Costco Cake Order: Design Options and How to Order

costco cake order

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Did you know Costco sell cakes that are perfect for a birthday party or any other kind of event?

They’re well-sized, tasty, and easy to order. Not to mention they are pretty affordable, as well.

What kind of cake can you order at Costco, and how does the Costco cake order process work?

In this article, I’ll explain all you need to know about Costco cake orders, including how to get them, how much they cost, design options, and more.

Let’s begin.

What Are Your Costco Cake Order Options?

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Costco Wholesale Corporation is a popular place to shop because of the various things you can get at their warehouses. What you might not know is that you can also order cakes at the giant shopping chain.

The Costco Bakery cakes come in all shapes and sizes and work well for celebrations of all kinds. Here are some Costco cake options based on sizes and designs.

Costco Cake Sizes and Prices

What are the Costco cake prices and sizes you can choose from? How many can these cake sizes serve? Here are two Costco cake sizes and how much they cost:

  • 10-inch round cake ($15.99) – A Costco round cake can have between 8 to 16 slices. You can serve up to 16 people with round cakes.

  • Half-sheet cake ($24.99) – You can cut Costco half-sheet cakes into 24 to 48 slices. A half-sheet cake can serve up to 48 people

Costco Cake Flavors

You have two flavor options when you order Costco cakes:

  • Costco White Cake – This cake’s Vanilla Buttercream frosting topping goes well with the Vanilla Cheesecake Mousse filling.

  • Costco Chocolate Cake – The chocolate cake at Costco comes with a Chocolate Mousse filling topped with delicious Chocolate Buttercream icing.

Costco Cake Designs To Choose From

Costco cake decorations and designs can fit all kinds of occasions and preferences. Here are some special occasion Costco cake designs to choose from.

Roses with Color Cake

florale cake

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The Roses with Color cake is one of the most popular Costco birthday cakes. You can specify the rose colors if you order ahead of time.

All White Roses Cake

Costco white sheet cake with fresh flowers for graduation garden party |  Costco sheet cake, Costco wedding cakes, White birthday cakes

Image source: Pinterest

The all-white roses cake is an excellent choice for events like small weddings or baptisms. The versatile design fits all kinds of occasions.

Scored Cake

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The Costco scored cake boasts a variety of colored rose buds. Additionally, the cake features frosting lines that facilitate effortless cutting, especially for larger gatherings.

Balloons Cake

Costco Australia Balloon Cake

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The balloon-themed design includes an array of rainbow flag balloons. The cake’s outer border has sprinkles to make it look more festive. They’re a good go-to cake option for birthday parties.

Rainbow Cake

Costco Australia Rainbow Cake

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This visually appealing option features a vibrant, multi-colored rainbow complete with clouds. For sheet cake versions, there’s a sun included for an extra touch of charm.

Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cake

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The design incorporates a rattle and booties, making it a good option for baby showers. You can have the baby’s name written on the cake top if you already have one.

Graduation Cake

Graduation Cake

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Costco graduation cakes bear a graduation hat, graduation year, and festive balloons, making it the perfect cake for graduation celebrations. To personalize further, you can specify colors to match the school colors or your celebrant’s favorite color.

Cross Cake

Costco Australia Cross Cake

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The Costco cross cake bears a cross design and elegantly incorporates blue and yellow roses. The graceful touch to the cake’s decoration makes it a preferred option for any joyous occasion.

Does Costco Do Custom Cakes?

Yes, they do. You can make limited requests if you want to custom-order Costco cakes. You can specify the cake size, flavor, and designs for Costco custom cakes. Keep in mind that there’s limited variety of designs.

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You can start with a blank cake and add a personalized message. If you don’t have the time to wait for a custom cake, you can also get a premade one in the Costco bakery section.

How To Order a Cake from Costco: Step-by-Step

If you’re ready to get your custom cake, the next thing you’ll need to know is how you can order one. Here’s how to order a Costco cake:

1. Go to a Local Store.

Head over to your local Costco to make your order. You can use Costco’s online store locator to find one if you don’t know which one is closest.

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You can’t order Costco cakes online, so you must drive down when ordering cakes.

2. Visit the Cake Kiosk.

When you’re at a Costco warehouse, head over to the Bakery section. There, you’ll find a kiosk where you can fill out your cake order.

Check out all the Costco cake pictures on the Costco cake catalog above the cake order box. Choose which cake design you want to order, and pick up a Costco sheet cake order form.

3. Fill Up the Order Form.

The process is pretty much self-service. Certain stores might not have staff to assist you with your order.

However, it’s relatively easy to put in an order.

The Costco cake order form is straightforward. You don’t need to get a Costco wedding cake order form or a birthday cake order form. It’s only one form with a few questions you can answer in five minutes or less.

When filling out the form, you’ll need to specify:

  • Event details

  • The flavor of the cake

  • Full sheet cake decorations

  • Writing on the cake (optional)

  • Your name and contact number

4. Pick a Date.

Next, you’ll need to fill out the date and time you’ll pick up the cake. Remember that Costco bakers require at least two days to complete a custom order, so come in at least a few days before the date you’ll need the cake.

After that, you can drop the order form in the kiosk box and return it on your order pickup date.

5. Pick Up Your Cake.

On the day of your order pick up, head to the Bakery section and look for the cooler where they store custom cakes.

You can ask a staff member to help you get your cake. They will ask for your name and retrieve your order for you.

Pay for your cake before leaving Costco. You can pay at the counter with a card or cash. Costco also takes EBT cards, in case you’re wondering.

10 Costco Bakery Tips and Secrets

Here are some tips you probably might not have known about the Costco bakery assortment and offers and how you can maximize them:

  1. Kids get free Costco cookies. Bakery sections are something you shouldn’t miss when grocery shopping at Costco.

  2. Costco cakes are cheaper than other bakeries, so you’ll get the best deal if you want to save money on your next celebration.

  3. Costco accepts returns on bakery items when you’re unhappy with your purchase.

  4. You can get a good deal on Costco breads and muffins.

  5. If you can’t decide which muffin you want, you can mix and match to your liking.

  6. You can order unbaked items from the frozen section for a fraction of the price.

  7. There are specialty cakes that are ready for any occasion if you don’t want to or can’t wait two days.

  8. Some bakery goods might be seasonal, so don’t always expect to see them on your next Costco visit. Carrot cake, for example, may only appear during Easter season.

  9. You can order custom cupcakes at Costco, too. You can go to the same kiosk as the cake orders to make a Costco cupcake order.

  10. If you need flowers to go with a baby shower or wedding cake, they’re available at Costco, too. There’s also Costco catering if you need food platters for your event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Order a Costco Cake Online?

Can you make a Costco cake order online? Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t have online cake-ordering options. Additionally, you can’t make a Costco cake order by phone. The only way to order a cake is to visit Costco stores.

When you order Costco cake for pickup, make sure to get it on the date you specified.

How Many Days Does a Cake Order Take?

Costco asks for a two-day notice to complete your order. They usually get the order right and rarely miss a deadline.

You can return the cake if you have any problems with the order.

What Other Bakery Items Can You Buy at Costco?

If you have a sweet tooth, there are many other Costco bakery items you should try out. Here are some of the top options:

  • Premade cakes

  • Costco cheesecake varieties

  • Marble cake slices

  • Assorted shortbread cookies

  • New York cheesecakes

  • Cannolis

  • Rainbow cookies

  • Italian cookies

  • French butter cookies

  • Pecan meltaways

  • Truffle cakes

  • Gluten-free options

Do I Need a Membership To Buy Costco Cakes?

Yes, you will need a Costco membership to make a Costco bakery order. Alternatively, you can have a family member or friend with a membership make the order or accompany you because Costco allows two guests for every member card.

Do I Need To Refrigerate Costco Cakes?

Yes, it’s better to refrigerate the cake within two hours of picking it up to preserve the icing and freshness.

Costco sheet cakes will need a larger storage space in your refrigerator, so be sure to have ample space before ordering one.

How Long Do Costco Cakes Last?

If you store it properly, a Costco cake can last up to seven days. Particularly, the buttercream and ganache might last shorter, often going up to four days before going bad. Cakes with custard, cream, cream cheese, or fresh fruit might last up to two days maximum.

Are Costco Cakes Worth It?

Many customers and Costco food reviews have praised these for their taste and design quality. To top it off, the cakes are insanely cheap.

For the price you pay for a Costco cake, you’ll get your money’s worth if you want something simple and easy to get for special occasions.

The Bottom Line

Costco cakes can fit virtually every major celebration, holiday, or party. They’re one of your best bets if you don’t have all the time or money in the world.

It can be a thoughtful gift for your loved ones as well. The Costco bear cake, for example, can surprise both adults and children.

Plus, all the flavor options are great quality, like the chocolate icing and white buttercream icing. Your guests and friends will surely love digging into the dessert.

So, are you planning to get a Costco cake at grocery stores soon? Try ordering a customized cake the next time you visit Costco for a homemade touch.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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