38 Small Business Ideas For Women

business ideas for women

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Female entrepreneurship is on the rise, and many successful women-owned businesses are today.

For women business owners, the sky’s the limit when pursuing opportunities.

Women are starting businesses from accounting and bookkeeping to dog walking and freelance graphic design.

Some women begin their enterprises to make a little more cash on the side to supplement their regular income. Others do it with the idea that it will become their full-time job and only revenue source.

Before establishing your firm, you should consider several factors, such as what you’re looking for and your current skill set. Here are some things to think about and some advice on picking the best business for you before you launch your own.

How to Choose a Business Idea

business ideas for women

Finding the perfect company proposal for you is the first step in setting up a startup business for women. It can be beneficial to choose a passion project and consider the factors of production and talents you already possess.

You may want to consider starting a variety of businesses, including those that offer personal services, pet care, educational services, marketing and freelancing, technology services, travel agencies, and more.

In this article, I provide examples of the best business ideas for women. I also separate the ideas into two categories: 1) online and 2) offline.

Best Online Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

I’ve gathered some of the top business ideas for women to help you begin your entrepreneurship career. Based on my list, you can even operate a profitable business from the convenience of your home.

Subscription Box Business

Subscription boxes are among the most entertaining business ventures for women. It’s a fantastic business concept you can execute via an online store.

You can create several subscription box types based on your hobbies.

It works by delivering chosen commodities to members every month with a specific theme in mind, such as snacks and foods, cosmetics and skincare, and more.

Start a Blog

Writing blog posts with tips and advice regarding the fashion industry, product reviews from the beauty industry, or other lifestyle material is a great business idea. You don’t have to own a website to start a personal blog.

You can make money by adding affiliate links, so you get paid every time someone clicks on one of the links in your blog post and purchases an item. And if you become a great writer, you can even have your own freelance writing business.

High-Fashion Reseller

You can also work as a high fashion reseller if you’re interested in other business opportunities in the fashion industry. The business idea is relatively straightforward. Begin by purchasing expensive clothing from multiple sources and selling online.

You can later expand and start an online store. Collaborating with social media influencers in the fashion business might help you improve sales.

Dropshipping Store Owner

Dropshipping is one of the top business ideas for women seeking to earn extra money. All you have to do is choose products to sell online. It doesn’t require having a brick-and-mortar business or store.

Dropshipping requires only a small investment but is a lucrative business venture. You can do it with your full-time employment to gain financial freedom.

Virtual Bookkeeping Business

You can launch a virtual bookkeeping business if you want to work for yourself and have expertise in accountancy and bookkeeping fundamentals. To aid with bookkeeping and costs, you can collaborate with several women-owned businesses and get some inspiration.

App Developer

Another profitable business idea entails becoming an app developer. This is a lucrative business idea, especially if you have a programming and coding background.

You can enroll in an online course to master programming languages for developing mobile applications and building custom apps and other services for other women-owned businesses.

Life Coach

This is a good venture for empaths to earn extra money while helping people become the best versions of themselves. You can market it as a consulting business for people with specific needs.

For instance, you can train as a mental life coach to inspire individuals and help them through daily struggles. If you enjoy working out, you might want to think about becoming a personal trainer so you can create your own schedule and achieve more flexibility.

Online Boutique

One of the most popular business ventures for women is an online shop. Buy wholesale merchandise from several retailers, sell it online and generate more revenue.

Diversify the variety of products from clothing to accessories and jewelry. With some skillful online marketing, you may establish a lucrative ecommerce platform.

Virtual Assistant Services

Among the best business options for women is a virtual assistant business. It is simple to get going, and there are many potential clients. Being a virtual assistant to other small business owners, independent contractors, and others can help you build a successful business.

You can even start your own VA business by providing services like managing a company’s social media account, helping with the schedule, keeping track of financial transactions, and more.

Freelance Writing

If you enjoy writing, think about starting a freelance writing career. You could work independently or with other freelance authors to provide content writing services.

Starting a new business in freelancing can involve writing blogs and essays or even running a proofreading service for other writers. You can also work as a social media manager, writing copy for online posts and captions.

Data Entry

Starting with data entry is among the simplest methods to own a business online and earn income from home.

Keyboard proficiency and internet connection are the primary prerequisites. A few top-rated programs may teach you how to become a high achiever and generate income, even if you’re just starting data entry.


Did you realize that selling English transcriptions to companies might lead to a lucrative career? You might make more money working for top transcription customers, including the legal and medical industries.

Some top-rated courses can help you get started by teaching you the abilities required to effectively and quickly transcribe any audio file. The main goal of the course is to give you the skills and self-assurance.

You need to command a competitive wage for your transcription work. To speed up your transcription, learn text expanders and keyboard shortcuts.

Translation Services

If you speak other languages well, providing translation services from home is a great way to become your own boss. You can take several courses that show you how to succeed as a freelance translator.

You will discover how to make a living according to your parameters. You can work on the initiatives of your choice and still be present for important events in life, like your child’s ballet performance or soccer game.

Voice Over

Are you constantly being complimented on your voice? If so, think about pursuing a career as a voice actress and earning a living using your voice.

You can take courses to learn expert techniques you can apply to your business, allowing you to start earning money right away as a freelance female voiceover artist.

They educate you on how to:

  • Advertise and promote yourself as a voice actress
  • Secure increasingly high-paying engagements
  • Get the hardware you need to establish your home studio on a budget

Proofreading Business

Freelance editing and proofreading is a fantastic side business idea if you enjoy reading and have excellent attention to detail. The most popular courses show you how to immediately use Upwork or other platforms’ projects to launch your proofreading career.

You can find dozens of editing tasks online, so you may start earning extra money right away.

You will learn how to design appealing bid ideas to draw in more clients and swiftly earn good rankings to increase your probability of winning bids.

Market Research

You can use market research as a side business opportunity. Many sites seek volunteers to enroll for research projects. Research opportunities may involve completing surveys, interviewing, and performing other relevant duties.

Stock Trading

One way to make money online is through stock trading, albeit it isn’t always a profitable business. You can purchase and sell equities every day while keeping an eye on progress and making decisions in line with it.

Before committing to any purchases, it is crucial to examine the stock market thoroughly. Then, determine how you can use it to earn passive income.

Online Tutoring

One of the best business ideas for women might be online tutoring or an online course if you’re prepared to work with children and youngsters. Depending on students’ academic demands, you can provide one-on-one tutoring in various disciplines or intense creative courses.

It’s a great side business idea because you can establish your own hours and still be able to work a full-time job.

Social Media Influencer

Influencer marketing has changed how people, brands, and businesses use the internet to attract new customers.

Think about being an influencer and earning money for views. This is among the most profitable business ideas, especially if you are already active on social media.

Discover some of the most effective methods for publishing blog posts, articles, videos, and photographs. Learn how to approach agencies and brand managers effectively to secure paid sponsorship.

Video Creator

Think about learning to shoot videos. There is a high need for video creators and editors due to the popularity of platforms like Youtube.

You can launch your video production company within 24 hours. An increasingly popular industry right now is drone aerial video.

Business Consulting

Business consulting can be profitable depending on the local market and your unique knowledge and skills. Many businesses outsource their departmental requirements, including marketing, accounting, and human resources.

It is an excellent home-based business option for aspiring women entrepreneurs and reasonably affordable to start.

Career Counselor & Resume Writing Service

In today’s cutthroat job market, job seekers need every advantage.

One essential tool in their arsenal is a professionally prepared resume. Profit from this opportunity and launch a home-based resumé writing business.

Create resumés from the comfort of your own home, and help job seekers stand out and land good positions. Use strong and convincing language when writing your clients’ resumés to catch the eyes of hiring managers.

Advertising Agency

There are numerous chances for savvy female businesswomen to launch their advertising firm from home. Help companies make the best digital advertising decisions on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Youtube.

Brick-and-Mortar Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

There are many additional possibilities for a great small business idea. Many of the concepts for female entrepreneurs listed above are beneficial as an internet store.

This section is for you if you want to run a business with a physical location. Here, I explore brick-and-mortar business ideas for women.

Clothing Boutiques

A clothing boutique is a great small business idea for women in areas with limited apparel options. You can approach it as a physical business in addition to an online store. Offer a variety of inclusive sizes and entice customers to try on clothes before buying them.


Another innovative business concept worth considering is selling antiques and rare items. You might open your antique shop and sell a well-curated selection of unusual antiques if you can find intriguing and original products.

Foodservice Business

Opening a food store in your community is a fantastic way to start a business. You can consider a small restaurant, a pastry shop, or a fast food restaurant as a food business.

Consider foods you make exceptionally well and start selling them at your neighborhood marketplaces and other modest areas.

Photography Business

Consider beginning your own photography business if you enjoy taking pictures. It’s one of the best business ideas for women because it’s simple to launch, and you can quickly develop your niche.

You can concentrate solely on corporate or wedding photography. Then, you can create your own business plan and use different marketing techniques to expand your small business and bring in new customers.

Event Planning Business

Consider creating an event planning company if you seek intriguing and challenging small business ideas. At first, you can try only planning weddings before branching out to other types of events. Planning an event can be enjoyable, allowing you to work when you need income.

You can opt to venture into a full-scale wedding planning business or host multiple events like baby showers and birthdays.

Laundry Business

Another small business idea for women to think about is starting a laundry service. You can even collaborate with small hotels and motels that require regular laundry.

Ask your neighbors and friends if they need any extra help. When you have the appropriate laundry and cleaning supplies, you may start straight away.

Interior Design

Consider being an interior designer if you have a keen eye for style. It’s one of the best small business ideas for women because it’s a lucrative service.

Depending on your expertise and preferences, interior design services can encompass home, workplace, and company decor. You can work in this field either part-time or full-time.

Daycare Business

Several successful daycare centers are women-owned. An in-home childcare business is essential. If you can make a daycare setting that is secure and kind, parents will swarm to your establishment.

Baby Equipment Rental Business

Rental of baby equipment is another possible small company concept to consider. Many parents might not always be able to purchase childcare supplies, or maybe they urgently want infant equipment.

In situations like this, you might offer to rent baby supplies like strollers and other more expensive products.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Pet sitting can be your perfect business idea if you enjoy working with animals. Start by traveling to local residences to visit and look after people’s dogs, cats, and other pets while their owners are away on vacation or business.

Launch a dog walking enterprise as another animal-related business venture. Many dog owners cannot offer their pets the regular walks they need because of obligations at work or school.

Sewing Business – Custom clothes, Alterations, and Lessons

If you can sew, consider operating a home-based sewing business. There are numerous ways to make money from a home-based sewing business.

You might manufacture new clothing, adjust pre-existing clothing (hemming, resizing, and mending), or instruct young people and adults in sewing.

Home Baking

You can earn money by distributing your home-baked items to nearby shops, eateries, farmers’ markets, and online.

Cottage Food laws are prevalent in the US. These laws make it permissible for individuals to bake and prepare certain types of food in their kitchens at home and sell it on a small scale.

Yoga Instructor

Launching a yoga business is ideal if you are skilled in yoga poses and enjoy imparting your knowledge to others. The options are essentially limitless. You might offer sessions in the local senior centers, daycare centers, gyms, yoga studios, schools, and even outdoors.

Travel Agent

Millions of tourists and business people book flights, hotels, and rental vehicles daily. They require assistance with planning, investigation, and pricing comparison.

You can launch a travel agency from your home and organize elite clients’ travel to keep them relaxed and productive while they are away at work.

Visual Artist

Starting your own graphic design company may be a fun and creative journey. You can do this as a full-time or part-time job or as a side hustle. Start by obtaining your initial graphic design clients rather than honing your portfolio.

Business Ideas for Women: Bottom Line

It’s simpler than ever before for women to launch profitable businesses and start earning revenue without getting bogged down in procuring raw materials, renting space, and stock control.

These were just a few business ideas, but there are many more business ideas out there to discover.

The blend of technology, third-party vendors, and the ability to swiftly test ideas online make kickstarting some of the best business ideas pretty simple.

Don’t be afraid to try any of the strategies I outlined in this article.

You can build a business exclusively yours by combining the small business concepts I discussed. Self-employment can be complicated, but with perseverance and knowledge, you can succeed.

Are you interested in more small business ideas for women? Learn how to sell on Amazon Prime to see if it’s a career you’d like.

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