to sell physical gift cards online, this is a good option. It provides a free shipping label if you accept its offer for your card.

Fees and Charges

They don’t charge selling fees. Shipping is also free.

However, there’s no room for negotiation as they set the price for your gift card.

How It Works

cardswap page
  1. Go to the Card Swap website.

  2. Click the Sell button on the upper right.

  3. Enter the required gift card information.

  4. Enter your email.

  5. Wait for an offer.

  6. If you accept, mail your card to the address provided if necessary.

  7. Receive your payment within two business days after they receive your card.

Cash Out Methods

Card Swap pays you through a mailed cheque or SwapPoints. You can redeem or convert SwapPoints to cash via PayPal.

Should You Try It?

Rewards point system for loyal customersLimited cash-out options
Free shipping for physical cardsNo card trading features
Credible site with reputable partners
Helpful website with in-depth information

7- Gift Card Place

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For your quick gift card deal needs, Gift Card Place is another online store where you can list your card for selling.

You can buy and sell most merchant and store cards. The site also offers cards that let you buy products from physical and online stores.

One of Gift Card Place’s unique features is that they allow you to trade gift cards online instantly and show offers at the same time.

Fees and Charges

There are no fees or charges for listing your unused card.

Their front page boasts the highest possible value of 92%, which is a great price, even considering the other websites on my list.

How It Works

giftcardplace website
  1. Open their website and click the Sell Gift Cards button.

  2. From the choices, pick the brand of the gift card.

  3. Browse through the currently available offers. You can choose either a card swap offer or a money offer for the card.

  4. Enter all the required card information.

Cash Out Methods

You can get the money paid to you through card swaps from other sites or direct deposit to your account.

Should You Try It?

Card trading system in placeCard information window is not user-friendly
Also offers cash
Accepts hundreds of partner merchants

8- BuyBackWorld

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Another option to sell gift cards for cash is BuyBackWorld.

BuyBackWorld has a proprietary platform that doesn’t just let you sell or purchase gift cards but also lets you buy and sell high-quality pre-owned devices.

They also allow you to list valuable items. If you need instant cash for gift cards, devices, luxury items, and other valuable things, this site can get you a great deal that will maximize your money.

However, you can’t sell e-gift cards to them at this time.

Fees and Charges

Putting your product up for listing is free. Shipping is also free.

How It Works

  1. Visit the BuyBackWorld website and click the Sell Gift Cards tab.

  2. Enter all the details of your card or the item that you want to sell.

  3. Put up all your required personal information, including email.

  4. Request for a quote and then wait for it.

  5. Once you get an offer that you like, accept your payment.

Cash Out Methods

You can cash out your money through check or to your online accounts.

Should You Try It?

Allows you to sell a wide variety of physical itemsNeeds to be more transparent with valuation and price range
Provides a free shipping option for your gift cards and items

9- Gameflip

GameFlip home page.

If you want to sell e-gift cards online instantly, GameFlip is an option for gaming-specific cards that you can offer.

This site partners with all the popular merchants for games, such as Roblox, Xbox, Amazon, and more. You can also buy and sell games, gaming accessories, and even movies.

Fees and Charges

GameFlip charges an 8% commission + 2% Digital Fee (for applicable games) on top of the listing price.

How It Works

gameflip website
  1. Go to the GameFlip website.

  2. Create an account or sign into your existing account.

  3. Verify your identity.

  4. Put your gift card up for listing.

  5. Enter the necessary information, such as the listing price.

  6. Wait for offers.

Cash Out Methods

You can get your payments through Wise, Payoneer, Skrill, or Bitcoin wallet.

Should You Try It?

Lets you sell games and physical itemsExpensive listing fee
Selling is easy and free
In-depth knowledge base
Verified transactions for added security

10- GiftCash

GiftCash home page.

GiftCash is another way to sell digital gift cards online instantly.

However, if you want to exchange gift cards instantly, GiftCash might not be for you since they don’t offer trade features.

Fees and Charges

There are no fees or charges when listing your gift card.

The site has a sell gift cards instant payment feature that lets you get a quote immediately after listing your card. You can get up to 80% of the card’s value.

How It Works

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  1. Go to the GiftCash website and click the Sell Gift Cards button.

  2. Enter the required card info.

  3. Get a quote.

  4. Receive your money.

Cash Out Methods

You can cash out through Interac if you’re from Canada or ACH if you’re from the US. You can also get your money using cryptocurrency wallets.

Should You Try It?

Easy selling experienceSupports fewer brands
Multiple cash-out optionsNo gift card exchange or selling

11- Zealcards

Zealcards home page.

As its name suggests, you can sell gift cards instantly with Zealcards. All it takes is a few simple steps to get instant cash for gift cards that you no longer use.

That’s because you’ll be selling the gift card directly to Zealcards, which means you don’t have to wait for a buyer to come along.

You can sell both physical cards here as well as digital codes from cards. Physical cards get a higher payout than digital cards, though the process takes

Fees and Charges

Selling gift cards for cash free on this site.

How It Works

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  1. Go to the Zealcards website.

  2. Register for an account.

  3. Click Sell My Gift Cards.

  4. Enter all the necessary information.

  5. Click Add Card to get a quote.

  6. Wait for your check.

Cash Out Methods

They can only pay you via mailed check.

Should You Try It?

Instant offersOnly check payout
Accepts physical cards and e-cardsClunky UI

12- CoinCola

CoinCola home page.

If you like cryptocurrency and you’re looking to sell gift cards online electronically instantly, then this website might be one of the best choices.

Coincola is unique in that it lets you buy Bitcoin with the unredeemed gift card that you have lying around.

You can also trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on this platform.

Fees and Charges

There are no fees for trading your gift card for BTC. However, there are fees in place for withdrawal and trading on the platform.

How It Works

coincola website
  1. Register an account on the Coincola website.

  2. Verify your account.

  3. Go to the gift card trade feature.

  4. Enter all the card details.

  5. Finalize your exchange.

Cash Out Methods

The site pays in Bitcoin. You can withdraw your Bitcoin to your wallet and exchange it for fiat currency if you wish.

Should You Try It?

Lets you exchange gift cards for BitcoinLimited gift card selection
Has web and app versions
Complete trading platform

What Are Other Ways You Can Use Your Unwanted Gift Cards?

Instead of Googling things like, “how can I get cash for gift cards immediately?” I’ll give you more ideas on where to sell them.

Here are five tips to sell gift cards online instantly without credit card and other creative ways.

1- Trade With a Friend.

Asking a friend is a quick way to sell unwanted cards. Instant payment, Cash App transfers, cash exchange, and more are some benefits.

Reach out to your social circle and see if they might need a gift card that you have lying around. Maybe you’ve got a friend who’s just about to go shopping or co-workers who love the particular store where your gift card is from.

For example, you can sell them one for their favorite retailer – Target. Then, you can teach them how to use a Target gift card online.

2- Sell on Social Media.

Social media is a great way to reach a lot of people at once. Not only can you advertise your unused gift cards to people you personally know, but you can also reach people outside of your immediate social circle. For instance, you can create a public post on your profile or even join a local buy-and-sell group.

3- Use an Online Marketplace.

You can also sell your gift card on various online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, Reddit, and eBay. They all have a thriving customer base who buys gift cards instantly.

4- Top Up Your Bank Account.

There are some banking platforms that will let you redeem your gift card for money, such as Revolut.

You may also want to convert your gift card into an online wallet. For example, you can transfer your Amazon gift card balance to Amazon Pay.

5- Donate Your Gift Cards.

There will always be someone who’ll be glad to receive free stuff from you. If you don’t want to sell your gift cards, a very easy solution is to re-gift them or simply give them away to people that you think might need them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Return a Gift Card?

In most cases, you can’t return a gift card back to the issuing merchant.

Is It Safe to Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly?

Yes, it’s safe to sell your gift cards online, especially if you’re going to use the sites that I discussed in this article. Based on review and plenty of users report, they’re legitimate sites that will purchase your cards.

Where Can I Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Plenty of gift card buyers accept an Amazon card for cash. Sites like the Gift Card Granny or the ones I included in this list are trusted platforms.

Can You Sell Gift Cards Online and Get Paid Instantly?

Yes, you can put up your card and get your money instantly. Once you sell gift cards online, direct deposit should be made to your bank. In most cases, though, merchants might need one or two days to process your money.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Money From a Gift Card?

The fastest way to get money from a gift card would be to sell it on a website that will take them directly without waiting for buyers. You can also sell them to somebody you know in person so that you’ll get instant payment.

Where Can I Sell Walmart Gift Cards Online Instantly?

Most of the websites I talked about in this article will buy a Walmart gift card in exchange for money.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re here, you’ve hopefully answered the question, “Where can I sell my gift card for instant cash?”

If you have some unused gift cards just lying around, now you know the best places to sell them online with this guide.

That’s it for selling gift cards. Next time, you may want to learn where to buy Amazon gift cards for gifting.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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