Are Dogs Allowed in Lowes? The Ultimate Guide to the Lowe’s Pet Policy

are dogs allowed in lowes

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“Can I bring my dog into Lowes?” is a question you’ll likely ask yourself if you’re both a pet owner and a Lowe’s regular.

Lowe’s doesn’t have an official pet policy, or at least one that you can find on the company’s website.

However, most Lowe’s stores nationwide allow dogs and pets since its handbook discusses their importance.

You must know more information before you bring your dog to your Local Lowe’s, and I’ve got you covered.

I wrote this guide to answer, “Are dogs allowed in Lowes?”

I’ll also clarify any confusion about the Lowes pet policy to help you determine if you can bring your dog to nearby Lowes locations.

Let’s begin!

Are Dogs Allowed In Lowes?

The Lowe’s pet policy warmly welcomes your service animals or pets across all its US stores, promoting a positive customer experience.

The Lowes dog policy is good news if you’re among the millions of dog owners in the US.

However, the official policy and rules at your local location may vary due to management decisions.

For example, only service animals are allowed in Lowe’s stores in Canada.

To ensure a smooth visit, call your local Lowe’s ahead of time to confirm if the store allows dogs or other animals.

You can find stores near you and their contact numbers on the Lowe’s Store Directory.

What Is the Lowes Animal Policy for Service Dogs? 


(Source: Darlington County Humane Society)

As mentioned, there’s no publicly available Lowe’s official pet policy.

However, most chain stores in the US (including Lowe’s) let you bring your dog, especially if it’s a service dog, provided you follow the store’s rules and regulations.

Employees may ask you these questions if you bring your dog to Lowe’s.

  1. Is the dog a service animal needed due to a disability?

  2. What tasks is the dog trained to do?

These are the only questions employees can ask you under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Here are examples of service dogs you might see inside Lowes stores.

  • Guide dogs

  • Aid and seizure-alert dogs

  • Medical warning dogs and service dogs

  • Hearing dogs

  • Mental health psychiatric service dogs

  • Mobility-helping dogs

  • Severe allergy alert dogs

Is Lowes Dog-Friendly for Non-Service Animals?

image 1

(Source: Lowe’s Home Improvement Facebook Page)

What about other dogs? Are dogs allowed in Lowe’s if they’re not service animals?

Lowe’s is a pretty dog-friendly store, and they proudly display this fact on their social media pages.

Most stores will allow leashed dogs inside. They likely won’t allow you to enter if your pet isn’t on a leash, even if it’s only a small dog.

Again, pet policies at other stores can differ based on local ordinances, the discretion of the store manager, or your dog’s behavior.

How Can You Bring Dogs Into Lowes?

Lowe’s stores allow dogs, but the store isn’t responsible if your dog misbehaves in the store.

You’re responsible if your dog bites another customer, makes loud noises, or causes any damage to the store or merchandise.

Follow these best practices when bringing your dog to Lowe’s or other chain stores to avoid untoward incidents.

Call the Store Before You Visit.

Call the Lowe’s shop you want to visit to ensure they allow dogs before heading out.

Ensure Your Dog Is Ready To Go with You.

Before entering the store, ensure your dog is comfortable with new environments and crowds.

A highly stimulating place like Lowe’s might not suit all dogs, so consider your dog’s behavior and demeanor.

Give Your Dog a Potty Break Before Going Into Lowe’s.

Avoid bathroom emergencies by letting your pet go potty before entering the store.

Leash Your Pet.

Visiting Lowes with your best bud can be fun, but practice common courtesy and ensure your dog is properly leashed to avoid bothering other customers.

Bring Dog Necessities.

Pack these essential items before you embark on your Lowes adventure with your furry friend.

  • Water

  • Vaccination records

  • Blanket

  • Poop bags

  • Dog treats

  • Dog’s toys

  • Paper towels

  • Hand sanitizer

Be Ready To Clean Up After Your Dog.

If your dog poops or pees, you must clean it up. Ensure your dog won’t leave any marks behind!

Putting an appropriately sized pet diaper on your dog is also ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Pets Allowed in Lowes Stores in Canada?

Only service animals or animals trained to assist people are allowed in Canada.

Is Lowes Pet-Friendly?

Lowe’s primarily allows dogs, but they also welcome other furry companions.

While the policy often emphasizes dogs and service animals, Lowe’s stores also welcome well-behaved cats and other small pets.

I recommend contacting your local store for specifics about their pet policy regarding non-dog animals since policies can vary by store.

Can I Bring My Dogs Into Lowes Without a Leash?

While Lowe’s does allow pets, including dogs, in their stores, they typically require all pets to be on a leash or harness.

This policy ensures the safety and comfort of all customers, including those who might not be comfortable around unrestrained pets.

Can You Take Dogs Into Lowes if You Carry Them?

Yes. Lowe’s generally allows well-behaved pets, including small dogs, to be carried inside their stores.

If you have a small dog you can comfortably carry, you can likely bring them along for your shopping trip.

Which Stores Allow Dogs?

Here are other pet-friendly places you can bring your pet.

The Bottom Line 

Bringing your furry friend to Lowe’s can be a delightful experience, but remember, responsibility comes with the fun.

I hope my guide answered, “Are dogs allowed in Lowe’s?”

Before heading to Lowe’s, remember to call your local store to confirm their official pet policy and requirements.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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