How Much Is an Oil Change at Walmart? Everything You Need To Know

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Are you a regular Walmart customer who needs an oil change? You likely have the following questions.

  • Does Walmart do oil changes?

  • How much is an oil change at Walmart?

  • How does Walmart oil change work?

Yes. Walmart does provide oil change services, and I wrote this guide to tell you everything you need to know about it.

You’re missing out if you haven’t been to Walmart for an oil change. Walmart offers its customers various automotive services, including tire rotation, maintenance checks, and oil changes.

Walmart Auto Center Oil Change: How Does It Work?

Here’s how an oil change at a Walmart Auto Care Center works.


Although Walmart accepts walk-in customers for oil changes, scheduling your appointment allows you to avoid long wait times.  

Drop Off

Once you arrive, an employee will direct you to a designated area where you can drop off your vehicle. The representative may ask for additional information like your car’s make and model, year, and mileage.

Selecting Your Package

Walmart offers various packages for their oil change depending on your vehicle’s needs. You can choose between synthetic, conventional synthetic, or full synthetic oil.

Service Execution

The crew will drain and replace your car’s oil (including the filters). The process takes around 30 minutes. You can shop inside Walmart while waiting.


Walmart accepts different payment options, including cash, debit, and credit cards.

After paying for the Walmart oil change service, the representative will provide a receipt and documentation of everything the mechanics did during the service.

The oil change process at Walmart varies slightly depending on the location. Checking with your nearest local branch for more information is best.

Walmart Oil Change Prices: How Much Is an Oil Change at Walmart?

How much is a basic oil change at Walmart? What about a more advanced oil change?

Here’s a basic Walmart oil change price list.

Oil TypePrice
Pit Crew$24.88
Standard oil$34.88
High-mileage oil$44.88
Semi-synthetic oil$44.88
Synthetic featured oil change$48.88
Synthetic oil$54.88

Although you’ll generally find the cheapest oil change at Walmart, the price will depend on several factors. The type of oil used, location, and any ongoing promotions will affect the amount you’ll pay for the oil change. 

Generally, Walmart charges around $24.88 to $54.88.

However, these figures are estimates, and the price will vary depending on the factors I mentioned.

Walmart oil change packages include Standard Oil Change Price, Pit Crew Oil Change, Power & Performance Oil Change, and High Mileage Oil Change.

Here’s a price breakdown of each package.

Walmart Pit Crew Oil Change Price

The Pit Crew Oil Change package Walmart offers includes up to five quarts of conventional oil replacement, a new oil filter, and chassis lubrication. Customers can get this package starting at $24.88.  

This package is best for customers with no more than 30,000 miles on their vehicle and those that run on conventional oil.

Walmart Standard Oil Change Price

The Walmart Standard Oil Change (or basic oil change) package offers all the services in the Pit Crew package, with additional vacuuming and exterior washing. The mechanics will also check the car’s fluid levels, lights, and tire pressure at no extra cost.

The Walmart Standard Oil Change price starts at $34.88.

Walmart High Mileage Oil Change Price

For vehicles with more than 75,000 miles, Walmart offers the High Mileage Oil Change. With this package, customers get everything provided in the Standard Oil Change plus 5 quarts of high mileage semi-synthetic oil.

You can get the Walmart High Mileage Oil Change package starting at $44.88. 

Walmart Semi-Synthetic Oil Price

Semi-synthetic oil is a reliable and cost-effective solution for your engine’s needs. It meets Dexos and new car specifications, offering better protection than standard (conventional) oil.

The Semi-Synthetic Oil Price at Walmart starts at $44.88.

Walmart Synthetic Oil Change Price

For $54.88, synthetic oil offers one of the highest levels of engine protection. It’s a top-tier choice for your vehicle, maximizing performance with special additives.

Walmart Synthetic Featured Oil Change

Walmart’s Synthetic Featured Oil Change includes up to five quarts of high-quality Pennzoil Platinum or Mobil 1 Advanced synthetic featured motor oil designed to enhance performance and provide maximum engine protection.

The regular price of this service is $54.88, but an ongoing limited-time rollback until September 11th, 2023, reduces the cost to $48.88.

Note: Walmart’s fine print says prices may vary by location, so check the prices at your nearest Walmart location. Prices may also change if you need more than five quarts of oil or prefer non-featured oils.

Which Walmart Engine Oil Change Package Is Best for Me?

Choosing the best oil change package for your vehicle requires careful consideration. Each package suits different cars and mileage.

The Pit Crew Package might be for you if your car has less than 30,000 miles and you’re on a budget.

However, you can use the High Mileage if your vehicle has a higher mileage or requires a superior oil change.

How Long Does It Take To Get an Oil Change At Walmart?

Several factors determine the time it takes for an oil change at Walmart. The workload, additional services requested, complexity, and the number of customers ahead of you can affect wait times.

However, typical oil changes at Walmart take 30 minutes to an hour.

Check with your local Walmart auto center for a more accurate time estimate. They can provide information on current wait times, giving you an idea of how long it would take to get an oil change.

What Are the Operating Hours of Walmart Auto Care Centers?

The operating hours of Walmart Auto Centers depend on the location. While some may open at 7 a.m., others may start work at 9 a.m. As for their closing hours, some Walmart Auto Care Centers may close at 6 or 7 p.m., Monday to Sunday.

Here’s how to get more accurate information regarding the operation hours of Walmart Auto Centers.

1- Go to the Walmart Store Finder page.

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2- Enter your Zip code and click Find store to see a list of all the nearest stores.

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3- Click the Auto Care Center button to filter only the nearest locations with this service.

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4- Choose the nearest or most convenient location from the list that appears.

5- Click the Store detail button on the right side of your chosen Walmart location.

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6- After clicking Store detail, you’ll see the schedules and contact information of each service your chosen Walmart location offers.

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7- Contact the Auto Care Center at your chosen Walmart location to schedule your oil change.

What Other Additional Auto Services Does Walmart Offer?

Walmart Auto Centers also offer other services.

  • Tire services

  • Battery testing, performance checks, and services

  • Oil and lube services

  • Valve system installation

  • Windshield wiper replacements

  • Engine air filter replacement

  • Headlight services

  • Fuel system repairs

You can check the Walmart Auto Care Center Services for pricing details if you’re interested in Walmart tire and lube prices (or other services).

Auto Services Not Provided by Walmart

Walmart’s Auto Service Centers only provide vehicle maintenance checks and installations, like tire service, oil changes, and common car maintenance procedures.

If you wreck your car, need a paint job, or require a full body makeover, bring your vehicle to a shop specializing in these services.

What Are the Benefits of an Oil Change at Walmart?

Getting an oil change at Walmart’s auto service center offers numerous benefits.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Walmart’s oil change cost is one of the most competitive prices. The company offers numerous oil change packages, letting you choose the type of oil based on your needs and budget. 

  • Nationwide Access

    According to Walmart statistics, there are over 5,200 Walmart stores across the US. If you do a Google search for “Walmart oil change near me,” you’ll likely find a nearby Walmart Auto Service Center.

  • Expert Service

    Walmart’s highly experienced technicians will thoroughly check your tires, brakes, and fluid levels and ensure your car is at its best.

  • Transparency

    Walmart’s auto service center provides detailed documentation of the services they performed, making it easy to file warranty claims if necessary.

Check your local Walmart automotive service center to understand the location’s specific offerings and ensure they can meet your needs.

When Should You Get an Oil Change?

The general rule is to get an oil change when your mileage reaches 5,000 to 7,500 miles. However, you may need to change it sooner if you travel constantly.

Factors affecting the frequency of oil changes include the type of oil you use, driving conditions, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. For instance, synthetic oil vehicles can reach 15,000 miles before an oil change is necessary.

Signs Your Car’s Oil Needs Changing

Look for these signs if you’re unsure whether your car is ready for an engine oil change.

Dirty Oil

As the oil ages, its color becomes darker and dirtier. If the oil in your dipstick is dirty or sludgy, it may be time for an oil change.

Noisy Engine

When the oil becomes inefficient in lubricating the engine, you’ll start hearing knocking sounds from your engine. It’s a sign your oil isn’t providing enough protection. 

Low Oil Level

Low engine oil can’t adequately protect your engine and may cause damage. You can check the level of your engine oil by using your dipstick.

Dark Smoke

Dark smoke often comes out of the exhaust when the oil is too thin or extremely dirty. If you see dark smoke while driving your car, it’s due for an oil change.

High Mileage

Constant vehicle use naturally accumulates a high mileage. Check your car’s mileage to determine whether you need to schedule an oil change sooner.

What Are the Risks of Not Getting an Oil Change?

What Are the Risks of Not Getting an Oil Change?

The engine oil’s primary job is lubricating and protecting your engine and other moving parts. Changing it regularly ensures your vehicle is always at peak performance.

Not changing your oil can reduce the efficiency of your engine. Insufficient lubrication can hasten the wear and tear of vital engine parts, causing your engine to degrade and overheat.

As old oil circulates throughout your vehicle, it collects dirt and forms sludge that blocks the vital passages of your car. It will further decrease your vehicle’s performance and lead to its gradual decline.

If you don’t change your old oil, your engine will sustain severe damages that could need expensive repairs or complete replacement.

Do Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Need an Oil Change?

Unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, electric cars do not need an oil change since they don’t have an internal combustion engine.

Hybrid cars, on the other hand, need a regular oil change. Although they mostly use electric power, these cars still have an internal combustion engine that relies on engine oil for lubrication and cooling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does It Take So Long To Get an Oil Change?

Yes. Sometimes an oil change can take longer than you expect, especially if the Walmart Auto Care Center is having a much busier day than usual.

However, the average processing time for an oil change at Walmart is around 30 minutes.

Technicians will check your car’s fluids, replace the oil, perform other maintenance checks (depending on the package), and dispose of the old oil.

The waiting time can vary depending on service complexity and other factors, but you can expect to wait at least 30 minutes when getting an oil change from Walmart.

How Much Should a Walmart Oil Change Cost?

Prices start at $24.88. You may need to pay more depending on your chosen package, other requested services, and other factors. You must ask the technicians at Walmart to get an accurate quote.

How Can You Tell if Walmart Changed Your Car Oil?

You can check a few things to verify whether Walmart changed your oil. For instance, the old engine oil will look dirty and sludgy. New engine oil appears amber or light brown.

You can also check your vehicle’s oil levels using your engine’s dipstick. It should be at the appropriate level based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Walmart’s oil replacement service also includes an oil filter replacement. Check your vehicle’s oil filter to see if it’s clean. However, the filters are usually enclosed or situated in hard-to-reach areas, making them difficult to check.

Is Walmart Oil Change the Cheapest in the Market?

Yes. Walmart oil change prices are one of the cheapest in the market.

Walmart’s Auto Care Centers also offer deals and discounts that you can use to lower the amount you pay.

Ask the technicians at your chosen location if they have any deals.

Does Walmart’s Oil Change Service Come With Free Tire Rotations?

Walmart oil change services don’t include free tire rotations as standard offerings.

However, Walmart occasionally offers special promotions or packages with additional services like tire rotations. These services would often be part of a specific deal, meaning they wouldn’t be free.

What Payment Methods Does Walmart Auto Care Accept?

Walmart accepts cash, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, and mobile payments as payment methods.

Note: Accepted payment methods may vary by branch, so it’s best to prepare at least two payment methods.

However, all Walmart stores accept EBT payments for various foods and beverages.

Do All Walmart Stores Have Auto Care Centers?

No. Not all Walmart locations have Auto Care Centers. The availability of a Walmart Auto Care Center will depend on the location, store size, and other factors.

You can use Walmart’s store locator and follow the abovementioned steps to know which branches have an Auto Care Center.

Should We Tip Walmart Oil Change Technicians?

No. Walmart’s policy prohibits employees from accepting tips from customers.

Does Walmart Offer Transmission Services?

Transmission fluid exchange is available in select stores, and prices start at $59.88 (plus parts).

Is Walmart a Good Place for an Oil Change?

Walmart is generally a good, convenient, and affordable choice for an oil change because the company’s oil change service is one of the cheapest. They can also check your tire pressure and battery for free.

However, considering your car’s requirements is still essential. Sometimes, the recommended oil for your vehicle may not be available at Walmart’s Auto Care Center, meaning you have to go elsewhere for an oil change.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide on Walmart oil change services and their prices makes it easier to determine if the company’s Auto Care Center is the ideal stop for your vehicle.

While Walmart’s Auto Care Center isn’t available in all branches, they offer the materials you need to change your engine oil by yourself. However, if you have no experience, allowing professionals to do it is best.

Consider subscribing to Walmart Plus if you’re a regular customer. With a membership to this service, you can access various deals and discounts to save money on your Walmart shopping trips.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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