Top 15 Sites and Apps To Get Paid To Listen to Music

get paid to listen to music

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Are you a music lover who likes listening to up-and-coming artists and new genres? You can earn money from websites and music apps that pay you to review and rate songs.

I can help you if you want to listen to music for cash but don’t know where or how to start.

I developed a list of the top 15 platforms you can use to get paid to listen to music. I’ll also teach you how to make money listening to music through different platforms and side gigs.

Let’s begin.

Ways To Get Paid To Listen to Music

These are the apps and music websites where you get paid to listen to songs.

Note: Some music platforms require your contact details to receive surveys and questionnaires.

1- Cash4Minutes

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Cash4Minutes pays you to make calls and listen to radio programs. All you need is to set up your account and share your contact details, including your landline number. That way, you can receive your tasks.

After registration, you can choose from a list of Internet radio programs, each with a designated number you need to dial to make a review.

The payout period is around 35 days. However, you may need to wait as long as 50 days for international calls.

Cash4minutes listeners earn $0.08 per minute (on average) and cash out through a PayPal account and bank transfer. They also have the option to convert their earnings to Bitcoin and Amazon gift cards. The Amazon gift card’s balance can be transferred to a bank account.


  • Available worldwide

  • The paid tasks are easy and quick.


  • Low earning potential

  • You need to pay for some phone calls.

2- Current Rewards

current rewards homepage

Current Rewards is an excellent platform for reviewing Internet radio stations and listening to music for cash. It gives points you can redeem for cash via PayPal or gift cards from retailers like Starbucks, Amazon, and iTunes.

Although it’s free to set up your account, using the platform has a caveat: It caps your earnings to $600 (or worth of gift cards) a year.

Aside from listening to music, Current Rewards offers other side hustles.

  • Make money watching music videos and ads

  • Play games

  • Complete surveys


  • Free to register

  • You can record songs from your favorite online radio stations for offline listening.

  • Multiple ways to earn points


  • It caps your annual earnings to $600.

  • The mobile app may slow your phone down due to lock screen ads.

  • Low value-per-point rewards

3- Earnably

earnably homepage

Do you enjoy watching TV or listening to music? Earn money by checking out Earnably‘s tasks. This paid-to-do website pays you every time you complete assignments you’re eligible for.

The number of points you earn depends on each task. When you reach 225 points, which amount to $2, you can cash them out via PayPal or convert them to Bitcoin or gift cards from around 30 retailers, including Amazon.


  • Multiple ways to collect points

  • Low cash-out requirement

  • Listening to music is easy thanks to its user-friendly interface.

  • Free to sign up 


  • Low earning potential

  • Difficulty to qualify in some music-related surveys

4- FusionCash

Fusioncash homepage

If you want to review music for money, FusionCash is a great place to start because it offers multiple ways to earn, including music-related surveys, focus groups, and reviews.

Alternatively, you can make a few bucks by completing these tasks on this platform:

  • Shopping online

  • Taking surveys

  • Reviewing radio stations


  • Affiliate programs pay up to $ 100 per sale

  • Multiple ways to earn cash

  • $5 sign-up bonus

  • Generous referral program


  • Only available in the US and Canada

  • Low earning potential for most tasks

5- Music Gateway

music gateway homepage

Music Gateway is a UK-based site that helps music artists promote and distribute their songs on popular streaming websites, such as Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. It also needs professional listeners, or curators, to rate music for money.

According to its website, you can earn up to £800 (or around US$1,000) monthly listening to songs and reviewing music.


  • Secure site

  • Access to new artists and a wide range of music genres

  • Available worldwide


  • Low earning potential

  • Low acceptance rate

6- Music Xray

music xray homepage

Music Xray is a platform that allows musicians to submit and advertise their songs and grow their fanbase. Thus, it needs reviewers who can listen to and rate new tracks, helping artists understand their audience and improve their craft.

The site rewards you $0.10 for each song you review, which you can cash out through PayPal once you accumulate at least $20. Most recordings only last 30 seconds.


  • You can earn while supporting new artists and music composers.

  • Easy way to earn a few bucks

  • Available worldwide


  • Low pay

  • Only accepts PayPal account

  • High payout threshold

7- Nielsen

nielsen homepage

Nielsen is one of the most popular research companies that produce radio and TV ratings. If you like watching videos and listening to music, this survey site is a great place to turn your hobby into a side gig.

While the company does not disclose their payment for participation in surveys, some participants claim to receive $10 each month.


  • Listening to music is an interesting side gig.

  • Nielsen is a reputable company.

  • After installing the Nielsen app, you get a $50 welcome bonus (via gift cards or PayPal cash).


  • You need an invitation to review, rate, and listen to music for money.

  • Privacy issues

  • Limited earning opportunities

8- Playlist Push

playlist push homepage

Playlist Push is an app that pays you to listen to music and make a comprehensive review. Thus, it requires having an excellent ear for music and a flair for writing.

Compared with other platforms that pay users to listen to music, Playlist Push has a more rigorous set of requirements to become an eligible music reviewer.

  • You must have a public playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music.

  • You need at least 1,000 followers per playlist.

  • If you have fewer than 3,000 followers, your playlist should have at least 30 active listeners.

  • Your playlist should include songs from different genres and decades.

Once you qualify, you can earn between $15 per music review, depending on the number of your listeners and the activities you conduct. You’ll receive your payments via Transferwise or bank transfer.


  • Higher potential earnings

  • Intuitive interface

  • Instant payout when you write music reviews

  • Ideal for users with an established TikTok account


  • Strict requirements to become a music curator/reviewer

  • Requires a flair for writing reviews

  • No mobile app version

9- RadioEarn

radioearn homepage

RadioEarn is a platform that gives you points to play music and listen to Internet radio stations. You can convert these later into cash, Bitcoin, or Amazon gift cards.

Two ways to earn money from this site are:

  1. Sign up for an account and click the radio link.

  2. Add an API to your website’s homepage.

The second option is better if you have a site with excellent traffic or many followers or subscribers.

RadioEarn gives payouts every month through these payment options:

  • Amazon gift cards

  • Bank wire transfers

  • PayPal

  • Bitcoin


  • Get paid listening to radio programs

  • Earn points every 15 minutes for listening to music or radio programs

  • Ideal for someone who enjoys music, news, and other radio content.

  • Secure site

  • You can use its API to embed a radio station on your website.

  • Multiple payment options


  • It takes a long time to receive your payment.

  • Low rewards

  • Limited earning opportunities


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When you sign up for a account, you’ll receive an email every time you qualify to review music online. You’ll get Amazon gift cards if you accept and complete the task.

The platform is a music research company that helps stations understand their audience, especially their taste. Thus, you must listen to music to provide feedback or complete a survey.


  • Easy and interesting surveys

  • The intuitive mobile app works great on iOS and Android devices.


  • You can only receive a payout in the form of Amazon gift cards.

  • Only available in the US

11- SliceThePie

slicethepie homepage

SliceThePie is a platform that pays you to listen to and review new music tracks. You must share your demographic information to receive music samples based on your personal taste.

After signing up, you’ll receive random song recordings that usually last 60-90 seconds. Next, you have to submit a review and rating.

The amount you earn depends on your star rating and fee. On average, you’ll earn between two and 20 cents per review, which you can cash out once your earnings reach $10.


  • Easy to use

  • A fun way to find new songs


  • Low potential earnings

  • Only supports PayPal

  • Difficult to increase your star rating

  • High cash-out minimum

12- Soundhalla

soundhalla homepage

Soundhalla is a software development company that pays online users to listen to songs based on their preferences.

Install the app from the App or Play Store to start this side hustle. Next, set up an account and search for popular songs to earn gems, which you can convert to cash.


  • You can earn by sending a referral link to your friends.

  • You can withdraw once a week if you reach the payout threshold.

  • Receive $5 for each friend referral.


  • Low earning potential

  • Spamming the platform with poor feedback can lead to a lifetime ban.

13- Spotify  

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Thanks to its extensive library of songs, podcasts, and other audio content, Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming platforms. However, not many users know they can also monetize their playlists.

If you want to get paid to listen to music on Spotify, use music sites like Playlist Push and SoundCampaign.

These sites often pay $15 to $20 per song review, depending on the number of your followers and activities.

To qualify as a curator, you need a verified identity and own playlists with many organic followers.


  • Higher potential earnings

  • Access to an extensive library of songs from all kinds of genres


  • Playlist curators need to meet a strict set of requirements.

  • You must use another music site to earn money from your Spotify playlist.

14- Up-4ever  

up4ever homepage

Up-4ever differs from most apps and sites that pay people to listen to music online. According to the website, it pays users for uploading any type of files, as long as they don’t contain inappropriate content.

You’ll only earn if other people download the files you’ve uploaded. Another caveat is you can only earn when you reach 1,000 downloads, which is a difficult feat because of the site’s spammy ads.

The site pays $4 to $7 for every 1,000 downloads.

You can also earn extra cash through its referral program that gives you a commission every time a referral clicks the Premium Downloads instead of the Free Download.


  • Available in many countries

  • You can also earn from its referral program.


  • Spammy ads make it difficult to reach 1,000 downloads.

  • Difficult to earn

15- WeLocalize  

welocalize homepage

Unlike most platforms that need people to listen to and review songs for money, WeLocalize will pay users to type the song lyrics. Think of it as a transcription job where you work on song lyrics instead of speeches and conversations.

If you sign up for this platform, you’ll receive tracks to transcribe daily. You earn around $4 for each gig you complete.


  • It supports wire transfer, which is faster than bank transfer.

  • Sign up for a free account.

  • High potential earning, with some users claiming to earn $16 to $20 per hour


  • Only available in the US

  • It requires a good typing speed.

  • Payment rates vary significantly, depending on your accuracy and typing speed.

Other Ways To Get Paid To Listen to Music

Besides using apps and sites that pay for listening to music, music lovers like you can also earn money through the following methods.

Transcribe Song Lyrics.

If you have excellent listening skills and attention to detail, consider transcribing song lyrics as your side hustle. By converting music into written form, you earn cash and help with copyright protection and song licensing.

Try WeLocalize to earn money listening to your favorite music and transcribing it.

Join Focus Groups.

If you want to make money listening to music while helping the music industry at the same time, try joining music-related focus groups.

Companies use focus groups to gather relevant data to help them improve their products and services. They usually reward participants with cash or gift cards.

The surveys, interviews, or questionnaires you must complete as a focus group member group can last 15 to 30 minutes and pay between $30 and $50.

Do Freelance Gigs on Upwork.

If you’re a musician, you can use freelancing platforms like Upwork to offer consultation services, join live gigs, and write music-related content.

You may also want to try these other popular freelancing websites:

  • Guru

  • Fiverr

  • SoundBetter

  • AirGigs

Start a YouTube Channel.

You can earn ad revenue from overlay, video ads, and displays on your YouTube channel. You can also make money with YouTube Premium whenever a user watches your content.

Start a Music Podcast.

The music industry caters to a broad audience, so it’s important to identify your niche and incorporate your unique spin and style when starting a music-related podcast.

You may want to start by interviewing independent artists and music teachers. You can also request local bands to play music for your audience members.

With a music podcast, you can make money by getting advertisers to sponsor your platform or doing affiliate marketing.

Take Online Surveys.

Survey sites like InboxDollars and Nielsen allow music fans to earn cash by sharing their online activity, music preferences, and demographics. That way, these companies can collect data for market research purposes.

Give Feedback to Radio Stations.

You can earn extra cash by listening to music online and answering polls and surveys.

Radio stations use polls and surveys to understand their audience and assess their music preferences and ideal programming schedule. They also interview listeners to rate host performances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Get Paid Listening to Music?

Yes. To get started, download an app or visit a website that promotes artists and record companies. Next, accept the task, which typically includes writing your feedback or rating new songs or artists.

Where Can I Get Paid for My Music?

Although many platforms can help musicians monetize their skills, YouTube is arguably the best site to share your music and grow your fanbase. You can also earn passive income through Adsense and affiliate links.

How Do I Become a Professional Listener?

Begin your music education by learning chords, keys, and musical techniques. You can do this by setting aside time for undistracted music listening every day.

These are the other things you can do to hone your music listening skills and ultimately become a bona fide music curator or reviewer.

  • Discover new and interesting songs and genres.

  • Play specific parts of a song.

  • Practice isolating the sounds of bass, guitar, vocal, drums, etc. 

  • List down the features that you like and dislike in songs you hear. 

  • Attend music conferences and events.

  • Connect with artists, products, and other music industry professionals.

  • Build up your portfolio.

Where Can You Get Paid To Listen to and Review New Music?

Some apps and sites pay you to listen to music and review new songs. These are the most popular platforms you can check out:

  • Playlist Push

  • Music Xray

  • SliceThePie

Is There Any Career Where Your Job Is to Listen to Music?

Yes. Jobs listening to music are excellent side gigs you can try.

  • Music producer

  • Music librarian

  • Music journalist 

  • Music critic

  • Music supervisor

  • Music publisher 

  • Music talent scout 

Can You Get Paid for Making Spotify Playlists?

Yes. Playlist Push, SoundCampaign, and similar websites pay users with Spotify playlists with thousands of active listeners/followers.

The more people who listen to your playlist, the higher the earnings you’ll make. Meanwhile, you can use social media and other platforms to grow your subscribers.

The Bottom Line

You can turn your passion for music into a side hustle or even a viable source of passive income. However, most music sites and apps offer rates that won’t replace your full-time job.

Do it right, and listening to music can become a steady source of income that accumulates over time.

If you love binge-watching movies and TV shows, consider how you can get paid to watch Netflix.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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