How Much Is Amazon Prime for Students? The Ultimate Guide

how much is amazon prime for students

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How much is Amazon Prime for students?

If you didn’t know, there’s actually an Amazon Prime membership discount for students. For students, a Prime account is only $7.49 a month or $69 a year.

That’s significantly lower than the $14.99 a month or $139 a year on the regular plan.

Amazon Prime Student is one of the most well-liked programs for students. It provides a range of advantages that may help you save time and money on shipping, Amazon services, and more.

If you’re looking for more information on Amazon Prime Student, you’ve come to the right place.

I wrote this guide to answer your questions about the Amazon Prime Student subscription service.

Let’s begin.

What Is Amazon Prime Student? How Much Does Amazon Prime Student Cost, and Is It Worth It?

amazon prime student

The popular ecommerce marketplace created the Amazon Prime Student subscription service specifically for college students.

The membership of up to four more individuals can be shared by Prime Student subscribers, giving them access to many of the same advantages.

For students, Prime Student perks include:

  • Free two-day delivery
  • Limitless picture storage as well as access to unlimited streaming of movies, TV series, and Prime Music (Amazon music unlimited)
  • 3,000 books, magazines, and comics with Prime Reading
  • Several college discounts on gadgets, food, and supplies for dorms
  • The option to rent textbooks
  • Access to flash discounts
  • Free same-day or one-day shipping on specific products
  • Prime Wardrobe, which enables you to try on clothing before you buy it

The additional features of Prime Student might be a massive boost if you like streaming movies, TV shows, and music or if you need a safe place to keep your images. 

How Much Is Amazon Prime for Students?

How much does Amazon Prime cost for students?

Unlike the standard Prime subscription, Students get access to a six-month trial period for free. After that, you have to get an Amazon prime subscription. Here are the prices of a student plan:

How Much Is Amazon Prime for Students

Amazon Prime Student Monthly Cost 

The monthly fee for Amazon Prime Student is $7.49. 

Amazon Prime benefits include free two-day shipping on qualifying items, unlimited photo storage, ad-free music streaming, and special discounts on textbooks and other college necessities.

Amazon Prime Student Yearly Cost

The annual fee for Amazon Prime Student is $69. 

Prime student benefits of annual plans are the same benefits as the monthly and non-student standard Amazon Prime subscription.

It includes free two-day shipping on qualifying items, unlimited photo storage, ad-free music streaming, access to thousands of movies and TV shows, and special textbook discounts.

But annual Prime student membership can be shared with up to four more individuals, giving them access to many of the same advantages.

Is Amazon Prime Student Only for College Students?

Yes. Only college students are eligible for Amazon Prime Student. Students must have an active college or university email address and be able to show evidence of enrollment upon request to join Prime Student. 

How Long Does Amazon Prime Student Last?

A student’s Amazon Prime Student subscription is valid for up to four years or until you graduate. If you continue studying in a graduate school and your .edu email address remains current, you can extend it.

Students who are still enrolled in school but get an email from Amazon warning that their Prime Student subscription is about to expire can extend the program by confirming their attendance.

What Is the Difference Between Prime Student and Amazon Prime?

What Is the Difference Between Prime Student and Amazon Prime

Cost and Free Trial Period

The standard Prime membership is $14.99 per month or $139 per year. Amazon provides a Prime Student membership for $7.49 per month or $69 per year, which is 50% less expensive. 

Ability To Rent Textbooks

The option to rent textbooks is an exclusive function for Prime Student members. This service is not accessible to standard Amazon Prime members. 

College Deals

Amazon Prime and Prime Student members may save money with Amazon Coupons. Still, Prime Student members get access to College Deals, which offers discounts on various products, including electronics, food, cosmetic products, and dorm necessities. 

Amazon Mom

Only Amazon Prime members may access Amazon Mom; Prime Student members cannot. Amazon Mom is a unique function. 

You may receive several advantages as an Amazon Mom customer, including a 20% discount on diaper subscriptions and a 15% discount on baby registry products. 

Account Sharing

You could previously share a standard Amazon Prime account. However, this function is now only available to an Amazon Prime student member. 

To share your Prime Student advantages with another adult, up to four teenagers, and four children, you must create an Amazon Household as an Amazon Prime member.

How Can Prime Student Members Cancel Their Subscriptions?

To end your Amazon Prime Student subscription, go to your Amazon account settings and click Manage Prime Membership.

How Can Prime Student Members Cancel Their Subscriptions?

You must first confirm that you wish to terminate your subscription by clicking the End Membership option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Renew My Amazon Prime Student?

Yes. You can renew your Amazon Prime Student subscription. You may just renew your subscription at the standard Prime Student pricing if your student status hasn’t already expired.

To do this, go to the Prime Student membership page after logging into your Amazon account. You may then choose the renewal option to keep using Amazon Prime’s advantages.

Is Amazon Prime Free for Students? Is There an Amazon Prime Student Discount Price? 

No. Amazon Prime Student isn’t free, but Amazon Prime Student members receive a discount. The annual cost of Prime Student is $69, which is half the cost monthly of standard Prime pricing. 

Students can benefit from a free six-month trial term to try out the service in addition to the discounted pricing. 

Students can access many advantages throughout the trial, including free two-day delivery, movie and TV program streaming, and ad-free music streaming.

Does Prime Student Come With Amazon Prime Video?

prime video

An Amazon Prime Student subscription costs $7.49 per month or $69 annually and has Amazon Prime Video. Various films and television series are available to students for free streaming.

Popular movies, TV series, Amazon originals, and even live sporting events are all available on Amazon Prime Video. Students may access this material on their devices and watch videos on up to three devices simultaneously with a Prime Student subscription. 

Amazon Prime Student is a fantastic option for students because it offers access to Prime Video and all the other benefits of a Prime subscription.

How Much Is Prime Student a Month?

The cost of the Prime Student program is $7.49 per month. You can purchase a year of Prime Student for $69 (slightly over $5.75 monthly).

Amazon Prime Student is far less expensive than the standard Amazon Prime membership, which costs $14.99 monthly or $139 annually.

In addition to the lower monthly Amazon Prime Student fee, it also provides a six-month free trial period, twice as long as the trial period for regular Amazon Prime subscribers. 

Higher education students can test Prime Student’s features during the trial, including free two-day delivery, streaming movies, TV programs, and music. The trial also includes special offers and discounts. 

Students can continue to take advantage of these advantages beyond the initial six-month trial term for a reduced monthly or annual charge.

The Bottom Line

A Prime Student member gets most Prime benefits at half the price, making it an excellent program for college students in general.

It’s a great option for anybody hoping to save money and experience more convenient shopping and entertainment during college life.

Students should take advantage of the six-month free trial period to decide if Prime Student is the right option.

And if you have a senior in your family, make sure that he or she gets the benefit of the Amazon prime for seniors subscription, which is even cheaper than the Amazon student membership

If you’re interested in other Amazon subscriptions, try Audible and get a student discount.

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Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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