The 8 Best eBay Inventory Management Software

If you are an eBay seller, you know that inventory management for eBay can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if you have many items for sale.

That’s where eBay inventory management software comes in.

This software can help you track your inventory and ensure you always have enough stock.

In this guide, I have reviewed and ranked the best inventory management software for eBay sellers.

I’ll also provide tips to help you select the right one for your business needs!


3Dsellers has an efficient bulk listing feature for eBay sellers with many items to list. (previously ecomdash) supports multiple sales channels, including major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, perfect for multi-channel selling.

seller dynamics

Seller Dynamics is perfect for keeping track of inventory if you have multiple warehouses and sell across various channels.

export your store

Selling on eBay and Amazon is effortless with ExportYourStore’s automation and synchronization features.


Seller Active is an excellent option if you want to use bundle creation as a strategy to get ahead of your competitors.

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What Is eBay Inventory Management Software?

Good inventory management is essential if you’re running an eBay business.

Without an efficient system for tracking your stock and knowing when to buy or sell products, you’ll quickly find yourself struggling.

You won’t be able to meet customers’ demands and will likely be running out of stock at the worst possible moment.

eBay inventory management software makes it easier to track your stock levels, plan and execute sales campaigns, and optimize your profits.

Additionally, some inventory management tools include features such as:

  • Pricing optimization
  • Automatic upselling
  • Automatic order processing
  • Automatic feedback generation


These help you price your products competitively to attract more sales.


The Best eBay Inventory Management Software

Now, let’s dive into the top software solutions for eBay sellers.

out of 10

Omar's Take

3Dsellers Inventory Manager is one of the best software for inventory management.

It helps you manage inventory and analyze your eBay business, so you can make quick decisions about when and how much to buy.

It automates common tasks like re-listing items and tracking inventory levels to streamline the fulfillment process. You also get fast and reliable support with any issues you may encounter.

  • Best For eBay sellers with many items to sell
  • Price Starting at $16/mo
  • Annual Billing Starting at $12/yr
  • Promotion Free trial

3Dsellers Inventory Manager’s adaptability, efficiency, and ease of use make it an ideal choice for eBay sellers. Whether you run a large company or are just starting out, it can handle your business needs.

Its features include:

  • Bulk editing
  • Advanced filtering options
  • Automatic re-listing of products
  • Compatibility with excel files
  • Controls for scarcity levels


Thanks to this user-friendly application, an analysis of your inventory level variations is always available. It also saves a record of inventory activity.

You can also configure email notifications for low-stock alerts for both your warehouse and the products you‘ve listed.

It’s also entirely compatible with other 3Dsellers tools.

These tools email customers to cross-sell items, remind them to leave a review, and notify them of other things like shipping status.

Key Features

  • Conceals your actual inventory while displaying any quantity you want
  • Inventory alerts to notify you of low inventory levels and other aspects
  • Bulk upload listings using a CSV file
  • SEO to increase listings traffic



  • Some users report that the software can be buggy or unreliable at times.


Pricing Plan

3Dsellers Inventory Manager has three pricing tiers:

  • Essential: $16 monthly
  • Professional $20 monthly
  • Growth: $25 monthly
out of 10

Omar's Take

Ecomdash is one of the best options for eBay sellers who engage in multi-channel selling. It allows for precise real-time inventory updates 24 hours a day across infinite channels for your products.

From your marketplace to the sales on your eCommerce website, you can manage all your sales channels on a single platform.

  • Best For eBay sellers who sell on different platforms
  • Price Starting at $25/mo (for paid plans)
  • Annual Billing Starting at $300/yr (for paid plans)
  • Promotion Free 15-day trial

For multichannel inventory control, Ecomdash is a fantastic option. It provides a simple control system for inventory across numerous marketplaces.

With features like bulk updates, advanced filtering choices, listing profiles for each sales channel, and more, this program addresses the needs of multichannel sellers.

It also includes a special inventory mapping system for tracking products based on their SKUs.

To prevent overselling, it synchronizes order and inventory levels throughout marketplaces.

For dropshipping businesses, Ecomdash is fantastic since it allows you to set up automatic rules for sending sale orders and fulfillment information to suppliers.

You can also automatically send your customers tracking information and order status updates.

Key Features

  • Multichannel inventory sync
  • Centralization of sales channels
  • Order management through several warehouses, from printing shipping labels to rerouting new orders
  • Multi-channel listing



  • Some users report that the software can be difficult to learn, especially for beginners.


Pricing Plan

Ecomdash has five pricing tiers:

  • Freemium: $0 up to 30 sales orders monthly
  • Pro-25: $25 up to 100 sales orders monthly
  • Pro-75: $75 up to 500 sales orders monthly
  • Pro-175: $175 up to 2,000 sales orders monthly
  • Pro-350: $350 up to 10,000 sales orders monthly
out of 10

Omar's Take

Seller Dynamics is perfect for eBay sellers who use multiple warehouses and sell across various channels.

It provides production reports for your items’ location, state, and quantity. It helps you determine trends in sales management, like what’s selling and what’s not.

You can also quantify profit, returns, and shipping costs, among other things, based on that metric.

  • Best For eBay sellers with multiple warehouses
  • Price Starting at $120/mo
  • Annual Billing Starting at $1440/yr
  • Promotion Free trial

Online eBay sellers who want to prevent overselling should use Seller Dynamics.

The best platforms for this tool are Amazon and eBay, although it also works with Shopify and FNAC.

It has advanced features like:

  • Efficient order processing
  • Precise stock management
  • Repricing in real-time
  • Fulfillment systems


One of its strengths is its capability for quantity control throughout different marketplaces and automatic re-listing of your inventory.

It also quantifies returns, profits, and losses in addition to shopping expenses.

Aside from that, it has a method for controlling the products in multiple warehouses, enabling timely and accurate listing.

If you have inventory lists ready with prices, Seller Dynamics offers a variety of tools for managing your inventory and providing beginning support.

Key Features

  • Auto relisting to determine the available stock and ship the correct item
  • Product inventory management that’s especially useful for stores with multiple warehouses
  • Quantity management to track orders across different channels of distribution
  • Production reports for your items’ location, state, and quantity
  • Tools that enable efficient order processing, real-time repricing, and fulfillment for a streamlined ecommerce experience



  • Some users have reported issues with system performance.


Pricing Plan

Seller Dynamics has four pricing tiers:

  • Small Biz: $120 monthly
  • Standard: $200 monthly
  • Standard+: $300 monthly
  • Advance: Custom price
out of 10

Omar's Take

ExportYourStore excels at assisting businesses in selling on leading eCommerce platforms, especially on eBay and Amazon.

With this software, you can easily automate and synchronize your products and updates in various marketplaces.

  • Best For eBay sellers who sell on Amazon
  • Price Starting at $29/mo
  • Annual Billing Starting at $276/yr
  • Promotion Free trial

With the help of the unique inventory management system ExportYourStore, eBay sellers can easily transition to multichannel selling.

It’s especially useful for eBay sellers who also sell products on Amazon, although it’s also compatible with Etsy, Shopify, and eBid.

Assembling ASIN numbers and assigning SKUs allows ExportYourStore to ensure that your eBay listings adhere to Amazon’s specifications.

Furthermore, you can reprice products on various marketplaces.

This software also completely synchronizes and updates your product quantities.

It also supports all product categories and product types.

Key Features

  • Inventory management across various marketplaces.
  • Auto-adjustment and syncing upon a sale to prevent overselling
  • Auto-import and listing of data from your chosen store to maintain synchronization in all your channels
  • Adaptability to rules in different marketplaces



  • Some users have reported slow loading times or system freezes.


Pricing Plan

ExportYourStore has four pricing tiers:

  • Starter: $29 monthly
  • Growth: $59 monthly
  • Business: $99 monthly
  • Enterprise: $249 monthly
out of 10

Omar's Take

Seller Active is an excellent option if you want to use bundle creation as a strategy to get ahead of your competitors.

It also resolves out-of-stock and overselling issues with its multi-channel inventory syncing features.

  • Best For eBay sellers who want to offer bundles
  • Price Custom pricing
  • Annual Discount Custom pricing
  • Promotion Free 14-day trial

Across various selling channels, Seller Active’s multiple-channel eCommerce inventory manager automatically synchronizes quantity levels.

Their bundle creation or multipack option, which allows updating of items even if sold separately, is one of their best features.

Managing inventory in packs is much simpler as a result.

Seller Active also provides services such as repricing capabilities, listing management, and ASIN creation.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel inventory syncing
  • Organizes numerous warehouses
  • Controls types of order fulfillment
  • Utilizes shipping integrations or cross-channel fulfillment to meet customer demand from your warehouses



  • Adding variations to existing product lines may be a challenge.


Pricing Plan

  • Custom pricing
out of 10

Omar's Take

SKU Labs streamlines shipping options and integrations with major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. It saves time and reduces errors by utilizing barcode-based pricing and shipping.

  • Best For Businesses with multiple shipping carriers
  • Price Starting at $499/mo
  • Annual Billing Starting at $5988/yr
  • Promotion N/A

SKU Labs is an inventory management and order fulfillment program with integrations to all the leading marketplaces.

It provides you with an instant inventory of each one of your products and keeps track of it in real time.

Barcode scanning and multiple warehouse management enable more precise location and return information.

This software also processes labels and shipping from just about any shipping courier.

This minimizes the errors and time in shipping by saving the different types of methods and automating the processes.

Key Features

  • Inventory management and synchronization
  • Multi-carrier shipping
  • Barcode-based pricing
  • Generates purchase orders to different distributors


  • Does not have full functionality on some of the features
  • Expensive paid plans


Pricing Plan

SKU Labs has three pricing tiers:

  • Basic: $499 monthly
  • Pro: $799 monthly
  • Enterprise: Price upon request
out of 10

Omar's Take

Do you operate from more than one location? You can enable multiple warehouses with Zoho Inventory’s advanced physical inventory management features.

That way, the software automatically knows where to get inventory for your eBay store. Its integrated CRM and eBay accounting software also gives you a complete view of your eBay sales.

  • Best For Enterprises with complex inventory needs
  • Price Starting at $79/mo (for paid plans)
  • Annual Billing Starting at $708/yr (for paid plans)
  • Promotion Free plan, free 14-day trial

Available on the Google Play and App Store, Zoho Inventory is a tool for managing your eBay inventory.

It enables sellers to communicate continuously and receive real-time updates regarding the status of orders.

Additionally, Zoho Inventory has a warehouse management system that produces reports and manages transfers between warehouses. It also tracks stock levels.

Since it supports multiple channels, you can also link your Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy accounts.

You can manage various shipping rates and integrate with the biggest shipping couriers.

Key Features

  • Warehouse management
  • Integration with popular marketplaces like Shopify, eBay, Amazon, or Etsy
  • Monitoring orders: You can manage orders using the order management system.
  • End-to-end monitoring using batch ranking and serial numbers
  • Shipping integrations
  • CRM and accounting software features and integrations


  • Some users may need help navigating the interface.

Pricing Plan

Zoho Inventory has six pricing tiers:

  • Free: $0 monthly
  • Standard: $79 monthly
  • Professional: $129 monthly
  • Premium: $199 monthly
  • Elite: $299 monthly
  • Ultimate: $399 monthly
out of 10

Omar's Take

Brightpearl is a good software for inventory management because you can have it tailored to your needs.

Its automatic functionalities simplify order management, freeing you from having to perform all routine jobs related to order management for multi-sales channels.

  • Best For All types of eBay sellers
  • Price $375.00/month for 3 users
  • Annual Billing Custom Quote
  • Promotion N/A

BrightPearl is an inventory management solution that provides real-time information on order status and performance, so you can make quick decisions about your inventory.

It gives you updates on your inventory in real-time and financial reports so you can quickly analyze paid, shipped, and invoiced orders.

BrightPearl also has an automated inventory demand planning feature to assist you in deciding how much stock to buy each month.

This feature creates reorders, locates overstocked SKUs, and compares your performance to pre-established standards.

Lastly, you can integrate it with other significant marketplaces, including Walmart, Magento, Shopify, Amazon, and others.

There are also a couple of eBay fulfillment partner alternatives, allowing sellers to select the most appropriate one.

This inventory management software automates many tasks typically associated with inventory management, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Key Features

  • An easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to manage your eBay business inventory
  • Automated order processing
  • Multi-channel fulfillment of orders
  • Business intelligence and reporting features to gain a thorough understanding of sales channel performance
  • Centralized system for monitoring multiple online sales channels in one place
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Does not export entire product lists
  • Too many steps in some processes

Pricing Plan

Customized pricing

Benefits of Using eBay Inventory Management Software

eBay inventory management software allows eBay sellers to devote more time to other essential aspects of the business. Here are some of its benefits:

Increased Efficiency and Organization

eBay inventory management software enables sellers to quickly track their stock and sales.

This gives them a clear overview of their business at all times.

This can help streamline their processes and make better decisions about managing their inventory, leading to increased efficiency and profits.

Better Customer Service

Inventory management software for eBay provides an accurate and up-to-date overview of your stock.

You can then quickly and efficiently respond to customer requests and fulfill orders.

This will help you provide better customer service and build long-term customer relationships.

Improved Sales Performance

As mentioned earlier, eBay inventory management software makes it easier to manage your inventory and respond quickly to customer requests.

This translates to more sales and bigger profits over time, giving you more resources to grow your business.

Saving Time and Money

The automation that eBay inventory management software results in savings in terms of both time and costs.

You’ll also have more energy to devote to marketing and other aspects of your business.

Choosing the Best eBay Inventory Management Software

There are many different eBay inventory management software tools available on the market today.

When choosing one, it is essential to consider these factors:

  • Ease of use: The software should be intuitive and easy to use, with a simple interface to track your inventory and manage orders efficiently.
  • Functionality: The software should offer a wide range of features for optimizing your inventory management, including tools for order management, warehouse management, and shipping.
  • Customer support: Look for a software provider that offers reliable customer support, so you can get help and troubleshooting advice whenever you need it.
  • Automation capabilities: Advanced automation features can help you to reduce your workload and save time when managing your inventory.
  • Cost: The cost of eBay inventory management software can vary, so it’s important to carefully consider your budget before purchasing.

The Bottom Line

Successful eBay sellers know how to keep track of eBay inventory in the most intelligent way possible—with the help of an inventory management program.

There are many options in the market, so it’s crucial to carefully research your choices before deciding on the right program for your needs.

Hopefully, this guide has helped show you the pros and cons of the leading software in the market.

Learn more on how to sell on eBay to build a successful business.

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