How to Create a Bundle Listing on Amazon | Step by Step Guide

how to create a bundle listing on amazon

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Product bundles attract more customers and make them buy more products. However, you already have stiff competition from other vendors, and selling on Amazon is hard.

For products that cost less than $10, customers find themselves at crossroads whether they’ll push through with their purchase or not.

That’s because the cost of shipping the products is often more expensive than the items that they bought. And, more often than not, these customers end up not buying anything at all.

However, combining complementary products into a value pack makes you stand out from the crowd and make more sales.

You might assume Amazon product bundling is only for major brands, but it’s not true.

As a third-party seller, you can also create profitable Amazon bundles that will entice the customers to buy your products..

Once you leverage the products, create awareness, and promote a unique brand, more customers will choose your products over others.

Now, are you ready to know the best practices for how to create a bundle listing on Amazon?

I’ll help you learn how to create a product bundle on Amazon in this guide.

What Is An Amazon Product Bundle?

An Amazon product bundle listing is a pre-packaged kit that consists of complementary products together as one listing.

An excellent example of a product bundle listing is a beard grooming kit, which is usually composed of beard balm, beard oil, and a beard brush – all the items in the bundle are meant for styling and caring for beards.

What Is An Amazon Product Bundle?

Bundle listings are meant to offer value and convenience to customers – making them one of the most effective ways of boosting the sales of your existing products.

Offering product bundles means your customers won’t waste time looking for individual items.

All the products they need are conveniently bundled together and offered at a discounted price!

Before you create your bundle listing, however, here are the Amazon bundle guidelines you need to know:

  • The primary product in your bundle should not come from the Video Games category. In addition, it cannot be a Book, Music, Video, or DVD (BMVD) product.
  • BMVD items may be included in your bundle listing as secondary products, as long as they are related to the primary product in your bundle.
  • The referral fee for the primary product’s category applies to the entire bundle.
  • All products in the bundle must adhere to each category’s selling policies and guidelines.
  • Bundle images, features, and descriptions must also comply with Amazon listing policies.
  • The bundle needs to have its product identifier, apart from the individual identifiers of the products included in the bundle.

There are different types of Amazon bundles for you to consider:

Gift or Themed Bundle – This type of bundle features a variety of complementary items under a unifying theme. An excellent example would be a Halloween bundle for kids, composed of a Halloween costume, a candy basket, and a Halloween-themed coloring book.

gift or themed bundle

Convenience Bundle – This bundle is something a customer would buy for practical purposes. This can be a bike safety gear bundle, which includes a helmet, shoulder pads, and kneepads.

convenience bundle

Brand Bundle – As the name implies, this bundle would only include items from a single brand. This could be a collection of Pokémon toy figures or skincare products from the same brand.

brand bundle

Generic Bundle – This bundle features only unbranded items that complement each other and are used for a particular activity.

What Is An Amazon Virtual Bundle

Amazon virtual bundle is a new program that allows FBA sellers to use the 2021 program as part of a Beta test group.

The program is open to sellers with Amazon Brand Registry 2.0. In addition, this Amazon virtual bundle allows you to create product bundles with ASINs.

The complementary ASINs allow you to have one product detail bundled with two to five-item package quantities.

What Is An Amazon Virtual Bundle

In addition, FBA sellers can offer customers the Amazon bundles without changing the FBA inventory or having to package them together.

For instance, if you are selling “yoga mats” as one product, “hand towel,” and “water bottle” as other products, the Amazon Virtual Bundles allows you to match the products, bundle them as one ASIN, and sell them as a unit.

When shipping, Amazon treats the two items as one and ships them together from your product details page. In addition, Amazon also packages the items together as a bundle on your behalf.


  • The main product in the bundle gets the dominant widget on the page.
  • You don’t need to create new UPC barcodes for the Amazon bundles.
  • Amazon helps you package and ship the bundles together
  • You can advertise your bundles on Amazon listing and land the “frequently bought together” spot.

Step By Step Guide On Creating Bundle Listing On Amazon

Get a UPC for your Bundle

Before offering product bundles, you must obtain a UPC (Universal Product Code) to identify the whole bundle.

There are a number of registered and reputable websites that sell UPCs for you to use.

Your UPC needs to be placed outside your bundle’s packaging.

Make sure to cover up any barcodes on the individual products to prevent them from being accidentally scanned.

Creating Your Bundle Listing

Navigate your dashboard and click on Inventory. Next, choose “Manage Inventory” and click on “Create a Bundle.”

Step By Step Guide On Creating Bundle Listing On Amazon

You want your product bundle to show up on Amazon searches. To do this, you need to give your bundle a title that defines its primary purpose.

For example, if your bundle features a pizza peel, a pizza cutter, and a pizza spatula, you might want to name it a “Pizza-Making Bundle.”

As with regular product listings, you are given up to 200 characters for your bundle listing’s title.

word image 45723 8

If your bundle only has a few items, you may list the names of the primary and secondary products in the title.

Just like any other product, your bundle listing should be optimized and must follow Amazon’s guidelines.

Amazon states that the first bullet point in your bundle listing should identify all the products included in the bundle.

The product description section indicates that you are selling a product bundle.

Ensure that your primary image shows all the actual contents of the bundle. Using images of similar products or representations of your product is not allowed.

Complete the Process

After entering all the necessary details, click on the “Save & Publish” button.

It would be a good habit to regularly check your product bundles, removing those that don’t work and keeping those that perform well.

How To Create Your Custom Bundle

For each bundle, you need to create a new listing. If you try to add a variation to an existing ASIN, Amazon will strip it off, leaving your inventory stranded.

You’ll need to create a scannable identification label for each product to make it easier to checkout during packaging and shipping.

Your products must create a unique identifier by leasing UPCs directly from GS1. The package is expensive and costs an annual fee of $250.

Alternatively, if your bundle qualifies for a GTIN exemption that allows sellers to create a listing without needing a UPC barcode.

It takes a few minutes to apply for the GTIN exemption, and the support team usually responds within 48hours.

If you already have an active seller account, go to the GTIN exemption. You don’t have to apply for the exemption for each listing all you need is to create a brand name for your bundle or list as generic.

After approval, you can add all the products you want without applying for the brand or category exemption again.

1 – Add a product

Go to inventory, add your product, and finish the process to create a new product listing.

2 Choose the category

Pick the correct product category for your bundle. If you have the GTIN exemption, ensure you pick the type you got approved.

3 – Create the bundle listing like a standard listing

Ensure you have the right brand name on your GTIN exemption application for the bundled products. Remember these guidelines as you list the product title, descriptions, and other things as you create bundles.

  • The package should equal the number of products you’ve listed in a bundle.
  • The bundle title should reach a maximum length of 200 characters, including spaces.
  • Include the word bundle in the title along with the number of items. For example, Winter Bundle: Gloves, knitted scarf, and jacket (three items).
  • The first bullet list must state that the product is a bundle. Next, identify each product and specifications, including the items’ number, size, color, and model.

4 – Complete process

Once you’re sure, you have every product in the listing. Click to create your product bundle.

How Do You Create A Bundle Price?

Creating profitable Amazon bundles can be challenging.

You can use Amazon FBA bundling calculators available on Amazon and other sites. It’s best to use the Amazon bundles calculator to include multiple products accurately.

You can also use a tool to help you with multiple products when creating bundles. For example, SupplySpy is a software that allows you to upload a list of products and build price bundles.

The software will automatically be calculated for you and leave you room to adjust the price to see how it affects your profit margin. Once you have your products, the site will suggest complementary products. The software is useful and helps make your seller’s life easier.

Ways To Sell Wholesale Bundles On Amazon

Did you know you can sell wholesale on Amazon?

Selling wholesale is a shortcut to creating, sourcing, and launching a brand new private label product on Amazon. If you are already buying and selling other brands’ products at wholesale, you should consider wholesale bundles to stand out.

If you’re new to wholesaling on Amazon, let me guide you through it.

  • You start by identifying a brand that’s making huge profits on Amazon.
  • Open a wholesale account with that brand name and resell the same products on Amazon. You don’t need to create a new listing or launch any products.
  • You’ll have to compete with other Amazon sellers for the same listing. The competition is high, but you can work hard with your advertising.

However, you can stand out by bundling products that complement each. In addition, you’ll be the only Amazon seller with a standalone listing with no competition for the buy box.

Furthermore, you can create your price list without worrying about competition.

Pros And Cons Of Selling Bundles Products On Amazon


  • You create Amazon bundles that add convenience to the customer.
  • You increase the average order value and sales in your online store.
  • You encourage Amazon shoppers to buy more or spend more.
  • You speed up the inventory clearance.
  • You make it cheaper for shipping costs.
  • You’ll get more repeat orders and cross-selling.
  • No competition for the buy box
  • You get complete control over prices.
  • The products are readily available with suitable suppliers.
  • You’ll have a higher profit margin selling bundles than private label products.
  • You’ll improve the Amazon customer experience.


  • It’s extra work than regular wholesaling. You must find complementary products, bundle up multiple items, and buy a UPC.
  • You have no guarantee that customers would like their products bundled. It could be worse if you bundle products that don’t work together.
  • You’ll need to earn reviews on your brand new listing compared to popular product listings with history or 5-star reviews and sales.
  • You may need to source multiple brands and create new wholesale accounts to create the ideal bundles you desire. `
  • For you to resell any products from brands wholesale, you need to get approval from the brand owners.
  • You’ll need a license or certificate to resale as a wholesaler in your state.
Pros  Of Selling Bundles Products On Amazon
Cons Of Selling Bundles Products On Amazon

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

What are soft bundles?

A soft bundle is a service bundled together with primary services and add-on charges at either discounts or full price. These bundles come with a standard initial free trial period or initial discount for paying premium packages.

Why are bundles, sets, and packs very powerful on Amazon?

Amazon bundle listings are cost-effective and drive sales. Bundling is great for cross-promotion tools and helps your store stand out from the competition.

Normally, a product can have more than 20 similar Amazon sellers, but as a value pack, you eliminate all. However, you have to create Amazon bundles that customers find convenient.

The main product will have a widget placed on the product listing, under the main image and above the “frequently bought together” spot. The widgets attract direct shoppers to your bundle listing, winning more sales. Some of the best product bundles examples are:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Scarf and gloves
  • Knives and honing steel
  • Spoons, knives, and forks
  • Dog food and pet feeding bowls
  • Beauty soaps and moisturizers
  • Any other product that complements your main product or items your customer will find helpful alongside your main product.

You do some research and discover things most customers purchase together. Then, you can draw inspiration from the things you buy in your home and offer the same because others would find that helpful.

In addition, you can create a complimentary Amazon bundle list for slow-moving items and combine them with fast-selling ones. For instance, during the pandemic, things like sunglasses sales went down since everyone stayed indoors.

However, the sellers could connect with other swimming bundles like hats, pool towels, and sunscreen. The public pools were off-limits, but people still have pools at home and still needed to have some fun outdoors during summer.

Seasonal shopping is a hit for an Amazon bundle.

For instance, peak seasons shopping for Black Fridays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day are some of the holidays you can target to make sales.

You can also have bundles for birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, anniversaries, and other special days that people celebrate. Your creativity will make you stand out and drive traffic.

How do bundles work?

Amazon bundle combines products that work well together and sells them as a package deal. On Amazon, the product bundling policy allows you to pair up items as long as you follow the rules and regulations. Bundling products will enable you to:

  • Provide value and convenience to the customers.
  • You sell items that complement each other and increase your profit margin.
  • You can avoid generic stuff and sell branded ones.
  • You’ll have no competition with your Amazon bundles.

Bottom Line

Amazon policy offers you a chance to provide value to customers.

Do your research, learn the Amazon bundle guidelines, and understand what customers desire. Create an irresistible Amazon bundle and pay attention to each kit’s profitability.

Even after developing your Amazon bundles, keep experimenting and customizing your bundles until you find items that drive traffic.

Have you learned something new?

I hope you learned how to utilize Amazon bundling in your store. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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