Is There a Costco Senior Discount?

costco senior discount

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Does Costco offer senior discounts? Does Costco have a senior discount day?

There is no Costco senior discount, and the retailer has discontinued its Senior Citizen Discount Day.

However, I can still help you save money on your membership and shopping trips.

I wrote this guide to give you a detailed breakdown of Costco membership costs and information about how to share Costco memberships.

Let’s begin.

Is There a Costco Senior Discount?

No. As of 2023, Costco does not offer a senior citizen discount on memberships, products, or in-store sales. The price is the same for everyone.

However, you can still save money at the warehouse club through alternative means.

Costco presents various membership options, such as the Gold Star memberships and Costco executive membership.

This popular retailer offers other benefits, including exclusive discounts and free shipping on many items.

For seniors, Costco’s discounts on hearing aids, gas, and general merchandise make getting a membership worthwhile.

Costco membership fee for seniors is the same for all hopeful shoppers, regardless of age or senior status.

Does Costco Offer Special Membership Perks to Seniors?

While Costco doesn’t offer free or discounted memberships, Costco members who are senior citizens can enjoy these special benefits and other Costco services:

  • Get competitive prices on medications, including generics. You can also use Costco’s prescription drugs discount program for significant prescription savings.

  • Affordable vision and hearing screenings are available, along with a wide range of eyeglasses and hearing aids. Check which insurance Costco Optical accepts.

  • Save on health insurance premiums with Costco Health Solutions. Costco’s dental insurance is also highly rated.

  • Enjoy discounts on flights, cruises, and vacation packages through Costco’s travel services, perfect for seniors looking to travel affordably.

Costco provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will cancel and refund membership fees at any time if you are dissatisfied.

Costco Membership Options for Seniors

How much is a Costco membership for seniors?

Costco does not offer discounted memberships to seniors, and the cost to join Costco for seniors depends on your chosen membership.

A Basic or Gold Star Membership costs $60, while a Costco Executive membership costs $120.

Membership TypeAnnual FeeIncluded Features and Benefits
Executive$120.00– Free Household Card

– Valid at all Costco locations worldwide

– Annual 2% Reward on qualified Costco purchases (terms and conditions apply)

– Additional benefits and greater savings on Costco Services

– Shop Online and in Warehouses

– Extra benefits on select Costco Travel products
Includes 2 Membership Cards
Business$60.00– Free Household Card

– Valid at all Costco locations worldwide

– Purchase for resale

– Add Affiliate Cardholders for $60 each

– Business Members must provide Costco with the appropriate resale information
Gold Star$60.00– Free Household Card

– Valid at all Costco locations worldwide

– Shop Online and in Warehouses
Includes 2 Membership Cards

Gold Star Membership

image 237

With the Gold Star Membership, you’ll pay $60 yearly.

This membership allows you access to all Costco warehouse locations worldwide and includes a free Household Card.

Note: In some US states, your membership fees include applicable sales taxes.

Executive Membership

image 236

When you choose the Executive Membership, you’ll get an annual 2% reward on qualifying purchases made at Costco physical stores, the Costco website, and Costco Travel.

Costco provides extra perks, like lower prices on check printing, complimentary roadside assistance for vehicles covered by their Auto Insurance program, and more travel benefits.

You also receive a monthly edition of The Costco Connection magazine.

If you’re ever unsatisfied, Costco offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will refund your membership fees.

Business Membership

With a Business Membership, you can shop for business, personal, and resale needs at any Costco locations worldwide and on the Costco website.

You’ll also get an extra household card for free.

Remember, it’s valid for a year and needs annual renewal, just like other Costco memberships.

How Do Seniors Get Costco Memberships?

Is Costco membership free for seniors?

While Costco does not offer free or discounted Costco memberships for seniors, here’s how you can get one.

  • Join Costco with a younger family member or friend. You both pay the same price, and they can add you to their membership for free.

  • Get a Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi. Sign up for this credit card as a Costco member, and you’ll receive a $20 Costco Cash Card when approved. Plus, you’ll earn 2% cash back on Costco purchases, helping offset your membership cost.

  • Purchase Costco gift cards online or at a warehouse. These gift cards can cover your membership fees, saving you the initial expense.

  • Look for occasional Costco membership discounts. Sign up for Costco’s email list to receive notifications about these sales. This way, you’ll know when to grab a deal.

How To Get a Costco Membership In-Store

Here’s how to sign up for a Costco membership in-store, even if there’s no senior discount discount.

  1. Go to your local Costco Warehouse.

  2. The door person might ask for your membership card. Inform them that you’re there to sign up for a membership.

  3. The door person will guide you to the member services desk.

  4. At the member services desk, let them know you’d like to sign up for a membership.

  5. They’ll explain your options, including the Gold Star and Executive memberships and their benefits.

  6. After signing up, you’ll instantly receive your Costco membership card, letting you immediately start shopping!

How To Get a Costco Membership Online

To become a Costco member online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit Costco’s Join Costco page.

  2. Select the membership level you want to purchase.

  3. Fill out the New Sign Up form, then click Save & Continue.

  4. Follow the prompts and provide your payment information when prompted.

  5. After your membership is confirmed, you’ll receive your membership number via email.

  6. To obtain your membership card, visit your local Costco Warehouse and talk to someone at the membership counter. They’ll take your photo and issue your card.

  7. You can start shopping once you have your card.

19 Tips for Seniors To Save Money at Costco

Even without a Costco senior membership discount, you can still utilize its services to make the most of your shopping in the following ways:

  1. Look for Kirkland (Costco’s brand) for quality products at great prices.

  2. Begin your shopping journey at the back of the store for the best deals. Avoid the front, where prices tend to be higher.

  3. Purchase meat in bulk to save money.

  4. Get Costco’s famous rotisserie chicken for an affordable meal option.

  5. Share bulk items with a friend to cut costs.

  6. Learn the pricing codes – .99 for wholesale prices and .97 for the best discounts.

  7. Get holiday-themed items at clearance prices after the holiday has passed.

  8. Check special offers on the Costco app before heading to the store.

  9. If you see a price drop on something you bought within 30 days, request a price adjustment.

  10. Explore Costco’s prepared foods for convenient meal options.

  11. Plan your shopping with a list to avoid overspending.

  12. Costco offers discounted wine, often 10% to 25% less than elsewhere.

  13. Save on gas by filling up at Costco’s gas station.

  14. Costco’s travel agency offers vacation packages at discount prices.

  15. Visit your nearest Costco location on weekday mornings before 11 a.m. You can also go during weekday afternoons from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. to avoid crowds and make thoughtful buying decisions.

  16. Sharing memberships is a fantastic way to split costs and enjoy Costco benefits with a trusted friend or family member.

    Note: This method doesn’t mean borrowing a membership card, which Costco doesn’t allow.

  17. Watch out for rebate offers on certain products at Costco. After purchasing, you can often claim these rebates and turn them into cash savings.

  18. Costco offers competitive prices on tires and tire services, including installation and maintenance. This can lead to significant savings over time.

  19. Through the Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card by Citi, you can earn cashback rewards, including 2% cash back on Costco purchases, further reducing your overall costs.

Other Stores or Costco Alternatives With Senior Discounts or Perks

Retail StoreDiscountEligibility
Ace Hardware10% offMust be a veteran or active military
AmazonDiscounted Prime membership ($6.99/month)Must be enrolled in a qualifying government assistance program (i.e., SNAP or Medicaid)
AT&TSpecial Senior Plan Discounts65 and older
AlbertsonsSenior Discount Day (varies by location)55 and older
Bealls Outlet10% off on TuesdaysMust be 50 or older
Belk15% off on the first Tuesday of every month

10-20% off every Tuesday for veterans or active military
Must be 62 or older; must be veteran or active military
Bon-Ton Department Stores15% on senior discount days (20% if you use a Bon-Ton credit card)

military discount varies by location
Must be 55 or older; must be veteran or active military
CVS20% off online purchasesMust be signed up for a Veterans Advantage card
Dressbarn10% off on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (varies by location)Must be 55 or older
Fred MeyerSenior Discount Day (varies by location)55 and older
Goodwill10-20% off (day varies by location)Must be 55 or older
Hallmark10% (day varies by location)Varies by location
iPartyUp to 15% off (varies by location)Must be a veteran or active military
Joann20% on Senior Discount Day

15% military discount
Must be 60 or older; must be veteran or active military
Kohl’s15% on Wednesdays, 15%
military discount on Mondays
Must be 60 or older; must be veteran or active military
Lenscrafters50% off prescription lenses with the purchase of a frame

10% off contact lenses

30% off non-prescription sunglasses

$55 eye exams

20% off frames for veterans and active military
Must be an AARP member; must be veteran or active military
Macy’sVaries by locationMust be a veteran or active military
Michael’s10% (including sale items)

15% military discount
Must be 55 or older; must be veteran or active military
Modell’s Sporting Goods10% military discountMust be 65 or older; must be veteran or active military
Petsmart10% off purchases

10% off grooming on Tuesdays

10% off overnight pet boarding
Must be 65 or older, veteran, active military, or first responder
Ross10% on TuesdaysMust be 55 or older
Salvation Army15-50% (day varies by location)

25% military discount (day varies by location)
Must be 55 or older; must be veteran or active military
Savers/Value VillageVaries by locationMust be 55 or older or a veteran or active military
T.J. Maxx10% (Florida only)Must be 55 or older
UPS5% off shipping and 15% off eligible productsMust be an AARP member
Walgreens20% on Senior Day once per month

20% military discount on patriotic holidays
Must be 55 or older or an AARP member; must be veteran or active military

To maximize discounts and perks in the following stores, bring valid identification, inquire about eligibility, and shop on designated discount days if applicable. Each store may have specific policies, so confirming the details with your local branch is advised.

  • Ace Hardware

    Seniors who are veterans or active military personnel can enjoy a 10% discount at Ace Hardware stores. To benefit, simply present valid identification confirming your military status at checkout.

  • Amazon

    If enrolled in a qualifying government assistance program, such as SNAP or Medicaid, you can access a discounted Amazon Prime membership for just $6.99 monthly. Visit the Amazon website to sign up and verify your eligibility.

  • AT&T

    AT&T offers special senior plan discounts for those 65 and older. Explore their various plans to find one that best suits your needs and budget.

  • Albertsons

    While senior discounts at Albertsons may vary by location, some stores offer Senior Discount Days, usually for customers 55 and older. Check with your local Albertsons to confirm eligibility and applicable discounts.

  • Bealls

    Shoppers 50 and above can enjoy a 10% discount on Tuesdays at Bealls Outlet stores. Simply visit the store on a Tuesday to receive this benefit.

  • Belk

    Belk offers seniors 62 and older a 15% discount on the first Tuesday of every month. Veterans and active military members can also receive 10-20% discounts every Tuesday. Remember to present your ID to claim these discounts.

  • Bon-Ton Department Stores

    On designated senior discount days, individuals 55 and older can enjoy 15% off their purchases (which increases to 20% if you use a Bon-Ton credit card). Military discounts also vary by location, so inquire at your nearest store.

  • CVSSeniors signed up for the Veterans Advantage card can get 20% off their online CVS purchases. Visit CVS’s website to learn more about the card and its benefits.

    You can pay with Apple Pay at CVS for maximum convenience and security.

  • Dressbarn

    Although specific discounts vary by location, many Dressbarn stores offer 10% discounts for shoppers 55 and older on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Check with your local store for eligibility details.

  • Fred Meyer

    Senior discount days at Fred Meyer may vary, but they’re typically available to those 55 and older. Ask your local store for more information.

  • Goodwill

    Goodwill stores often offer senior discounts, but the specific discount percentage and the designated discount day vary by location. To benefit from this discount, inquire at your local Goodwill store and make your purchases on the designated senior discount day.

  • Hallmark

    Hallmark stores may offer up to 10% discounts to seniors on certain days, and the exact discount and day can vary by location. Be sure to check with your local Hallmark store for specific details.

  • iParty

    iParty (also known as Party City) may provide up to 10% discounts to seniors. Discounts can vary by location, so inquire at your local store and ask about their senior discount policy.

  • Joann

    Joann stores offer a 20% discount on Senior Discount Day, typically available to customers 60 and older. Visit Joann’s website or your local store for specific days and eligibility information.

  • Kohl’s

    Kohl’s offers a 15% discount to seniors on Wednesdays. To take advantage of this discount, simply shop on a Wednesday and present valid identification confirming your age, typically 60 or older.

  • Lenscrafters

    Lenscrafters provides a range of discounts, including 50% off prescription lenses when you purchase a frame, 10% off contact lenses, 30% off nonprescription sunglasses, and $55 eye exams for AARP members or veterans and active military personnel. Lenscrafters also offers a 20% discount on frames for veterans and active military members.

  • Macy’s

    Discounts at Macy’s may vary by location. Some stores offer senior discounts, typically for customers 55 and older. It’s advisable to inquire at your local Macy’s store to confirm eligibility and discount availability.

  • Michael’s

    Michael’s offers a 10% discount for seniors 55 and older, including sale items. Veterans and active military personnel can also benefit from a 15% military discount.

  • Modell’s Sporting Goods

    Modell’s Sporting Goods provides a 10% discount to seniors 65 and older. Veterans and active military members can also enjoy a 10% military discount.

  • Petsmart

    Petsmart offers a 10% discount on purchases, grooming services, and overnight pet boarding to seniors 65 and older, veterans, active military members, and first responders.

  • Ross

    Ross stores offer a 10% discount to seniors on Tuesdays. Simply visit on a Tuesday to claim your discount. Generally, customers 55 and older are eligible.

  • Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army thrift stores may provide senior discounts that vary by location, often up to 50% off on senior discount days. These days may vary, so check with your local Salvation Army store for details.

  • Savers (Value Village)

    Discounts at Savers (Value Village) thrift stores can vary by location. Generally, they are available to individuals 55 and older and veterans or active military personnel. The specific discount and designated discount day may differ, so inquire at your local store.

  • TJ Maxx

    Some TJ Maxx stores offer a 10% discount to seniors 55 and older on Mondays. The discount may vary by location, so ask your local store about their senior discount policy.

  • UPS

    UPS provides a 5% discount on shipping and a 15% discount on eligible products to AARP members.

  • Walgreens

    Walgreens offers a 20% discount on Senior Day, which is available once per month. Additionally, veterans and active military personnel can enjoy a 20% military discount on patriotic holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Costco Membership Worth It?

Yes. Costco memberships are worth it if you buy there often, use their pharmacy, travel, and gas services, and take advantage of their discounts.

How Do I Get a Costco Membership for Free?

There is no free Costco membership, but you can share one with a family member or friend or use Costco’s cashback rewards program to pay for it.

Is Costco Good for Seniors?

Seniors can save money at Costco by getting discounts on select merchandise, pharmacy services, travel incentives, and more.

Does AAA Offer a Costco discount?

Yes, AAA members do get discounts at Costco. When they join or renew their AAA membership, they can receive a one-time $20 or $10 Costco Shop Card. They can also get a 10% discount on most services at Logan Square Auto Repair, a Costco partner.

Where Do You Get Costco Coupons?

Follow exclusive discounts and savings on their monthly coupon booklets, websites, and mobile app.

At What Age Can You Get Senior Discounts in the US?

While there is no Costco senior discount age, senior discounts in the US often start between 50 and 55 and vary by store and US state. It’s best to check with specific businesses for their age requirements for senior discounts.

What Is the Least Busy Time to Shop at Costco?

The least busy times to shop at Costco stores are typically weekday mornings before 11 a.m. or afternoons between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. These times tend to have fewer crowds and shorter lines, so it is safe to consider this as your senior shopping hours.

How Much Is a Costco Card for Seniors?

Costco memberships cost $60 or $120 annually for a Gold Star Executive Membership.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right Costco membership allows you to save money without senior discounts on membership fees or in-store purchases.

Consider strategies such as purchasing in bulk and leveraging credit card cashback rewards.

Did you know that Costco accepts EBT for eligible purchases? If you receive SNAP benefits, consider using your EBT card at Costco to maximize savings.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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