How to Track an Etsy Order: Etsy Package Tracking Guide

how to track an etsy order

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Do you want to track your Etsy order but don’t know how? I can help you.

I’m not just an Etsy seller. I’m also an Etsy shopper. I buy items on the marketplace and interact with other Etsy sellers frequently.

As a buyer, I know how to navigate the Etsy marketplace, and I want to share my knowledge with other buyers like you.

I wrote this guide to teach you how to track an Etsy order. I’ll show you the full process of Etsy order tracking, discuss Etsy’s shipping time and costs, and provide other valuable insights into Etsy’s tracking system. 

How To Track an Etsy Order

Unlike other ecommerce sites with an automatic tracking number, Etsy doesn’t require sellers to give you Etsy parcel tracking information. 

Etsy will always inform buyers when sellers have shipped their orders, but the platform doesn’t require sellers to provide an Etsy tracking number. 

If you didn’t receive an Etsy tracking number and your order is taking too long, you’ll need to contact the seller directly for more information.

You can track your Etsy order through both the Etsy website and the mobile app. 

How To Track an Order on the Etsy App

Here’s how to track on your mobile device with the Etsy app.

1. Go to the Etsy app and log into your account.

2. Tap You at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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3. Tap Purchases.

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4. Find the item you want to track and check the right side of the store’s name to see the shipment status. 

5. Tap Track package (if the tracking information is available) to view the status of your purchase. 

The seller hasn’t provided a tracking number if you don’t see a Track package option.

How To Track an Etsy Order via Your Desktop or Laptop’s Web Browser

Here’s how to track your Etsy order on the website using your desktop or laptop computer.

1. Go to the Etsy website and sign in to your account. 

2. Click Your account in the top right corner of your Etsy account page.

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4. Click Purchases and reviews on the dropdown menu that appears. 

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3. Look for the item you want to track and find the Track Package option beside it. 

If the product is no longer there, but the seller has marked it as shipped, it means the seller hasn’t provided a tracking number. 

How To Track an Etsy Order as a Guest

If you don’t have an Etsy account, you can’t use the website or the Etsy app for parcel tracking. 

However, Etsy will send you shipping notification emails once the seller has shipped your package. The emails will also show you the estimated delivery date. 

The emails will also contain more detailed tracking information or a Track package option if the seller has made it available.

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How Do You Check Your Etsy Order Status?

Here’s how to find your Etsy order’s Etsy package tracking information. 

  1. Sign in to your Etsy account or Etsy app. 
  1. Go to Your account if you’re using a computer or to You if on the mobile app. 
  1. Go to Purchases and reviews
  1. Look for your order and tap it. You can see the shipping status on the right side of your order. 

How Does the Etsy Shipping Process Work? 

Etsy shipping procedures vary slightly from traditional retailers. Individual sellers are in charge of shipping, so there’s no hard and fast rule about shipping time. 

Here are the steps in the Etsy shipping process.

  1. The buyer places an order.
  2. The seller receives the request and prepares the product. 
  3. The seller packs the order and sends it out for delivery. 
  4. The buyer receives the item they ordered.  

What Does the Shipping Status Mean?

The shipping status tells you where your order is in the shipping process. 

Here are the different shipping statuses:

Not Shipped

The seller has not yet completed or updated your order on Etsy.


The seller has completed and sent your order.


The seller has added a tracking number, pending scanning at the shipping facility. 

In Transit

The order is on its way to you.


You have received the package and can now leave a review for the completed order.

What if the estimated delivery date has lapsed, and your order status still shows as Not shipped? In this case, your seller might not have sent it yet or forgot to mark the order as completed. 

For clarification, visit your Purchases page and choose Help with order

What Should I Do If My Etsy Order Is Stuck In Transit?

I know how frustrating it is when your order is stuck In Transit, especially if you need to receive it at a specific time (e.g., it’s a gift for a friend’s birthday). I know because I’ve been in the same situation many times.

Is your Etsy order stuck in transit? Follow these steps:

1. Contact the Seller.

Request the seller to file a claim with their courier. The seller may also need to contact the courier’s customer support team. 

Wait up to three days for the courier to locate the package and change the shipping status.

2. Submit a Missing Mail Request.

You can submit a Missing Mail Search request on the USPS website if your seller shipped your order via USPS.

You must include the following information in your search request:

  • The sender’s mailing address
  • The recipient’s (your) mailing address
  • The size and type of container the seller used
  • The USPS tracking number(s), mailing date, mailing receipt, or Click-N-Ship label receipt
  • The contents of the package, including the brand, model, color, item description, dimensions, etc.
  • Images of the package’s contents

I recommend reviewing the USPS website’s Missing Mail page for more information.

3. File an Insurance Claim.

If the seller shipped via USPS Priority Mail through Etsy, your package is insured up to $100.

You can file an insurance claim for your missing order if you haven’t received it after 15 days, but not later than 60 days.

How Long Does Shipping Time Take on Etsy?

Two factors determine how long Etsy takes to ship

1. The Seller’s Fulfillment Process 

It depends on how long it takes sellers to complete their orders, especially if the orders are for handmade or custom products that take longer. 

The seller also needs time to pack and apply shipping labels to your order. 

2. Your Location 

Etsy orders with local destinations take around 3 to 5 days to ship. On the other hand, Etsy orders destined for foreign countries might require a longer shipping time, sometimes even more than ten days. 

To understand how long you’ll have to wait for your order, look at the estimated delivery date to the right of your order. 

Etsy calculates shipping time by combining processing time and carrier transit time.  

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However, it’s not an automatic system. Estimated delivery dates are available depending on the order’s shipping settings, which are put in place by the seller. 

Unfortunately, not all Etsy sellers fix their settings to show the shipping time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Do Etsy Packages Remain in Pre-Transit?

Etsy purchases typically stay in pre-transit for two to five days until the seller hands the package to the carrier, and the carrier scans it for tracking.

Several factors may cause a parcel to be in prolonged pre-transit status. 

For example, the seller might have the parcel ready for pickup, but the shipping service still has not collected the package.

The carrier could also have picked up the parcel but not scanned the shipping label into their system. 

Can I Track My Etsy Parcel With the Order Number?

No. The order number differs entirely from the tracking number and won’t help you track your Etsy order. 

What Do I Do if My Etsy Order Is Missing?

Check your tracking information first if you haven’t gotten your order yet. See if the seller has already sent the item.  

If you don’t have a tracking number, contact the seller to ask about the status of your order.

If the carrier has delivered your order but hasn’t received the item, you can try a few more things.

Check with your neighbors to know if they received your parcel by mistake.

You can also enlist the help of your local post office to locate your package. Provide the tracking number, the name of the shipping service, and your shipping information. 

If all else fails, open a case so Etsy can step in and help you. You may also ask the seller to assist you with filing a claim with the shipping carrier.

The Bottom Line

Tracking an order can be more confusing on Etsy than on other ecommerce platforms, but I hope my guide has helped you understand how to track an Etsy order.

Each seller is responsible for sending orders and may use various shipping methods. However, it’s not the seller’s fault if the courier or shipping company loses or damages your package.

Communicate and work with the seller to resolve your issue. If the seller helps you locate your missing package, don’t hesitate to leave the seller a good review on Etsy.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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