Does Sonic Take Apple Pay?

does sonic take apple pay

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Sonic Drive-In is a popular fast-food chain in the United States known for its delicious burgers, shakes, and fries.

With the rise of digital wallets and contactless payments, many consumers are looking for ways to quickly pay for their food.

One popular payment option is Apple Pay, a secure and convenient way to make purchases using your Apple device.

The question is: Does Sonic take Apple Pay?

The short answer is Yes.

I wrote this article to show you how to use Sonic Apple pay and other payment methods you can use at Sonic.

Let’s start.

What Is Sonic Drive-In?

does sonic take apple pay

Sonic, or Sonic Drive-In, is an American fast-food restaurant established in 1953.

This chain engages customers with its entertaining serving method. Carhops serve customers that skate around serving food at Sonic.

There are over 46 Sonic locations and about 3,550 restaurants in the United States.

Other menu items available at this restaurant include onion rings, chili and corn dogs, breakfast toaster sandwiches, soft drinks, milkshakes, slushes, floats, sundaes, and more, in addition to hamburgers and fries.

All you have to do when you get to Sonic is proceed to the drive-in station and then make your order over the intercom. One of the carhops will bring your order to you after you place it.

Does Sonic Take Apple Pay?

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Wondering if a fast-food restaurant like Sonic will accept Apple Pay?

The answer is: Yes. Sonic accepts Apple Pay.

Customers can use Apple Pay to pay at Sonic. In November 2019, Sonic made Apple Pay available to its customers.

Sonic Drive-In entices customers to use Apple Pay by providing discounts and launch promotions.

You can use this payment option to pay for both your in-store and online orders. You only need an Apple device and an Apple Pay account to benefit from this payment option.

How To Set up Apple Pay on Your iPhone

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To use Apple Pay at Sonic, you must prepare your Apple device for fast payments.

You may set up Apple Pay by following these instructions.

  1. Navigate to your device settings and select Wallet & Apple Pay.
  2. Tap the Add Card button to connect your credit or debit card to your Apple Pay account. Any card you select will be your default payment method when using Apple Pay.
  3. For a successful link, choose the payment method and fill in the necessary information.
  4. If you accept Apple Pay’s terms and conditions, it will successfully verify your card.
  5. You can now pay for Sonic quickly and easily with Apple Pay.

How To Use Apple Pay at Sonic Drive-In

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Using Apple Pay at Sonic Drive-in is simple because of NFC (near-field communication) and RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies.

It provides a lot of versatility by allowing users to pay with Apple Pay at Sonic drive-thrus using the face ID feature, the Sonic app, or both.

How To Use Apple Pay In-store or With the Sonic App

Here’s how to make Apple Pay payments using the Sonic App or the check-in counter.

  1. Pick up your food at Sonic, then proceed to the check-in counter and request the NFC reader.
  2. Verify that you have linked your debit or credit card to your Apple pay wallet. Additionally, ensure that you are logged in with your Apple ID to use Apple Pay for transactions.
  3. On your Apple device, access Apple Pay.
  4. Choose the card you want to use for payment.
  5. The card reader scans your Apple device and verifies your payment.

Using the Face ID Feature To Pay

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Using face ID to use Apple Pay at Sonic is a straightforward process.

  1. Bring your meal to the Sonic Drive-In check-out counter.
  2. To verify your identity, open your Apple iPhone and use Face ID or Touch ID.
  3. At the checkout counter, choose the card you would like to use for payment.
  4. Scan for purchases using the Sonic contactless reader.

Why Use Apple Pay at Sonic?

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Apple and Sonic Drive-In have been collaborating to make it simple for customers to complete quick and advantageous transactions.

Thus, using Apple pay at Sonic drive-in restaurants has several advantages.


Paying for your order at Sonic is simple, quick, and convenient when using Apple pay.


You can receive 3% cashback if you buy using Apple Pay.

If you place an order with Sonic using Apple Pay, you can also take advantage of limited-time or seasonal incentives and rewards.


You can make payments securely and safely with Apple Pay. Apple Pay protects your card information and does not share it with the Sonic app or device.


You won’t need to carry cash, debit, or credit cards to make purchases because you’ll already have your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Additional Payment Methods at Sonic

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At Sonic, you may purchase tasty meals with various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.

To pay for your order, select one of these payment methods.


Sonic Drive-in accepts cash payments.

Cash can be a practical choice, although they are less suitable if you don’t have change.

Google Pay

Sonic also accepts Google Pay as a contactless payment method and Apple Pay. Using Google Pay at Sonic is the same as anywhere else in a shop or restaurant.

Credit or Debit Card

Credit and debit cards are other payment methods at Sonic. These fast-food restaurants take American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Sonic Gift Card

You can also use Sonic gift cards to buy your chosen hamburger from Sonic.

If your children frequently visit Sonic, gift cards are a good choice. Give them a gift card instead of a large amount of cash or your card.

Entering a gift card number is as simple as going to your Sonic account, tapping on payment methods, and selecting that option.

To redeem the rewards, enter the PIN and eGift Card number on the enter a gift card number option.


On occasion, Sonic gives discount coupons. If you visit Sonic, you can earn a coupon that you can use to make a purchase there.

But using a coupon will only let you cover part of the cost. Only a portion of the amount is acceptable as payment.

You must use coupons in addition to one of the following payment methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Sonic Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Sonic accepts Apple Pay, and they announced that the payment method would be available on November 2, 2019.

Can You Use Apple Pay at Sonic?

You can use Apple Pay at Sonic Drive-In, drive-thru, and Sonic app while ordering ahead for collection.

Apple Pay is also not subject to any additional fees in Sonic. If there are any fees, they will be the same as if you had used the card.

Can I Use the Apple Watch To Order on the Sonic App Using Apple Pay?

No, the Sonic app does not use the physical payment method of Apple Pay, which lets you click your phone or watch to pay.

Instead, Apple Pay now only supports Order Ahead orders on the Sonic app.

Can You Pay With Apple Pay for a Sonic Delivery?

Since Sonic doesn’t have its delivery service, you’ll need to use one of its partners, such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Postmates, all of which take Apple Pay.

The Bottom Line

Numerous advantages come with using Apple Pay to make purchases at Sonic Drive-In. Not only are your transactions made quick and easy, but they are also kept safe.

Bring your smartphone with Apple Wallet activated and drive to Sonic the next when you’re in the feeling to enjoy any of your diner favorites or new additions.

I hope my article helped answer the question, “Does Sonic take Apple Pay?”

The good thing about Apple Pay is that you can use it at other stores and establishments, not just fast-food chains like Sonic.

For instance, did you know that Target takes Apple Pay? Pharmacies like CVS take Apple Pay too.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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