How To Sell Clothes on Amazon and Maximize Your Profit

how to sell clothes on amazon

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Amazon is a great online shopping platform for retail stores, clothing retailers, and entrepreneurs selling clothes to establish and grow an existing apparel brand.

Amazon’s massive ecommerce ecosystem has between 300 to 600 million active users, offering a vast potential market for clothes vendors.

You must know particular tactics and best practices to be an effective seller and thrive on Amazon.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

I wrote this guide to teach you how to sell clothes on Amazon. I will help you effectively navigate Amazon’s apparel category, regardless of whether you are an established seller or just getting started.

Let’s begin.

Is It a Good Idea to Sell Clothes on Amazon?

Is It a Good Idea to Sell Clothes on Amazon?

Amazon is a sizable online marketplace with millions of active users, making it a fantastic chance for apparel retailers to grow their businesses and connect with more people.

The platform offers several tools to enhance merchants’ success, such as advertising programs, fulfillment services, and customer support. Selling clothes online with Amazon does present some challenges, however. 

The competition might be fierce. You must do your homework and optimize your listings for search to stand out from the crowd. 

Despite these difficulties, selling clothing items on Amazon may be a successful business venture for those prepared to put in the effort.

Is Selling Clothes on Amazon Profitable?

Is Selling Clothes on Amazon Profitable?

Data suggests many Amazon apparel vendors are profitable. 

A recent study found that 87% of Amazon’s clothes sellers earn a profit, proving that many of these merchants are finding success in the Amazon marketplace. 

For those thinking about selling apparel on Amazon’s clothing category, this is promising news because it demonstrates the market’s profitability and potential for growth. The research also reveals that a sizable proportion of merchants are enjoying substantial profit margins. 

27% of Amazon’s clothes merchants claim their profit margin is over 20%. This figure is notable since it indicates that the market had enormous potential for producing excellent earnings to those that started selling clothes.

Remember, success on the platform requires meticulous preparation and execution. 

There’s also tough competition. Nevertheless, selling goods on Amazon may be a successful business if you put in the time and effort.

How To Sell Clothes on Amazon

Here’s how to sell clothes on Amazon.

1 – Choose a Fulfillment Method.

Choose a Fulfillment Method.

There are two alternatives accessible to Amazon merchants when shipping goods to buyers. These consist of Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) and Amazon Fulfillment (FBA).

If you choose Amazon FBA, the e-commerce platform will handle the packing, shipping, inventory storage, refunds, customer support issues, and more. While you must pay for these services and fees, you will do less work. 

Being an FBA seller can help you handle more customers with less work. You can even ship items on the same day.

You’ll also get access to extra selling options like being eligible for Amazon Prime. The FBM method, on the other hand, offers more control over the shipment and customer support.

This method means you may customize orders, guarantee the safe packaging of goods, and more.

You’ll have to do more work as a result. While it takes more work on your behalf, your storefront’s margins will probably be more significant.

2 – Choose a Business Model.

Choose a Business Model

Considering all the choices before deciding how to sell garments on Amazon is crucial.

Here are the different business models you can try for your clothing store on Amazon.

Private Label

Private labeling entails creating a clothing line and using the website as a first-party vendor. Even though you’ll need to make a sizable initial expenditure, you’ll have control over brand recognition and image with this choice.


The second option is handmade, which entails selling one-of-a-kind garments rather than numerous items from a line you’ve created. In addition to fulfillment and storage fees, if you choose FBA, you will be charged a fixed percentage instead of monthly sellers’ prices.

Online Arbitrage

With this model, you obtain reputable apparel items from third-party sellers at a reduced price and then resell them on Amazon at a premium. This business concept, like private labels, needs a substantial startup budget.

Amazon Wholesale Clothing

The Amazon wholesale clothing model is the last option, where you purchase clothing products in large quantities and then sell them through Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

You might need Amazon’s permission for each brand you wish to sell.

Choosing the model that best fits your objectives and financial constraints requires carefully balancing the positives and negatives of each.

3 – Create an Amazon Seller Account.

Create an Amazon Seller Account.

You must open a different account from your current Amazon buyer’s account to launch a clothes business on Amazon. 

You need a separate account because the information requirements and registration processes differ for sellers’ and buyers’ accounts.

You must go to the Amazon Seller Central website to create a seller account; this page will walk you through the procedure. To ensure you set up your account according to Amazon’s policies, it’s crucial to carefully follow the instructions.

4 – Apply to List Clothing Items on Amazon.

After setting up your seller account, you must still get Amazon’s permission before offering clothes for sale.

As the e-commerce platform needs to confirm that you match their requirements for selling clothes on Amazon, the clothing approval procedure may take some time. 

During this procedure, Amazon may ask you to submit paperwork and respond to inquiries about your company and the clothes you want to sell.

Conduct market research or improve your product listings while waiting for clearance. 

You may also begin to create accurate, detailed, and eye-catching listings to make your products stand out in Amazon’s search results.

5 – Create a Product Listing.

Create a Product Listing.

Customers who wish to purchase your apparel goods click on the product listings pages on Amazon. These pages are crucial since they display your items and give potential buyers vital details about your offers. 

Include specific information while building your product listings, such as product identifiers like barcodes and labels, item prices, and shipping choices. 

Detail-oriented product descriptions can provide customers with a better browsing experience and boost the probability of purchases.

Building client trust and loyalty via accurate and thorough product listings can help you increase sales and expand your clothes business on Amazon.

Tips When You Start Selling Clothes on Amazon

When you begin selling clothes on Amazon, these tips should help you increase your chances of success. Follow these best practices to grow a thriving clothes business on Amazon.

1 – Conduct Market Research.

Finding your target customer, forecasting future trends, and figuring out whether the market is saturated require conducting marketing research on Amazon. I cannot overstate the importance of concentrating on high-volume keywords you may target. 

For this reason, you should use a powerful Amazon keyword research tool to help you with that.

Conduct Market Research

You should also consider frequent misspellings of such keywords, which may still result in a sale. You may use all of this knowledge to optimize your product’s ranking by adjusting the search engine algorithm used by Amazon.

2 – Optimize Your Product Listing

It’s crucial to have beautiful and high-quality images on your product pages to make your garments stand out among the many other apparel products on Amazon.

You have 200 characters in the headline of the listing to provide clients with pertinent details about your clothing items. You can mention information like the brand name, material, color, size, or other key selling points. 

Use bullet points and brief paragraphs in the listing’s body to better explain these qualities and sell the products’ best aspects. Additionally, you may naturally incorporate your target keywords.

You can add up to four extra pictures of the clothes, showing them in different lighting, colors, or poses to help customers better understand how the garment looks.

I highly recommend using one of the best amazon seller tools to help you with keyword research and listing optimization.

3 – Market Your Products

With the intense competition in Amazon’s clothes sector, optimizing for search engine results may not be enough. You must have a complete marketing plan if you want to succeed.

Market Your Products

Marketing can involve a variety of strategies, including developing promotions on Amazon using Sponsored Products and Pay-per-Click ads, working with a third-party marketing service, and directing outside traffic to Amazon.

You can also get external traffic from social media, Google Ads, your website, affiliate partners, and other platforms.

4 – Provide Excellent Customer Service

When you sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon, they will address your company’s customer support needs. You’ll have to deal with client concerns, manage exchanges and refunds, and offer general assistance if you haven’t signed up for FBA. 

Provide Excellent Customer Service

You can set your shop apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression on your consumers by immediately and courteously responding to complaints and implementing inventive ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Sell Clothes on Amazon?

Yes, you can sell clothing on Amazon. However, you must meet certain conditions, such as having a registered trademark and a credible website and adhering to Amazon’s rules.

Additionally, selling clothes on Amazon entails expenses, such as referral and shipping fees, and specific apparel brands and categories may be limited.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Clothes Online Amazon?

How much you can make selling on Amazon, whether you’re selling clothes or other products, relies on several factors. These factors include the kind of apparel you’re selling, market demand, and your marketing approach.

Amazon’s clothes industry has many well-known brands and shops. However, generating a sizable income with the appropriate strategy and work is possible.

Other sellers have said they make between a few thousand and several hundred thousand dollars annually.

How Do I Get Approved to Sell Clothing on Amazon?

You must create a seller account to get approved to sell clothes on Amazon. Then, ensure you comply with Amazon’s standards for clothes sellers.

Apply to start selling clothes on Amazon and provide all the necessary details asked, such as the brand name, product category, and product type.

After that, you can wait for Amazon’s approval and then continue to adhere to Amazon’s rules and policies after being authorized.

Before applying to sell clothing products on Amazon, it’s crucial to have patience and satisfy all the conditions because this procedure can take many weeks.

Can You Sell Used Clothes On Amazon?

Yes, you may sell used apparel on Amazon if it complies with their standards for worn clothing and is in good shape.

To avoid trouble or account suspensions, you must adhere to their rules and norms and review their list of forbidden things.

Does Amazon Sell Used Clothing?

Through its Amazon Renewed program, which provides refurbished and previously owned goods that have been reviewed and approved by Amazon-qualified vendors, Amazon does indeed sell used apparel.

What Are the Amazon Bestsellers Clothing?

The most popular apparel categories on Amazon vary. However, athleisure wear, everyday essentials, and sustainable alternatives are among the most sought-after items.

Yoga pants, t-shirts, and Amazon’s private label clothing brands like Amazon Essentials and Goodthreads are some of the most popular apparel goods on the site.

Are Designer Clothes Available on Amazon?

Are Designer Clothes Available on Amazon

Through its Luxury Stores program, which includes a curated selection of upscale labels and exclusive collections for Prime members, Amazon sells designer clothes as well.

Some brands included in the Amazon Luxury Stores program include:

  • Christopher Kane
  • Dundas
  • Elie Saab
  • Mira Mikati
  • Rianna + Nina
  • Boglioli
  • Jonathan Cohen
  • Altuzarra
  • La Perla

What Is Amazon FBA Clothing?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) enables garment vendors to keep their stock in Amazon’s fulfillment facilities while Amazon handles shipping, customer support, and returns.

What Is Amazon FBA Clothing

Can I Sell Amazon Used Women’s Clothing?

You may sell used women’s apparel on Amazon. However, you must adhere to their regulations and fulfill their requirements for used items. Amazon has also banned some clothing categories.

When Does Amazon Pay Out Its Sellers?

You will get paid every two weeks.

The first payment will come 14 days after the initial transaction. Amazon will give further installments every seven days after.

Depending on the Amazon sellers’ bank’s processing period, the money should arrive in your bank account within a few business days.

The Bottom Line

I hope my guide made it easier for you to understand how to sell clothes on Amazon.

Use the tips and strategies in this guide to create a successful clothing store on the world’s most popular ecommerce marketplace.

To increase your chances of success, consider leveraging the best dropshipping print-on-demand companies for your business.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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