How Much is Costco Plan B? Ultimate Guide To Buying Plan B at Costco

costco plan b

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Costco Plan B price costs between $7.99 to $40 for a two-pack, depending on location, but the price can go as high as $65 in some stores.

I’ll show you how to get the best deal in this guide.

You can purchase Plan B at Costco without a membership card or a prescription since it’s an over-the-counter drug.

There’s more information you must know, though.

I wrote this guide to discuss Costco Plan B. I’ll explain Plan B’s costs, effectiveness, side effects, and more.

Let’s begin.

Costco Plan B: Does Costco Sell Plan B?

Yes. Costco sells Plan B and other contraceptive methods in its pharmacies as part of its commitment to making health care accessible to more people.

Costco birth control methods are available to members and non-members at prices lower than many pharmacies and retailers.

Customers can purchase this popular emergency contraceptive pill over the counter at Costco’s pharmacies.

costco plan b

How Much Is Plan B at Costco?

Costco Plan B price varies across locations, costing $7.99 to $40 for a two-pack. The price can go as high as $65 in some stores. Generally, you can expect to pay around $40 to$50 (average Costco Plan B price: California).

Some insurance plans cover the cost of emergency contraception, so check with your provider to see if you have coverage.

Costco pharmacies accept different payment methods, including cash, Costco Shop Cards, and debit cards.

How To Get Plan B at Costco

You can purchase Plan B at your local Costco pharmacy without an ID or a Costco membership card.

However, the pharmacist may ask questions to ensure you buy the right medication. The pharmacist may also provide information about this one-step emergency contraceptive.

To get the best deal, I actually recommend that you compare the price at Costco with the price on Amazon.

Does Costco Pharmacy Plan B Require Buyers To Be 18 and Older?

Regardless of age, you can purchase Plan B and other brands of this morning-after pill (ex., AfterPill, My Choice, EContra, Option 2). Go to Costco’s pharmacy and ask for this emergency contraception.

Do You Need To Show an ID To Buy Costco Plan B?

Do You Need To Show an ID To Buy Costco Plan B?

Since the Costco morning-after pill (Plan B) is an over-the-counter drug, you don’t need to show an ID or a prescription to purchase it at your local Costco pharmacy or another drugstore.

Do You Need a Costco Card To Buy Plan B?

Do You Need a Costco Card To Buy Plan B?

Although Costco is a membership-based retail store, you don’t need to be a Costco member to purchase Plan B or other morning-after pills from its pharmacies.

However, a Costco membership is worth considering if you frequently buy prescription and non-prescription drugs from its pharmacies.

The “Plan B Costco no membership requirement” is part of the retail store’s commitment to making health care more accessible to its customers.

Is Costco Emergency Contraceptive Effective?

This popular morning-after pill is most effective (up to 89% success rate) when taken within 72 hours or three days of unprotected sex. Generally, the sooner you take it, the more effective it is.

Nevertheless, this emergency contraception is still effective even after 72 hours.

Plan B is less effective if you’re ovulating or have just ovulated. Consequently, health professionals don’t recommend using it as birth control. Think of it as a backup, not a routine.

Plan B is safe and won’t affect your future fertility. You can take it as many times as necessary to prevent an unplanned pregnancy without causing significant health risks.

You only need to take one dose of Plan B each time you have sexual intercourse without contraception.

How Costco Plan B Works

Plan B is a single-dose emergency contraception pill that works by delaying ovulation, releasing an egg from one of the ovaries.

Plan B and other levonorgestrel Costco pills may not work if you take them during and right after ovulation. Thus, these pills don’t affect or terminate a pregnancy after implantation.

What Are the Side Effects of Plan B?

What Are the Side Effects of Plan B?

The side effects of Plan B and other similar morning-after pills are usually mild and typically last only a few days.

  • Breast tenderness

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Fatigue

  • Headache

  • Cramps

  • Heavier menstrual bleeding

  • Bleeding between periods

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Costco Plan B 7 Dollars: Is This True?

Yes, but only in some Costco pharmacies. This popular morning-after pill generally costs between $7.99 and $40.

Can You Get Plan B at Costco If You’re a Minor?

Yes. Regardless of age, you can get Plan B or any other morning-after pills.

Does Costco Sell Plan B Over the Counter?

Yes. You can get Plan B at Costco or any drugstore without a prescription.

Do Gas Stations Sell Plan B?

No. Although anyone can access Plan B and other popular morning-after pills, the US Food and Drug Administration requires that a health professional (e.g., pharmacist or physician) is available to answer customer inquiries.

Thus, you won’t find non-prescription emergency contraception at gas stations or convenience stores.

Where Is Plan B the Cheapest? Does Costco Sell Plan B at a Significantly Lower Price Than Other Retailers?

Yes. Costco has lower overhead costs than most of its competitors. The company can pass the savings to its shoppers.

Besides Costco, you can get Plan B and other morning-after pills at lower prices from your local health department or a Planned Parenthood health center. Some local health clinics even offer them for free.

You can also get Plan B for free if you have a prescription and your insurance covers emergency contraception.

Are Guys Allowed To Buy the Morning-After Pill?

Yes. No laws prevent men from purchasing morning-after pills over the counter at any Costco pharmacy.

How Effective Is the Morning-After Pill Like Plan B?

If you take a levonorgestrel morning-after pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex, you reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 89%. If you take it within the first 24 hours, effectiveness increases to 95%.

However, morning-after pills are not as effective as regular contraceptive pills.

When taken within 24 hours of having sexual intercourse, morning-afters pills are 95% effective. Regular birth control pills are 99% effective when you use them correctly.

How Long Does It Take for Plan B To Kick In?

This morning-after pill takes around 1.7 hours to reach peak levels in your blood, causing your body to delay ovulation for a few days.

How Will I Know If Plan B Worked?

You need a pregnancy test to confirm whether Plan B worked. It’s usually possible to determine a pregnancy with a home or lab test as early as the first day of a missed period.

What Makes Plan B Less Effective?

Preventing pregnancy with Plan B becomes less effective with these factors.

  • Weighing more than 165 lbs.

  • Interaction with certain medications

  • Ovulation occurring during or before taking this morning-after pill

What Are the Chances of Plan B Failing?

While emergency contraceptives like Plan B can help women avoid unplanned pregnancies, they are not a fool-proof method.

Eight out of 100 women who have unprotected sex mid-cycle would become pregnant. With emergency contraceptive pills, the risk of unwanted pregnancy is only two out of 100.

Is There a Cheaper Version of Plan B?

Yes. You can buy generic versions of Plan B cheaper than the branded variants.

You can also get morning-after pills at lower prices from your local health department or a Planned Parenthood health center. Check with your local health clinics to see if they offer morning-after pills for free if you want to save money.

Can Everyone Take the Morning-After Pill?

If you’re allergic to any component of emergency contraceptives or taking certain drugs that can interfere with them, consider other birth control methods.

Barbiturates and St. John’s wort are just some medications that can decrease the effectiveness of emergency contraceptives.

The Bottom Line

Even if you’re not a Costco member, you can buy Plan B at lower prices than most big-box retailers and drugstores.

However, getting a membership card at Costco is worth considering if you plan on frequently using its pharmacy service. 

Did you know that Costco takes EBT? Although Plan B isn’t EBT-eligible, you can save your money and use EBT to buy many other items at Costco.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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