How To Change Shipping Speed on Amazon: An Ultimate Guide

how to change shipping speed on amazon

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Learning how to change shipping speed on Amazon is important to ensure you get your orders right when you need them.

In this article, I’ll discuss how to expedite shipping on Amazon. You’ll also learn your delivery options and everything you need about delivery.

I’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to change shipping speed option below.

Let’s start.

How To Change Shipping Speed on Amazon

how to change shipping speed on amazon

People’s delivery preferences usually differ, but most want the shipping speeds as fast as possible. Amazon lets you toggle your shipping options even after you’ve made an order.

Note: some options aren’t available when changing shipping method. Amazon products have to be eligible for some delivery methods.

Do you want to know how to speed up Amazon shipping or simply change the delivery option? Here are three ways to do it.

How To Change Shipping Speed on Amazon Prime

How To Change Shipping Speed on Amazon Prime

If you’re a Prime member, follow the below steps to change your shipping speed.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.

  2. Navigate to Your Account & Lists.

  3. Click on Your Prime Membership.

  4. Select Manage Prime Membership, located on the left side of your screen. If this option isn’t available, you’re not a Prime member.

  5. Look under Shipping Options.

  6. Click on Change Shipping Date next to the order you want to edit.

  7. You’ll get an information box with the estimated delivery date and time of each item and their estimated costs.

  8. Once you choose from your preferred delivery speed, click Save Changes.

Can Amazon Change Shipping Speed After Order?

What if you want to change delivery preferences after checking out? As long as the seller hasn’t shipped your order, you can change your desired shipping speed.

Follow these steps.

  1. First, Log in to your Amazon account.

  2. Hover over the upper-right section of the website and click Returns & Orders.

  3. Choose the order you want to edit.

  4. Click on Change shipping speed under the Shipment details.

  5. Choose another shipping option (some options might not be available). You may also have to choose your new date and time.

  6. Once you’ve modified your Amazon delivery speed option, click Save shipping speed.

How To Change Shipping Speed on Amazon App: Android and iOS

Here’s how to change your shipping speed on the Android or iOS Amazon app.

1 – Open the Amazon app and log in.

2 – Tap the three lines (menu) at the bottom right of your home screen.

3 – Find your orders under the Your Orders section.

How To Change Shipping Speed on Amazon App: Android and iOS

4 – Select the Change Shipping Speed button.

5 – Choose from the available shipping options. You may also have to select a new date and time.

6 – Once finished, click Confirm.

How To Change Shipping Speed on Amazon for Shipped Orders

Can you change shipping speed on Amazon after the seller has shipped your orders?

Unfortunately, you can’t change your shipping speed options after your item ships. However, you can contact Amazon customer service representative to see what they can do.

Different Shipping Options on Amazon

Different Shipping Options on Amazon

Although most options include a delivery schedule, it pays to know their differences. Your delivery preference affects the shipping time frame of all your orders.

Here are Amazon’s shipping options.

  • Standard Delivery
    Standard delivery, or regular delivery, is the default delivery option if you don’t change your delivery method.

    This method can take around a week to deliver packages to customers.

  • Two-Day Shipments
    Amazon Prime members can choose the free two-day shipping option to avoid waiting for a week. Non-Prime members have to pay extra for this option.When you change the shipping speed to this option, you’ll get your delivery in 2 days, within Amazon’s 8 AM to 11 PM time frame.Note: this option doesn’t cover all items. Buyers must pay an extra fee (even as Prime members) when they order below the minimum.

  • One-Day Shipping
    This option is only available for eligible items. It’s free for Prime and costs extra for non-Prime members. It also depends on the stock availability, the location of the Amazon seller, or Amazon’s fulfillment centers’ location.

    You can get your order the next day with this option. If your order doesn’t make the cutoff, you’ll get the product before 9 PM the following day.

  • Same-Day Delivery
    This free Prime delivery option is the fastest way to receive your orders. You order it today; you get it today.

    However, it has a minimum requirement. If your order falls below, you must pay $2.99 even as a Prime member.

    Same-day shipment costs up to $9.99 for non-Prime members.

    You must check out your order before 5 PM to get it by 10 PM. If you order past 5 PM and before midnight, you can get your items by 11 AM the next day.

  • Amazon Day Delivery

amazon day delivery

This option is exclusive to Prime members and allows you to choose a specific delivery date for all your items.

With this option, you can add to your order throughout the week and have them all delivered on a single day for free.

  • Amazon Fresh
    When ordering groceries from Amazon Fresh, you can have your order delivered on the same day.

    This facility is only available to limited urban areas only.

  • Amazon Hub
    You can receive your orders in an Amazon shipping facility or warehouse location. You can then pick them up at a more convenient time for you.

    You’ll receive an email notification when your order is ready for pick-up.

What To Know Before You Change the Shipping Speed

Before you change the shipping speed of your order, ensure you understand what the changes mean for your order.

Here’s what you need to know before changing your order’s shipping speed.

  • Shipping Date Change
    When you change the shipping speed, the exact time or how many business days it takes for your order to arrive also changes. Ensure you don’t mix your old schedule with your new estimated arrival time.

  • Limited Options
    Don’t rely on the same shipping option for all your orders. Some products don’t have fast shipping options, especially if they’re coming from overseas.

  • Delivery Location
    Always ensure your delivery location is up-to-date. If you move your residence, ensure you don’t have an item shipped. Otherwise, update your shipped item’s intended destination.

  • Extra Charges
    Faster shipping speeds have a higher price tag unless you’re a Prime member. Note any additional fees before changing your Amazon shipping speed.

Before you make your order, consider the following factors as well:

  • Prime Shipping Eligibility: The product must be Prime shipping-eligible.

  • Amazon FBA: The product must be Amazon FBA-eligible.

  • Weight Restrictions: The product must not exceed the weight limits.

  • Package Options: Choose the right packaging for the product. This includes options like fragile labeling, sizes, etc.

  • Insurance Option: Sometimes, you can add insurance to your product to protect it from transit damage or losses.

  • Label Attachments: Ensure the seller labels each package properly, especially for multiple orders.

What Causes Amazon Shipping Delays

What Causes Amazon Shipping Delays

The shipping process is susceptible to many issues that might cause delays. Here are some of them.

  • Large Shipping Labels
    If a package has a large shipping label, an Amazon seller might attach it improperly or damage it. Larger labels are more prone to damage, tear, or improper placements.

  • Damaged Goods
    It’s good if you experience order delays due to replacement instead of receiving damaged goods. Damaged goods may return to their origin for a replacement. The adjusted estimated time and date will vary depending on their delivery stage.

  • Incorrect Address
    If you place an incorrect address, you’ll have to contact Amazon, ask for an update about the package, and change the delivery address. If you can’t retrieve your order, it becomes a misdelivered package. If you can retrieve your order, you’ll pay extra to send it to the correct address.

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  • Incorrect Weight
    If the third-party seller mislabels the weight, this complicates the delivery. Some mislabeled packages arrive without any issues. However, Amazon might return them to the seller when they find out.

Products That Take Longer To Deliver

Your delivery time also depends on the type of product you order. Naturally, some orders take longer to ship than others.

Knowing these factors beforehand helps you estimate when you might expect deliveries.

Here are the different order types that take longer to deliver:

  • Packages needing signatures

  • Heavy packages exceeding 70 pounds

  • Packages with special handling requirements like signature confirmation or insurance

  • Hazardous materials, including flammable liquids and others

  • Shipments with multiple packages

  • Packages for delivery to rural areas

  • International packages

  • Out-of-stock products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Make Amazon Deliver Faster?

Most fast delivery options are free for Prime members. However, if you aren’t a member, you can still pay extra for same-day, one-day, or two-day delivery (depending on the items).

How To Change Delivery Time on Amazon?

If you haven’t ordered yet, go to your cart, choose the order you want to change, and modify your delivery time and date. You can do this with Amazon Day Delivery, where you’ll receive all your orders simultaneously.

How To Get Faster Shipping on Amazon?

Get a Prime account to access same-day, one-day, or two-day deliveries for faster shipping for free. You’ll need to pay extra for faster shipping options without premium access.

How To Get Fast Delivery on Amazon After Order?

Go to your order, choose Change shipping speed, and change it from free to two-day shipping if possible. If not, contact Amazon or the seller to ask if they can expedite your shipment.

What Is Amazon Prime Shipping?

Amazon Prime shipping is exclusive for members. A monthly subscription also includes exclusive delivery options, like Amazon Day.

Does Amazon Prime Ship Faster?

Does Amazon Prime Ship Faster?

Amazon Prime subscribers enjoy a two-day standard delivery. They also get free same-day and one-day delivery. Without a premium account, you need to pay for these options.

Is It Worth Paying for Prime for Faster Free Shipping?

It depends. A Prime membership can pay for itself if you order a lot from Amazon and pay for faster shipping.

Can you Cancel an Amazon Order?

Yes. Amazon lets you cancel your delivery by going to Your Orders, TrackPackagee, and Cancel to stop the delivery. If the order still delivers, you can refuse the package or return it through Your Orders.

What Are Amazon Estimated Delivery Windows and How To See Them on Desktop the Amazon App?

Amazon’s estimated delivery window is an estimated timeline by which your package arrives. To check your delivery window, go to Your Orders and click TrackPackagee. The next page will contain information about when you’ll receive your order.

What Is the Amazon Prime Shipping Club?

The Amazon Prime Shipping Club doesn’t have an official affiliation with Amazon. This scam usually charges its victims’ cards $13 to $15 monthly.

Why Does Amazon Shipping Standard Take 4 to 5 Days?

Amazon standard shipping takes longer than expedited delivery options because they undergo the usual logistics process without special privileges.

How Long Do Amazon Sellers Have To Ship?

Sellers have 30 days to ship an order, or Amazon will cancel it. Buyers can also cancel orders if the seller takes too long to ship.

How Can I Delay a Scheduled Delivery Date?

Go to Your Orders and choose the order you want to reschedule. Then, click Reschedule Appointment and change your delivery estimation to your preferred date.

Can You Avoid Weekend Delivery on Amazon?

Yes. Go to Manage Address Book and adjust your Optional Delivery Preference to change your settings to Do not deliver on weekends.

Is Amazon’s Delivery Tracking Accurate?

Amazon usually gives a good estimate on when you’ll receive your order. However, the platform can change the estimated delivery date without prior notice. Shipments may also encounter unforeseen issues that might lead to delays.

Why Do Some Amazon Items Ship in 1 to 3 Months?

If you try to buy directly from a manufacturer or seller (mostly overseas), you might wait one to three months for your order. If you still want to buy from a manufacturer or seller, contact them directly to know how long they usually deliver.

The Bottom Line

Learning how to change the shipping speed for your Amazon orders is important, especially if you often buy your products from online retailers.

You can avoid inconvenience as you know when to expect your orders. If you’re a business owner, improving shipping speeds helps you source your needs more efficiently.

Aside from changing shipping speed options, you can also change your scheduled delivery date on Amazon.

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