How To Get Free Stuff on Temu: 8 Easy Ways

how to get free stuff on temu

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Do you wonder how to get free stuff on Temu?

You’ve come to the right place for answers.

There are many ways to get Temu free stuff, like playing games, becoming a Temu influencer, joining Temu credit giveaways, earning coupons, taking advantage of promo codes, and more.

I wrote this guide to discuss these methods. After reading my article, you’ll learn how to win free stuff on Temu.

Let’s begin.

How To Get Free Stuff on Temu?

If you want to get free products on Temu, here are a few things you can try:

  1. Sign up on Temu and get a $100 coupon bundle.

  2. Use the Temu app regularly and earn points

  3. Play Temu’s various games and earn free rewards

  4. Invite friends and promote Temu to get cash rewards.

  5. Become a Temu campus ambassador and earn cash by referring friends.

  6. Become a Temu influencer for free products and free money.

  7. Join Temu credit giveaways and earn credits.

  8. Watch out for promotions to earn free gifts.

I explore each Temu method to get free stuff, giving you its requirements and step-by-step process.

How To Get Free Things on Temu: 8 Tried-And-Tested Methods

I will discuss methods for both existing and new users. Earn rewards and shop simultaneously with these eight easy methods to help you find free stuff on Temu.

1. Sign Up on Temu.

You can make quick and easy money if you’ve never signed up for Temu.

Open a new account in Temu and get a $100 sign-up bonus.

You can also use a Temu referral code to get 30% off your next purchase if you live in the US.

Here’s How To Get Money on Temu.

All you need to do is create a new Temu account.

You can sign up on the Temu website or via the Temu app on your mobile device.

If you’re using the Temu website, follow these steps:

1- Go to the Temu website.

2- Spin the wheel that pops up on your screen.

how to get free stuff on temu

3- Click on Get it now.

How To Get Money on Temu

4- Download the Temu app.

Download the Temu app.

5- Create a new account.

6- Claim your $100 coupon.

The $100 coupon consists of:

  • $25 off orders of $50 or more.

  • $15 off orders of $75 or more (three times).

  • $30 off orders of $100 or more.

If you’re using the Temu app from Google Play or the App Store instead, simply skip the first step.

If you live in the US, use Temu promo codes like off2795 to get 30% off your next purchase. You must also download the app to claim this Temu free gift.

2. Use the Temu App Regularly.

Use the Temu App regularly to gain Temu credits. Temu credits are shopping credits you can use to pay for orders.

Here are some ways to earn Temu credits.

  • Check-in daily.

  • Watch video ads.

  • Spin the wheel.

  • Write product reviews.

  • Play games and take quizzes.

  • Take advantage of holiday promos.

  • Participate in social media contests.

  • Invite friends to join Temu.

Here’s How To Get Free Credits on Temu.

Each method gives a certain number of Temu credits.

You get 25 credits for checking in daily, even without buying anything.

Here’s how to watch video ads.

1- Open your Temu app and click the Earn Free Gift Cards section. You can watch multiple videos daily and get hundreds of credits per week.

Note: Temu allows you to spin their wheel once daily. Credit rewards vary but can reach up to 1,000 credits per day.

How To Get Free Credits on Temu.

2- To spin the wheel, go to Earn Free Gift Cards and press on Redeem Credit.

spin the wheel, go to Earn Free Gift Cards and press on Redeem Credit.

3- You can submit honest product reviews and earn free credits as a regular customer.

Note: The number of credits you receive depends on the quality and helpfulness of your review. Add photos to your review to earn more free credit.

submit honest product reviews and earn free credits as a regular customer.

3. Play Temu Games. 

Playing games on Temu is a fun way to earn free Temu credits, but games are only available on the Temu app.

They are completely free and easy to access.

How To Play Games on Temu To Get Free Stuff

Temu has multiple games available and is working on releasing more games. Their most prominent current games are Fishland, Farmland, and Lucky Flip.

Here’s how playing games on your mobile phone is an easy and fun way to get free stuff on Temu.

1- Open the official Temu app.

2- Go to the search bar at the top and type the name of the game you want to play.

3- Enjoy Temu’s free games.

How To Play Games on Temu To Get Free Stuff

4. Share Your Temu Referral Code. 

Sharing referral codes and referring friends is a mostly effortless way to earn free stuff on Temu.

Inviting friends to join Temu gives you a cash reward and Temu credit.

Here’s How To Make Temu Free Money by Inviting Friends.

Temu has a referral program that offers great rewards in return for inviting friends.

You get a $5 Temu referral bonus for every friend who joins Temu through your referral link. Moreover, you get 200 credit points.

Here’s how to utilize this feature:

1- Save the referral link you get once you create a Temu account.

2- Share this referral link with your friends.

3- Earn rewards for referring friends.

Here are the best ways to share your referral link.

  • Social media

  • Your friends and family

  • YouTube shorts

5. Become a Temu Campus Ambassador. 

Join the Temu Campus Ambassador program and share the Temu app with your college friends for free stuff on Temu.

Temu offers interesting benefits and rewards for its ambassadors. Here are the requirements you must meet to join the program:

  • You must be at least 18.

  • You should be enrolled in a university or college in the United States.

  • You must be authorized to work in the United States.

How To Become a Temu Campus Ambassador.

Follow these steps to become a Temu ambassador:

1- Open the Temu app.

2- Go to the You section at the bottom right.

3- Scroll down and click Campus ambassador.

How To Become a Temu Campus Ambassador.

4- You will get a unique Temu referral link and a code.

5- Use the link or code to refer friends.

share ambassador Discount

Get a 5$ Temu cash prize for every friend who downloads the Temu shopping app. You can transfer your prize to PayPal once you accumulate at least $20.

6. Become a Temu Influencer. 

Become a Temu Influencer. 

If you have over 300 followers on social media, you qualify to join the Temu influencer program.

As a Temu influencer, you benefit from free stuff, exclusive coupons, events, and cash prizes. 

Here’s How To Get Free Temu Items as an Influencer.

1- Go to the Temu Influencer Program page.

2- If you’re using the Temu app, open the app and search Temu Influencer Program.

3- Press on Join the Program.

4- Authorize a social media account with no less than 300 followers. Eligible social media apps are YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

5- When Temu approves your social media account, you will receive an email within seven working days.

6- Once you receive an email, you become an official program member.

7- Go to the influencer program page and click share to earn.

8- Share your link and Temu codes to get free Temu products.

The following table details how many credits you earn per interaction on social media.

table details how many credits you earn per interaction on social media.

7. Join Temu Credit Giveaways. 

Join Temu Credit Giveaways.

Temu frequently runs contests on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, often asking people to follow Temu, share posts, and tag friends to win free credits.

Follow Temu on social media to keep up with every credit giveaway.

The Temu app also holds quizzes that reward winners with credits. They’re free to enter and super fun to participate in.

I recommend staying active on the Temu app to increase your chances of winning credits.

8. Watch Out for Promotions.

Watch Out for Promotions.

Temu holds regular holiday promotions and sales events on its social media apps.

Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s are a few examples. There are often free credit giveaways during these periods.

Follow Temu’s social media accounts to avoid missing promotions.

What Are Other Ways To Save Money on Temu?

Are you wondering how to get free stuff on Temu without inviting friends? Here are five methods to get Temu free gifts without referrals.

Look for Temu Discount Coupon Codes.

There are two main ways to acquire Temu coupon codes.

  • Go to coupon websites like the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. You will find a long list of coupon codes with different prizes.

  • Sign up for Temu’s email newsletter list. They occasionally send subscribers coupon codes for free credits as a sign-up bonus.

Earn Extra Money on Survey and Reward-Based Websites.

Survey and reward-based websites are platforms where you can take surveys and complete tasks in return for a free item.

Most of these websites reward their users with coupon codes. Here are examples of the best websites you can try:

Complete tasks on these websites to acquire a Temu coupon code.

How To Use Survey Junkie To Get Free Temu Codes

How To Use Survey Junkie To Get Free Temu Codes

Survey Junkie is a legitimate platform that connects users with paid survey opportunities.

These surveys come from legitimate businesses. Temu is one of those businesses.

Note that Survey Junkie will ask for a picture of our ID. Moreover, some surveys might ask you for private information. However, you can choose not to partake in such surveys.

Here’s an overview of how it works,

  1. Sign up on Survey Junkie.

  2. Complete your general profile.

  3. Complete demographic surveys.

  4. Take surveys.

  5. Explore other earning opportunities.

  6. Earn points.

  7. Redeem your rewards.

You might wonder, “Is Survey Junkie legit?”

Yes. Survey Junkie is a legitimate site with requirements you must meet to use the website.

Participate in Cashback Programs.

A really easy way to get free stuff from Temu is to use cashback programs. Rakuten and TopCashback are two websites you should check out.

I will discuss each website’s cashback rewards and how to cash out your rewards.

You can get a 10% cashback using Rakuten to shop at Temu.

Rakuten also provides a $10 sign-up bonus when you spend your first $25. Their cashbacks are paid via check or PayPal.

Visit Rakuten and click on Join Now to earn money on every purchase.

Rakuten Homepage

TopCashback offers a slightly higher cashback percentage, sitting at 10.5%.

TopCashback rewards you with cash sent to your bank account or PayPal account. Then, you can use this cash to get free stuff from Temu.

Visit the TopCashback website and click on Join Free to start saving money.

TopCashback homepage

Enjoy Free Shipping on Your Temu Purchases.

Temu offers free shipping on almost all orders you make. Standard orders take 6-20 days to arrive.

If you want faster shipping, you can request an Express Shipping service and receive your order within four to nine days. It would cost you between $12.90 and $129.00, depending on the size of your purchase.

Temu shipping info.

Take Advantage of the Temu Student Discount.

Students may benefit from a 15% discount on their purchases at Temu once per month.

If you’re over 18, go to Temu Students, fill in your private information, and click Verify now to become a student member.

Temu student discount page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Temu Give You Free Stuff?

Yes. Temu gives every new user a $100 coupon bundle, which you can use to get free products.

Temu also provides free shipping and free gifts through various events.

Why Does Temu Give Free Stuff?

Temu gives free stuff to its customers to encourage them to make more purchases.

Temu also gives influencers free products to promote the app and attract more customers.

Are Temu Codes, Free Stuff, and Other Temu Free Items Legit?

Yes. Temu is a legitimate and safe app offering authentic and free gifts.

How To Get Free Stuff on Temu Without Sharing?

There are plenty of ways to get free stuff on Temu. The three easiest ways you should try are creating a new account on Temu, using the Temu app regularly, and playing Temu’s games.

Why Is Temu So Cheap?

Temu products are cheap because Temu connects customers directly to suppliers. With direct access, the prices don’t have middleman-associated costs that other sites would have.

Furthermore, Temu provides free shipping, which makes it cheaper than other online marketplaces.

The Bottom Line

Temu is a legitimate and popular online marketplace offering users various ways to get free stuff.

I hope my guide helped you understand how to get free gifts on Temu and answered, “Are Temu free stuff legit?”

Do you want to create an account on Wish, a site similar to Temu? I suggest learning more about Temu vs. Wish comparisons to determine which site suits your needs.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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