What Is the Lululemon Return Policy? Your Guide to a Seamless Transaction

lululemon return policy

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What is the Lululemon return policy?

Lululemon’s return policy allows you to return or exchange the item for free within 30 days of your purchase or 30 days from the delivery date if you bought the item online.

You can return an item in-store or process the return on the Lululemon website and return it by mail.

There’s more information you must know to ensure a hassle-free return.

I’ve bought items from Lululemon in-store and online, so I know the retailer’s return policy well.

I wrote this guide because I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with you

This guide will walk you through their policy and the steps to initiate a return. I’ll also discuss refunds, exchanges, and exceptions.

Let’s begin.

What Is the Lululemon Return Policy?

Lululemon’s general 30-day return policy applies to most items, with a few exceptions.

Here’s a general overview of the Lululemon return policy:

  • Lululemon only accepts return items that are unworn, unwashed, and with attached hang tags.

  • Returns must have original packaging and sales receipts for a full refund.

  • For the Lululemon shoe return policy, you can return footwear after testing it out, provided it’s in the original box along with proof of purchase and within the return period.

Although the Lululemon return policy provides a 30-day window, the retailer handles all returns on a case-by-case basis according to local laws.

If you return an item after the window has lapsed, whether you get a refund depends on the store’s discretion. You might also get store credit instead.

Lululemon Return Policy: In-Store Purchases

According to the Lululemon return policy, you can only return in-store purchases at a local Lululemon store and not at an outlet store.

Use the Lululemon website’s store locator to find the nearest stores.

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Lululemon Return Policy: Online Purchases

Lululemon has a seamless return process for online purchases on their website. You can make an online return through mail.

Ensure the merchandise is in its original packaging, and don’t forget to include the proof of purchase so you can get a refund for the full price.

What About the Lululemon Exchange Policy?

You can only exchange items in-store, whether you bought them in-store or online.

Exchanges have the same terms and conditions as returns:

  • within 30 days from the purchase or delivery date

  • in original condition and packaging with tags

  • with proof of purchase

If you want to exchange gently worn items, try their Like New program instead, where you can trade in eligible products for a Lululemon e-gift card.

Lululemon carefully cleans these items and sells them in the Like New online resale shop.

Does the Lululemon Return Policy Require a Receipt?

Yes. Lululemon requires proof of purchase when returning items for a full refund.

You can use the packing slip, paper or digital receipt, or delivery confirmation as proof of purchase.

For Lululemon members, you don’t need proof of purchase as the item shows up on your profile’s purchase order history.

Can You Return Lululemon Without Receipt?

For a Lululemon return without a receipt, they will refund you via a gift card.

They will also ask you to provide personal information and present a state or province-issued ID (US, Canada, or Mexico) for verification.

Note: Whether you get a refund without a receipt is at the store’s discretion and according to local laws.

Lululemon Return Policy After 30 Days

The Lululemon quality promise is that their products last a long time with normal wear.

If an item doesn’t deliver on the Lululemon guarantee, you can return or exchange it even after 30 days.

An item is defective when it has flaws from manufacturing or gets damaged within a practical product lifetime.

However, the Lululemon performance return policy doesn’t cover quality issues such as pilling, rips, or discoloration.

You can head to the Lululemon website and complete the Performance Return Form to start the process.

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Once they accept the performance return request, they will inform you of the next steps so you can ship the item back to Lululemon.

They apply credits for a performance return processed online to a gift card.

If you want to exchange your defective item, make the performance return at your local store so they can assist you accordingly.

Lululemon also offers hemming and repair for purchased items. Visit your local store to learn more.

What Items Can’t I Return to Lululemon (Final Sale Items)?

Lululemon considers the following products as Final Sale items ineligible for return or exchange.

  • Marked-down items from We Made Too Much merchandise

  • Face masks

  • Gift cards

  • Used swimwear and underwear

Gift cards do not expire; you can use them in stores and online, so it’s better to use them. Alternatively, you can sell your gift cards online.

Swimwear should also have the hygienic liner intact, and underwear should be in its original packaging.

How To Return Items To Lululemon

In-store ReturnReturn via Mail
Online PurchaseBring the item to your nearest Lululemon store (not an outlet store).1- Go to the Lululemon website.
2- Click Start a return on the Return Policy page.
3- Sign in to your profile or enter your order number and email address.
4- Select the item you want to return.
5- Follow the instructions on printing the shipping label and packing your item.
6- Drop off the package at the nearest shipping outlet.
In-store PurchaseBring the item to your nearest Lululemon store (not an outlet store).1- Go to the Lululemon website.
2- Click Start a return on the Return Policy page.
3- Sign in to your profile or enter your order number and email address.
4- Select the item you want to return.
5- Follow the instructions on printing the shipping label and packing your item.
6- Drop off the package at the nearest shipping outlet.

How To Make In-Store Returns for Both Online and In-Store Purchases

Here’s how to process in-store returns at Lululemon:

  1. Bring the item, including the original packaging and receipt, to your nearest Lululemon store.

  2. Ask for assistance from their customer associate or what they call an educator.

If you meet the terms and conditions of the Lululemon return policy, the process will be a breeze.

How To Make Returns by Mail (Only for Online Purchases)

If you can’t go to a store to return your item, you can process the return on their website. Here’s how.

1- Go to the Return Policy page on the Lululemon website and click Start a return.

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2- Sign in to your profile. If you don’t have one, enter your order number and email address.

Note: You can find the order ID on your proof of purchase or in your order confirmation email.

3- Select the item you want to return to find instructions to print shipping labels.

4- Print the shipping label.

5- Pack your items according to the instructions. When taping the return label to the package, make sure that the barcode portion is visible.

6- Choose an option for the nearest shipping outlet where you can drop off the item.

When you complete the return request, you will receive a return authorization number in your email. Use this number to track the status of your return.

How To Exchange an Item

To exchange an item, visit your local Lululemon store and bring the item you want to replace. Discuss the reason for the exchange with an educator so they can give you another item that would work better for you.

Remember, exchanges are possible only in stores and not on their website. It must be a local Lululemon store since outlet stores don’t accept exchanges.

How To Exchange or Return a Gift

If you receive a Lululemon item as a gift and want to return it, you can do so at a store or on their website.

The return policy’s terms and conditions apply when returning gifts but with the gift receipt as proof of purchase.

How To Exchange an Item I Bought in Another Country

For items bought in the US or Canada, you can return or exchange them in any North American store for credit on a Lululemon e-gift card.

The item’s value follows the currency of the country processing the return or exchange.

If bought internationally, check the country’s Lululemon website for their return policy.

Lululemon Refund Policy: How Does Lululemon Credit Refunds?

Lululemon credits refunds to the original method of payment or a gift card.

In-Store Refunds

For in-store refunds, you can expect the processing to start immediately. However, banks may have a specific timeline for posting refunds to your account.

Refunds for Online Purchases

Lululemon will process refunds for online purchases when the returned package reaches their warehouse. This may take three to ten business days.

You’ll receive an email when they’ve received your package.

Does Lululemon Refund PayPal Payments?

Lululemon doesn’t process refunds to PayPal. They will credit the refund to a gift card instead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Lululemon’s Return Policy Generous?

Lululemon’s return policy is neither too generous nor too strict. Implementing the Lululemon return policy is ultimately at the store’s discretion and according to local laws.

The company’s 30-day return window is comparable to other retailers, and some have longer return windows.

For instance, the Bloomingdale’s return policy lets you return most items within 90 days of purchase.

What Is Lululemon Replacement Policy?

You can have your unused Lululemon item with tags attached replaced or exchanged at a local store within 30 days from the delivery or purchase date.

What Is the Lululemon Warranty Policy?

Lululemon products don’t have a lifetime warranty. The Lululemon warranty or performance return policy covers items within their practical product lifetime, up to five years, with normal wear.

Can You Exchange Lululemon Leggings?

Yes, you can exchange Lululemon leggings within 30 days from the purchase or delivery date in their original form and packaging with tags and proof of purchase.

You can also exchange gently used leggings in the Like New online resale store for gift card credit.

Does Lululemon Have Free Returns?

Returning an item is free of charge but has a flat-rate shipping fee of $7.50 if returned by mail.

Is There a Lululemon Holiday Return Policy?

There is no holiday return policy. The 30-day window for returns applies the whole year round.

The Bottom Line

Lululemon is a trusted brand for good-quality activewear, so you shouldn’t have any issues with their products.

However, remember the information you learned in this guide for a hassle-free return process if you no longer want an item you bought.

Consider shopping at Target if you’re looking for athletic wear. The Target return policy is generous and longer than 30 days.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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