Amazon Sign On Bonus: How To Get Your $3,000 Reward

Amazon Sign On Bonus

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The news of the substantial $3,000 Amazon sign on bonus has excited many job seekers to look for job openings in the e-commerce company.

Starting an Amazon business is no longer the only way to get extra money from Amazon. You can choose to work there too and get a signing bonus.

However, you may wonder how to get the signing bonus, what details you need to be eligible, and when Amazon will pay the sign-on bonus.

In this article, I’ll walk you through each stage of the hiring process at Amazon, from the first application through the first day of employment. 

Why Is There an Amazon Sign-on Bonus?

Amazon has one of the most extensive hiring forces in the world. 

Amazon had over 1.5 million employees in 2021. Even more surprising is that this figure is 4% lower than the previous year.

amazon sign on bonus

Not long ago, Amazon announced that it would give staff higher salaries. The company’s employees can expect to get paid more per hour.

Amazon started giving these incentives when they began losing workers to job market competition.

The company experienced an extreme job shortage months back during the great resignation due to labor shortage, HR issues, and reports of extended work shifts and poor work-life balance.

Over the past few years, there has been increased competition in hiring people. Accordingly, Amazon’s HR teams have introduced these benefits to attract full-time, part-time, and seasonal companies.

Sign-on incentives encouraged jobseekers to become new employees at Amazon. Moreover, they also helped win back associates who might have left the company and expressed a desire to re-apply.

On top of the sign-on incentive, Amazon added many bonuses to reward existing staff, developing a supportive work environment and increasing employee loyalty.

Some benefits included salary increases, paid time off, days off on holidays, and lump sum bonuses.

How Does the $3,000 Bonus at Amazon Work?

A one-time payment made by an employer to a new hire as a perk for accepting a job offer is known as a sign-on bonus.

The sign-on bonus at Amazon may change depending on the job title and region.

When Amazon offers a sign-on bonus, it usually comes with the job offer, and you must accept it before you begin work. You must consider this factor before asking, “When do I get my sign-on bonus from Amazon?”

Amazon will pay the bonus according to the agreement’s conditions. 

These conditions can require the employee to stay with the business for a specific period or satisfy other performance or eligibility requirements. 

Taxes will be due on the bonus, and Amazon will deduct them and submit them to the employee on their W-2 form at the end of the year.

Who Is Eligible for an Amazon Sign-on Bonus?

Who Is Eligible for an Amazon Sign-on Bonus

Amazon gives signing bonuses to some new employees at Amazon. The amount depends on the individual’s hire date, position, and region of employment.

Moreover, not every position offers a signing bonus. It only applies to specific job types at Amazon.

Here are new employee positions that receive bonuses.

  • Amazon air associate
  • Delivery station warehouse worker
  • Fulfillment center warehouse associate
  • Other select roles

Additionally, there may be requirements for eligibility, such as commencing employment within a given timeframe or working for the firm for a specific amount of time. 

Amazon has also said that this sign-on benefit might last for a limited time and that they could stop running the program at any point.

If you’re wondering if only new full-time employees get this incentive, you’ll be happy to know that’s not the case. There are also part-time and seasonal positions that receive sign-on bonuses.

Amazon Sign-on Bonus Details 

Amazon Sign-on Bonus Details 

New hires at Amazon get sign-on incentives when they start a new job at the company.

The incentives range between $1,000 to $3,000. At specific locations, T1 associates qualify for a higher bonus of up to $5,000. 

Remember, not all Amazon facilities participate in this program, and the bonus’s availability may vary depending on the region and the role held.

How To Get Amazon Signing Bonuses

You must first apply for and accept an offer of employment from Amazon to qualify for an Amazon sign-on bonus. The incentive might not always be available depending on the position and region. 

If the job offer includes a sign-on bonus, you should learn about it during the recruiting process, along with any qualifying requirements and terms and conditions. 

Amazon distributes the incentive once you’ve met the conditions according to the business’s payment schedule. 

Before accepting the job offer, it’s crucial to thoroughly check the bonus information and know when Amazon pays the sign-on bonus.

When Will I Get My Amazon Bonus?

When Will I Get My Amazon Bonus?

The timing of Amazon sign-on benefits payment schedules may change depending on the details of the incentive agreement. 

New hires often receive sign-on bonuses within the first few pay weeks of working for the organization. 

The payment schedule may change depending on Amazon’s payment cycle or particular requirements connected with the incentive. 

For instance, Amazon may give the bonus as a lump sum after a set period or the conclusion of a specific project. 

Here’s how Amazon distributes the payouts for the $3000 signing bonus.

  • $1000 after 30 days (approximately one month)
  • $2000 after 180 days (a little less than six months)

Here’s how Amazon distributes the payouts to new employees for the $2000 signing bonus candidates.

  • $500 after the first week
  • $500 after 30 days
  • $1000 after 90 days from the start date

Here are the payouts for the $1000 signing bonus candidates.

  • $500 after one month
  • The second half ($500) after 90 days from the individual’s start date

Amazon Sign-on Bonus Installments

Amazon Sign-on Bonus Installments

Amazon disburses sign-on incentives to employees in installments over their first year of employment.

They don’t give the whole amount on the first day to avoid paying out bonuses to people who might quit the hour they get their paycheck and never return.

Amazon often pays out the first installment following the employee’s first paycheck and pays out future installments on schedule throughout the year. 

Amazon also gives bonuses of over $20,000 in the second year to improve employee retention for L4 employees.

Note:  Amazon might require some L4 employees to pay back the bonus if they quit prematurely.

Understanding the sign-on bonus terms and voicing your concerns is essential before accepting the job offer.

Sign-on Bonus for Higher Positions

Sign-on Bonus for Higher Positions

Amazon may provide sign-on bonuses for higher-level roles. However, the amount and qualifications may differ depending on the position’s details and location. 

Amazon provides bonuses to lure seasoned individuals to the organization and offset any financial hardship that may result from leaving their current positions. 

These bonuses may be higher than those of entry-level employees.

Amazon will discuss the following terms throughout the recruitment process.

  • The criteria for the bonus
  • The agreement terms
  • The payment schedule

Amazon Sign On Bonus Payout 

Amazon distributes sign-on incentives throughout a worker’s first year of employment. 

The payout schedule may vary depending on the employee’s position and location. However, Amazon generally sends the bonus in regular yearly increments. 

Amazon gives the initial payment once employees receive their first salary and provides subsequent payouts every few months.

Taxes on Your Bonus Pay

Taxes on Your Bonus Pay

The same tax rules on ordinary income or earnings also apply to Amazon’s $3,000 sign-on bonus.

Amazon is obligated to withhold a percentage of your sign-on bonus for taxes when you receive one from the company. 

Your tax situation and the size of the bonus will determine your tax bracket. At the end of the year, your W-2 form will include information about the incentive, which you must submit in your tax return. 

Seek advice from a tax expert or utilize tax preparation software to ensure you appropriately report the bonus and use all applicable deductions or credits.

Other Bonuses

In addition to sign-on incentives, employers may provide employees with other bonuses. 

For instance, Amazon frequently gives performance-based incentives to employees in recognition of meeting or surpassing performance standards.

Employees who recommend a competitive applicant who Amazon hires may be eligible for referral incentives.

On top of competitive wages, Amazon gives out retention bonuses, profit-sharing bonuses, paid time off, and holiday bonuses, among other incentives. 

Additionally, Amazon might give out Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), shares of Amazon stock that appreciate when the company’s stock price goes up.

Frequently Asked Questions


When Will I Get My Bonus From Amazon? 

The timing of your Amazon bonus may vary depending on the details of the incentive and the payment schedule. 

Amazon often gives the initial payment once employees receive their first paychecks. Then, the company provides the following payouts over the year at regular intervals.

Is There a Catch to Amazon’s Bonus?

There’s always a reason behind you receiving bonus pay from Amazon or any company. 

A sign-on bonus encourages you to apply for a job in the company and preferably keeps you there for a minimum time.

A loyalty bonus incentivizes loyalty to the company.

You should be able to differentiate if the bonus you’re receiving is one or the other.

Employees must often meet specific requirements and continue working for Amazon for the entire year to receive the full bonus.

Check the bonus offer’s terms and conditions to completely comprehend the agreement.

Is the Amazon Bonus the Same for Everyone?

The bonus amount may differ based on the candidate’s work level, region, and the particular recruiting requirements of Amazon. 

Hiring bonuses give potential workers a financial incentive to work for Amazon and persuade them to remain with the firm for a specific period.

Before accepting a job offer, it’s critical to thoroughly read all the details of the hiring bonus and ask questions.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide made it easier for you to understand the ins and outs of Amazon’s sign-on bonus.

Whether you plan on applying at Amazon or are already in the middle of the recruitment process, use the information in my article to make an informed decision.

The good thing about Amazon is that you don’t have to be an employee to make money from the company.

If you want to make money on Amazon without being an employee, you can start an Amazon dropshipping business.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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