Amazon Delivered to Wrong Address : How to Retrieve your Package (Step By Step Solution)

amazon delivered to wrong address
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Have you ever been eagerly waiting for a package from Amazon only to realize it was sent to the wrong address?

Sadly, delivery problems such as packages ending up at the wrong address are common. But the good news is that it can easily be resolved.

Retrieving your package is easy, and I’m here to guide you on what to do if Amazon delivered to wrong address. One of the first things to do is to contact amazon customer service.

But before anything else, let’s first discuss the possible ways how your Amazon package ended up at the incorrect address.

Reasons Why Amazon Packages Get Delivered To The Wrong Address

There are many reasons why Amazon packages get delivered to the wrong address. Sometimes the issue is from Amazon, but other times it could be your fault.

You need to know how the problem may arise and what to do when Amazon delivers to the wrong address.

Here are some of the most common reasons why Amazon shipped to the wrong address:

  • The wrong apartment number was listed on your package.
  • There was a misspelling of street direction.
  • Wrong punctuations between words, such as missing commas, apostrophes, full stops, or spacing make one word or different meaning. E. Abbey’s street vs Abbeys street, Homeland vs. Home Land, ES. Street Vs. ES Street or SIXTH park view vs. 6th park view.
  • The Amazon delivery driver wasn’t keen when dropping off packages around your neighborhood and ended up with a mix-up.

When filling in your delivery address, confirm the suggested address is correct before you tap “accept” to avoid your package landing in the wrong house.

Some of these problems are caused by the buyers, and double-checking your delivery information before completing the order saves you the headache.

What To Do If Your Amazon Package Didn’t Deliver

Marked As Delivered But Not Showing

It’s normal to feel confused when your Amazon package is marked as delivered but you haven’t received it.

According to Amazon, you should report the matter within 48 hours of expected delivery.

If your package hasn’t arrived by then but is marked as delivered, you’re probably thinking “how do I report the wrong delivery to Amazon?” Here’s what you should do:

  • Log in to your Amazon account.
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  • Check the shipping address in your orders.
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  • Select a “Delivery, Order, or Return”
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  • Click on the item that is “Missing.”
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  • On the right side, tap where it states, “Says delivered, but it’s not here.”
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  • Check with your neighbors if they received the package addressed to you
  • Post in apps like NextDoor to inquire if someone around you has received your package
  • Post on Facebook or Whatsapp forums in your neighborhood
  • Take a walk around your area to see if your package was left on the side or near other doors.
  • Check your previous address if you have recently moved houses
  • Look at your surveillance cameras to see if your package might have been stolen

If Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address

If the package was delivered to the wrong address, log in to your Amazon account and visit the Amazon customer service website.

Contact Amazon’s customer service agents via chat or, better yet, phoning customer service to help you get a re-delivery or refund.

If you choose to want a replacement for your package, Amazon may send you another package at no extra cost.

Check the following guide if the Amazon package is not delivered at all.

How To Avoid The Wrong-Address Situation

How do you avoid your Amazon package delivered to the wrong address?

Confirm Address

Double-check that you have the correct address before you place an order. Always include the street location, apartment number, apartment name, and other relevant details.

Also, remember to include two phone numbers that work during business hours, just in case the delivery driver comes at night.

Track your parcel regularly

Amazon includes a safety feature that allows you to track your package shipping status to make it easy to trace the item.

For example, you can know the estimated delivery time once the package is dispatched from the warehouse. If the package was sent, but you haven’t received it within 48hours, you can detect the problem early.

Ask your neighbors or concierge

Look around your neighborhood to see if anyone might have received a mistaken delivery.

For example, the courier might have dropped the package to the wrong house, on the sidewalk, or near another door.

On the other hand, your neighbor might have picked it up while you were away, so you can try that before checking with the call center.

Local customer service representative

Always have a working number so the local post office can contact you when the packages are returned to the delivery services location.

How Can I Get A Refund When My Package Is Delivered To The Mistaken Place?

Once it’s established that Amazon shipped to the wrong address and wants to skip the long process of trying to retrieve it, you can request a refund.

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting a refund or a replacement item and what to do if Amazon delivers to wrong house:

  • Log in to your Amazon account
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  • Head to the “Your Orders” page
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  • Click the package delivered to the wrong house and select the “Problem With Your Order” option.
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  • Tap on “Request refund” and type out your issue in the text box explaining your problem with your package shipment and request a refund.
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  • Hit “Submit” and regularly check for an update on your refund request.
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If you wish to discuss the delivery issues in person, you can use the Amazon customer service number and talk to the representative agent to help you.

The customer service agent may offer to replace the lost package delivered with a new order, but it depends on the agent you talk to.

However, the customer entering incorrect information will not receive a refund or replacement.

Does Amazon Hold Sellers Responsible For Wrongful Deliveries?

The proper steps are taken to confirm who’s responsible for the package delivery.

If you, as the customer, did everything right but the package ended up at the wrong address due to the Amazon seller’s fault, you may get a replacement or refund.

However, issues with the shipping label and handling aren’t the sellers’ responsibilities.

The Amazon third-party seller is only accountable for abuse or form violation against the customer.

Other than that, the customer service representative will handle all the issues directly.

Can I Keep Amazon Packages Sent To My Address By Mistake?

Yes, you can keep wrongful deliveries.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, there’s no legal action demanding you to pay for customers’ purchases.

However, alerting Amazon customer service about the mix-up is always a good idea.

Keeping someone else’s package is a moral question.

What if Amazon delivers a package you’re longing for to the wrong address?

How would you, as one of the customers, feel when you learn someone decided to keep it to themselves?

If you don’t feel guilty for keeping the item, you can choose to have it as a random delivery mistake or gift.

However, don’t be surprised if someone shows up at your doorstep looking for the package.

Every missing package has a tracking info, and they can sometimes use a tracking notification to your address.

There are no consequences when traced to you but be a good neighbor.

If the package remains unclaimed, you can also sell it on unclaimed Amazon and USPS packages that are abandoned.

This works best for items you don’t find helpful in your home.

How Do I Return A Package To Amazon I Didn’t Order?

Sometimes there can be a delivery issue during drop-off, especially if the driver had a few items to deliver in your neighborhood.

You might find an Amazon wrong item delivered to your doorstep.

As soon as you receive a package wrongfully delivered, you should start with;

  • Find out if any of your friends and family sent you a gift
  • Check all the recipient information on the order details, including the name, correct address, and phone number.

If the accurate information is listed, you should report to the Amazon unwanted package form.

  • Also, ensure it’s not part of a scam where you receive a package, and the people behind it use your account to write bad reviews damaging your profile.

You might get your account suspended or banned from buying or selling Amazon.

  • However, you may decide to keep the package and wait for someone to claim it. You can also use the phone number on the box and contact the recipient name at the right address.

You can arrange for a private exchange while avoiding the lengthy process.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Does Amazon Customer Service Refund Stolen Packages?

Yes, Amazon refunds stolen packages.

You’ll have to contact the seller directly and inform them you haven’t received your package.

Then the person should offer you a refund or replacement package.

If that doesn’t happen, contact Amazon customer care to help you.

Will Amazon Refund the Lost Package?

Yes, it is one of Amazon’s problem-solving tactics.

When you haven’t received your package or Amazon sent the wrong item, you can:

  • First, log in to your Amazon account and tap on “Your Orders” page.
  • Next, look for the item in question and click “Problem with Order” page.
  • Next, type an explanation that you haven’t received your package.
  • Finally, click “Request Refund” and submit.

Who is Responsible if Amazon Delivered to the Wrong Address?

If the customer filled out the wrong address, you are responsible for the error.

Amazon has nothing to do with it.

Hence, if you can’t trace it to the shipping label, you can try to locate it yourself.

However, if the issue occurs during shipping and delivery mistakes, the company takes complete responsibility and offers to refund you or replace the package.


If you are a regular Amazon customer, you should be prepared for what to do if Amazon delivers to the wrong address. The issue may be caused by shipping, but it can be rectified.

However, it’s best to avoid your Amazon delivered to the incorrect address by filling in the right shipping information.

I hope you found this guide helpful and solved your wrong delivery problem.

If you need more help with your Amazon package, feel free to comment down below with your query and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Also, read other related articles on our website for more clarity on how to handle your Amazon issues.

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