How To Delete Addresses on Amazon

how to delete addresses on amazon

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If you recently moved to a new place, you need to change the address on your Amazon account.

You should also regularly update your account settings menu to ensure your gifts reach your loved ones.

You must delete your old Amazon address from your account in these situations. Remember, you cannot change the recipient’s address once you’ve placed your order.

Read my step-by-step guide if you want to know how to delete addresses on Amazon.

How To Delete Saved Addresses on Amazon (Desktop or Laptop)

Here’s how to delete old addresses on Amazon.

  1. Click Accounts and lists at the top right corner of the homepage.
  2. Select Your account.
  3. Click Your addresses to see the list of addresses on your Amazon account.
  4. Select Remove to delete an address from the list.
  5. Confirm your selection.

That’s it. You’ve just learned how to delete an address on Amazon.

how to delete addresses on amazon

Completing these steps deletes the old address on Amazon from your account instantly.

Note: Deleting any saved addresses if deliveries are pending won’t change anything.

If you order an item and realize it has the wrong shipping address, the best thing to do is cancel your order.

Next, go to the account settings and change your address to start the order process again.

How To Delete Addresses on the Amazon App

  1. Open the Amazon app.
  2. Select Your account in the account tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Your addresses section to see all the stored addresses linked to your Amazon account.
  4. Select Remove under the address you want to delete. Next, confirm your selection.

Congrats. You just learned how to remove addresses from Amazon directly from the app!

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How To Change the Default Address for Digital Purchases on Amazon?

If you want to delete an address for digital products and services (ex., Amazon Prime), the above steps won’t work unless you change the default address first.

Follow these steps to change your default address when making digital purchases on Amazon.

  1. On the Amazon website, go to the Amazon address book.
  2. Click the Remove account button from the address card.
  3. Click the link allowing you to change the address.
  4. Select a different residential address from the ones you’ve recently added to your Amazon account, or write down a different address in the given field.
  5. Click the Update button.
  6. Delete the old address.

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Note: You won’t find the link to change your default residential address if you’re in the wrong Amazon store. Your best bet is to use the global Amazon website for this update.

Many Amazon users who just moved to a new country have trouble changing the default residential address on their accounts. You can avoid this situation by using the global Amazon website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is an Amazon Account Address?

An Amazon account address refers to the billing and shipping address associated with a user’s Amazon account.

It is used for the purpose of delivering purchased items, billing customers, and updating their account information.

The address is stored in the user’s account profile and can be edited or updated at any time.

Can I Change the Shipping Address if There’s a Pending Delivery?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t change the shipping address while your order is already out of the Amazon warehouse.

However, you can cancel your order and start over after updating your Amazon account with the correct address.

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Why Can’t I Ship to Certain Addresses?

There are a few reasons why Amazon customers can’t ship items to a location.

  • Some carriers don’t deliver to specific locations.
  • The product exceeds dimensional shipping limits or is ineligible for shipping due to its odd shape.
  • Government import and export requirements, warranty issues, and manufacturer restrictions can prevent Amazon from shipping items to some locations.
  • Some Amazon sellers don’t offer international shipping.
  • Some sellers follow restrictive shipping rules due to the nature of their products (e.g., perishable goods).

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How Do I Avoid Shipping Delays and Errors?

Here are some things you can do to enjoy an error-free shipping and billing experience with Amazon.

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  • Delete addresses with accent marks and non-English characters, which Amazon can’t process.
  • Ensure your saved address matches the one on your bank or credit card statement.
  • Don’t enter delivery and shipping instructions in the address fields.
  • When entering a new address, put the information in the correct fields. For instance, ensure you enter the city and state information in their designated fields.
  • Leave the fields blank if they don’t apply to your address. For example, don’t enter “Not Applicable” or “NA.”

What Happens If I Put the Wrong Address?

If you use the wrong address, the carrier will return your package to the original sender, or the local post office will store it until you pick it up.

Mistakes can happen, whether you used the wrong address or Amazon delivered your package to a different address. Even a giant company like Amazon isn’t immune to mistakes. However, there are ways to prevent Amazon from delivering to the wrong address.

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Is Amazon App Better Than Amazon Website?

Yes. The Amazon app is better than the website for buying gifts, scanning products, and tracking orders. Shopping on Amazon app than on a desktop offers more benefits because you get real-time tracking and delivery notifications.

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Can I Use Different Addresses on Amazon?

Yes. Amazon has a multi-address delivery feature, which means you can buy multiple items in one order and send these to different saved addresses.

Follow these easy steps to send products from a single order to different addresses.

  1. Add the items to your Shopping Cart.
  2. Click the Proceed to Checkout button.
  3. Click the Deliver to multiple addresses link on the Select a delivery address section.
  4. Follow the succeeding instructions.

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The Bottom Line

I hope my guide taught you how to delete and manage addresses on your Amazon account.

Use the information in my article to remove unused addresses, and avoid billing and shipping errors and delays on future purchases.

You can prevent missing the delivery of packages by knowing Amazon’s delivery times.

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