What Is an Amazon Hub Counter? Complete Guide

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Package theft by scheming porch pirates is common among Amazon shoppers. And unfortunately, it’s a problem that many people still have to worry about when making Amazon purchases.

Thankfully, the retail giant has a program to securely deliver packages. Now, you can pick up Amazon packages at an Amazon Hub Counter or Amazon Hub Locker.

What is an Amazon Hub Locker or Counter, and how does one use it? Can I become a counter or locker provider?

I answer these questions and more in this complete guide to Amazon Hub Counters and Lockers.

What Is Amazon Hub Counter vs Locker?

amazon hub counter

What are Amazon Hub Lockers, and how does Amazon Hub Locker work? Can I set up an Amazon drop-off locker?

The Amazon Hub Counter program started in the United States in 2019. It’s an extension to the previously existing Amazon Hub Locker program, which has also grown in usage over the years.

This program lets local businesses act as Amazon Hub Counters; whole foods stores, grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores. As a secure location with an assigned custodian, customers have an alternative to home delivery.

How does an Amazon Hub Counter work? Hub Counters accept shipments from Amazon and give shoppers a pickup code to present to a hub representative when they pick it up.

Amazon customers can head to an assigned delivery location to pick up their products.

This face-to-face contact adds a personal touch to the experience and lowers the possibility of porch pirates stealing parcels.

Amazon Hub Counter vs. Amazon Hub Lockers

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There are a few significant differences between Amazon Hub Counter vs. Locker.

The Amazon Hub program offers a physical counter location for Amazon shoppers to come and pick up their packages. There is staff present with this service, giving people face-to-face interaction at pickup locations.

An Amazon Hub Locker also serves as an Amazon order pickup location. The primary difference is that Amazon Hub Locker locations don’t have people covering the pickup location.

An Amazon Hub Locker acts as a self-service kiosk for people to pick up orders without interacting with another person. You can simply have your online shopping orders set to a locker location and pick up your Amazon package there.

Amazon Hub Lockers are self-service, meaning they’re open for package delivery pickup as long as the Amazon locker location is accessible.

You can get your item at an Amazon dropoff locker by entering a unique code sent to a customer upon online purchase.

You’ll have to check the business hours of the local store with an Amazon counter. That will also be the Amazon counter hours. You’ll only be able to pick up your orders during those times. However, Hub Counters provide more security and convenience.

You can often find self-service kiosks or lockers in apartment buildings, parks, and malls in easy-to-access areas for rapid pick-ups.

Amazon customers can pick the alternative that best suits their requirements. Whether you’re using an Amazon locker or counter location as a pickup site, they’re still much safer from people who steal packages from porch deliveries.

How Much Do Amazon Hub Cost?

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How much does Amazon Hub Locker cost? You’ll be glad to know that this comes at no additional cost to online shoppers. It costs just as much for online customers as any other delivery service on Amazon.

The same is true for Amazon pickup counters. You can get your product at an assigned counter with no extra fee.

How To Use Amazon Hub Counter or Locker

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If you want to learn how to ship to Amazon Locker packages, they’re fairly easy.

So to pickup your package quickly and securely using an Amazon Hub, you can follow these instructions when ordering products on Amazon:

  1. Add a product that qualifies for Amazon Hub pickup to your shopping cart.
  2. Log in to your Amazon account and click Proceed to Checkout.
  3. Before completing your checkout, search for a Pickup Point location you want to get your Amazon orders. You must search Amazon Hub Counter near me and find a nearby hub.
  4. You can look up an Amazon hub using a landmark, address, or zip code.
  5. Click Ship to this address.
  6. Finish the order.
  7. Get the six-digit code for your pickup.

Amazon will deliver your order to your designated pickup location. Once a delivery driver drops it off, you will receive an email or text message notification that you can now pick up your order.

Once you’re order arrives, here’s how you can pick it up.

For Amazon Lockers

Here’s how to use Amazon Hub Lockers that require a pickup code:

  1. Head over to the locker area.
  2. You may find the 6-digit pickup code and barcode in your delivery confirmation email.
  3. Key in your pickup code on the touchscreen display or use the Locker scanner to read the barcode. You’ll find the scanner directly underneath the Locker’s touch screen.

For pickup lockers that require a smartphone with the Amazon Hub app for Android or Apple installed:

  1. Head over to the locker area.
  2. In the email with your delivery confirmation, tap on the Start Pickup option. That button will bring you to the Amazon Shopping app’s Locker detail page.
  3. Give it a few seconds to load the Locker information screen for the app and automatically establish a Bluetooth connection with the Locker.
  4. Once linked, you may open the Locker by tapping the Open Locker icon in the app.

What Does the Amazon Locker Look Like?

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Spotting an Amazon locker at your pick-up location shouldn’t be difficult, as the assigned lockers often bear Amazon’s distinct branding.

Why Use a Hub vs. Home Delivery?

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Here are the benefits of using an Amazon hub pickup service over home delivery.

  • Customers can get their shopped items quickly thanks to Amazon Hubs. Amazon typically provides easily accessible pick-up sites nearer to your home or office.
  • Customers won’t have to worry about being home for delivery or Amazon delivering their order to the wrong address. They can pick up their items when convenient for them as long as they do so before the maximum hold time.
  • If you’re asking “is amazon locker safe?” you’ll be happy to know they’re extremely safe, especially from thieves and porch pirates. They also protect your Amazon package from damage caused by bad weather.
  • You can also hide packages from other family members you want to surprise with a gift.
  • Instead of getting a product delivered to your house, Amazon Hub Counters provide consumers with a more customized experience by allowing them to speak with a live staff member.
  • Customers can also return orders conveniently with Amazon Hubs because they can just leave the box at the pickup spot. We’ll talk about how you can profit afterward.
  • By picking up your package from a close-by location, you can receive their items faster than with standard home delivery.

Amazon Hub Counter: Essential Reminders

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Remember that not all Amazon products are eligible for pickup at an Amazon locker or counter.

Here are some requirements for you to be able to pick up your Amazon order at a hub.

  • The package’s delivery weight is below 10 pounds.
  • The item’s measurements don’t exceed 16 x 12 x 14 inches.
  • Amazon sells or delivers all the items.
  • The order must be less than $5,000.
  • There are no hazardous materials in the package.
  • There are no items from Subscribe & Save in the order.
  • There are no items from other countries.
  • There are no products for Release-Date Delivery in the order.

Here are the requirements for your Amazon order to be eligible for an Amazon locker pickup:

  • Amazon.com sells or delivers every item.
  • Nothing weighs more than 33 pounds or exceeds 36 x 24 x 24 inches.
  • Note that certain retail partners have more stringent restrictions.
  • There are no goods in the order that need special treatment.
  • There are no items from Subscribe & Save in the order.
  • There are no products for Release-Date Delivery in the order.
  • Be accessible for delivery in less than 24 hours.

Amazon Hub Hours

Most counters are open during the same hours as the shops that house them. For instance, the counter at a Barnes & Noble location will be open during the same hours as the bookstore.

Amazon Hub Max Hold

An Amazon Locker will only hold your Amazon deliveries for three business days. If you don’t pick it up, someone will pick up your order, and you’ll get a full refund. You can pick up your item within 14 days or less for Hub Counters.

How To Set up an Amazon Hub Counter or Locker

Becoming a locker or counter location has some great benefits for your business. You get additional foot traffic and increased brand awareness as people will most likely visit your store often to pick up orders.

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Placing a locker in your building could be a tremendous plus service for tenants if you’re an apartment complex.

Are you looking to learn how to become an Amazon Hub Counter or Locker?

Here are the Amazon Hub sign-up instructions:

  • Go to the Amazon Hub locker sign up page. Once you’re at the Amazon Hub sign up page, click on Partner With Us.
  • Fill out the Amazon questionnaire and provide accurate details about your location and contact information.
  • If Amazon sees you’re eligible, they’ll contact you and arrange to place a locker or hub in your business.

Amazon generally responds in around two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Is Amazon Hub Only for Amazon Packages?

Only Amazon customers are eligible for this service.

An apartment-based Amazon Locker is exclusive to those who live in that apartment. The general public can’t access that locker.

Can I Return Goods to a Hub Locker or Counter?

Yes. Amazon Hub Counter returns are possible.

If you’d like to return an item via a locker drop-off, you’ll get a code to type on the locker touch screen once you drop off an item.

If you opt for counter delivery, store staff will scan a QR code from you before accepting your product. You can find this QR code in the email address you use for your Amazon account.

Do I Get Paid for Hosting an Amazon Locker?

Amazon doesn’t pay Amazon Hub Counter locations to host a counter or locker, but other benefits make it worthwhile.

For instance, Amazon Hubs in grocery stores get more foot traffic, which could lead to people buying products before or after they pick up their Amazon orders.

Does Amazon Locker Ship Faster?

Delivery to Amazon Lockers frequently occurs earlier than deliveries to homes since you skip the sorting phase in the shipping process.

Amazon Lockers speed up and improve the delivery procedure.

The Bottom Line

Amazon offers handy and unique Hub Counter and Locker services to make package delivery and pickup quick and straightforward.

These alternatives provide a safe and secure method to receive your items, regardless of whether you want the personalized touch of a staffed Counter or the freedom of Amazon lockers.

To avoid inconveniences with Amazon deliveries, it’s also helpful to know Amazon’s delivery times.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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