What Is the Cat and Jack Return Policy at Target?

cat and jack return policy

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Did you buy something from Target’s Cat and Jack brand recently and want to return it but are unsure if Target will accept it?

You likely wonder, “How does the Cat and Jack return policy work?

The Target: Cat and Jack return policy lets you return a purchase within 365 days with a receipt.

I know because I’ve tried to return an item or two at Cat and Jack with receipts, and Target accepted my requests.

There’s more you need to know about the policy, so I’m here to help.

I wrote this in-depth guide to discuss everything about Cat and Jack returns.

Let’s start.

What Is the Cat and Jack Return Policy?

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The Cat and Jack return policy at Target states you can return your purchases within 365 days or one full year for a full refund, exchange, or store credit, provided you present your original physical receipt.

It’s a simple and generous policy that applies to all Cat and Jack products.

What Is the Cat and Jack Return Policy (Without Receipt)?

What if you lose the receipts for your Cat and Jack purchases?

Fortunately, you have several ways to find a copy of your Cat and Jack receipt.

  1. Check your Target app or account.

    You can usually find receipts for all online and in-store purchases in your app or account. Receipts are easier to find if you use a card linked to your Target account or your Target Wallet to pay for your purchases.

  2. If you bought Cat and Jack online, check your email.

    You should find order confirmation emails or shipping emails associated with the purchase you are returning.

  3. Visit your local Target store and talk to an in-store associate.

    You can ask them to look up your receipts if you purchased in-store. Let them know if you used a debit card, credit card, or Target card for your purchase.

Don’t lose hope if you still can’t find your receipt.

There is a Cat and Jack clothing return policy without receipt.

According to the Target Cat and Jack warranty (without receipt), you can still return your Cat and Jack items and receive Target store credit.

Can You Return Items From the Cat and Jack Line After One Year?

No. Like other Target brands, Cat and Jack offers a generous yet firm one-year return policy with a receipt to receive a refund or store credit.

Under the one-year Cat and Jack guarantee, you can no longer return items from Cat and Jack after 365 days.

Cat & Jack: Return Used Clothes

Yes. The Cat and Jack clothes policy lets you return used or worn Cat and Jack items if it’s within the one-year guarantee timeframe.

I’ve done it at least once, and Target still accepted my return.

Whether you are returning damaged or stained clothing, you can return it within 365 days of purchase.

Can You Return Damaged Cat & Jack Clothing or Accessories?

Yes. Cat and Jack’s generous return policy lets you return damaged items, not just new clothes or worn items.

Interestingly, the Cat and Jack clothes you return must have some damage or stain on them for easier returns. Target may not accept the item if the reason for return is they are outgrown clothing. A store employee shared this valuable advice to a parent returning items.

Can You Return Cat and Jack Items Received as Gifts?

What if you received a few Cat and Jack gifts and want to return them? No problem.

You can still return them and receive store credit via a Target merchandise card.

Note: You can use the merchandise card in-store only.

Are There Exceptions to Cat and Jack’s Return Policy?

While Target-owned brand items like Cat and Jack products have generous return policies, they have limits.

Target’s return policy for Cat and Jack doesn’t allow returns for items your child outgrew. Simply put, you can’t return an item just because it no longer fits your child.

How To Return Cat & Jack Items to Target

There are two primary ways to return Cat & Jack purchases to Target.

In-Store ReturnVia Mail Return
Online Purchase1- Go to the nearest Target store.

2- Bring the Cat and Jack items you purchased online that you want to return.

3- Bring your proof of purchase or online receipt.

4- Proceed to the Guest Services Desk

5- Present the items you want to return with the receipt and the credit card (if applicable) you used to purchase the items

6- If you can’t find your receipt, follow the steps I mentioned to retrieve a copy.

7- The Target staff member will process the return request. You will then receive credit or a refund for the purchase price via your original form of payment.
1- Go to the Target website.

2- Find the item you want to return under Orders on Target.com or under Purchases on the app

3- Select Return.

4- Follow the prompts to complete your refund or your replacement request.

5- Access the free shipping label to mail back your returns

6- Print the label.

7- Mail back the items you want to return.

8- Wait for Target to process your refund.
In-Store PurchaseSame as aboveN/A

How To Process In-Store Returns (In-Store and Online Purchases)

Follow this process when returning Cat and Jack products purchased online or in-store to a physical Target location.

  1. Bring your return items to the nearest Target store.

  2. Proceed to the Guest Services Desk and inform them you want to return a Cat and Jack item (or items).

  3. Present the items you want to return with the receipt and the credit card (if applicable) you used to purchase the items

  4. If you can’t find your physical receipt, follow the steps I mentioned to get another copy.

  5. Target staff members will process the return request. You will receive a full refund for the purchase via your original payment method or store credit.

How To Return Your Cat & Jack Purchase by Mail (Online Purchases)

If you want to return them by mail, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Target website or open your Target app.

  2. At the top of the page, select Online to see your orders.

  3. Find the item you want to return under Orders on Target.com or Purchases on the app.

  4. Select Return.

  5. Follow the prompts to complete your refund or your replacement request.

  6. Access the free shipping label to mail back your returns.

  7. If you have further concerns, contact customer service.

Do I Have To Pay for Return Shipping?

If you plan on returning a few items by mail, you don’t need to pay for return shipping.

Target will provide a free return label and instructions on returning the item. You’ll find the prepaid return mailing label in the Orders section.

Expect an email from Target telling you they received your return and when you should receive your refund.

What Is the Cat and Jack Refund Policy?

You can receive a full refund on your Cat and Jack merchandise when you return the items with a receipt.

Cat and Jack Return Policy: Outgrown Clothing

If the items you are returning are still new and your reason for returning is your child outgrew them, the Target team member may not accept the return.

Target deems Kids’ clothes with defects more acceptable for refunds or returns.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Refund?

If you choose to get a refund for the returned items, Target will immediately refund your return via your original payment method.

Here’s when you can expect to get your refund.

  1. One to three days to a third-party credit card

  2. One to two days to a Target Red card

  3. Visa, Mastercard, or American Express gift cards receive refunds in seven to ten days

  4. Mail-in returns may take an additional five days to process based on Target’s Online Return Center assessment

Will I Get a Refund if I Don’t Have a Receipt?

Cat and Jack will follow general Target Return Policy guidelines if you don’t have a receipt.

When returning your Cat and Jack purchase without any form or proof of purchase (e.g., a physical or e-receipt, digital barcode, or packing slip), you will receive a refund as a merchandise return gift card.

You can only use the merchandise return gift card for purchases in-store, not online. Furthermore, you cannot add value to the card or check the card’s balance online.

This aligns with Target’s policy of entitling each customer to $100 worth of no-receipt merchandise annually, including the Cat and Jack brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Return Stained Clothes to Target?

Yes. While the retailer’s policy states that they accept unopened items in new condition easily, numerous anecdotes of customers confirm that they can return damaged clothing.

Each Target return is unique and may depend on the team member you interact with during the return.

Can I Return Something to Target a Year Later and Get a Refund or Store Credit?

For a Target-owned brand item, you can return it within a year of purchase. Meanwhile, you have only 90 days from the original purchase to return regular Target items.

Will Target Change Its Return Policy?

Target has not announced any plans to change its return policy.

The retailer states, “We’re happy to accept returns for a full refund within 90 days for most items.

Is Cat and Jack Clothing a Good Target-Owned Brand?

Yes. Cat & Jack is a great Target-Owned Brand.

The retailer launched the Cat and Jack clothing line in 2016 to provide customers with affordable and stylish clothes. The brand is now one of the retailer’s most popular brands.

The Bottom Line

Unlike the return policies of other retailers, the return policy of Target-owned brands like Cat and Jack is much more lenient and generous.

I hope my guide on Cat and Jack’s return policy helps you make hassle-free returns to Target.

If you want to shop at a similar store, consider visiting your nearest Walmart. However, you must also learn Walmart’s return policy to avoid wasting time or money.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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