The Home Depot Return Policy: Everything You Need To Know

home depot return policy

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According to the Home Depot return policy (with receipt), you have 90 days to return most new, unopened items if you have your receipt.

If you paid for your item using a Home Depot Payment Method like a Home Depot Credit Card, the policy allows returns up to 365 days from the date of purchase (Home Depot return policy exceptions apply).

However, there’s more to Home Depot’s return policy, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Let’s begin.

The Home Depot Return Policy

What is Home Depot’s return policy? I’ll explain everything in this section.

You have 90 days from the purchase date to return your item to Home Depot if you have your receipt.

If you bought an item with your Home Depot Credit Card, Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, or Home Depot Commercial account, you’ll have up to 365 days to return it.

However, there are exceptions to the retailer’s 90-day rule. You can’t return certain items, like product samples or mixed paint.

Furthermore, some merchandise falls under special rules. For instance, the Home Depot plant return policy states that certain plants are eligible for return if they die or fail to flower within a specific time frame.

I created a table to help you determine whether your merchandise is eligible for return and how long you must return it.

Item TypeReturn WindowSpecial Conditions
General Goods90 DaysNew and undamaged
Home Depot Return Policy Appliances (Small)90 DaysNew and undamaged
Home Depot Air Conditioner Return Policy48 HoursCan only be returned if it arrives damaged or faulty
Home Depot Refrigerator Return Policy48 HoursCan only be returned if it arrives damaged or faulty
Home Depot Washer Return Policy48 HoursCan only be returned if it arrives damaged or faulty
Home Depot Grill Return Policy48 HoursCan only be returned if it arrives damaged or faulty
Home Depot Furniture Return Policy30 DaysNew and undamaged
Home Depot Holiday Return Policy90 DaysHoliday items may be refunded at a marked down price
Mattresses30 DaysNew and undamaged
Area Rugs30 DaysNew and undamaged
Generators30 DaysNew and undamaged
Gas Powered Equipment & Tractors30 DaysNew and undamaged
Consumer Electronics30 DaysNew and undamaged
Plants90 Days or 365 DaysFlower bushes, succulents, and houseplants can be returned within 90 days of purchase

Perennials, trees, tropical plants, and shrubs can be returned within a year of purchase

Plants that are bought online and arrive dead or damaged can be replaced for free within 3 days of delivery
Paint30 DaysPaint cans must be unused and unopened

Mixed paint cannot be returned
Home Depot Flooring Return Policy90 DaysSpecial orders incur a 15% restocking fee
Hazardous Materials30 DaysItems can only be returned in-person and not through mail

What Items Aren’t Eligible for Returns?

You can’t return items like a Home Depot gift card or utility trailers under the Home Depot Refund Policy. You also can’t return major appliances with no issues, whole house and stationary generators, and store credits.

Custom products such as custom blinds, custom floral arrangements, and cut flowers are also non-returnable and non-refundable. You can only return unmixed paint cans under the Home Depot paint return policy.

Can you return paint to Home Depot? Can you return stain to Home Depot? Yes, to both, but only if they’re unopened and not custom-tinted.

I created a Home Depot return policy exception list to help you determine whether you can return the following items.

Returnable ItemsNon-Returnable Items
General GoodsMajor Appliances that work as intended
AppliancesGift Cards
FurnitureWhole House and Stationary Generators
MattressesUtility Trailers
Area RugsCut Flowers & Floral Arrangements Labor
GeneratorsLabor, Delivery, or Installation Services
Gas Powered Equipment & TractorsProduct Samples
Consumer ElectronicsCustom Designed Products
Hazardous Materials

What Is the Home Depot Return Policy on Opened Items?

Home Depot’s policy officially states that items must be unopened and new.

Home Depot staff will accept returns unofficially if you’ve taken the item out of the box. Your chance to get a refund improves if you bring the original packaging, so don’t toss it out if you’re unsure you want to keep the item.

What about returning a used item?

Home Depot may take it back if you’re returning consumer electronics you only used once, and they don’t have cracked screens or broken parts. However, some managers are stricter than others, so your mileage may vary.

If you’re returning area rugs with stains or glaring bald spots, don’t expect to get a refund.

What Is the Home Depot Return Policy Without Receipt?

Home Depot returns without receipt are possible because stores keep records of credit or debit card purchases.

Your transaction can remain in Home Depot’s system up to 90 days after purchase. If you used a Home Depot Payment Method, your purchase stays in the system for up to a year.

What about items you purchased with cash? 

Home Depot has no way to trace and match cash transactions. Thus, stores can only refund non-receipted cash purchases through store credits or their lowest advertised prices.

Payment MethodHome Depot Return Policy With ReceiptHome Depot Return Policy  Without Receipt
Cash90 Days or 30 Days Based On Item Category30 Days, Store Credit Return or Lowest Advertised Price
Credit Card90 Days or 30 Days Based On Item Category90 Days or 30 Days Based On Item Category
Debit Card90 Days or 30 Days Based On Item Category90 Days or 30 Days Based On Item Category
Checks90 Days or 30 Days Based On Item Category90 Days or 30 Days Based On Item Category
Paypal90 Days or 30 Days Based On Item Category90 Days or 30 Days Based On Item Category
Home Depot Payment Method (Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, Home Depot Commercial Account)365 Days365 Days

What Is the Home Depot Return Without Box Policy?

Home Depot accepts most items without their original packaging if you return them within the return window.

However, some stores may be stricter on purchases bought at discounted prices. Don’t throw away packaging until you’re sure you’re keeping an item.

How To Return Products to Home Depot

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In-Store Return

You can walk into the nearest Home Depot location to return an item. The retailer accepts returns at 2,300 locations for in-store and online items.

Home Depot return hours are the same as the store’s opening hours. Check the Home Depot hours of your nearest store to ensure the location is open before dropping by.

Return via Home Pick-up

You can arrange a home pick-up through a Home Depot online return request if you’re too busy to drop by or returning heavy major appliances you can’t haul yourself.

Simply go to the Home Depot website and click the Return Items button. 

Once Home Depot approves an item for return, they’ll send you a shipping label to stick to your package. Delivery partners will pick it up at a scheduled date.

Note: Return shipping costs are non-refundable.

Alternatively, you can drop off the package at any UPS store or dropbox.

If you’re having trouble setting up the return, call Home Depot’s customer service at 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337) for assistance.

Return to the Home Depot Design Center

You can only return items you bought at a Home Depot Design Center to a Home Depot Design Center. Home Depot Design Centers won’t accept your return here if you purchased from the online store or one of their warehouse locations.

How Does Home Depot Credits Refunds?

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  • Original Form of Payment (Full Refund) Home Depot refunds the money to your payment method.

  • Product Exchange – You can replace the product with the same model under the Home Depot exchange policy.

  • Store Credit – Your purchase is refunded as store credit.

Note: The Home Depot refund time is two to ten days after you return the item.

Are There Any Restocking Fees?

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Maybe you ordered the wrong type of lumber for your house project, or the laminate flooring isn’t the color you thought it was.

Will Home Depot take these items back?

Yes, but for a price. Home Depot charges a restocking fee of 15% for special order returns because they also have to pay the original supplier to return the product.

Returns of general products, faulty tools, and other non-special-order items typically won’t incur a restocking charge.

Tips for a Hassle-Free Return Process

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Bring Your Identification.

Stores don’t usually ask for ID for returns with receipts, but bringing is always ideal.

If you lose your receipt, you must provide Home Depot with a driver’s license or any government-issued ID with a photo.

Sign Up for a Home Depot Credit Card.

A Home Depot Credit Card is a must-have for serial Home Depot shoppers. Aside from the occasional discount and access to flexible financing schemes, it also affords cardholders very lenient return terms.

Any purchase with Home Depot’s credit card will be returnable for up to 365 days, more than enough time to decide whether you made the right purchase decision.

Call Customer Support.

If you’re unsure about Home Depot’s return policies, contact a Home Depot associate and ask for help in several ways. 

  • SMS – Text SUPPORT to 38698

  • Primary Customer Service Hotline – 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337)

  • Fill out and send a Home Depot support form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Home Depot Deny My Return?

Yes. Returns are subject to approval, and Home Depot can deny a return, especially for items with obvious signs of wear and tear.

What Is Home Depot Return Policy After 90 Days?

Home Depot accepts most items for return within 90 days of purchase. For exceptions, refer to my table above.

Does Home Depot Have a Strict Return Policy?

Home Depot’s return policy isn’t as strict as other retailers. Many stores limit the return window to just 30 days. Home Depot allows returns for up to 365 days (depending on the payment method and item).

Is There a Limit to the No-Receipt Returns?

Yes. Home Depot will refund you based on your payment method. Cash users with no receipts will only receive store credit or a refund for the lowest advertised price.

How Do I Get a Refund at Home Depot?

Head to any Home Depot Store or initiate a return online. The retailer will refund you on the same payment method you used.

Can I Return an Item to Home Depot Without a Receipt?

Yes. You can return an item without a receipt if you return it within the allotted time frame (return policy exceptions apply).

Can I Return to Any Home Depot Store?

Home Depot accepts returns at all their stores, except items bought from Home Depot Design Center.

The Bottom Line

The Home Depot return policy affords a fair amount of wiggle room, especially if you’re a Home Depot Credit Card holder.

Don’t hesitate to use the info in my guide to determine whether you can return the item you bought and get a refund.

Like Home Depot, Walmart also sells tools, hardware, and other home improvement items. Check the Walmart return policy before buying to make informed shopping decisions.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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