35 Amazing Software Ideas for Potential Startup Businesses

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Are you thinking about starting up a software development business? Do you need some amazing software ideas for your business?

If you’re in the process of deciding what software to make, you’re in luck!

I wrote this article to discuss some of the best software ideas of 2023. I’ll talk about new ideas and, as a bonus, why they might work in 2023.

Let’s begin.

How To Choose a Software Idea

Before deciding on a software solution, there are a few things you need to know about building a software company.

Software development is complex, especially if the software development company does not have solid roots.

App development is more than just a good software idea. You have to have a good software development team behind it.

Before deciding on your software solutions, consider the following points first.

Do You Have Experience Relevant To Your Software Idea?

Your company must have experience outside of software development.

You should have experience in different fields. These can include the medical field, scientific field, hospitality management field, or others.

Do You Have Experience Relevant To Your Software Idea

Do You Have the Right Resources To Develop the Software?

When you create software, you should have enough resources. This is why software like cloud storage is hard to develop.

Your software startup ideas must be in line with your company’s resources. This includes your budget, skilled software developers, and workforce.

Do You Have the Right Resources To Develop the Software

Is It a Profitable Idea?

The last and more important point is that the software should be profitable.

If you find a niche software that seems like a good idea but you’re unsure if it’s possible, you can test it out.

You can invest in bigger software ideas if you have sufficient resources. You can also pace yourself and develop basic software before progressing to more complicated ones.

Is It a Profitable Idea

35 Software Ideas for Your Business

Here are some awesome software ideas for your business this 2023:

Medical Software

The medical software field is expanding rapidly. There is a high demand for software that helps medical personnel.

Why it could work:

Most medical software is for general medical purposes.

You can choose a specific like dentistry, orthopedics, or pediatrics. With a niche, you have a larger chance of capturing the market.

The software can help doctors take notes that automatically send to the clerk. There are plenty of things you can automate within the medical industry.

AI-Powered Restaurant Reservation Software

AI-powered restaurant reservation software packs everything in one. It’s a customer relationship management software with the ability to make reservations.

Why it could work:

There is a lot of competition in the food and hospitality industry. However, this business idea is also highly lucrative.

You can make an easy-to-use software that customers can use to book, and restaurants can use to receive orders.

You can also let customers specify their allergies or preferences before booking.

ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps businesses manage important daily activities.

Why it could work:

The good thing about this startup idea is that you can use it in your own business.

You can start a new software business with your existing business model. You can use your current business to test the software’s effectiveness.

 Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps businesses manage

AR/VR Tours and Travel Software

You can start an AR/VR tour and travel software if you have the needed resources. To develop this, your software development team has to have AR/VR experience.

Why it could work:

AR/VR tours and travel software can be one of the business ideas fit for the future.

This type of software helps enhance travelers’ journey experience. They can check out hotels and shortlist locations with the help of virtual tours.

It also provides an alternative for people who find it difficult to travel.

You can build this software as an entry into Web3, which involves building applications that run on a stable and secure decentralized network. You can also charge digital assets for payment.

CRM Software

CRM software is among some of the best software business ideas in 2023. With a growing software industry, the demand for CRM software only increases.

Why it could work:

The tech industry only gets bigger every year. An online business uses such software to connect with customers.

With many software businesses with unique products, sometimes sticking with the classics is best. A regular online tech company needs CRM software.

You can create niche CRM software specifically designed for a particular industry.

Interior Designer Software

Interior design software uses machine learning or artificial intelligence to help users envision their space with various design options.

This has tremendous potential for homeowners, designers, and contractors.

Why it could work:

One promising strategy is to develop this web app with AR. It could help homeowners, interior designers, and contractors visualize what the design could look like.

AR tech is very advanced and expensive. Software startups with a good design software development team can focus their resources on AR for this idea.

Interior design software uses machine learning or artificial intelligence

Invoicing Software

Invoicing software will always be in demand. Many new companies are using this software because it helps automate their payroll.

Why it could work:

You can improve existing tech startup ideas when developing innovative software project ideas. You can do this by creating invoicing software specific to an industry.

Specific niches like schools, medical, legal, or other ideas can also benefit from invoicing software that meets their needs.

Another variation is to create software open to outsourcing and freelancers.

Project Management Software

Project management software helps simplify different business practices. The main job of this software is to help plan, organize, and manage resources.

Why it could work:

The good thing about this software is that it requires more organizational skills than software development skills.

You can create software for a particular niche to capture this market. An example is hospitality, travel, or events project management software.

Hotel Booking Software

Hotel booking software helps manage bookings and expectations. This software is relatively straightforward.

Why it could work:

You can easily promote this software if you have connections in the hospitality industry. The good thing about hotel booking software is that it can be extremely simple.

You can add features that allow hotels to customize their software. With customization, customers can choose what services or additions they want.

The software can also double as a menu or hotel guide.

Hotel booking software helps manage bookings and expectations

Hotel Management Software

Hotel management software helps manage guests, inventory, and availability data. Hotels can also use it to manage their staff, resources, promotions, and bookings.

Why it could work:

Some hotel management software programs are too broad for smaller hotels. You can create this software specific to a hotel.

You can also let businesses pick customizable hotel management features.

Screen Recording Software

Screen recording software is still in demand. Even though there are many features to record screens, there are still loopholes to address.

Why it could work:

You can create this software to allow users to record a specific part of the screen. You can also add filters and other options.

One fun thing you can do to improve this software is to add video editing features. You can let users cut, edit, and add effects. This provides users with more customization.

Study competition by looking at the current best screen recording software in the market.

Food Inventory Software

A food inventory software program will greatly benefit the food and beverage industry. Its main function is to provide notifications when supply is low.

Thus, it can help grocery stores and restaurants keep track of their food inventories. They can also use the software to place orders when food is running low.

Why it could work:

There are still gaps in the food inventory software industry. The system does not recognize some items or cannot place automatic orders.

You can ask establishments directly about what they want from this software. You can also create the software with their specific sources or vendors in the system.

Business Communication Software

Some companies prefer business communication software that provides corporate team members a safe and secure communication space.

Why it could work:

Many businesses do not trust regular messaging apps. You can use blockchain technology to create a safe communication app to give them an alternative.

You can also be more creative about the type of software and create specific groups or channels. This way, the team won’t have to create new groups for different topics or concerns.

Time Tracking Software

The main goal of this type of software is to track time and increase efficiency. You can use time-tracking software on a computer, browser, mobile phone, or specific app.

Why it could work:

You can modify time-tracking software to cater to your needs. You can also create this software for business or personal use.

The main goal of this type of software is to track time and increase efficiency

Legal Tech Startup

Legal tech refers to the combination of the legal industry and advanced technology solutions. This software serves law firms and helps them with faster data processing and reducing errors.

Because it helps automate workflow, it makes scaling and globalization more doable for law firms.

Why it could work:

Some legal firms have an inefficient business system. If you can identify these weak spots, you can create a product that fills these gaps.

You can also promote how much the legal firm would save using the software.

Disaster Alert App

A disaster alert app can aggregate alerts on different happenings. You can use the information to give GPS tips on navigating disasters.

Why it could work:

You can create a community or location-specific disaster alert app. The software helps give notifications within a specific location.

If you live in a smaller town or city, you can create an app that specifically caters to that location. You can also incorporate emergency contacts for the app to help locals or residents in the area contact their friends and family.

Online Courses Software

Online courses should be accessible to the student. The demand for alternative educational software has increased as more people see the importance of upskilling.

Why it could work:

More people are discovering alternative education as a solution to getting a career. Instead of going to college, more people are taking alternative courses to upskill.

You can create e-learning software with added features. The added features could include a checkbook, notebook, voice recording, etc.

These features could be your selling point for both students and teachers.

Making e-learning software can be a very successful business. If you know what to add, you can rely on monthly subscriptions as a steady source of income.

You can also add value by partnering with educational institutions to help provide more courses.

E-Ticketing Software

E-ticketing software helps customers make reservations for events, airlines, movies, and other tickets. It can also help them manage events and give notifications when a new listing happens.

Why it could work:

Existing e-ticketing software can be inefficient. You can add extra features like trackers for favorite musicians and notifications for mentions of a new gig.

On top of events, you can also add listings for different products related to the tickets, like event merchandise.

PDF Converter Software

This software lets you convert PDF files into .doc, .docx, or other files. This can be a handy tool for many businesses.

Why it could work:

You can add this software to other more extensive software programs as an added feature for extra value. Software that handles files can have a built-in PDF converter to give users more value.

Toy Exchanging Software

Toy exchange software is an exciting idea worth exploring. The software works like a marketplace where people can exchange toys.

Why it could work:

The toy industry is massive, and you can find your own niche. You can create toy exchange software specifically for LEGOs or other collectibles.

For example, you can create a Magic The Gathering toy exchange software where people can trade cards.

You can also create a more general toy exchange software with different categories. Additions like smart contracts to help validate when sending payment can provide even more value.

Toy exchange software is an exciting idea worth exploring

Tenant Finder Software

This software helps property managers fill vacancies. It can help connect people with property managers, marketers, or third parties.

Why it could work:

Like with Airbnb, you can do profitable business in real estate without owning any property. You can use the software to connect property owners to marketers or property managers.

The app can earn by charging a fee for every successful tenant helped. It can also charge a subscription fee for property owners to help them manage continual tenant searches.

Housekeeper-Finding Software

Housekeeper-finding software can help homeowners find housekeepers to clean their properties. It can also help individuals find a lucrative part-time job as a housekeeper.

Why it could work:

You can create an app that helps both homeowners and housekeepers. The app can earn based on subscriptions or fees per successful transaction.

You can design the software to rate the housekeepers and homeowners to provide data analytics for both sides. You can also provide feedback or other educational resources to help housekeepers improve.

Consumer Complaint Software

Complaint software is a way for businesses to manage complaints separately from their platforms.

Instead of complaints showing up on their website or social media, they can handle customer concerns through dedicated software.

Why it could work:

Business owners can avoid bad reviews on their social media channels. You can promote your complaint software by showing them how it can redirect complaints to a more private channel.

You can also add automated replies and manuals to provide extra tech support.

AI Calendar Scheduler Software

An AI calendar scheduler is an excellent tool for maximizing efficiency. It can automatically fit in different tasks to fill in gaps.

Why it could work:

You can use AI calendar scheduler software to optimize your activity. You can create this software for businesses handling microtasks.

AI Calendar Scheduler Software

Train Tracking Software

Train tracking software can help users keep track of trains if they live in a highly urbanized city. This software keeps schedules and shows train fares.

Why it could work:

The wider you go, the more useful the software can be.

You can add a notification system to help keep track of potential delays or when trains reach full capacity. You can also add a system that tracks high-traffic stations or trains.

Chatbot Software

Chatbot software is extremely important for a business with customer service. When businesses don’t have a chatbot, they have to address concerns, complaints, and questions individually.

Why it could work:

You can program a chatbot with machine learning to get better along the way. You can also program it with pre-registered answers for specific questions.

You can also save manuals that the chatbot can recommend for specific questions, problems, or inquiries.

Bibliography Software

Bibliography software is a type of software that benefits scholars and researchers. It can help search the web for specific references for a topic, point, sentence, or statement.

Why it could work:

You can create this app for academic purposes. Adding an image-to-text feature will help take physical text and search for its bibliographic origin.

You can also design the bibliography software to give citations in text form for users to copy and paste into their documents.

Daily Horoscope Software

A daily horoscope software program appeals to those who like astrology. It offers users a daily reading, depending on their zodiac signs.

Why it could work:

You can add premium features to this software, like a recommended song or image, along with a daily horoscope. You can also provide advice videos and quotations that support the standard material.

Your software will earn money through ads or subscriptions.

A daily horoscope software program appeals to those who like astrology.

Idea Management Software

An idea management software helps you organize your ideas. You design the software to help users organize their thoughts or even one-liners.

Why it could work:

The problem with ideas is some people forget them easily.

You can level up your program with additional features like a doodle pad and a speech-to-text feature to capture spontaneous thoughts.

Adding pre-set folders is also helpful for organizing ideas. For example, labeling folders with tags like Creative, Productive, and Personal can help users categorize their ideas as they come.

You can charge either a one-time fee for the app or earn through ads.

Social Media Scheduling Software

A social media scheduler helps schedule content in advance. Users can work once and schedule posts for a later date and time.

Why it could work:

You can add more to the standard social media scheduler, like a repurposing feature. This can help users create content only once and let the program share it on other social media platforms.

You can also add features to repurpose content in the dimensions fit for the content. This way, not only can users create scheduled posts, but they can also save more time repurposing content.

Meal Planner Software

A meal planner records meals, calories, protein, and other nutrition-related information. This helps users track their food and reach their health or weight targets.

Why it could work:

Aside from giving users a basic and standard meal plan, you could add suggestions to their meal plan. A checklist feature can also come in handy for users to know if they’ve followed the plan.

If users do not follow the plan, the software can automatically modify the next meal plans to help them hit their targets.

You could also add an input option for users to indicate their targets. After this, you can run an equation that automatically modifies suggestions to help users hit their targets.

meal planner records meals, calories, protein, and other nutrition-related information.

Influencer Reporting Software

This RSS feed lets users follow their favorite influencers or personalities across different platforms. The software gives automatic notifications for consistent updates from these influencers.

Why it could work:

You can create this software that aggregates information in one feed. This may include posts, news, or content from social media platforms.

You can also add an option to give notifications via pop-ups, SMS, or emails. This will keep users who are very invested in certain influencers updated 24/7.

Health Inspection Software

This is a software program that helps health inspectors do their job. It can turn their regular to-do list into an app or software that is easier to fill in.

Why it could work:

You can create software that lets helps health inspectors do their job. This can include turning questions into checklists.

You can also add a photo option for specific sections. Instead of saving photos separately, users can save images for a particular point within the section itself.

Meditation Software

Meditation software helps people with meditation tips and techniques. It provides guides, mantras, and audio to support users’ mindfulness journeys.

Why it could work:

You can create separate software for a specific niche or type of meditation. For example, you can focus on transcendental meditation to capture a more solid market.

Aside from that, you can add extra features like audio guides, readings, and a notepad for users to share their thoughts.

Meditation software helps people with meditation tips and techniques.

Data Leakage Detection Software

Data leakage detection software is a great way to help businesses know their risks and security gaps. It sends notifications whenever the software detects a leak in data.

Why it could work:

Detection is the first step to fixing a problem. Once you identify the issue, you can deploy a solution.

You can use data leakage detection software as promotional software for other services. Since it can detect the leak, it allows you to sell other software to fix the problem.

If you have experience as a cybersecurity startup, you can effectively make this software.

The Bottom Line

I’ve talked about some of the best software ideas for 2023. Some may require a considerable investment, while others are quite easy to make.

Don’t hesitate to use these ideas and build on them. You can take an idea, modify it, and make it better.

If you plan to build software for Gen Z, check out our article on the most significant Gen Z statistics.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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