What Is the Ross Return Policy?

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Did you buy something from Ross and want to return it?

The next question is: What is the Ross Return Policy?

Ross’s return policy states that you can return purchased items within 30 days of your purchase, provided you haven’t used, worn, or altered the item.

However, there are other things you must know about Ross’s return policy, and I’m here to help you.

I wrote this guide to discuss everything about Ross’s return policy. I’ll explain the exceptions, the refund policy, how to return items to Ross, and more.

Let’s begin.

What Is the Ross Return Policy: With Receipt or No Receipt?

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The Ross returns policy is simple.

You have 30 days to return any purchased item from Ross with a receipt.

Items you’ve worn, washed, or damaged are ineligible for a refund or an exchange.

Ross Return Policy After 30 Days: Can You Return an Item After 30 Days?

You can still return items outside Ross’s 30-day grace period but won’t get a full refund.

Instead, Ross will exchange your product for another with the same value. You may also receive store credit if you submit a return request after 30 days.

No Ross department store will offer you a cash refund if you return an item you purchased more than 30 days ago.

No Receipt Return: Is a Receipt Required?

Returning your original receipt with a product is essential for a refund.

If you lose your receipt, Ross will only compensate you through store credit, provided Ross’s refund system approves the return. You will need a valid photo ID as well.

Ross’s system also limits the number of no-receipt returns you can make to ensure you don’t abuse refunds. Ross will perform a receipt lookup through their system and reject your return request if you’ve had too many requests without a receipt.

What Is the Ross: Dress for Less Return Policy for Fine Jewelry, Swimwear, and Lingerie?

According to the Ross website, fine Jewelry returns must meet the following requirements.

  • The jewelry must have the original tag attached.

  • The jewelry must include the original register receipt.

  • You can only return them to Ross Stores with a Fine Jewelry Department.

Swimwear and lingerie returns have one additional condition: all bathing suits and lingerie must have their original tags attached.

What Is the Ross Holiday Return Policy?

The company offers an extended return period during the winter holidays. For all items you purchase between December 1st and December 31st, the return deadline is January 31st.

Can I Return a Gift to Ross?

You can return any gift to Ross if the Ross tag is still attached to the item. However, the Ross store will only compensate you through store credit, not a complete refund.

Can I Return Furniture to Ross?

Yes. The same general return policy applies to furniture.

You can also return furniture without a receipt for store credits as long as you provide a valid picture ID and the original tags are still attached.

You’ll receive the item’s current selling price in store credit.

Can I Return Online Purchases?

Ross doesn’t sell products online. Therefore, you cannot return online purchases.

You need to locate the nearest Ross store and travel there to return your items.

What Is the Ross Exchange Policy?

Ross doesn’t refund purchases older than 30 days, even if you have a receipt.

For purchases older than 30 days, Ross will only exchange the item at its current selling price or give you store credit.

Ross does not offer exchanges on used, opened, or washed items.

You can exchange software for like merchandise if it’s defective, but you won’t get a refund.

Are There Exceptions to the Ross Return Policy?

The Ross website states that certain items are unreturnable.

You can’t return or exchange software that you’ve opened. Software returns are only possible for defective products, in which case you can exchange the software for like merchandise.

Moreover, a Ross gift card refund is not possible. However, if you lost your gift card, you can get a new one for the same amount if you still have the receipt. It doesn’t have to be at the same Ross store.

How To Return Items to Ross?

You can only return items via Ross retail stores.

Follow this guide to learn how to perform in-store returns:

  1. Identify the original form of payment (e.g., cash, card, check, etc.)

  2. Bring the original receipt.

  3. Make sure the tag or ticket is attached to the item

  4. Bring a valid photo ID in case you don’t have a receipt.

  5. Head to the nearest Ross store, give your item to a staff member and notify them of your return request.

  6. Wait for the staff member to evaluate your return request.

  7. You’ll get your refund if you meet all of Ross’s requirements.

What Is the Ross Refund Policy?

You can get a full refund on merchandise you return with a receipt within 30 days of purchase.

For all eligible return requests, Ross will refund you via your original payment method.

How Long Does Ross Refund Take?

Payment MethodProcessing period

You must present an ID if you are requesting a refund within 24 hours.
CheckThere’s a five-day waiting period for the check to clear
Credit or debit cardThe processing time depends on the bank but can take up to 5 business days.

Ross will refund you immediately for purchases made with cash. However, if you request a return less than 24 hours after making a purchase, Ross employees will ask you to present a valid ID.

How long does Ross take to refund money to debit card?

If you used a debit card for your original purchase, Ross will refund the amount to your bank account via your debit card.

Regarding debit and credit cards, it may vary depending on your bank. Usually, it won’t take more than five business days after your return requests.

How Do I Get My Refund if I Paid by Check?

You must wait at least five days after the purchase date for purchases made via check.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Contact the Ross Customer Service?

You can contact Ross through their Contact Us page Contact Us page or by calling 800‑335‑1115.

Can I Return Ross Items to Any Ross Store?

Yes. You can search which Ross stores are open and head to the nearest store for an exchange or refund.

Can You Abuse the Ross Return Policy?

No. Thanks to Ross’s third-party refund verification system, abusing the Ross return policy is impossible.

Can I Return an Item to Ross With a Damaged Receipt?

As long as the barcode at the Bottom of the receipt is still usable, it won’t be an issue.

What Is the Ross Return Policy After 90 Days With Receipt?

Ross will accept any item you try to return after 90 days if it is in original condition with tags and a receipt. If you try to return it without the receipt, the product will no longer be in Ross’s system.

What Is the Ross Return Policy Without Tags?

Ross cannot verify the item on the receipt if you do not have a tag attached.

Can you return perfume to Ross?

Yes. The return policy for perfumes is identical to the general return policy at Ross.

Can You Return Ross Items to TJ Maxx?

No. They are two separate brands with different merchandise.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide has helped you understand the Ross return policy. Use the information in my guide before visiting the nearest Ross store to return items purchased to avoid wasting time.

If you’re interested in low-cost items, consider shopping at Walmart. However, you must also understand Walmart’s return policy before buying anything.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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