Lowes Tool Rental: All You Need to Know to Rent Tools

lowes tool rental

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Working on DIY and improvement projects can be highly rewarding, especially with the right tools. Instead of spending a lot on tools you won’t use every day, rent tools at Lowes Tool Rental.

Do you need to rent a tiller? Lowe’s can provide you with one. Need a sod cutter rental? Lowes has one.

You’re in the right place if you’ve never rented tools at Lowe’s.

I wrote this guide to teach you all you need to know about renting tools and equipment at Lowe’s for your next home improvement project.

What Is the Lowes Tool Rental Service?

Lowe’s is one of the biggest players in the home improvement industry, and many stores provide a tool rental service.

The Lowe’s tool rental department is the perfect place to rent commercial-grade equipment and power tools. They also provide construction, lawn care, and concrete tools, among many others. Lowe’s has tool rental departments nationwide.

Choosing to rent tools to complete home improvement projects can help you save money, time, and effort, especially if you:

  • Only use these tools once in a blue moon.

  • Don’t have the budget to buy the tool.

  • Don’t have the storage space for these tools.

  • Don’t want to maintain the tools and equipment yourself.

How Lowe’s Tool Rental Service Works

How does a typical Lowe’s tool rental service operate? Here’s how the Lowe’s equipment rentals work.

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  1. Find a Lowe’s near you that provides tool rentals. Remember, not all Lowe’s locations provide tool rentals.

  2. You choose a tool to rent. Head to the Lowe’s website and choose the tool or tools you want to rent.

  3. You choose a rental period. Choose the dates you’ll need the tools.

  4. You check out or pick up the tool. After receiving the rental request confirmation email, go and check out and pick up the tool.

  5. You return the tool on the agreed-upon date. Return the tool to Lowe’s after using it.

What Tools Can You Rent at Lowe’s?

You have various commercial-grade tools, cleaning solutions, protective equipment, construction equipment, outdoor equipment, and flooring tools.

Here are common categories and the most popular tools that pro and DIY customers can rent at Lowe’s.

Aerial and Earth-Moving Equipment

Aerial LiftsAugersTrenchers
37’ Towable Boom Lift6′ Teletube Flexicore Closet AugerBarreto 24 inch Track Trencher
Drivable Scissor Lift with TrailerOne-Man AugerMicro Trencher
50 ft. x 1/2 in. Manual Drain AugerTrencher Carrier
One-Man Towable AugerMini Chain-Type Trencher
Two-Man AugerEZ Bed Edger

Construction Equipment

Concrete ToolsDemo EquipmentGeneral ConstructionLadders and Scaffolding
Cement MixerHex BreakerAluminum BendingStepladder
Concrete GrinderHex Brute BreakerMagnetic Retrieval ToolExtension Ladder
Concrete Grinder with ShroudRotary HammerMetal DetectorLeveler Aluminum Ladder
Concrete SawHex Sheath Points and ChiselsSafety BarricadeDrywall Scaffold

Outdoor Equipment

Climate ControlLawn CarePressure WashersTrailersTree Care
Air ScrubberHydraulic TillerPressure WasherUtility TrailerTelescoping Pole Saw
Carpet BlowerRakeDual Pressure WasherSingle Axle Dump TrailerTon Log Splitter
Backpack SprayerAeratorSoft Wash SystemTandem Axle Dump TrailerBrush Chipper
Handheld SprayerWalk-behind BlowerSurface CleanerElectric Chainsaw
FansTow SpreaderGas Chainsaw
FoggerGoat AeratorTowable Stump Grinder
Brush Cutter
Brush Mower

Power Tools and Welding

FastenersPortable PowerPower ToolsWelding
Angled Finish TrailerPower Transfer BoxBrushless HammerWelder/Generator
Adjustable Floor NailerWatt InverterBevel Miter SawWelder
Trigger-pull Floor NailerGeneratorRecip Saw
Framing NailerDrill Mixer
Coil Roofing NailerAbrasive Cut-off Saw
And more

Flooring and Miscellaneous

Floor CarePaint and Dry WallPlumbing and PumpsTile SawsMaterial Handling
Floor ScraperAirless Paint SprayerPEX Clamp ToolBridge SawContreactor Lift
Vinyl Floor RollarDrywall LiftBold CuttersTile Saw with StandTon Bottle Jack
Floor MaintainerTexture SprayerManual Train AugerMasonry SawCurb Ramp
Floor PolisherWallpaper SteamerChain Pipe CutterPortable Tile SawAppliance Dolly
Hot-water Carpet ExtractorHandheld Airless Paint SprayerPipe ThreaderPower Mud MixerCabinet Lift
Carpet CleanerHopper GunSubmersible Dewatering PumpTile CutterFolding Ramp Set
Carpet Seaming IronAnd moreConvertible Ramp Truck

How To Rent Tools at Lowe’s

If you plan to rent tools at your nearest Lowe’s, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you start.

1. Read the Terms and Conditions.

You should know the terms and conditions of Lowe’s stores before you rent their equipment to avoid additional unwanted fees.

Here are some terms and conditions you should know.

  • You need to follow the rental period to avoid late return fees.

  • Some tools require a deposit that you’ll get back after returning the tool in good condition.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to rent equipment at Lowe’s

  • You will incur other charges if you return the item in a different state or condition.

Rental Period

Must return within the rental period to avoid fees


Some tools require a deposit

Required Age

At least 18 years old

Item Condition Upon Return

Clean and in the same condition it was before the rental

Other Charges

Charges apply to late returns or damaged tools

2. Choose a Tool To Rent.

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Look for the tool you want to rent from your local Lowe’s. Head to Lowe’s rentals page and see what tools you can pick up.

Before renting tools, check and confirm the size of the equipment to see if it will fit in your car. Otherwise, you’ll need to borrow or rent a bigger car when picking your tools up.

3. Reserve Online.

Once you’ve selected your tool, you can make your reservation online. Click on the tool you want to rent and choose the rent dates.

If the tool isn’t available, you’ll have to choose another Lowe’s location or different dates.

If available, you can check the tools out by clicking Add to Cart.

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Review your cart and click Get Estimate.

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Review your rental quotation. You might also want to buy items to accompany rental tools so you can use the tool efficiently. For instance, a Lowes nail gun rental should probably include nails that meet the designed specs.

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4. Pick Up Your Rented Tools.

Head to the designated Lowe’s store on your rental start and pick up your rental. Bring a valid photo ID and credit card when picking up your Lowes rental equipment.

You must also present a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance if renting towable or drivable rentals. For curbside pickup, you can contact the indicated number.

5. Return the Rented Tool on the Designated Date.

Return the rented tool on the last day of your designated rental period. You must return the equipment with a full gas tank if it requires fuel. The tool must also be clean.

Don’t forget to bring your receipt when returning an item.

What If I Still Need the Tool?

Lowes is happy to give extensions if possible. You can call the local rental associate and ask for an extension. Lowe’s will give you a payment adjustment for the added dates.

How Much Does Lowe’s Tool Rental Cost?

What will it cost to get Lowes rental tools? It depends on the tool you want to rent and how long you need it. Here are some examples of the most common tools used and their rental rates.

  • Lowes auger rental – $60 for 4 hours (One-man Auger)

  • Lowes aerator rental – $69 for 4 hours (Billy Goat Aerator)

  • Lowes paint sprayer rental – $26 for 4 hours (Handheld)

  • Lowes lawn mower rental – $31 for 4 hours

  • Lowes dethatcher rental – $59 for 4 hours

  • Lowes floor sander rental – $43 for 4 hours

  • Lowes generator rental – $61 for 4 hours

  • Lowes wood chipper rental – $188 for 4 hours

  • Lowes jackhammer rental – $94 for 4 hours

  • Lowes stump grinder rental – $96 for 4 hours (Compact)

  • Lowes chainsaw rental – $35 for 4 hours

  • Lowes tiller rental – $51 for 4 hours (Mid Tine Tiller)

The shortest time you can rent Lowe’s tools is four hours. Your rental rates naturally increase as the rental duration does.

You can rent up to four weeks at a time.

Where Else Can I Rent Tools Aside From Lowe’s?

Lowes isn’t the only place for equipment rentals.

Here are some other places to rent tools:

  • United Rentals – This company is one of the biggest rental companies for equipment and tools, with over 1,400 locations in 49 states.

  • Home Depot – The famous chain of hardware stores also has equipment rentals in many of its 1,000 stores. There are also great how-to guides on their websites.

    Ensure you understand Home Depot’s return policy before buying or renting anything from the store to ensure you don’t waste time or incur unnecessary fees.

  • Herc Rentals – Herc has several DIY and home improvement tools and equipment rentals that you can book on their website or mobile app.

  • Menards – You can rent tools hourly or daily at Menards’ 350+ improvement stores.

  • Sunbelt Rentals – Sunbelt has outdoor tools and equipment for curbside pickup rentals. They also offer tool delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (H2)

What If I Damage the Tool?

If you damage any Lowe’s equipment during your rental period, stop using it immediately and bring it back to the store to get a replacement.

Inform the store of the damages. If there’s probable cause that you caused the damage, the store may charge you the applicable fees.

What Are the Operating Hours of Lowe’s Tool Rental?

Lowe’s rentals are available from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday, and 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Sundays.

Why Should I Rent Tools at Lowe’s Instead of Buying?

Here are several reasons why renting tools from Lowe’s is better than buying them.

  • If you only need the tool for a one-time project or occasional use, renting can be more cost-effective than buying.

  • Tools, especially larger power tools or equipment, require storage space. Renting tools means you can use them for your project and then return them, freeing up space in your home or garage.

  • Owning certain tools requires maintenance to keep them in good working condition. When you rent, you are not responsible for maintenance and repairs.

  • For those on a tight budget, renting allows access to high-quality, professional-grade tools for a fraction of the purchase price.

  • Renting allows you to try out a tool before investing in one.

  • For those looking to live a minimalist lifestyle or reduce clutter, renting is a way to access tools as needed.

What Else Can I Rent at Lowe’s?

Aside from Lowe’s tool rental options, you can also rent the following:

  • Carts and dollies

  • Trailers

  • Pickup Trucks

Does Lowe’s Rent Pressure Washer Equipment?

Yes. You can check out the various pressure washers and accessories on the Lowe’s website.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide taught you everything you need to know about renting equipment at Lowe’s.

The next time you need to rent equipment for a home project, you can confidently check out Lowe’s.

Prioritize safety when renting any equipment. Do your research and learn how to use tools properly before using them to ensure your safety, maximize the tool’s usefulness, and bring your project to life.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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