Does Wendy’s Take Apple Pay?

does wendy's take apple pay

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Apple Pay is a convenient and secure payment at grocery stores and some restaurants (like Chick-fil-A).

If you often use Apple Pay and Wendy’s is your favorite restaurant, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Does Wendy’s take Apple Pay?”

I have the answer.

I wrote this article to all your questions about Apple Pay payments at Wendy’s in-store and the drive-thru.

Read my blog post before ordering at your nearest Wendy’s store.

Does Wendy’s Take Apple Pay?

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Does Wendy’s accept Apple Pay?”

Yes. Wendy’s started accepting Apple Pay in February 2022. Thus, you can order food for dine-in and take-out or at a drive-thru.

does wendy's take apple pay

When using this payment option, whether for a dine-in, drive-thru, or mobile order, you’ll incur the same charges as you would if you pay with cash, card, or other contactless payment methods.

Does Wendy’s Accept Apple Pay for Food Delivery?

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Unlike other fast food restaurants with their own delivery service, Wendy’s customers have to order ahead through a partner like Postmates, Uber Eats, or DoorDash if they opt for food delivery.

All these food delivery services above accept Apple Pay.

How To Use Apple Pay at Wendy’s In-store

Before you order your meal, inform Wendy’s staff at the checkout counter you would like to use Apple Pay in-store. A staff member will let you know if they accept this payment method.

If this particular Wendy’s accepts Apple Pay, follow these steps.

  1. Place your iPhone or Apple Watch near payment terminals (or POS machines) at the Wendy’s counter.
  2. Open your Apple Pay app and select the credit or debit card you would like to use.
  3. After completing the transaction, you’ll see a green checkmark on your iOS device’s screen informing you that the payment is successful.
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How To Use Apple Pay When Ordering Food from the Wendy’s App

When you download the latest version of Wendy’s mobile app (the Wendy’s iOS app if you’re an iPhone or iPad), you can find Apple Pay on the list of payment methods. Meanwhile, follow this guide to mobile ordering using the Wendy’s app.

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  1. Select the food items you want to order.
  2. Tap Pay.
  3. Select Apple Pay, and the mobile app will open on your iOS device.
  4. Choose a payment card (ex,., a debit card) and confirm the payment with Touch ID or Face ID.

Did you know that Apple card users enjoy 2% cash back and earn points and other rewards store for every order made through the Wendy’s mobile app?

How To Use Apple Pay To Buy a Wendy’s Gift Card

You can also use Apple Pay to purchase Wendy’s gift cards, which are incredibly convenient because you can scan their barcodes that you can use to pay for your orders.

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You don’t even have to bring the actual gift card to use it. You can access your saved cards on your Wendy’s account. Meanwhile, you can buy Wendy’s gift cards online and choose Apple Pay as your payment option.

Before buying Wendy’s gift card, read its terms and conditions. Remember, you can only use it to purchase food and beverages, and they don’t have any cash value.

What Are the Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Wendy’s?

Apple Pay is a convenient way to pay for your meal at Wendy’s and other restaurants that accept this contactless payment method.

Aside from convenience, Apple Pay offers these benefits.

Quick and Easy Payment Method

Apple Pay is a versatile payment method to help customers make quick and easy payments when there’s no ATM nearby. It allows people to send and receive cash through electronic devices.

Now that Wendy’s and other restaurants have decided to introduce Apple Pay, you don’t have to spend time filling out forms with your credit or debit cards because it auto-fills this information.

Secure Payment Option

Aside from Wendy’s, many retail stores and fast food chains now accept Apple Pay because it’s a safe and secure way to pay for products and services.

Using Apple Pay at Wendy’s is a good call.

Even Wendy’s cannot see your account number and other personal details, while Apple Pay does not monitor your purchase history and store details. Thus, there is almost no risk of data breach or identity theft.

Apple Pay uses device account numbers instead of your credit or debit cards to prevent cyberattacks and other similar risks.

Apply Pay uses innovative safety features, including biometric locks, face ID technology, and fingerprint readers, to keep your personal and bank details private.

Hassle-free Payment

Apple Pay is ideal if you have recurring bill payments since it supplies your pre-filled information and auto-fills sections, allowing you to pay billers and merchants conveniently.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can go to Wendy’s or other restaurants that accept Apple Pay and order food without bringing cash or cards.

Simply double-press the side button of your watch to open your default card (or scroll down if you want to choose another payment card).

Next, hold your watch’s display near payment terminals until you hear a beep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Are There Fees When Using Apple Pay at Wendy’s?

No. Wendy’s does not charge any fee for using Apple pay. You will pay the same amount you would have for using your card or cash.

Note that Apple works with major credit cards and banks to give their customers a convenient experience, including no hidden or additional charges for using Apple Pay.

Another benefit when using Apple Pay is you get a percentage of your purchase back in Daily Cash. There’s no limit to how much you can get from this insane app offers.

Can I Use Apple Pay for Orders on the Website?

No. Wendy’s does not accept Apple Pay to pay for orders through its website. You need to download the app when placing your orders online.

Does Wendy’s Take Other Payment Methods?

Yes. Wendy’s stores take Apple Pay but accept other payment methods such as cash, gift cards, debit cards, and other payment cards.

And on Wendy’s Android app and iOS, you can pay with gift cards, wire transfers, debit/credit cards, and Apple Pay.

Is the Wendy’s App an Excellent Mobile App?

Yes. You can search for the nearest branch and see Wendy’s official hamburger and official breakfast menus, together with the current price.

Does Wendy’s Accept Google Pay?

No. While Wendy’s stores take Apple Pay, Google Pay isn’t one of its available payment options.

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Do Other Restaurants Take Apple Pay?


Other stores and fast food chains accept Apple Pay, including McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Jamba Juice, Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, Pizza Hut, Chipotle, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Popeye’s.

If you want to know which of your favorite restaurants have started accepting Apple Pay, search for Apple Pay in Maps to see if a nearby establishment accepts Apple Pay.

If you see any of the symbols below, it means the establishments use Apple Pay.

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You can also ask the staff if their establishment accepts Apple Pay.

What’s the Difference Between Apple Pay and Apple Wallet?

Apple Pay is the payment method you can use in-store and online (mobile app and web), whereas Apple Wallet is where you store your debit or credit card details all in one place to use them with Apple Pay.

How Do I Earn Reward Points Using Apple Pay?

You can earn Wendy’s rewards points every time you pay for your orders using Apple Pay (or other contactless payments), cash, cards, and other payment methods.

Using Wendy’s gift cards also allows you to earn rewards. However, you need to download its latest mobile app and create Wendy’s account where you can accumulate and store your loyalty points.

Can I Use Apple Pay with Android Devices at Wendy’s?

No. Apple Pay is only available as a macOS and iOS app, meaning you can only use it on your Apple device (ex., iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook).

The Bottom Line

Wendy’s restaurants now accept Apple Pay, a mobile payment service that allows iOS users to make in-store and mobile orders through contactless technology. You can also use this for pick-up and drive-thru orders.

The good news is that you can use Apple Pay at many other stores. For example, did you know you could use Apple Pay when shopping at Target?

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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