What Is FedEx Signature Required? The Ultimate Guide

fedex signature required

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Have you ever received a FedEx package and wondered why delivery drivers sometimes require signatures and sometimes don’t?

The term “FedEx signature required” comes into play in these situations.

I wrote this guide to discuss FedEx’s various signature requirements and delivery options. You’ll discover how this popular courier ensures the secure delivery of your shipments.

Let’s get started.

Signature Requirements and Delivery Options: FedEx Signature Required and More

fedex signature required

Here are FedEx’s signature requirements and delivery options.

Adult Signature Required

For FedEx adult signature required, the delivery driver must obtain a signature from someone at the delivery address. The individual must be of legal age (no longer a minor) in the destination country.

This FedEx delivery signature option requires the individual providing the adult signature to present a valid government-issued photo identification customarily accepted in the destination country.

If no individual is eligible or available, FedEx will often reattempt delivery.

FedEx may ask for government-issued photo identification or other accepted forms of ID. If there’s no eligible recipient, FedEx will make another delivery attempt.

Note: Legal age or age of majority requirements vary by country, but in the US, the individual must be 21 years old and show a government-issued photo ID to sign for the package from FedEx.

Direct Signature Required

What is direct signature FedEx? Adult or direct signature: Are they the same?

No. Adult signature required differs from direct signature required.

If you have FedEx direct signature deliveries, an individual must be at the designated delivery address to sign for the FedEx delivery.

Someone at the delivery address must sign for the delivery. Direct signature deliveries are made to the address on the mailing label, not to an individual recipient. If no one is at the address, FedEx may reattempt the delivery.

Under direct signature required, the driver delivers the package to the address on the shipping label, not a specific individual.

If no one is available at the designated address, FedEx may reattempt delivery.

Indirect Signature Required

What is indirect signature FedEx?

Under indirect signature required, FedEx must obtain a signature from an individual at the delivery address or somewhere nearby. The signer can be a neighbor or building manager if the recipient lives in a condo or apartment complex.

In this situation, you can communicate with your building manager or next-door neighbor and ask them to sign for the package on your behalf.

As the recipient, you can also utilize FedEx Delivery Manager or FedEx Mobile to sign for your package electronically in advance, provided your package is eligible.

Signing for your package in advance authorizes FedEx to release your shipment at the designated address with no one present. The driver usually leaves your package in front of the recipient’s door.

FedEx No Signature Required

Does FedEx waive signature requirements? Yes.

There are many shipments FedEx delivers without getting recipients’ signatures. Delivery drivers may still try to obtain a signature from someone at the delivery address. If no one is present, the FedEx driver can leave the package in a safe place (preferably hidden from porch pirates) without getting your signature.

What Is a FedEx Door Tag and How Does It Work?

FedEx leaves a door tag at your address if you aren’t present on the delivery date.

Why Did FedEx Leave a Door Tag?

FedEx leaves a door tag to notify you that a delivery driver attempted to deliver your package, but you weren’t present. The driver may also use a door tag if they can’t find a safe place to leave your package.

Here’s what a FedEx door tag looks like.

Why Did FedEx Leave a Door Tag?

The door tag contains information to help you locate and claim your package.

Information on the door tag includes the following:

  • Door tag number (associated with your package’s tracking number)

  • Bar code or QR code that you can scan using the FedEx Mobile app

  • Signature release form

What Should I Do if FedEx Leaves a Door Tag?

All the information you need to locate your package is on your door tag.

Here are your options for locating your package.

  • Scan the bar code or QR code.

    1. Download FedEx Mobile on your mobile device (if you haven’t already), sign in to your account, and scan the bar code or QR code through the app.

    2. The app will give you information about your package and your delivery options.

  • Text FedEx your door tag number.

    1. Text follow and your door tag number (ex., follow DT1111 2222 3333) to 48773.

    2. Wait for FedEx’s instructions via text.

  • Call FedEx.

    1. Call FedEx at 1-800-463-3339 (1-800-GOFEDEX).

    2. Say, Track my package.

    3. Follow the automated prompts.

  • Track your package online.

    1. Go to the FedEx online tracking page.

    2. Enter your tracking number in the box.

    3. Click the TRACK button.

What Is the FedEx Door Tag Signature Release?

The back of your door tag contains a signature release form.

What Is FedEx Signature Release?

What Is the FedEx Door Tag Signature Release?

FedEx signature release is a convenient delivery confirmation service allowing a delivery driver to leave packages at your doorstep without requiring your signature.

This option is also ideal for those who can’t be present at the delivery address or prefer hassle-free delivery without a signature.

What Should I Do With the Signature Release (FedEx)?

You can fill out and sign the form at the back of the door tag to authorize a next-business-day redelivery attempt. However, only packages requiring indirect signatures are eligible for this option. 

FedEx Delivery Signature Options

FedEx Delivery Signature Options

Here are the FedEx delivery signature options available.

  • FedEx Signature Release – This option allows you to sign for packages in advance.

  • FedEx Hold at LocationHold at location lets you redirect your package to a nearby FedEx location for easy pickup.

  • FedEx Home DeliveryHome delivery allows you to schedule a specific delivery appointment for your package. Choose a convenient time slot that works best for you to receive your package in person.

What Happens if You’re Not Present To Accept the FedEx Signature?

You have the following options if you can’t be present for a FedEx signature.

  • Designate someone else.

    Can someone else sign for my FedEx package? Yes.

    You can authorize someone else to receive the package on your behalf. But they need to be present at the delivery address and provide identification.

  • Sign in advance.

    Use FedEx Delivery Manager to provide electronic authorization for the driver to leave the package at a specific location or with a neighbor.

  • Schedule a delivery appointment.

    Choose a convenient date and time for the delivery when someone will be available to accept the package.

  • Redirect the package.

    Have the package delivered to a FedEx store, a different address, or a nearby hold location for pickup.

How To Modify Your FedEx Signature Form via PDF

How To Modify Your FedEx Signature Form via PDF

You can easily modify a FedEx signature form online using a PDF format.

Go to the FedEx website or launch FedEx Mobile, locate the form, and edit your form digitally to save time and effort.

FedEx Signature Required Cost

Here are the costs of FedEx signature options.

FedEx Delivery Signature OptionsSignature Costs
Adult Signature Required$7.65
Direct Signature Required$6.35
FedEx Indirect Signature Required$6.35
No Signature RequiredNo Cost

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Leave a Note for a Signature Required Package?

Yes. You can leave a signed note that FedEx can take as proof and leave your package safely at the courier’s care.

Can You Tell FedEx To Leave a Package?

Yes. You can provide specific instructions to FedEx regarding package delivery preferences, like leaving it at a designated location or with a neighbor.

Can I Leave a Note for FedEx if a Signature Is Required?

Yes. You can leave a note (signed) for FedEx to take as proof.

Will FedEx Deliver a Package Without Signature?

Yes. FedEx offers options for delivery without a signature, depending on the specific instructions provided, and as long as there is a suitable secure location to leave your item.

How Many Delivery Attempts Will FedEx Make?

FedEx typically makes three delivery attempts for a package. After three unsuccessful attempts, they may hold or return the package to the sender. They will also leave a FedEx door tag to indicate the failed delivery.

What Happens if You Miss FedEx Delivery?

Your package will be ready for pickup as early as the day of your missed delivery attempt. If you do not pick up your package withinseven7 days, it will return to the nearest FedEx facility or shipper.

What Does “No Signature Delivery” Mean?

“No signature delivery” means the carrier will leave the package without getting a recipient’s signature, allowing for convenient delivery.

Does FedEx Charge for Signature Required?

Yes. FedEx charges $7.65 for Adult Signature Required, $6.35 for Direct Signature Required, and $6.35 for Indirect Signature Required.

How To Sign for FedEx Package Online?

FedEx can sign for packages online using the FedEx Delivery Manager platform.

When Does FedEx Require a Signature?

FedEx requires a signature for certain shipments based on value, contents, and the sender’s instructions or by FedEx’s policy.

Does FedEx Overnight Require Signature?

FedEx does not always need a signature for shipment delivery. Shippers select any signature requirement when they are creating a shipping label.

Does FedEx Require Signature All the Time?

No, FedEx does not always require a signature. It depends on the shipper’s discretion.

Does FedEx Leave Packages at the Door?

FedEx delivery practices vary, but they generally attempt to deliver packages to the recipient’s address or leave a FedEx indirect signature door tag for more instructions.

Do You Have To Sign for FedEx?

In general, yes. FedEx requires your signature. But it still depends on the specific shipment and the instructions provided by the sender.

Does FedEx Home Delivery Require a Signature?

FedEx Home Delivery may require a signature. This will vary on the sender’s instruction or as per FedEx policy.

How To Pre-Sign for a FedEx Package?

FedEx pre-sign works with FedEx electronic signature. You can access the FedEx Delivery Manager platform for your FedEx digital signature.

How Does Direct vs. Indirect Signature (FedEx) Differ?

Direct and indirect signature options with FedEx refer to whether the recipient or an authorized person must sign for the package.

How To Know if FedEx Requires Signature?

Check the FedEx tracking page online or contact FedEx customer service for specific details about your shipment.

Can a Minor Sign for a Package?

You must be at least the age of majority (not a minor) in the destination country to sign for a package.

The Bottom Line

FedEx Signature Required is essential for shipping valuable items. With its focus on secure and timely delivery, this service ensures peace of mind.

May this post also provide valuable insights into knowing this service’s benefits.

Don’t wish to experience any FedEx Operational delay to disrupt your important shipments. Make the smart choice for yourself and prioritize secure shipping with this service.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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