How To Redeem Amazon Gift Card

how to redeem amazon gift card

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Learning how to redeem Amazon gift card points is essential.

If you want to learn the difference between how to redeem Amazon gift cards from mobile and desktop, you’re in luck.

I wrote this article to discuss the process of claiming Amazon gift cards for your Amazon account.

Let’s start.

How To Redeem Amazon Gift Card

If you want to learn how to add a gift card to Amazon, you can do it through your mobile or desktop device.

We’ll talk about both methods.

How To Redeem Gift Card Balance On Desktops or Laptops

When using a Mac, Windows, Linux, or Chromebook device, the first step to claim your gift card balance is to go to the official Amazon website.

After that, follow these steps.

1 – Open your browser, go to the website, and sign in to your Amazon account.

2 – Hover over Account & Lists, and click Account in the submenu.

how to redeem amazon gift card

3 – The Your Account page appears. Select Gift cards on this page.

4 – Click the Redeem a Gift Card option.

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5 – You can claim your gift card balance by entering your claim code in the Enter claim code box.

6 – Ensure your claim code is correct before you click on Apply to your balance.

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7 – You’ll get a message saying Amazon has added your gift card balance to your account.

8 – Check your Amazon account to see if your current gift card balance updates after you use the claim code.

Use the code sent to your email when redeeming Amazon email gift cards.

Redeem Your Gift Card Balance on Mobile

You can still use your claim code on the mobile Amazon website, but the best way to claim Amazon gift card funds is through the mobile app.

Install the right Amazon mobile app for Android or iOS.

Amazon app on Google Play Store.

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Amazon app on Apple App Store.

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Once you have the Amazon app, follow these steps.

1 – Open the Amazon app and tap the User icon at the bottom.

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2 – Scroll down to the Gift Card Balance heading, and you’ll find a Redeem Gift Card button, tap it.

3 – You’ll have two options to claim your Amazon gift card balance: 1) Scan your claim code or 2) manually input your claim code on the box.

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4 – Once you input your claim code, tap Apply to your balance.

5 – You can see a message that tells you your claim code is successful on top of your new Amazon account balance.

How To Use Your Visa Gift Card At Amazon

You can also use your Visa gift cards as a payment method on the Amazon website and app. Unlike Amazon gift cards, you can use your Visa card as a different payment method.

Here’s how to use your Visa digital gift cards (or physical gift cards) on the Amazon website.

1 – Click Accounts and Lists on the top-right corner of the website.

2 – Click Your Payments.

3 – Click Add a credit or debit card under the credit or debit cards section.

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4 – After this, enter the card number, expiration date, and name.

5 – Input your address and click on the Add your card button.

The next time you shop at Amazon, select your Visa gift card as your payment method.

You can also set your Visa gift card as your default payment method.

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Troubleshooting Methods if Your Amazon Gift Cards Don’t Work

Something might be wrong if you can’t claim your Amazon gift card. Here are some of the best Amazon gift card troubleshooting methods if your gift card doesn’t work.

Check Your Amazon Gift Card’s Claim Code.

Double-check your Amazon gift card’s claim code to see if you have inputted the right combination.

Your Amazon gift card will automatically not work if you have the wrong code, and you won’t see your gift card’s balance.

Try Redeeming Your Amazon Gift Card Online.

If you tried redeeming your Amazon gift card at official stores and failed, try claiming your gift card code online. A digital gift card makes it easier to use the card’s claim code online.

You can copy and paste your promotion code to avoid mistakes if you claim your e-gift card on your mobile device.

Use Your Promotional Codes At A Different Store.

Try a different store if you redeem a gift card at a Dollar General store and it doesn’t push through.

Some physical or digital gift card options only apply to certain Amazon seller stores. Before using your gift card code, read the terms and conditions to see if the gift card only applies to specific stores.

Contact Customer Service.

If nothing works, try contacting Amazon customer service. It could be an error with your payment option, e-git cards, or the checkout page.

Before contacting customer service, see if your other gift cards work or if only a specific gift card doesn’t work.

How To Buy An Amazon Gift Card

Before you redeem a gift card, you must purchase one online or from the store.

The process of purchasing from the store is very straightforward. You first need to go to the store, pick out what Amazon gift card you want, go to the counter, and purchase it.

To buy a gift card online, follow these steps.

1 – Go to Amazon’s website.

2 – Sign in to your account.

3 – Go to Accounts & Lists.

4 – Click the Gift Cards button.

5 – Choose what gift card you want, either a digital or physical card.

6 – You can also select a preset amount or input a custom amount.

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7 – Add the gift cards to your cart and Checkout.

8 – Wait for an email or wait for your gift cards in the mail.

How To Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

If you often use gift cards, check your account every once in a while before going to the checkout page.

You can’t checkout your order if you do not have enough in your gift card amount. The money automatically applies to your account if you purchase and redeem a gift card.

How To Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance on the Website

Here’s how to check your account balance on the website.

1 – Go to the Amazon website.

2 – Hover over the Accounts & Lists segment and click Account.

3 – Click Gift cards.

4 – You can see your balance in green and the previous purchases you made from your account.

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You can also enable auto-reloading to see your account updated with every purchase.

How To Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance On The App

Here’s how to check your account balance on the app.

1 – Open the Amazon app.

2 – Go to the Account icon (User icon) at the bottom of the screen.

3 – Scroll down to the bottom of your phone screen and tap Manage gift card balance.

4 – You can see Your Gift Card Balance in green.

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5 – Once you have money in your account, the app will update your remaining balance.

You can also see your balance when you check out a voucher before purchasing. You will see how much money you have before you make your payment.

How Do You Recognize an Amazon Gift Card?

Your gift card should include either 16 or 30-digit serial numbers. You should see your order number, purchaser’s name, and recipient’s name.

Your virtual gift card will also include your email address or the physical address where you sent the card.

If you are about to buy a physical card and see damage on the card, select another card from the shop. Ensure you redeem an Amazon gift card with visible serial number markings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Add a Gift Card to My Amazon Account?

1 – Open your Amazon account.

2 – Go to the Gift Cards section.

3 – Input your code

4 – Redeem your cash.

How Do I Load an Amazon Gift Card?

To load your Amazon gift card, you should buy a new one to add to your balance. You can load your account by adding a new preset or custom gift card.

How Do I Redeem Amazon Gift Card Without a Claim Code?

You cannot redeem your gift card without a redemption code. If you have a physical card, you can see it on the back. You can see the code in your email, text, or printout if it’s a digital card.

How Do I Enter an Amazon Gift Card?

To enter your gift card, you need to sign in to your account on the website or app, go to your account and open the Redeem a gift card section. After this, you can enter your code and redeem your gift card.

How Do I Use an Amazon Gift Card?

If you want to use your redeemed gift card balance, you need to select it as a payment method when you make a purchase. You need to select Apply gift card when you checkout your order.

How To Activate An Amazon Gift Card

How Do I Activate an Amazon Gift Card?

You can activate your Amazon gift card by redeeming it to your account. Your card is automatically activated when you add it to your account.

How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work?

Amazon gift cards substitute for money. You can use gift cards to send a gift to a special someone instead of giving them cash directly for shopping.

How Do I Put A Gift Card On Amazon?

If you want to put a gift card on Amazon, you must claim it first. Go to your Account and go through the Redeem gift card process.

How Do I Redeem an Amazon Gift Card on the App?

To claim an Amazon gift card on the app, you need to go to your Gift Card Balance section and tap the Redeem Gift Card button. After that, you can enter your code and claim it.

Where Is the Claim Code on an Amazon Gift Card?

On a physical gift card, you will see the claim code on the back. It is a 16- or 30-digit code that you can use as a substitute for money when shopping.

The Bottom Line

I hope this article answers everything you need to know about how to redeem your Amazon gift cards.

If you want to use a Visa gift card, you should learn how to add a Visa gift card on Amazon.

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