Amazon Unclaimed Packages: How to Get Up To 80% Discount on Undelivered Products

amazon unclaimed packages

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Have you ever wondered what happens to Amazon’s undelivered orders? Maybe like me, you’ve seen those TikTok Mysterious parcels.

Well, I have very good news. Those orders are called Amazon unclaimed packages, and you can actually BUY them at crazy discount rates of up to 80%!

Buying Amazon Unclaimed Packages can be an excellent way for buyers and sellers to save money, assuming they conduct research and perform their due diligence beforehand.

So, do you want to buy Amazon Unclaimed Packages but don’t know where to start?

This is the only guide you need. I’ll show you where and how to buy unclaimed Amazon boxes.

Let’s begin.

Where To Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages

You can buy unclaimed Amazon packages from different places, from distribution centers and discount stores to websites and online marketplaces.

Here are some options:

Buy Them Directly from Amazon

This is the easiest way to do it.

Simply click on this Amazon link, which points to a search on Amazon under “unclaimed packages”. Amazon will show you unclaimed items at a discount.

Buy Them Directly from UPS

UPS and USPS (not frequently) auction unclaimed packages at a Mail Recovery Center if the Amazon packages aren’t claimed within 90 days.

The Mail Recovery Center is a lost and found department for undeliverable and non-returnable mail.

Unclaimed Mail Stores

If you live near stores selling unclaimed mail and packages, you’ll have a better chance of finding unclaimed items from Amazon.

To find stores with Amazon Unclaimed Packages for sale, type “Amazon Unclaimed Packages store near me” or “buy unclaimed packages near me” on Google search. 

If you find a store, get there immediately as the goods become available because buyers can quickly empty the shelves.

Liquidation Websites

You’ll have the most success buying unclaimed packages from these liquidation sites. is one of the best liquidation websites for finding unclaimed Amazon and USPS packages because of its expansive inventory of products and partnership with major retailers, including Home Depot and Amazon Store.

liquidation websites

This liquidation site has a specific category page for undeliverable Amazon packages, including “shelf-pulled” and damaged items from Amazon facilities that ship unclaimed parcels to bidders and buyers.

The site operates, one of the most popular auction sites selling surplus items from government and educational agencies.

The site also facilitates local pickups, thanks to its multiple distribution warehouses in different cities, including Las Vegas, Garland, Phoenix, Plainfield, and much more.

Big liquidation sites like and American Pallet Liquidators typically offer international shipping and facilitate auctions where buyers can select a truckload, pallet, or package from Amazon’s unclaimed items.

Auction Sites

Aside from the liquidation websites I mentioned earlier, you can find legit auctions through Amazon Auctions, which go through the Amazon FBA program.

Choose an auction site that posts shipping quotes to help bidders estimate costs.

Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace

You can purchase unclaimed packages and entire pallets through Facebook Marketplace and have these shipped directly to you.

This route has more risks because you’re buying from third parties. However, you can minimize the risk by only dealing with reputable sellers with excellent customer reviews.

Liquidation Pallets Stores

liquidation pallets stores

You can usually find liquidation pallets stores in metro areas selling mystery boxes that are often only available through local pickup.

If buying blind boxes is your thing, go to your favorite search engine and type “pallet liquidation near me” in the search bar.

Swap Meets

swap meets

If you’re patient enough to conduct research, you may stumble upon heavily discounted unclaimed Amazon packages from your local swap meets and flea markets where you can see and test the items.

Another option is to use Swap Madness, an online directory to find the local swap meets. Since it doesn’t list locations that offer unclaimed items from Amazon and other ecommerce sites and delivery services, you need to ask the attendees.

With swap meets, you can inspect the items before spending your hard-earned money.

USPS Mail Recovery Center

usps mail recovery center

The US Postal Services sometimes facilitates auctions of undeliverable mail at its center. Generally, buyers must purchase the entire lot (which is quite expensive) and pick it up locally.

Third-Party Sellers on Amazon

Listings sell from $10 to $40, including free shipping. If you buy unclaimed packages online, verify the seller’s reputation and read the listing description carefully.

Other Ecommerce Websites

You can find unclaimed Amazon items and USPS packages on other retail sites, including eBay, Poshmark, and Etsy. Just go to your preferred marketplace and type in “unclaimed packages.”

Many listings of unwrapped valuable items sell between $25 and $100.

Since you’re dealing with individual mystery boxes, you won’t find their estimated retail price and the contents inside until you open them.

How To Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages

Here’s a simple guide to buying unclaimed Amazon packages.

Find Reputable Sellers and Websites.

Always perform your due diligence when dealing with individual sellers from online platforms, auction and liquidation sites, and brick-and-mortar stores. 

Conduct research, read customer reviews and listing descriptions, and inspect the items (if applicable).

Consider Your Budget.

Depending on the vendor and listing, you can buy an entire lot, a pallet, or just a single item.

consider your budget

Consider the Risks.

Even though the mystery boxes listing says “new and undamaged,” some items may not be in excellent condition because of the rough shipping and return process. Always consider this if you’re a seller.

Buying unclaimed Amazon packages often means buying in bulk. Doing so can be a fantastic way to run a store selling unique or discounted items.

Choose Your Ideal Shipping Options.

Read the shipping policy in the listing before you buy Amazon unclaimed packages or join auction events.

Many listings also require picking up the sold items in-person to avoid the expensive shipping costs of buying a truckload or pallet of unclaimed packages and mystery boxes.

Choose Your Ideal Shipping Options

You may also need to hire a truck or trailer if you purchase mystery boxes in bulk quantities.

Where To Buy Lost Packages

You can find unclaimed Amazon packages from liquidation companies, auction websites, eCommerce platforms, retailers, local swap meets, mail recovery centers, etc.

Amazon and the USPS are the two biggest parties auctioning off these non-deliverable packages to cut their losses. They partner with various actions and marketplaces.

How To Avoid Scams When Buying Unclaimed Amazon Boxes

There is always the risk of running into scammers, especially if you’re a newbie. 

If you’re new, don’t invest much money in buying blind boxes or mystery packages until you gain more experience.

Here are additional tips to avoid scams when buying unclaimed Amazon packages.

  • Read customer reviews and feedback on all vendors.
  • Understand the terms and conditions of each listing on liquidation companies and eCommerce sites.
  • Buy only from trusted websites.
  • Try local swap meets to avoid shipping costs and get the opportunity to inspect the parcels in person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Amazon Unclaimed and Misplaced Packages?

These non-deliverable items are from retailers, package shippers, and other delivery services that must “declutter” their warehouses by selling unwanted merchandise.

Here are some reasons Amazon packages become unclaimed parcels.

  • The seller pulls off their products from Amazon.
  • The items become damaged during shipping.
  • The parcels get lost in the mail or the warehouse.
  • The customers fail to pick up their packages at the postal service within 30 days.
  • The recipients fail to give their correct mailing addresses.
  • The recipients return their parcels that get lost during the shipping and return process.

Is it True You Can Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages?

Yes. You can buy an unclaimed Amazon package or mystery boxy in liquidation sites, auction events, Facebook Marketplace, USPS Mail Recovery Center, ecommerce platforms, and local swap meets.

What Does Amazon Do With Unclaimed Packages?

What Does Amazon Do With Unclaimed Packages

Amazon and most ecommerce platforms have a rule wherein they label any package that stays in their warehouse for over 90 days as unclaimed.

Instead of opening and doing an inventory of unclaimed parcels, Amazon auctions them off in bulk to the highest bidder.

Does Amazon Sell Unclaimed Packages?

Yes. Amazon sells unclaimed boxes and packages to cover its losses.

Are Amazon Unclaimed Packages Worth It?

Yes. Buying unclaimed packages as a hobby or a side hustle can be worth it under these conditions.

  • Do your research
  • Only deal with reputable platforms and sellers
  • Understand the shipping policy and listing description 

Can I Buy an Undelivered Package Directly from USPS?

Yes. However, USPS actions are infrequent. 

Your best bet is to find listings on trusted liquidation companies, local swap meets, and eCommerce sites.

Can I Buy Unclaimed Packages on eBay?

Yes. You can buy unclaimed Amazon parcels on eBay.

Can I Buy Unclaimed Packages for $1?

It depends. 

Remember, the price greatly varies depending on the individual sellers and liquidation platforms. However, some lucky people purchased mystery boxes for as low as $1 and found a luxury designer handbag.

Do the Items Arrive in Good Condition?

Mostly, yes. When buying a mystery package, getting a damaged item is rare, but a small percentage of Amazon parcels still get dents and scratches.

Is Liquidation a Good Liquidation Company?

Yes. This liquidation company is a great platform to get non-deliverable packages at a discounted price. Also, you have more control over the size and type of products you want.

For example, you can buy an individual item, a pallet, or even a truckload of a hundred mystery boxes.

If you’re running a variety store that sells secondhand items, is also a great option because it often facilitates auctions.

Are There Guarantees on the Condition of an Unclaimed Amazon Package?

No. When you purchase mystery boxes, there’s no guarantee the items you will receive will be in excellent condition.

Avoid spending too much money buying unclaimed Amazon packages in bulk, especially if you’re new to this hustle.

Stay within your budget and comfort zone, especially when buying a mystery box.

The Bottom Line

amazon unclaimed packages

Purchasing a mystery box or an unclaimed Amazon package is an excellent way to profit from a side hustle. However, it can also be a fun hobby if you’re looking for amazing deals.

You can maximize your profit by choosing mystery packages you can pick up locally. Doing so lets you avoid paying expensive shipping fees.

If you’re considering a side hustle, you may also want to learn more about starting an Amazon dropshipping business.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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