Printify vs. Printful: A Full Comparison of the Top Print-On-Demand Companies

printify vs printful

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Printify and Printful are two of the most well-known print-on-demand services on the market. Both provide comparable services, however, their features and price structures vary at certain points. 

In this article, we’ll contrast Printify vs Printful, look at their advantages and disadvantages, and help you determine which is best for your company. 

Read on to learn which platform is appropriate for you, regardless of your level of experience in the e-commerce industry.

Let’s begin.

Printify is better for you if you value flexibility and cost-efficiency. Printify offers a more versatile and affordable pricing structure, allowing you to maximize your profit marginsPrintful is better for you if you prioritize high-quality products and are willing to pay a slightly higher price. Printful uses high-grade materials and printing techniques, ensuring exceptional accuracy and detail in your design prints.
Try PrintifyTry Printful

Why You Need a Print-On-Demand Company for Your Business

If you have an ecommerce store or you’re planning to start an online business in fashion, apparel, or home decoration, you might want to consider using print-on-demand companies.

Why do you need a print-on-demand service for your business? Here are some of the most compelling reasons:


These suppliers take care of printing and fulfillment for you, giving you freedom of time.

Print-on-demand removes the two most time-consuming aspects of running an online business: production and fulfillment.

You can focus on promoting your products and growing your ecommerce business. It also gives you the freedom to run a lifestyle store while you enjoy life.

Low Startup Costs

Another main advantage of using a print-on-demand company is that you can start selling custom products with minimal investment.

You don’t need to purchase inventory upfront or pay for expensive equipment. You can start earning after setting up your online store.

No Inventory Management

With a print-on-demand company, you don’t have to worry about managing inventory or storing products. This saves you time and resources that you can invest in other areas of your business.

Customizable Products

Print-on-demand companies allow you to create custom products with your own designs or artwork. You have the flexibility to offer unique products that stand out from the competition.

These services also give you custom branding options, like adding personalized tags to your products. You can even ask for custom packaging and custom packaging inserts to increase your brand identity.


Since these services handle your merchandise’s production and shipping, you can easily scale your business to keep up with the demand. You don’t have to worry about increasing production or shipping capacity on your own.

Access to New Products

Print-on-demand companies often offer a wide range of products, including apparel, home goods, and accessories. You can expand your product line and offer new items to your customers.

Risk Reduction

Since you’re not purchasing inventory upfront, you reduce the risk of unsold stock and financial loss. You only pay for what you sell, which can help you manage cash flow and reduce risk.

Fulfillment Services

A print-on-demand provider is also a fulfillment company.

It has different fulfillment centers where it handles the order fulfillment process for your business – from packing, shipping, and customer support.

Printify vs. Printful: Overview

Within each platform, I evaluated:

  • Value for Money

  • Ease of Use

  • Variety of Print-On-Demand Products

  • Printing Quality

  • Seller Support

  • Online Store Integrations

  • Fulfillment and Shipping Costs

Printify vs. Printful: What Are They?

If you want to adopt a print-on-demand model for your business, there are two popular print providers— Printify vs. Printful.

These two options are leading in the print-on-demand industry. They offer excellent product quality and services for online businesses.

Both Printful and Printify have amazing print-on-demand services, but there are some key distinctions. Let’s look at each one and how they work.

What Is Printful?

What Is Printful?

Printful offers on-demand printing and fulfillment services. Individuals and organizations use this platform to offer custom products with their own designs. It’s a popular choice for both small and big brands alike.

Some of Printful’s more popular clients include Coca-Cola, Privy, CBS, Podswag, and Comedy Central, along others.

How much does Printful cost? Creating an account on its online platform is free. You simply pay for the product you buy and the fulfillment costs.

If you’re asking, “How does Printful work?” It’s relatively simple.

With Printful, you can start selling t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc – all without the need for inventory or upfront payment. You only need to design and market your products.

Printful allows you to start a merchandise line or sell branded products on your ecommerce platform without worrying about inventory or shipping. The provider prints and ships the customer’s order on its own.

What Is Printify?

What Is Printify?

Printify is another popular print-on-demand supplier. With the help of its diverse production network, the platform lets both people and companies design and market customized goods. 

You can effortlessly create and market a range of products, from garments to home decor. without worrying about the Printify prices or handling the printing and shipping yourself.

How does Printify work?

The platform links individuals and companies with multiple suppliers, which can produce merchandise for you with high-class product quality. Printify then handles the printing and shipping process for you.

In contrast to Printful, Printify charges subscription fees, but only when your account has more than five stores. Aside from its free plan, it has a monthly plan starting at $29, which will let you build up to ten stores.

Printful vs. Printify: Feature-by-Feature Comparison

Let’s look at both Printful and Printify features and compare them accordingly.

Value for Money

Value for Money

Let’s talk about the Printful vs. Printify pricing.

In terms of the product’s base price, the Printify costs are more economical. This allows you to set a lower retail price to attract customers or charge more for better profit margins.

The Printify print-on-demand platform has a free plan. You can set up to five stores at no additional charge.

More than that, you have to pay for a Premium plan. It’s a monthly subscription that lets you manage up to 10 stores. It also gives you access to more features and up to 20% discounts on all products.

Printful is free to use, as well. You don’t have to pay monthly Printful fees to start designing and selling using their platform.

However, Printify’s print-on-demand products are more expensive.

Moreover, some features aren’t free. You have to pay an extra fee whenever you need additional services, such as:

  • Additional branding services for your merchandise

  • Custom packaging and pack-ins

  • Creative services, such as graphic design and photo shoots

  • Warehousing services for non-Printful products

Furthermore, Printful custom printing provides extra customization possibilities, like packaging slips and product labels, which can assist you in delivering a better-branded consumer experience.

Do take note, however, that these customizations aren’t free. They come with an additional fee.

Winner: Printify

Printify offers lower production costs overall, making it a more value-for-money option than Printful. Even with Printify fees in place, you can end up spending less in the long run.

Some shops may experience problems due to the transaction fee they impose for each sale as volume goes up. But you can offset those costs by the increase in revenue as well.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Printify’s simple user interface trumps most print-on-demand options. It’s so easy, even beginners can use it.

You can easily create and publish items on the platform with very little tech background on the platform.

Along with a broad selection of integrations, Printify now supports Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy. Sellers can easily link their stores and automate the fulfillment process.

Printful print-on-demand, on the other hand, has a more complicated interface that could take some getting used to.

However, this complexity also gives designers and product creators additional freedom and customization alternatives. It’s the better option if you want more control over your design.

Winner: Printify

Printify is a better option for new users or those looking for a less complicated experience.

Product Variety

Product Variety

Printify has up to 800 products that you can offer via print-on-demand. This number is much higher than Printful’s 333 products.

Both Printify and Printful have a wide selection of categories, including clothes, accessories, non-apparel products, household goods, and more.

But with more product options, Printify is the clear winner if you’re looking for a print-on-demand company with more product variety.


Printify is the best alternative if you’re seeking a platform with more product options.

Print Quality

Print Quality

Let’s look at Printful vs. Printify quality.

Printful uses various printing techniques and suppliers, resulting in high-caliber goods. They prioritize consistency and quality, which shows through their print-on-demand products.

Sellers and customers can always count on the same degree of perfection, regardless of the product type.

Additionally, Printful offers a more thorough design procedure. With various customization choices, consumers can completely customize their designs. You can get more unique and stand-out merchandise.

There’s also more you can do with the Printful packaging. You can use your brand logo, custom labels, branded stickers, etc. You can strengthen your brand for a small additional cost.

Printify’s print quality may vary because it works with various print providers. Moreover, you have less control over the Print packaging.

Both Printify and Printful offer screen printing and embroidery, so both should serve your needs if you need those two kinds of products.

Customers now have more options to personalize their purchases following their distinct preferences thanks to these extra printing techniques. 

For example, embroidery might be more suited for products like hats, beanies, and jackets, where the design can be sewn onto the fabric. Nonetheless, Printful still wins, in my opinion, in terms of print quality.

Winner: Printful

Printful is a better choice for people who value consistency and high-quality products. The company ensures top-notch quality.

Its excellence comes from a reputation for providing premium materials, advanced printing techniques, and stringent quality control procedures.

Seller Support

Seller Support

Printify has a comprehensive help center that includes articles and videos. These resources cover many topics like setting up a business, adhering to design guidelines, and learning about shipping. 

They also have a customer support team you can reach via phone, email, and live chat during regular business hours.

Printful’s website also has a support section that offers articles and videos addressing various topics.

They offer agents around the clock through telephone, email, and live chat support. Additionally, Printful provides a dedicated account manager for larger firms.

Winner: Tie

Both Printify and Printful offer competitive support. They also have noticeable flaws that will hopefully improve over time.

If you have a larger business, Printful could be a better option, as their enterprise-level plans come with an account manager. But if you’re just starting, Printify could be a better option as I find their resources to be of greater help to starters.

Online Store Integrations

Online Store Integrations

Printify is compatible with some well-known e-commerce platforms, including:

  • Shopify

  • Etsy

  • Woocommerce

  • Squarespace

  • Walmart

  • Bigcommerce

  • PrestaShop

  • Wix

  • eBay

The POD service also gives programmers a customized API so they can create their integrations. The Printify integrations are easy to use and set up, and their help center has comprehensive instructions.

Do note that the custom API integration is only available when you get the Printify Enterprise plan.

Printful integrates with more services than Printify. You can sync it with up to 28 partners and services, such as:

  • Squarespace

  • BigCommerce

  • Weebly

  • Ecwid

  • PrestaShop

  • Big Cartel

  • Gumroad

  • Magneto

  • 3rdcart

  • Launch Cart

  • Wix

  • Webflow

  • Storenvy

  • Adobe Commerce

  • ShipStation

  • And more

Winner: Printful

Printful is a clear winner in this category as it provides you with more online store integrations. So, if you want to sell on various platforms, you’ll get more bang for your buck with this print provider.

Fulfillment and Shipping Process

Fulfillment and Shipping Process

Slow shipping can harm sales, so it’s crucial to consider that when choosing a print-on-demand company.

When using Printify, it’s not clear how long the production time is as this can vary depending on their third-party suppliers. However, the average period could last between seven to 15 business days.

In terms of shipping, Printify has current partnerships with various companies and local fulfillment companies. They ship both locally and internationally. Shipping times on Printify vary by location.

Here’s a look at the published shipment times for Printify:

  • USA: 7 – 15 days

  • Canada: 10 – 15 days

  • International: 10 – 30 days

In comparison, Printful’s production timeframe is a lot shorter, taking only two to five days. They then work with local shipping carriers to ship the products to their users’ customers.

Printful also claims that they’re able to ship over half of their orders within three business days. Over 97% of their orders get shipped out within five business days.

Printful also works with several global carrier companies. Their current providers include FedEx, DHL,, and DPD. The shipping timeframe for Printful products will also depend on the destination, but the average is around five to 16 business days.

Since Printful has international fulfillment centers in countries like Latvia, Mexico, Australia, and Japan, they can deliver international orders more quickly.

Winner: Printful

Printful has better production times, so your products get produced faster. The shipping times are comparable for both Printful and Printify.

But considering its international warehouses and shorter production times, Printful wins in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Print-On-Demand in E-commerce?

What Is Print-On-Demand in E-commerce?

Print-on-demand is a business model where a consumer orders a custom-designed product like a phone case or t-shirt with a sleeve print. Then, the provider receives the order, prints the item, and dispatches it.

POD services only produce the goods when they receive an order. They enable an e-commerce business to sell custom products without having to manage and invest in inventory.

While you focus on design and marketing, the print-on-demand provider takes care of the entire production process.

Can I Make Money Through a Print-On-Demand Business?

Can I Make Money Through a Print-On-Demand Business?

Yes, you can generate revenue using a print-on-demand company. However, only if you’re able to create great products, reach a ready-to-buy market, and promote your store effectively.

Pricing tactics, product costs, and marketing initiatives all influence profit margins. You want to carefully consider these factors and make them work to your advantage.

Unfortunately, not all online business owners become successful. Some studies indicate that there’s an 80-90% failure rate among ecommerce businesses.

You can, however, lower the chances of failure by making a stand-out product, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and constantly promoting your products on various online channels. Your risk also goes down with the lowered capital requirement.

Ensure excellent print quality, work with proven print providers, and drive as much traffic as you can to your online store. Be innovative in your marketing approach, and track your key metrics.

Do these, and you can increase your earnings through a print-on-demand business.

How Can I Market My Print-On-Demand Business?

How Can I Market My Print-On-Demand Business?

There are many ways to promote your print-on-demand business online. You can start by making your website search engine-friendly and employing targeted advertising on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

You can also work with influencers on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

Whichever platform you choose, take the time and effort to create a strong brand identity. You can do this through consistent messages and design. Provide promotions and discounts to new clients to get new orders.

To connect with potential customers and exhibit your products, consider taking part in events or trade shows.

Should I Use Printify vs. Printful for Etsy?

Should I Use Printify vs. Printful for Etsy?

The decision to use Printify or Printful for your Etsy shop depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Both Printify and Printful offer similar services and products, such as t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases. However, there are some differences between the two that may influence your decision.

Both platforms connect with Etsy, but the process may be slightly different. Consider which platform offers the easiest integration process for you.

You must also check the product selections as they have different catalogs. Compare the products to see which one carries the merchandise you want to sell.

Ultimately, the choice between Printify and Printful for Etsy depends on your individual needs as a seller. It may be helpful to try out both platforms before making a decision to see which one works best for you.

What Are The Differences Between Using Printify vs. Shopify? 

What Are The Differences Between Using Printify vs. Shopify? 

Shopify offers a full e-commerce platform with print-on-demand choices. Printify is a specialist print-on-demand service that links sellers with printing partners. The same analogy applies to Shopify vs. Printful.

You use Shopify as a selling platform for other products, as well. You use Printful and Printify to produce print products, fulfill orders, and send them to your customers.

Are There Any Minimum Order Requirements on Printify or Printful? 

Are There Any Minimum Order Requirements on Printify or Printful? 

There are no minimum order requirements for print-on-demand services, including Printify and Printful.

It’s best for those who don’t want to spend money stocking orders and storing them. This keeps your inventory costs low and helps you operate your business even without a physical location.

What Products Do Printify and Printful Provide?

What Products Do Printify and Printful Provide?

A broad variety of products from Printify and Printful are available from Printify and Printful that can be personalized with distinctive designs. Here are some examples:

Products provided by Printful:

  1. T-shirts

  2. Sweatshirts

  3. Hoodies

  4. Tank tops

  5. Leggings

  6. Dresses

  7. Hats

  8. Bags

  9. Phone cases

  10. Mugs

  11. Water bottles

  12. Tote bags

  13. Posters

  14. Wall art

  15. Stickers

  16. Embroidered beanies

  17. Fanny packs

  18. Bath mats

  19. Yoga mats

  20. Keychains

Products provided by Printify:

  1. T-shirts

  2. Hoodies

  3. Sweatshirts

  4. Tank tops

  5. Polo shirts

  6. Baby onesies

  7. Phone cases

  8. Throw pillows

  9. Canvas prints

  10. Posters

  11. Tote bags

  12. Backpacks

  13. Shower curtains

  14. Dog bandanas

  15. Water bottles

  16. Baseball hats

  17. Car seat covers

  18. Laptop sleeves

  19. PopSockets

  20. Button pins

Printify vs. Printful vs. Teespring: Which Is Better?

Printify vs. Printful vs. Teespring: Which Is Better?

The choice between Printify, Printful, and Teespring depends on what factors and features matter most to the seller.

Teespring, which has already rebranded to “Spring,” focuses on t-shirts and a few other merchandise options.

Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. Sellers should carefully evaluate their specific needs and priorities before deciding which platform to use.

What Are Other Printful and Printify Alternatives?

What Are Other Printful and Printify Alternatives?

Here are some other Printful and Printify alternatives that you can check out.

  1. Gooten
    Gooten offers a wide range of customizable products, from apparel to home goods, and allows sellers to create and sell their own products with ease.

  2. CustomCat
    CustomCat offers a large selection of customizable products, including apparel, accessories, and home goods, and allows sellers to create and sell their own products with their own branding.

  3. SPOD
    SPOD (Spreadshirt Print on Demand) offers a large selection of customizable products, including apparel, accessories, and home goods, and provides a fast turnaround time for product fulfillment.

  4. Apliiq
    Apliiq is another great print-on-demand option. It offers a range of customizable apparel products, including hoodies, T-shirts, and hats, and allows sellers to add their own designs and branding to their products.

  5. Teelaunch
    If your focus is solely on T-shirts, Teelaunch is a great option too. Teelaunch offers a variety of customizable products, including apparel, mugs, and phone cases, and integrates with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

  6. Scalable Press
    Scalable Press offers a large selection of customizable products, including apparel, accessories, and promotional items, and provides a fast turnaround time for product fulfillment.

Each of these print-on-demand companies has its own unique features and pricing structures. Evaluate your needs carefully, and choose a platform that best caters to them.

Do I Really Need To Work With Print Providers?

Do I Really Need To Work With Print Providers?

There’s nothing wrong with handling production, especially if you enjoy the printing process. However, not all e-commerce store owners and entrepreneurs can oversee this process.

If you want to streamline your business and focus solely on your ecommerce store, it’s better to work with a print provider. You can also benefit from it if you don’t want to handle fulfillment.

With a print provider, you can get better print quality compared to doing it yourself. They have more advanced printing equipment and a dedicated team of experts.

Alternatively, you can handle the printing and then outsource the entire fulfillment process. You can use services like Amazon FBA and the like.

The Bottom Line

Printify and Printful are both top-notch print-on-demand services that give their customers access to a variety of features and advantages.

Which is better: Printful or Printify? In the end, which platform you choose will rely on your requirements and tastes. 

Printify might be a better option for you if you value having access to multiple print providers. If you prioritize excellent customer support, Printful might be right for you.

You should also strongly consider the print quality. Printful offers a more consistent standard, while Printify’s print providers may deliver varying performance.

Before deciding, make sure to do your homework and compare the features and pricing. Pick the one that best suits your company strategy. 

The right print-on-demand service will help you bring your business idea to life, grow your e-commerce store, and accomplish your goals.

Written by: Omar Deryan

Founder of OJ Digital Solutions

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